The platform was in chaos. Thankfully the containment spells had controlled the explosion and saved so many lives. But the chaos was threatening to hurt other. The aurors and order had moved into the platform to try and bring some peace to what was happening. Parents were holding their children to them and some were sure they should never have agreed to send the kids back to school. They hadn't been sure about it before and now this seemed a horrible sign.

Lucius held his sons to him but their words were ringing through his head. He looked towards the platform and he was thinking the same thought. He had no idea where his husband was and how he was.

The aurors were moving into the scene with the healers. "You need to clear out."

Harry was shaking against his dad. "We can't leave him. Where is dad?"

Lucius held his sons to him. "I am sure they will find him."

Tonks came over to them and looked pale. "You should take the boys to the hospital."

Draco looked at his cousin. "No, we have to stay."

Lucius saw her look and knew something was up. "We should have you boys looked at."

Tonks motioned to a deep cut on Harry. "You both are bleeding badly."

Harry had barely noticed. "But we haven't…."

"Your dad would want you boys checked out by a healer. And we need to take you to safety."

Tonks suggested. "My mother will be at the manor. Perhaps you should go there instead."

Lucius knew she made sense but he knew the boys were not about to be taken home. He knew Tonks had come over for a reason. From the look on her face she knew something about his husband. She was very close to Sirius and she was extremely pale. She had said nothing as she had not wanted to upset the boys any more then they were. They knew they needed to get the boys out of here anyways. They would not be returning to school as it was clear they would no longer be safe there. And the last thing they needed was them being close to Albus. They had their suspicions of course but even this was over the top for the old man.

Lucius had the boys in a private waiting room that would be well secured. The boys had refused a full exam but Andromeda had come and did what she could. She assured Lucius that the boys were mainly shaken and a bit bruised.

A healer appeared some time later. "Lord Malfoy."

Lucius stood. "News of my husband?"

The man sighed. "He is alive but he is in bad shape."

Harry went rigid. "He will make it right?"

Draco came to their side. "He has to."

Lucius reminded both of his sons. "Your dad is a fighter."

The healer told them that Sirius had sustain massive burns across almost half his body. He had used his body to shield two young students who he had saved from more then minor harm. If he was a muggle, Sirius may not have survived or would have been looking at months of surgery and recovery. It would still be a painful recovery, with potions and magical procedures. For now, he was in an induced coma. The boys were shaken worse when they were told that their dad was in a coma. The doctor reminded them they had put him in it and he could be woken. It would simply allow the potions and spells to work faster.

The healer okayed them to visit Sirius but they had to have sanitation spells on them and could only be a short visit. Though they were allowed in the room they couldn't get close to him as he was in a protective stasis for now.

Lucius was pale but he held his sons to him. "Your dad will be okay."

Harry was fighting the tears. "I can't lose another one."

Lucius assured his son. "You won't."

Both Harry and Draco were having a rough time watching him. Severus came into the room and once again the boys were pushed to go home and this time no one was taking no for an answer. Sirius would want his sons to get some rest and have something to eat. They wouldn't get much at the hospital and they were promised they could return. They reluctantly left with Andromeda.

Severus looked at Lucius. "Albus is pushing for control of Harry again."

Lucius didn't need to be told. "Like him to use this as an excuse."

"The boys are safe enough in the manor. Remus and the kids are with them."

Lucius looked down at his husband. "Albus won't stop as long as Harry is in the country."

Severus reminded him. "Harry is not going to leave his dad and others."

Lucius knew. "I don't plan on giving him a choice."

Though Harry should be safe enough at Malfoy manor they knew there was some risk. And they had their concerns that Albus was involved in the bomb. They knew they needed to get the man to show his hand and trap him. And the only way to do so was to draw him into action. And hiding Harry away in the manor would not do that, would simply make others targets. They would give false information to where Harry was being sent. And would send someone there to make the story look true.

Lucius sighed. "We will just have to send Harry where he would never get his hands on him."

Harry and Draco had no idea what had been planned for them. Knowing that Harry would never agree, they didn't plan to give him a choice. In the ended it was decided that he would not be sent alone either. It would be easier for him if he had his brother. Lucius felt bad taking the boys away when their dad was still unconscious but it needed to be done. had agreed to be the decoys and were headed for a safe home in France. There would be members of the order they trusted taking turns as decoys down there, leading them to believe Harry was there. It was a safe house that was not meant to be known to Albus but they knew there were those who were rats to Albus. The information would make it to him.

Draco and Harry were confused when they woke up in the morning. For one neither of them remembered having gone to sleep the night before. And they had no idea where they were. It looked like a dorm room but it certainly wasn't theirs.

Harry looked every where and spotted his wand. "Where are we?"

Draco had no idea. "There is a window."

Harry opened the shutters and looked out. "Some where in the mountains."

Draco came to his side. "No."

Harry turned to him. "What is wrong?"

"They didn't. They didn't."

Harry was confused as his brother headed for the door. "They didn't what?"

Draco opened the door. "They sent us to Durmstang. I remember photos."

Though they had been to Bulgaria before, they had never visited the school. They had heard stories from Viktor but never been. They both realized they must have been drugged and that was why they couldn't remember anything. They had no idea why they had been sent there though. Their dad was in a hospital bed and everyone they loved was at risk. They planned to find out why and get sent home. They weren't about to hide out in another country when their friends were in danger.

