This story is a full adoption from HarrySnapeAlways. I will not alter it. HSA always intended for her two stories (sense and sensibility) to be sister stories, so allowed me to re-post.

Sirius looked at the baby in his arms, and knew he needed to keep him safe, but he could not believe what Albus had ordered him to do. He was Harry's guardian, and he should have custody, besides Voldemort was gone. But the old coot believed it was only temporary, and Harry needed to be with his mother's people, to be safe. He remembered Petunia and her husband, he had met them a few times, and he knew they would hate Harry. There had to be some way to protect Harry from this, he was such a sweet little baby, and he would never have proper care where they went.

He turned to the other three, hoping for a way, knowing Albus would know if they did not go soon. Lucius, Remus and Severus, two of the three had been spies, and not known as friends to the couple. Severus and Remus were married in secret two years before, and now the war was over, he and Lucius hoped to. The Malfoys and Blacks wanted an alliance, but refused a gay marriage, and Lucius had to marry Narcissa. She had died in childbirth, and Lucius was now free to be with him.

Remus looked at Harry."We could take him and flee. I mean someone like the Krums would help."

Severus shook his head. "A life on the run is no good for either boy. You know Albus would be looking for Harry, along with Voldemort's followers."

None of them would think twice about giving up their work and leaving, but they knew Severus was right; it would do no good for either Harry or Draco. They would have people after them, and likely could not stay in one place too long, which would be miserable for kids.

Lucius thought of something. "How about we send a nanny elf with Harry? We ensure Harry is taken care of, and we can keep an eye on him as well."

Remus thought of something. "Our magic would not be detected, but if Albus caught on, you know he would stop us. He would say we were drawing attention."

Both former Slytherins thought he was over looking the obvious, Petunia would be so grateful not to have to care for him, she would say nothing. The wards would tell Albus Harry was still there, and they could ensure he was taken care of. They could even perhaps take him from time to time.

Sirius looked down at the baby in his arms."We could educate him; make sure he knows about our world. And knows about his parents as well."

Lucius kissed him. "I never thought of you as a teacher but anything is possible. Perhaps in the hours when Harry it meant to be at muggle school when older."

They knew they had little time, so Lucius and Sirius after choosing Dibby, the twin of Dobby who was nanny elf to Draco, headed for the muggle area. The elf was happy to be chosen, he knew the little master quite well, for Harry often came to the manor. He was told to take care of Harry, and get anything Harry might need, keep them updated on how he was doing as well. It was far from the home they wished they could give Harry, but it was better then what Albus had planned for him.

Petunia was shocked when her and her husband answered the door, even though told the baby was coming "You could not have come in daylight? Give him here."

Lucius stopped her. "We have a few things to discus. Now show us the room."

When the couple did not move Lucius headed up stairs, where he found a nursery, a storage room, a guest bedroom and the master. He went to work on the guest bedroom, against the protests from Vernon that the room was for his sister, and turned it into a proper nursery, with an ensuite. Sirius explained about their terms, including educating Harry when he should be in Muggle School, and the elf. Lucius made sure to ward the room, so the couple could never come in, for he could see Vernon eye the room, and knew the man would likely take it.

Vernon stuttered. "It is bad enough that I have to have the brat, but I will not have magic in my house. And the room across the hall was good enough for HIM."

Sirius rounded on him. "You don't want magic? Then you want to bathe and change, and be up with Harry at night? And feed him, provide him clothes?"

It seemed the couple were doing the math in their head, and their greed as well as their desire not to be near the boy, won out. They were assured all Harry needed was the room, he would be cared for by his elf, and other then when they came for his studies, they would not see the others.

Sirius reluctantly put his godson down in the crib. "Know how much we love you cub, and we will always be here, watching over you."