I was fretting as I waited for my music to go on, I was terrified I was breaking up with Randy today and I had no idea what he would do. He most likely be harsh I had to expect that; I sighed and ran down to the ring to go against Kelly.


I watched Taylor as she was wining she had the pin on Kelly and I was going down to the gorilla position. I walked out when she won the match she put the surprises look on her face and as she left the ring she ran up to me I put the mic to my mouth.

"Hey Randy" she said I looked at her. "It's over Taylor we are over" I say she looks at me confused. "I don't understand I thought that we had a great time last week" she said to me I sighed. "I didn't have no fun I pretended for you little obsession over me I only pretended to be into you. You're pathetic and I used you Taylor." I say to her I see the tears well up in her eyes.

"But I thought…" she started. "You thought wrong Taylor I don't want you I used you" I say turning and walking away. She followed but when we got back stage I pulled her behind the curtain and wiped her tears. "I am so sorry" I tell her. "I know" she says kissing me.

"Go now" I say to her she nods and walked the other direction then me. I went to my locker room it was time for the Promo between Miz and Taylor.


I walked down the hall when I was pulled back. "Hey Taylor I am sorry about Randy and what he said to you" Mike said. "Yeah thanks I guess it was a waste a time for me to be with him" I say hating the way he was touching me. He pulled me into a hug. "I want another chance I would be good to you we have history to back that up." He said to him I nod in his chest. "I know but I need space right now" I say walking away from him to my locker room.

I locked the door and fell against the wall and cried I needed to get this touch off me I hated that he touched me like that I wanted Randy but we had to keep our distance. I sat there wondering if I wasn't a wrestler then Vince couldn't tell me who I could date or Randy. But I love this job to much to quit.

I sighed sat up and unlocked the door. I opened it to see Vince standing there. "Hey Taylor I am so sorry about Randy" he said I nodded and looked away. He walked in.

"I can't believe that would happen I mean I thought he really liked you, but not worry I will be here for you" he said pulling me in for a hug. I just stood there as I felt his hands wander. I tried to pull away but he held on to tightly and I couldn't get away from him. "Hey Vince, Taylor" Triple H said or Paul. I took a deep breath as Vince left I fell to the ground.

"Hey are Taylor" Triple H asked me crouching to my level and lifted my chin so he could look at me. "No" I shook my head he pulled me into a hug I wrapped my arms around him. "Thank You Paul" I say to him he nods. "You're welcome Taylor anytime alright" he said I nodded he picked me up and sat me down on the couch and sat next to me when John came in. "What happened" he asked when he saw me. "Vince tried something on her and I came by and stopped it" Paul said standing up. "I'll leave her with you then" he said.


I held Taylor tightly as she continued to cry, my shirt was wet she kept calling out Randy's name. I hated Vince right now for what he did to Taylor.

"Taylor I am sorry I didn't mean nothing it's just I wanted you but I see that you really loved Randy so I will let you two mend what happened I have talked to Randy" Vince said. "I am not going to forgive you for this but I will accept your apology now please leave" she said he nodded and walked away she wiped her eyes and then made her way out of the room


Kelly pulled away from me when the door opened to reveal Taylor standing there. I looked at her face it had hurt and betrayal all over it. "Don't say anything" she said angrily I walked towards her but she pushed me away. "Taylor" I say. "No it can't happen to me again" she mumbled she walked away and I watched her. "TAYLOR" I yelled to her. "Well I guess we should get back to where were before she interrupted" Kelly said walking out. I walked back in and closed the door on her face.


I was just about to walk into my locker room when I saw Taylor walk up to me. She stopped when she got to me and pulled my face down and kissed me like we used to. "Doesn't talk just go with me" she said kissing me again I eagerly kissed her back and pulled her into my locker room.

I pushed her against the wall and felt my hands wander to her outfit top to the back for the zipper. I pulled it down and pulled it off her. I kiss her soft and gentle. I had her back I was glad.

It went on for awhile till were both lying on the couch breathless I held her to my chest and kissed her head. I wondered if this was more than a one night stand I didn't want it to be that but I knew that it may be that.


I searched the place for Taylor but I couldn't find her my heart was beating fast as I thought of what could happen to her she could have gotten another crash but I doubted that her car was still here. I tried to talk to John but he didn't know where she was either.

I hated myself right now what I done I was so stupid, I didn't think that she would, screw that I wasn't thinking at all.


I woke in the arms of Mike, I sat up and got dressed I walked out to see Randy standing there he looked stressed. I am not dealing with him. "Nothing happened between Kelly and me" he said. "Well I can't say the same" I say walking away. "I mean it's not like we are together anymore" I say.

"You slept with him even after everything" he asked me. "Yes but it was a mistake that will never happen again just like you" I say walking away to my car.

I made my way to the hotel I walked to the front desk and got a room for myself. I walked up to it and unlocked the door and walked I closed the door and fell to the ground. My heart was aching and I didn't know how to deal with the pain right now. My tears flowed freely along my face, I stood up and walked to the bed I took my shoes off and laid on the bed.

I fell asleep with a broken heart and tears falling down my face.