It seemed as though I had been here forever, but it had only been a week. I'm assuming that when you spend time with another culture, you tend to immerse yourself. Normally I probably wouldn't have done that. Because things like that don't interest me much. This time, however, I had a reason for being interested. The girl, Two Skies, had intrigued me. She was the first girl I had ever known who enjoyed insects as much I did. When my team wasn't hunting for the Mist ninja in the outlaying forests, she and I would spend hours talking about different species. I even found her language barrier to be…well…cute. Because I was beginning to develop a crush on her.

"Clan strict?" She said to me one night, as we were laying on our backs in the forest, letting my counterparts roam around on the grass, and our skin. I had to admit, watching her giggle as my insects crawled over her tummy was an appealing sight. I was a little taken aback by her question.

"Is my clan strict?" I asked. She nodded her head. I thought about this for a moment. Were they? I'd never really noticed before. Because I had always just accepted that it was the way things were. "No, I don't believe so. Just very proper."

"Prop-er? What …is…prop-er?" She askes, sitting up so she could look at my face. I sat up as well.

"Proper is…clean, neat. It is order and…doing things right." I explained. I was probably doing a bad job, because I had never had to explain what 'proper' meant before. She looked at the ground, a scowl forming on her face.

"Two Skies not fit. Not clean, neat. Dirty…gypsy…savage." She whispered, playing with some of the fallen leaves and thistles that lay on the forest floor.

I wondered now, why was she concerned about fitting in with my clan? And the best way to figure that out was to ask her. Because that's the right way to find the answer to a question.

"Why are you concerned with fitting in with my clan?" I deadpanned. She looked up at me, some of her ragged brown hair hanging in her face.

"Two Skies…ryansare…Shino." She whispered. I raised my eyebrows at the strange word.

"What is 'ryansare'-" I started to say, but she jumped on me, knocking me backwards. She was lying on top of my chest. I was awkwardly holding her forearms. Because I had never been this close to a girl before. And then suddenly, she kissed me. This was also a first for me. I'd thought no girl would ever kiss me. Because girls think I'm weird. But not her. No, she understood. I did my best to kiss her back. I don't think I was that bad at it, because she sighed, and smiled against my mouth.

And it was the very next morning we found out that we were leaving. The mist ninja where found dead, eating alive while they were sleeping by Forest Beetles. A fitting punishment. But at the mention of the beetles, my mind jumped to thoughts of her. I would be…leaving her today…

I knew it would eventually have to happen. I was just hoping it wouldn't be so soon. I sighed, as I packed my small tent up the next day. What would life be like without her, now? I was sure I couldn't forget her. I would never share a connecting with a woman like that ever again. She understood my love of insects…understood me.

Suddenly, I was embraced from behind. I felt a wetness soak into my shirt. I heard her sobs.

"Shino! Don't…go away!" She cried into my back. "Take with you! Go with you!"

I turned around, and I let her cry into my chest. She wanted to come with me? I saw no problem, but my clan…they might not accept her. But still…her love of insects could very well win the hearts of my clansmen.

"Of course, Two Skies." When I said her name, she looked up at me with those big brown eyes, and she kissed me again. I could get used to that.