The sound of her erotic moans filled Kate's ears yet still she could not believe what was going on between them. She continued teasing the Israeli who was begging her for more.

"Katie, please, I beg you." Ziva sighed. "I will do anything."

Kate, grinning, shoved her fingers inside of an antsy Ziva. Humming contently, the Israeli rested against the wall behind her. The enticed woman began to rock her hips against Kate's adroit fingers in a rhythmic fashion. Kate, simply watching, enjoyed her current view of a woman overwhelmed by passion, and the situation. Groaning impatiently, Ziva began to feel herself growing wetter for Kate, nearing her climax. She clenched her jaw, holding back in the hopes of getting more from Caitlin. Suddenly, Kate shoved her fingers as deep as they would go within Ziva which caused Ziva to scream out loud, her voice resonating throughout the entire floor of the complex.

"Hush," Kate warned. "You're so loud baby."

"I'm so-ah-rry." Ziva said between moans. "I can't help it."

Kate lifted Ziva leg a bit, angling Ziva's hips perfectly for this. Deeper she went, hoping to make Ziva cum yet, despite her erotic screams of unmistakable pleasure, Ziva held it back. Kate was growing impatient.

"Cum, Ziva, do it. Release!" Kate ordered.

Ziva's hair fell into her face. Sweat clung to her slender frame. Her body's every muscle tightened. Her brain could no longer form any coherent thoughts. Her heart raced. Ziva could barely maintain that small ounce of control she had inside of her. Kate was legendary.

"Oh God! Oh shit!" Ziva exclaimed, burying her sharp nails into Kate's back.

Kate hissed in response to this and evened the score by speeding her hand up.

"Cum to me," Kate demanded, feeling Ziva's clit throb with her hand. "Damn it, Ziva. Let go. Just let go."

Her words and actions caused Ziva's will power to diminish and finally with one last loud scream, Ziva climaxed. Her fluids spurted out with her release and Kate was overjoyed.

"That's my girl!" Kate rewarded, gradually slowing her hand as she kissed Ziva's neck.

Ziva, by that point, was more exhausted than she had been in a long time. Countless times that very night, Ziva had cum to Kate and now that thrill and excitement of something all brand new was wearing down into fatigue. That was, at least, for that time being. Ziva collapsed into Kate's arms, allowing the older, and more experienced woman to hold her.

"Good girl, Zi." Kate whispered, massaging her clit.

Ziva hummed into Kate's flesh contentedly, feeling that euphoria mellow out into a calmness and security Ziva had never felt before. Maybe she was destined to be with, and love a woman. Maybe she was destined to love Kate? Ziva wrapped both legs around Kate's waist and Kate proceeded to carry Ziva off to her bedroom, just one room over. Gently, Kate placed Ziva onto her pristinely made bed and stared down at Ziva, who, at the moment, had her legs spread for her in a submissive manner.

"I love you, Ziva." Kate said, caressing the smooth, freshly shaven skin of Ziva's foreleg.

"I love you, too, Kitty Kate." Ziva replied, enjoying the feeling.

Kate could not help but smile down at the magnificently captivating woman whose brown eyes sparkled in the dim lamp light. She was amazed by how beautiful she truly was and wondered how, after all these years, it took her this long to make a move. Ziva returned the very smile and wondered what Kate had in store for her next.

"Baby?" Kate asked.


"I have a few things for you, if you are willing to partake." Kate said, tracing arbitrary lines on Ziva's legs.

"Katie, I'm sleepy." Ziva said groggily.

Kate frowned. Now that she mentioned it, Ziva did look sleepy.

"Aw," Kate cooed. "Well, would you like to stay the night?"

Shrugging, Ziva did not see the harm in it.

"Okay," Ziva started. "I just need a little nap."

Smirking, she knew that it was because of her Ziva was tired, and for a good reason. Snaking her way up the fellow federal agent's frame, Kate cunningly pulled Ziva into her loving arms.

"Nighty night, my beautiful little minx." Kate mused aloud into Ziva's ear.

"Good night." Ziva replied, snuggling into the woman.

And with that the two federal agents fell asleep, glad to have finally done something so crazy, so haphazard, so wrong that it actually felt right.