I feel the lust ripple through my body. I grab her hips and flip her over so I am on top, and I feel my arousal begin to grow again. I look her square in the eye. "Baby… let me show you how I love you. Can I do that? I guess what I'm asking is this: Do you wanna make love with me?"

"I want to do everything with you." Katniss replies, a burning glow in her beautiful eyes.

"Are you sure?" I question.

"Absolutely. Take me, Peeta. I'm yours, body and soul."

My heart feels as if its breaking, crushed by the weight of pure joy. She gives me an exasperated glance and rubs her legs together.

As much as I want to just push her up against a wall, or bend her over on all fours, and fuck her until she can't remember anything but my name, I decide that I need to be gentle the first time.

I lean down and breath against her ear, my voice dropping with lust "Have you ever been fucked, Katniss?" She shakes her head no, with wide eyes, and shivers run down her body at my bold words. I am completely relieved. I didn't think she was easy, I just needed to know if I am her first. It's a primal thing.

"I want to fuck you so badly, but not our first time." I say, noticing a slight scowl on her face.

"But why? Don't you want me like that?" She asks, slightly put out.

"Of Course baby. OF COURSE I want you like that… You still don't get it. The effect you have on me. I want you every minute of every hour. I get to love your mind all day, but I dream about loving your body all night. Do you feel this?," I rub my hard cock against her clit. She gasps out in chocked breaths and I groan against her hot skin, "This is how much I want you. But I want to make you happy, and I'm going to hold back until you're comfortable with… a little roughness, if any. Its up to you completely." I say, meaning every word.

Where is this dominating persona coming from? I guess ever since Katniss and I made our relationship official, I have been preoccupied with not letting her go. I have a theory that Katniss will like being more submissive in bed, because it is the one place she can truly let go and not have to constantly care for other people.

"What if… I want a little roughness." She responds.

I sigh shakily. What have I gotten my hands on here? What did I do to deserve this magnificent, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, lovely girl that is in my bed right now?

"Well then… You might be in for a very long day. " I reply.

I reach into the bedside table for a condom and roll it on.

She squeals as I pull her into my lap and wrap my arms around her.


He kisses me very serious and slow , and he wraps his arms around my body- a protective cage of love and strength I claim as mine. My amazing boy with the bread, my Peeta.

He is smiling so wide as we kiss that I'm afraid he might implode from sheer happiness. I feel his erection growing as his tongue plunders my mouth. His cock is huge, and a little intimidating, maybe 7 1/2" long. How the hell is that going to fit into me? To distract myself, I admire the rest of him. I can't believe his body. Its chiseled and wiry, healthy and secure. Sweet and strong and manly. And he's all mine.

Speaking of- I'm shocked at Peeta's display of dominance, but I find that it really, really turns me on. He's always so incredibly accommodating, that I was beginning to wonder if he wanted me, in that way, at all. I'm secretly into this version of Peeta- of this man who knows exactly what he wants and isn't afraid to ask. But at the same time, he is very considerate of my comfort and needs. Its so classically Peeta. I can't help but beam at my good fortune. Peeta is perfection.

I smile lightly as he moves his lips down my neck and he sucks lightly. I squeak out little, embarrassing noises, but Peeta just looks at me with wonder and awe. He then moves lower, cupping my breasts in his large, calloused palms. He thumbs over them until they pebble. He kisses my nipples, then reaches up to pinch one. I hiss at the pleasurable sensation and feel the wetness grow between my legs. I rub them together to try and relieve some of suddenly unbearable tension.

I stare up at him in wonder. He's so great- in and out of bed. Where did he learn to do these amazing things?

He kisses down my stomach to my most intimate area. He kisses my hips and suddenly his mouth and hands are there.

"Fuck, Katniss. You're so wet for me…" He groans out in awe.

I only moan in response.


Hot damn. The girl underneath the cold exterior is a naughty angel- sweet, and sexy as hell. I rub my palm over her sensitive flesh and part her dripping pussy with my fingers, fold by fold. I find her clit and tap it, while admiring her delicate body. I smile in triumph when she starts to breath really fast. The moans coming from her mouth make me so hard. I rub the tip of my cock against her warm opening and she begins to whimper at the contact. My fingers increase in speed and she starts convulsing.

Bingo. I thrust into her in one swift motion, hoping that, by making her orgasm, she will be in as little pain as possible for the first time my cock enters her beautiful, tight pussy.

Its pure heaven, being inside of her. I know I'm not gonna last long, but I have to make her come with my cock before I release.


I am so high in the clouds from what Peeta is doing with his big hands. Its bliss and then… I feel a sharp pain in between my legs and suddenly he's there- stretching and warm. I feel filled to the brim, and its thrilling, to stretch around him- my man- while he makes love to me. It hurts a little, but it pales in comparison to the pleasure of having him claim me as his.

"Mmm…katniss… so tight… too good." He says, in a daze.

His eyes are brimming with lust and affection. He drives smoothly in and out of me while I pant and moan underneath him.

"Do you like that, baby? My cock in your tight pussy? Tell. Me." He demands.

I whimper in response- a pitiful answer in his eyes. He starts to pull away.

"oh Peeta, I love it. Your so…" I trail off in embaresment.

"so what, Katniss?" he asks, smirking.

"So big!" I mange to say. "Fuck, Peeta, just fuck me!"

He obliges, slamming into me at a breakneck speed. "That was good, baby, but let me show you how its done."

He brings his hand to my clit and starts to pinch, roll, and flick it while whispering in my ear, "You are the most gorgeous woman I know." Flick. I shiver.

"Mmm, I love fucking your tight little pussy." Hard thrust. I smile and kiss him.

"I love you in my bed… under me…" pinch. I moan, his words bringing me so close to paradise.

He looks me in the eyes and down my body, staring at us connected as he continues to fuck me mercilessly. My eyes roll back in my head."You look so unbelievably hot right. I might just have to tie you up and keep you here, naked, and fuck you whenever I damn well please." He kisses me sweetly.

Oh god. This man and his words are going to be the end of me. I whimper at his sexy as hell fantasy. I want that too.

"I am in charge of your pleasure. You. Are. Mine." I can't take it anymore, I come, screaming Peeta's name. I am so high and I never want to come down. I feel like jelly and just smile uncontrollably up at my man.

Peeta thrusts again and releases, falling on top of me. He is kissing me everywhere and murmuring gentle "I love you's", blue eyes brimming with affection. I start to tear up over how much I love him.

He sees my tears and immediately pulls out. He scoops me up into his strong arms and murmurs :

"Katniss, are you ok? Was I too rough with you? Oh god, I'm so sorry, honey. I was just so in the moment and-"

I see the self loathing fill his eyes. He has mistaken my tears as ones of hurt. I can only think to kiss him, and pour all my happiness into the kiss, and make him understand that I was crying because he had loved me so well.

He pulls away, confused.

I stare right into his eyes and say "I love everything about us. Especially what we just did."

He smiles, relieved and happy. He says

"Good, because I can't wait to love you like that again."