Two of a Kind

Chapter 1: Prologue

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July 31st 1980

Seven people were seen in a waiting room of St. Mungos's Hospital. Six were adults and one was a five year old girl, who was currently asleep in her mother's lap. The adults James 'Prongs' Potter, Sirrus 'Padfoot' Black, Remus 'Moony' Lupin, Peter 'Wormtail' Petigrew, Thedore 'Ted' Tonks, and his wife Andromeda 'Andi' Tonks. The young girl was Nymphadora Tonks daughter to Ted and Andi.

Both James and Sirrus were paceing nervously back and forth while Ted chuckled at their antics. Anji just shook her head with mirth while she rocked Nymphadora and Remus was deeply engrossed in a book. Peter was watching his friends pace curiously, but if one looked deep enough could see the deeply troubled look in his eyes.

Finally James broke the silence by grabbing his hair and groaning in frustration before saying, "Uhh whats takeing so long? What if something is wrong?"

"Calm down James it has only been a few hours, everything is going to be fine." Andi said trying to console him while making sure Nymphadora didn't wake.

"How can you be so sure Andi?" James moaned while running a hand through his already messy hair. "Maybe I should go check on her."

Andi just sighed and everyone else let out chuckles, except Sirrus who barked with laughter before saying, "Thats probably not a good idea Prongs."

"Well James to answer your questions, how I know she will be fine is because of her." Andi motioned towards Nymphadora as she said this, "And why you shouldn't go check on her is two reasons. First, she is in a lot of pain and will probably try to curse you as soon as she sees you. Second, her magic is going haywire at the moment so she has to be in a controlled environment. Its not common but not unheard of either if the child is extremely magically adept."

" do you know that Andi?" James asked nervously, his eyes locked on the door and foot tapping impatiently, "Are you saying that something could be wrong with my child's magic?"

"Not necessarily," Andi started slowly while deep in thought. "He could just be more powerful magically or he could have latent magical ability's like Nymphadora here."

Ted just chucked and shook his head before saying, "I was in the same spot as you are a few years back, worrying over Andi's condition. We didn't know the reason until recently that Nymphadora is a metamorphmagus. Her hair just suddenly changed colors one day."

"It was quite the shock." Andi commented, "As far as I can tell no one in the Black family was a metamorph, so it was surpriseing. Unfortunately she's unable to her powers so her hair will randomly change colors when she's upset so we have to home school her right now, so as it stands she doesn't have any friends her own age."

Everyone in the room looked down sadly at the young girl sleeping in Andi's arms. To be alone without any friends isn't something a child her age should have to go through. Her ability was both a blessing and a curse, then is if on cue the girl's long, curly, dirty blonde hair turned black as she shifted around in her mother's arms.

Everyone was quite for a few minutes until the silence was broken as the waiting room door open to revel a haggled looking Frank Longbottom. As Frank entered and saw everyone looking in his direction a smile broke across his face and he announced with a proud smile, "As of two hours ago at 11:53 pm July 30th Neville Frank Longbottom was born."

Cheers and congratulations were heard and both James and Sirrus threw a arm around Frank's shoulder's the two were both Auror's along with Frank. Both Lily and Alice were Auror's as well but were studying healing spells to be field-medics. Andi was studing to be a healer at St. Mungo's after Nymphadora started at Hogwart's and Ted worked as an electrician in the muggle world.

After a few minutes Frank excused himself to return to his wife and newborn son. After Frank left Sirrus chuckled and said, "To bad Alice couldn't wait a few more minutes to pop lil Neville out then the two could have had the same birthday."

All the men laughed at that and Andi slapped Sirrus on the arm as he came near her but had a grin on as well. At that precise moment Nymphadora decided to yawn and wake up because of all the laughing adults. As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes she looked around and asked, "Mommy whys everyone laughing?"

"No reason dear their all just laughing at something your cousin Sirrus said." Andi explained, "now go back to sleep I'll wake you when Harry is born."

However now that she was awake Nymphadora knew she wouldn't be going back to sleep anytime soon and was curious what joke her cousin had told so she asked, "What was so funny that cousin Sirrus said that made everyone laugh mommy?"

All eyes turned towards Sirrus after the innocent question and Sirrus could she the mirth in each of them as he struggled to tell his little cousin what everyone thought was funny. "well you see little Nymphadora..."

"Don't call me Nymphadora." huffed the little girl as she crossed her arms and glared at Sirrus although coming from a five year old it was more adorable then intimidating.

Everyone just smiled at Sirrus' predicament and Sirrus just patted her on the head before trying again, "yes I FORGOT how you dislike your name... well the thing is..."

Luckily for Sirrus the door opened at that moment and a healer entered making everyone pause and look in her direction, "Mr. Potter?" when James stepped forward she continued. "I'm happy to emform you that as of 2:37 am on July 31st Lily Marie Potter nee Evens gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy. You can go see her now if you like."

The Healer just smile as cheers and congrats were given to James, and Sirrus threw and arm around his shoulder in a one armed hug before saying, "Well what are you waiting for get in there and see my Godson and let Lily curse you before the rest of come to see them."

"Fine let go of me so I can." Although as James made his way to follow the healer he paused at the door long enough to say, "Although I'll tell Lily to save one curse for what you said."