They got to the bottom of the stairs and were in a hall but had no idea where they were meant to go. They knew no one at the school and were again confused why they would be sent here.

They were deciding what to do when a voice came. "Awake, are you?"

Harry turned to see Viktor behind him. "What are you doing here? What are we doing here?"

Viktor motioned. "I came to retrieve you."

Draco was confused. "Why did they send us here?"

Viktor tried to calm them down. "They needed to get you away from Albus."

Harry wasn't about to settle for that. "Why not the manor? Our family…."

Viktor assured them they would have answers but they were leaving. They were surprised when they didn't leave the grounds of the school but they headed for the big ship on the lake. It seemed the headmaster had loaned them the boat. Harry and Draco were upset but they were promised answers when they got where they were going. Viktor could tell how upset they were when Harry and Draco were not even amazed by the ship they were on. They had heard stories but never traveled by it before.

The ship was able to travel through water way portals and they sailed Harry and Draco were anxious to find out where they were going and why they were being sent. They had gone to Malta that summer but they hadn't been alone.

When they disembarked from the ship Harry looked around. "Where are we?"

Viktor led them into the old tower house looming behind. "It belongs to the headmaster."

Draco was confused when he found the Krums as well as Bella inside. "Why are we here? Any of us?"

Bella motioned. "You boys will be staying here until we can nail Albus."

Harry shook his head. "I am not hiding away here."

"Our dad is in the hospital. And our friends." Draco reminded them.

"You have no option." Rodolphus informed them.

"For the safety of everyone you will remain." Bella added.

They had been sent to Durmstang as they had needed a way to get the boys out of the country. Traces of their magic had been used on the portkey that had taken Andromeda and Ted to France the day before. They had used a Durmstang portkey from the ministry to get the boys to the school. They had to make sure there was no way to trace where the boys had been taken. Viktor would be staying with them as would Rodolphus and Bella. The Krums would come and go as needed. They had considered Krum manor but that would have been too obvious of a place to look for the boys if Albus caught on.

Viktor kissed his boyfriend. "Spending some time with me can't be too bad."

Harry returned the kiss. "No…. but…."

Lady Krum assured them. "It's not for long. And this way the order can focus on bringing him down."

Rodolphus smirked. "I can see why I was sent."

Harry groaned when he turned to look at his Uncle and Aunt. Well the couple had come to seem like it though really only Draco's. He was reminded that Rodolphus had appointed himself Harry's chaperone that summer. Viktor was staying as he knew it would be even harder then the summer. In the summer they had their friends and family they were much closer to with them. They were both just starting to get to know these two. Bella would remain there but Rodolphus from time to time would head back. They were both too well known that they were not much help in fronts right now.

Draco reminded his brother when he groaned. "At least your partner isn't in another country."

School was officially closed for now. The students would be home schooled until it was safe for them to return to the castle. Albus had tried to keep the school open but no parent was willing to send their kids back. Albus had surprised no one when he had demanded that Harry be sent to him. He thought that Harry was safest in the school and under his control. They had informed the man that he would not be getting any where near Harry. They of course knew that would not settle it.

Harry and Draco were doing their best to settle in though they weren't happy. They were worried about all of their loved ones. Harry was grateful his brother was sent with him. Even if Viktor was there, Draco made it some what easier for him.

Viktor found Harry out on the beach a few days later. "I was wondering where you went."

Harry didn't look up. "Sorry I just needed some air."

Viktor sat with him. "You know this isn't forever."

"I just hate that I am basically a prisoner again."

Viktor tried to look hurt. "Being alone with me on a beach is prison?"

Harry managed a small laugh. "You know my warden is likely lurking."

Viktor kissed him. "He hasn't returned yet."

Harry smiled. "Waiting till the coast was clear?"

Viktor didn't respond vocally but he took Harry into his arms for a long warm kiss. He knew this was far from a romantic get away but it wasn't horrible he got to spend time with Harry. He couldn't be here all the time as he was playing quidditch. He knew if he suddenly took leave it would raise suspicion. But he was here with Harry and Draco whenever there wasn't a game or practice for him. They covered his tracks so he could come and go without being followed.

Harry's mouth parted to allow his boyfriend's tongue to slide in and he found himself lowered down on the sand. He felt one of Viktor's hands unbuttoning his shirt and moaned as one of his hands tweaked his nipple. Viktor's mouth went to his earlobe.

Harry groaned as Viktor was sucking on his earlobe. "Vik."

Vik smiled. "I think I found a soft spot."

Harry reminded him. "We are out in the open."

Viktor tweaked his nipple. "Might make it more exciting."

Harry reminded him. "I don't think you have a death wish."

"Maybe we should head in some where before we are…"

A voice came from behind. "Too late."

Harry sat up and saw Bella behind him. "We were…."

Bella motioned. "Be glad it wasn't your Uncle."

Bellatrix motioned them to come as it seemed her husband had returned from London and had news for them. She was not sure she was any more for it then her husband was. She thought Viktor was a good kid and Harry was certainly ready to date. But she wasn't sure fifteen was ready for more then that. But she thought Viktor was extremely lucky she had found them and not Rodolphus. He had become a bit of a mother bear when it came to his nephews. She always wished they had been able to have children of their own. She knew her husband would have been an amazing father. Unfortunately, it was too late for them. Harry was anxious when he saw his Uncle, but not about him finding out. He was worried something might be wrong.

Rodolphus assured the boys. "Your dad woke up this morning. He sends his love."