This is going to be a written version of the game need for speed carbon. I will add a little to it, but mostly it will follow all the cut scenes and the game.

Chapter 1: Escape

I had just beat Razor. I pull my mustang to the line and get out as Razor approaches. "You'll never hold on to that number one spot. Not with me on your tail. And if you want these." He dangles my keys by his face. "You're gonna have to take me."

I smile slightly, "You sure this is how you want this to go down Razor?" I notice both his boys standing close. I also see how close I am to my beamer and where he is beside me. "Cause I would hate to have to not only take your ride but beat the shit out of you too."

He laughs, "You couldn't if you wanted to loser."

Before I rare back to swing, Mia jerks the keys out of his hand, "It's over Razor." She walks between us and to the side.

"It ain't over,until I say it's over." He says grabbing for the keys. Next to my amazement Mia takes him down in one swift motion and flashes a badge to the approaching groupies. As she is cuffing him I hear sirens. I look up as she yells "Go!" she tosses me the keys. Cops come flying from all directions as I jump in the beamer and take off. Not again. I think to myself being reminded of that fateful night 4 years ago. As I look in the review I see cross talking with Mia and Razor being pulled into a police car. I slam on the gas searching for a way out. There's at least 10 cops on my tail. When I hear dispatch come across the scanner "all units attention all units we have code 6 driver running from police we need everyone on this call."

Just great! I have to get out of here. I will not go down like this; I've got too much to lose. Then I hear my phone ring. "Hello"

"Hey hot shot, hey thanks for helping us out. We have been able to pick up every blacklist racer thanks to you. Now I'll take that into consideration if you give yourself up. So what's it going to be?" Cross says

I laugh. "I don't know how you got my number cross but there's not a chance in hell I'm giving myself up." I press the gas pedal farther to the floor as my beamer shoots ahead.

"I thought that might be your answer. I'll see you soon."

I continue ahead racing through the city cops coming from every direction when my phone rings again.

"It's Mia Look don't hang up. You can't go back to any of the safe houses, Cross knows about them. Head over to the old bridge the location is on your gps. Your car is fast enough to make the jump. Good luck. Later." She hangs up. I throw the phone in my passenger's seat and speed toward the old bridge. I get hit hard from behind by a cruiser. I look back its cross smiling at me. I slam on the gas as I blast through the construction site. Onto the old bridge I hit the nos as my car goes up the old ramp and into the air. I look out the window and tensely grab the steering wheel. "Wooooo!" I yell as I land on the other side safely I look in the rearview to see cross coming to a halt at the jump with several other cars on the other side.

I wave my hand out the window as I take off. My phone rings again. "Hey I knew your car could make the jump."

"Wait you're a cop Mia why are you helping me."

"Because you're different Scott you're not like the others. They are in it just for the money and power. There is something about you. But listen you can't come back here. I know you'll need some repairs on your beamer so in the town just south of here stop in a David's garage. He owes me one. I'll call him and let him know you're coming and Scott… Good luck." She hangs up.

I smile as I hear hero by skillet come blaring through my speakers. I cruise into Haper Springs and pull into David's garage. The whole ride I have been contemplating my next move and I think I know just what I have to do.

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