So I've been on a writing frenzy lately so here is chapter 6. sorry this one is a little short.

Chapter 6: Answers

Everything has been a blurr since that night with Nikki. It's all I can think about. I haven't talked or seen her since. I still wonder if she believes me. But no time for that now. I'm in the final race for the final territory in Kempton. It's a tough battle Colin and I are cutting it close but there at the end I draft him to fly past angie's boy to win. Then like clock work Angie messages me, "I'm tired of watching you. It's about time we did this. You want Kempton come get it. You gotta beat me in the city and then I'll take you on in the canyon."

The next night I meet Angie in the city for the race. He muscle is no match for my exotic I easily beat her. As I pull into the finish line I see Nikki she's with Darius. I just shake my head and drive off to the canyon. As my anger grows the more I think about them. I channel it to my racing. I blow past her taking the win. She finally catches up. "Ugh…" she speeds off. I drive down the canyon to the safehouse as I pull up I get a text from Sampson. "hey I saw that run with Angie. When it's clutch time, you can really hold it together. Nikki gave me your number and said you might be looking for more crew. If that's true meet me at Footy's dinner."

I backout and peel out as I'm driving I get lost in thought, why would Nikki be helping me? She's with Darius right? Lost in thought I miss my turn so I have to take the long way around about half way I get another message. "Hey what's going on? You not interested? Hey, everyone needs a good blocker…..and im the best! Just meet me at Footy's Dinner.

I pull up a few minutes later and see his car. I step out "Sorry for the wait man I got caught up."

"Well Well Well, nice of you to show. Listen I know your looking to clear your rep. and uh your gonna need some help in order to do that. It's just the race that night you took off… there was something seriously out of wack. I was there too. I showed up at the line just to check things out. Everyone was talking about you. Then the 5-0 were everywhere! Then I see the alley's clear. He let's you go and shuts it up. The guy driving he's got a badge on his belt the bottom line is… the heat had an agenda and you took the fall. That's all there is to it. Thing is I can see em coming a mile away. Not only will I block em in but I can mix it up with em too."

It hits me how this is all connected… I pick up my cell to contact Nikki when Darius calls. "You did not disappoint. And now we've got the whole city locked up. That deserves a reward. Let's meet up at the old courthouse."

"On my way." I turn to Sampson. "Go to this address its our crew safe house. Tell Neville Darius wants to meet." I give him the address and jump in my car.

It's time to confront him. I slam on the gas and head to the court house. I am there within minutes. I step out, "You son of a bitch. You set me up, and took everything I had. Made me look like the bad guy when it was you all along."

We walks toward me laughing. "So this louth has figured everything out. You just couldn't leave good enough alone could you."

"Yea like the part where your life is lived off of my money!"

"We were making bundles of cash, you were clearing your name what more could you want?"

"Maybe what's rightfully mine."

"Well things have progressed now a little further then I thought possible and I'm gonna have to cash you out." He turns behind him when I see a second set of headlights. "Mr. Crawl. Darius smiles as he gets out.

"How could you do this man. You knew how I felt about her about racing. You just couldn't bear the thought that she loved me not you."

"Yea well we both she who she with now. Cross walks up. As he continues, "Awe come on I didn't let you take my money the first time what makes you think this is any different. You actually thought I would front you the cash to save you from this loser." He laughs. "then sit around why you were incrouching on my territory. Greed has always been your problem. You've got a lot to learn about the big times little man. This city is mine and it's time for you to disappear again."

Before I can react he punches me in the gut and takes me down. Cross cuffs me and hands darius my keys when I look up to see a third set of head lights. I know that engine anywhere. Nikki. As she steps out or eyes lock she looks almost worried. She then turns to Darius as he walks to her car. "Take his ride back to my place." He hands her the keys. "Shows over." And walks to his car and drives away. Nikki walks over to where cross has me down on the ground. They stare at each other for a few long moments. Then he tosses her a set of keys. She smiles, "Thanks…I'm glad you changed your mind."

"I'm just a bounty hunter and I always get paid." He walk toward her. "Just make sure I do." He continues walking to his car.

I am completely dumbfounded when Nikki turns her attention back to me. She lifts me up. "Look I hate it when people say I told you so. So here it goes. Seems that some of your team was there the night that you left. They tell a different story then the one I've been hearing from darius. Thing is there stories seem to add up." She pauses. I stay silent to let her finsish. "somebody tipped off the cops, somebody let you escape, and somebody switched the bag. Now I know who that somebody was. Darius likes to pull the strings. Here's one of the things he doesn't know. Part of the deal with Cross is that I race with you. You think you can handle that?" she says with a smirk

"You have no idea what your getting yourself into."

"Your not the only one with a score to settle. Now let's get outta here we got a whole lotta ground to catch up."

"Umm aren't you forgetting something?"

She turns. " oh I thought we'd leave those on for a bit." She walks behind me and undoes the cuffs.

"Thank you. Now lets get outta here. I know the crew is waiting."

We drive back and Colin opens the garage door to let me in. I step out. "Man its 3 am where have you been?"

"Long story.." I begin as I hear Nikki pull up. I raise the garage. Colin looks confused as she gets out. "I roll with you guys now."

She grabs her bags and we walk into the safe house everyone is awake Yumi runs to hug me when she see me. "We were soo worried."

Sal speaks up. "Yea bro where ya been?"

"Long story short…" Nikki intrupts me. "He owes me one. So now I roll with you guys."

Neville pulls me over to the side. "One problem. We have no more rooms."

"I'll take care of it." I walk back over to Nikki who is chatting away with the group. "Hey guys there's plenty of time to talk stragtey tomorrow. Lets get some sleep tonight. Come on Nikki, I'll show you to your room."

We walk into my room. "You can crash here since All the other rooms are full."

Nikki sits her stuff down. And a picture on the dresser catches her eye. "Was that?"

"Yea that was the day we got the supra running."

"That was also the day I became your girlfriend."

I smile. "Yea I was nervous as hell that day. But you made it easy."

She smiles, "I was beginning to wonder how long it was gonna talk you."

"Hey now I was young and you were my first love. Of coarse I was terrified."

Her eyes go a bit wide. "I was your first love?"

I just nod and walk over to where she is. "You were younger than me sure but you knew your way around a car like no female. I'd ever met before. I knew the night we raced each other that I was gonna make you my girlfriend. But enjoy about the old times. Let me grabs some clothes and ill be out your way. "whoa hold it hot shot. You think im letting you sleep on the couch you gotta another thing coming."

"we are adults we can share the bed. I'll go change in the bathroom and you change in here and I'll tell you when I'm done."

I just shake my head as she scampers off to the bathroom. I would've never though a month ago she'd even be talking to me at this point. Let alone sleeping in the same bed with me.

I hurry and change as does Nikki and we quickly fall asleep.