An: Well after my second and likely last attempt at writing an original story, Pride is back. It's an adopted story, so I am sure you will continue.

Chapter 33 Prone Body

Victor and Harry had found themselves suddenly with a new chaperone. It had been a bit uncomfortable when Rodolphus walked in on them. He wasn't Harry's Uncle, but he and his wife considered him a nephew, like Draco. He knew what the boys were up to, when he walked into the room. In the days that followed, he found reasons to come into rooms where they were, to keep them company. Harry was starting to care about the man like an Uncle, but he was not enjoying his constant attention either.

The twins and Draco did their best to help Harry and Victor have some time alone though. They knew Harry being away from his dads for his birthday had been hard, and he needed this. They helped Victor arrange a special surprise for him.

Harry was surprised when Victor snuck him away. "My Uncle is lurking."

Victor assured him. "We don't have to worry about him."

Harry didn't share his optimism. "He is always nearby."

Victor kissed him. "Your brother and the twins are on that."

Harry laughed. "I still think we should be going."

Victor agreed, and led Harry off down along the beach. They remained within the wards of the home, he knew they needed to. Though he wanted some privacy with the man he loved, he would not put Harry's life in danger either. He had arranged a picnic for them, not too exciting, but being alone and having some time together, was what they were both needing right now.

Harry liked the little cove. "This is pretty."

Victor revealed the picnic. "I thought we could have lunch."

Harry smiled as he helped put out the blanket. "I am hungry."

Victor kissed him. "I'd not want to be accused of letting you starve."

Laughing, the two of them took to the blanket, and they enjoyed the picnic. At first Harry and Victor were both looking over their shoulders. No matter how much the tins and Draco promised to keep Rodolphus away, they had their doubts. But they managed to make it through their lunch before they were interrupted. Unfortunately when a man appeared from the brush, with wand in hand, it was not Rodolphus.

Victor looked at Harry. "Get out of here."

Lucius had come from the UK. They had heard rumors that the location had been leaked, and he was worried his sons were in danger. The wards should keep them safe, but they were on edge. Lucius planned to bring his sons home with him, not even Albus would stop him this time. It was almost time for school, and the boys would be safe until then. His husband was anxious to see the boys, and their two younger kids.

When he arrived at the manor, he had Moody in tow with him. He had no idea how the place had been leaked, and he needed to find out. They found everyone in the dining room for lunch, but he realized that Harry was not there.

He looked around. "Where is Harry?"

Rodolphus answered. "In the den."

Ron voiced up. "No he isn't."

Draco shot him a nasty look. "Keep out of it."

Lucius looked at his son. "This place has been leaked."

Fred was pale. "He and Victor are taking a picnic."

Rodolphus was furious. "You said he was in the den watching a movie."

Ron grumbled. "Off at that private cove."

Lucius shot the boy a look. "Why do I get the idea you know more?"

Ron looked ready to deny, but he caved soon enough. He admitted a journalist had been looking for a story, and had paid Ron good money. He had told the man about the cove, and where was a breech in the wards, near the water as well. The man was just a journalist, and he would be no risk. Lucius was about to strike the kid, who had put not only Harry, but everyone else here in danger.

Rodolphus stopped him. "We have to find Harry."

Moody agreed. "We can deal with him later."

Fred shot a look at his little brother. "You better hope that Harry and Victor are okay."

George agreed. "Or you will hope Moody deals with you."

Remus tried to calm things down. "Boys, we have to prepare to leave."

Remus stayed, with Bella and Andromeda, with the other kids. They were all heading back to London once Harry was found. Remus was anxious to be with his husband, the kids missed him as well. Lucius and the others rushed to the cove, praying that Ron's stupid actions had not put Harry and Victor in any serious danger. But as they grew closer to the cove, Lucius had this sickening pit in his stomach.

They came into the cove and found a body prone on the beach. "Merlin, who is it?"