((A/N: I have no idea where this came from. I will hopefully continue it though! I thought Shino needed a little love! The language the Gypsies speak is all made up by me, because I like to torture myself by making writing hard! Any questions feel free to ask!))

Being ninja, we often traveled to faraway lands on our missions. I'd been everywhere. To all the hidden villages. Because that's what my profession entails. But never had I been out of Shinobi country. Father had, once, ventured outside of our borders. He told tails of odd languages and manor of dress. But he'd gone to a more civil place then where we were. This was gypsy country. Vagabond country. It seemed as though they had no traditions…no culture. Because they were disorganized.

We were sent to quiet an uprising that a few Mist ninja had stirred up while on vacation here. My old team, and I. Hinata and Kiba. The name of the village (if you could call it that) was Cold Water. It was a fitting name, for it the village itself was surrounded by a river. Whether or not the water was cold remained to be seen. Because we traveled over a bridge to get there. We had expected disdain when we arrived, since the last time anyone in that village had seen a ninja, they brought chaos. We were wrong, since bells began chiming and many people dressed in bright colored fabrics came dancing around us. They all had bare feet. Because, I assume, they're savages.

Hinata looked close to fainting. She never fared well with loud noise and boisterous actions. Kiba, stereotypically, began jumping around and dancing along with them. Because that's just who he is. I stood still as a stone. Because this manner of self-expression is not what I enjoy.

When the celebration of our arrival was over, a man whom we identified as their chief ushered us into a large tent. As many of the villagers that could squeeze inside did so. Because they were curious.

"Thank you, for coming to correct your wrongdoing. We of Cold Water appreciate your swift action. Please enjoy our hospitality while you find the culprits. We know they are still hiding in our forests." The Chief spoke in a broken form of our language. Because he must be the most educated man in the village. "My name is Tall Trees. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask me."

Our lodgings consisted of three tents. One for each of us. The children loved Akamaru, because children often gravitate towards animals. They liked Hinata as well, because she has a way with children. Me, though…I'm used to people avoiding me. I prefer it. So I decided to take a walk, alone. To get a feel of the landscape.

That's when I saw her. She was dressed like the rest of them, brick red fabric floating along with deep purple fabric. A skirt and a draping shirt. She had long, tangled brown hair. And she was squatting on the ground. I approached, because my counterparts were humming under my skin. And then I saw what she was looking at. It was a large beetle, about a foot long. It was wheezing. She put a hand over it, and a glowing blue light was emitted. The bug stopped wheezing, and my counterparts hummed approvingly. She had healed it.

"Touban Ishia'ua. (Poor forest beetle)." Came her foreign tongue.

"What is it you did?" I asked finally, giving up my position. She turned around, and I saw her face. It was round, with two huge brown eyes, and a small nose. She looked confused for a second. Because she probably couldn't understand me. She pointed to the ground.

"Hurt. Heal." She said. So she did speak a little Japanese.

"What is your name." I asked. You should always ask for a person's name. Because that is polite. She looked confused again. Because she was processing what I asked.

"Name? Ku'e Na'e. Means Two Skies." She pointed at me. "Name?"

"Shino. It means 'Of Faith'." I supplied her. She smiled at me. People usually don't smile at me.

"Faith. Shouyo." She pointed at me. "Shouyo."

I ignored this. I gestured to the beetle, which was now clambering over to where she stood. He was huge and bulking. A lovely specimen. "Why did you heal him." I asked. Because people usually squashed insects. She knelt down and picked him up.

"Ishia'ua. Forest beetle. Keep forest safe. My job protect Ishia. Ishia mean bug." She explained, while she stroked the beetles back. That was doing something to me. It was attractive. Most girls ran away from insects. Because girls loathe insects.

"Your job is to protect the insects of your village? You like insects?" I'd never asked so many questions. But this was an odd situation. She was cradling the beetle now, and it was purring.

"Ishia important. Two Skies loves Ishia." Her manner of speaking was becoming easier to understand.

"I have insects living inside of me. My clan lives alongside them in harmony." I was never prouder to admit that. Don't misunderstand me, I'm very proud of my counterparts. But normally I get stared at as though I'm a freak. She stared at me like I was a god. That was a new feeling.

"Ishia Kotoko'ou!" She set down the beetle, and reached out to grab my wrist. "Bug vessel! Two Skies hear stories! Traveling ninja tell tale of men like Shouyo!" She tugged on my arm. "Two Skies can see? Shouyo's Ishia?"

I coaxed one of the females out. Her name was Yana. I name all of my insects, because they are a part of me. She sat prettily on my index finger. Two Skies held out her own, and surprisingly, Yana flitted over to land on it.

Because this girl was different.