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So this is no longer a straight repost. I do hope I do it justice from original. I am doing it by memory of what happened. I truly hope I do it justice. I just thought it deserves completing. Hope you enjoy.

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Chapter thirty four Ticking clock

Moody moved towards the body as the others moved into the cove. They found a lot of blood in the sand and their panic was rising. As moody turned over the body they let out a breath of relief. Neither Harry nor Viktor were the victim. The man was alive but seemed to have been hit with a severing charm before knocked out. Moody knew the man looked familiar and Lucius confirmed it. He was a low level minion back in the war days. He hadn't taken the mark and had been low rough to escape any real hunt. There had been rumors who he was really working for. Moody put the man into binds,

Their attention went to the cave and their panic rose another level as they looked at it. The mouth of the cave had disappeared in a cave in. They could tell the rocks had come down with a spell. Their pulses raced as they worried.

Moody stopped them. "You can't touch them."

Lucius understood. "We may bring them down."

Fred was in a panic. "We have to find them."

"They could be hurt." George shared his twins guilt in this.

Lucius assured the boys. "We will get them out."

Bella motioned. "There is another entrance nearer the house."

Rodolphus led the way. "It's a maze if you don't know."

Everyone headed quickly to the other entrance. Bella and her husband had used the home as a hide out for years. Her and her sisters may have come from a junior branch but they came from wealth. In failing to have any sons, their father had left the two family homes to his daughters who married well. Narcissa inherited their home in the UK. Rodolpus was lord Lestrange and had houses of his own. But the couple had loved this home even before on the run. And even among the family it wasn't well known. The sisters had explored the caves as kids and Bella shared them with her husband.

Magic was risky in the cave. Bella, Andromeda and Rodolphus each led a group down a route. They would use family pendants to signal if the boys were found. The three of them knew the caves better then anyone.

Lucius was with his former brother in law when he heard. "I think they are down there."

Sure enough Harry could be heard calling. "Help."

Rodolphus pushed into the area. "Are you okay?"

Harry was pale. "Viktor was hit."

Viktor was bleeding but shook his head. "I will be fine."

Lucius signalled the others as he took his son into his arms. "We will get you both help."

The boys were led from the cave and joined by the others as they headed in. As Andromeda saw to Viktor the boys explained. The man had attacked them and Viktor had been struck before they could get away. With Viktor injured, and knowing not if there were more, they had headed into the cave. Unfortunately a spell had brought down the rocks. Not knowing if the man was still out there they had headed further into the caves. They knew it was safer then trying to move the rocks.

The boys were not reprimanded about sneaking off. It wasn't the time for that. They were told the elves were packing and they were headed home. It was almost time for school and it was obviously not safe there any more.

Lucius held his sons. "Your dad will be happy to see all of you."

Harry held to him. "I miss you."

Draco tried to lighten the mood. "He just hopes to ditch Uncle Rodolphus."

Lucius managed a small laugh."I believe he us coming."

They were all headed home. The Burrow has new wards and the Weasleys were headed home as well. Viktor was going with them. Sirius was anxiously waiting when they got home. He knew it had been better the kids away but he had missed them all dearly. The hardest had of course been Adrian and Ella but the older boys too. Especially Harry and his birthday.

Sirius hugged and kissed both his sons. "A bit of time before you are off to school."

Though home they had not been allowed from the manor. School supplies were bought for them that year. The boys understood and didn't argue. They were still a bit shaken about what had happened on the island, they knew their dads were worried about sending them back to school as Albus was their worry. But there was only so much he could do within the school. And they would have plenty of people watching out for them. But they were seriously considering Durmstang,

Though on edge the boys were happy when the school year came. They knew they had to be on edge but they had missed their friends and classes as well. They had been missing quidditch which should be back as well.

Sirius was on alert as they left. "I am not sure."

Lucius tried to calm him. "There are aurors at the station and on the train."

"I still worry we're wrong not to send them to Durmstang."

"If the danger continues we will."

As the boys came down they shifted topics. They had spoken to the other school. Boden had helped make sure the boys would have a place there no matter what. Their uncles had been ordered to remove them from school if it had become too dangerous. But for now it was decided that this was for the best. And they didn't want to worry the boys.

Both dads accompanied them to the train. But the smaller kids stayed home for once. Remus was returning to school but his kids were not. It was decided they were better at the manor. Remus was only a tutor at school and would visit often.

Remus was no less anxious at the train. "Something seems off."

Severus reminded his husband. "The kids are safe with Lucius. And you…"

He cut his husband off. "I am coming."

"You are far too stubborn."

Remus looked at the boys. "They need all the eyes they can get."

"Our kids need you."

Remus reminded his husband simply that the kids needed them both. Severus had been the carrier though Remus was the stay at home dad. He had refused to stay in hiding as he had done that summer. He had been tutoring senior defence and he would continue. They had tried to get him made teacher but Albus appointed a former auror. At least a smart choice.

Remus felt though was something was off. "Sirius."

Sirius knew what he meant and transformed into his form and back. "There is an odd smell."

Remus nodded. "I think we need to get everyone out of here."

Moody had heard them and used a spell to project his voice. "We need everyone to clear the train and platform."

Harry was in a panic. "What is happening?"

Lucius motioned to his sons. "We need to go to the muggle side. Containment spells are bring cast."

The boys were scared and Draco demanded. "Containment of what?"

An auror found what and called. "Get everyone out now."

Lucius was leading his sons when he noticed his husband. "Where are you going?"

Sirius motioned. "I have to go. Get the boys out."

Lucius wanted to argue but he watched as Sirius raced towards where they could see a cart over turned. In panic, someone had got trapped under it. Lucius pushed his sons through the barrier and turned to look as he went to go through. Unfortunately just as the last students and families passed through the barrier, a huge explosion ripped through the station.

Lucius landed dazed on the other side. His anxious sons were at hide. "Dad? Where is he?"