So I couldn't leave the story with the generic ending! I wanted everyone to see how things are going in Palmount now!:)


So it's been about a year since we won the city back and things are great! Nikki and I are better than ever. Everyone is happy! Heck even Colin found him a girl! No one has challenged or threated us for control of the city. I mean your minor crews always battling. I think the closet we came was when an old rival from Rockport came back. Razor he came close to winning downtown when we decided to call in a favor from an old "Friend." But tonight's a big night. I'm headed to meet Nikki as we speak. I've decided tonight is the night I propose. Colin being the awesome guy he is hidden to take pictures. I pull up to see Nikki already there sitting on her Audi RX8, that's right she upgraded to Darius' old car. I step out. "Hello beautiful."

She smiles, "Late as usual."

I shake my head, "Sorry baby I had some business to tend to." I pop the trunk of the supra and grab the picnic I have prepared.

I spread out the blanket on the hood of my car with champagne on ice and the food. "You dinner awaits madam." I hold out my hand as she takes it. She rises off her car. She walks toward mine as I pull her back in for a kiss.

We enjoy a quiet little dinner. So it's time for dessert and champagne. We raise our glasses. "What shall we toast to?" she asks

"To new beginnings." She looks at me kind of curious but toasts anyway, "To new beginnings." we take a sip. I act as if I've dropped something.

"Crap! Hold on I dropped something."

As I slide down the car I pull the box out of my jacket. "Nikki." She looks at me in shock. Tears already forming in her eyes.

"I had these plans at this very spot several years ago. And I chickened out! I told myself if I ever got the shot again I would be sure to make you mine forever! So Nikki will you marry me?"

She is crying at the point. She can't fight her tears any longer. "Y…Yes" I slide the ring on her finger and she wraps me in a hug. I pull back to wipe her tears.

"Forever." We kiss softly at first but as the kiss intensifies. We find ourselves searching for the hood of my car. Things really heat up as I feel my phone vibrate. Reluctantly I pull myself away from her.

"GET A ROOM! Haha got the pics and I'm out bro! Congrats!" I read the text and laugh replying, "Thanks man."

"Who is it?"

"Oh just Colin."

"Good he can wait." She pulls me back down and her lips capture mine once again!