As James left leaving a scared wide-eyed Sirrus in his wake, Nymphadora once again asked, "Why would Aunt Lily curse you cousin Sirrus? What did you say this time?"

Everyone left in the room just burst out laughing and Sirrus let out a "hey" before laughing as well the replied, "When has Lily ever needed a reason to curse me huh Nymphadora?"

Nymphadora just huffed again but smiled as she was sure Aunt Lily would give him what he deserved. Finally Sirrus turned to her and said "As to what I said before you woke up it was 'I'm sure that lil Nymphadora would wake up just as lil Harry was born.' So ready to go see him kiddo?"

Nymphadora just smiled as she ran and jumped in her cousin's arms so the could go see the newborn Harry Potter.

Thirty minutes later found a five year old Nymphadora in the room with a tired but happy Lily Potter and a beaming James Potter as the both stared down at the newborn Harry sleeping in Lily's arms. Nymphadora was trying to look at the baby Harry as everyone congratulated the happy couple and Lily saw this and asked, "Would you like to hold Harry, Nymphadora?"

Nymphadora's eyes lit up and she looked up at Lily then her Mother and asked "Oh can I? Pretty pretty please?"

Lily just nodded and Andi had her sit in a chair to show her the proper way to hold a baby while everyone smiled at the scene and Sirrus grumbled about her let Lily call her by her name and not him. As Nymphadora sat with Harry he opened his emerald green eyes and gurgled happily at Nymphadora while he reached for her hair which had unconsciously turned the same shade as his eyes.

Nymphadora didn't hear as James announced Sirrus Harry's godfather and Lily announced Andi his godmother since she was lost in her own little world while holding Harry that was until Sirrus gave a bark like laugh and said, "Well would you look at that seems like lil Nymphadora found herself a boyfriend."

Everyone just laughed lightly as Nymphadora turned bright red. Then Sirrus leaned over Harry and stuck his finger out allowing Harry to grab it in his little hand and said, "Better watch out Prongslet she'll have you wrapped around her little finger in no time."

All of a sudden two swells of magic were felt and Sirrus jumped back as if in pain and let out a dog like yelp and shook his hand when he tried to speak again after everyone asked what happen a pacifier appeared in his mouth from on the table beside Lily then when he pulled it out all he could do was bark like he did when in his Animagus form. After takeing out his wand and reversing his voice all the adults turned to stare wide eyed at the two children sitting in the chair Nymphadora currently stareing in shock and Harry clapping his hands at Sirrus happily.

Finally Lily was the one to break everyone's shocked state and asked, "James did Harry? Did Harry just do accidental magic?"

"I... I believe so Lily." James answered still in shock. "I think Nymphadora did as well since I felt two swells of magic."

"Thats unbelievable." Sirrus cried happily, "And the two used it in conjunction to prank me."

"But which one did what?" Ted asked with a smile towards his daughter.

Andi knelt down in front of the still shocked Nymphadora and with a smile asked, "Sweetie before that happened what were you thinking?"

Nymphadora whos hair was now red from embarrassment shyly said, "Umm...well. I was wishing that cousin Sirrus would be quite and quit teasing me momma. Did I do something bad?"

Lily just laughed slightly and said "No sweetie and was actually funny." then she turned to James and with a soft smile said "well I guess it was Harry who made Sirrus bark."

"I guess so." James replied with a loveing look towards Harry then turned to Sirrus and laughed, "Well my friend I guess you will have to watch who you tease from now on or they'll teach this out dog some new tricks."

"I guess I will." Sirrus said still dancing with glee, "But just you wait I'll turn these two into the next generation of marauders yet. They already are off to a good start."

Everyone just laughed as Lily leveled Sirrus with a glare and in a low voice said, "Hevean help you if you corrupt my son Sirrus Orion Black there won't be a safe place on this earth for you to hide." she then turned to her husband who was laughing at Sirrus' predicament and in a sickly sweet voice said "and that goes double for you my dear husband."

Both James and Sirrus turned to Moony for help who just shook his head in mirth and said, "No way don't involve me you two I don't want the evens anger directed at me."

Everyone laughed at that even Harry and Nymphadora as Sirus and James muttered "Traitor" Finally both Harry and Nymphadora and Harry let out tired yawns and everyone smiled at the adorable sceen till Andi spoke up saying, "Come on Nymphadora give Harry back to Lily so they both can get some sleep and we need to get you home as well so you can."

"MOM don't call me Nymphadora" she pouted, "and I want to hold Harry some more."

"Don't worry sweet you can visit him again tomorrow once his rested a bit" Ted said softly while taking Harry handing him back to Lily who also looked sleepy.

Nymphadora's eyes once again lit up and she turned towards Lily and asked, "Can I come back tomorrow Aunt Lily?"

"Of course you can sweetie." by then Harry shouldn't be as tired and you can meet Neville as well."

Nymphadora started to bounce up and down with joy as she gave Lily and James a hug and Harry a kiss on the cheek who just laughed. After goodbyes were said and another round of congratulations everyone left the new family be for the night not knowing that in just over a year a family would be turn apart and everyone's lives changed forever.

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