Two of a Kind

Chapter 4: Getting Answers

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Dinner was an interesting affair in Harry's opinion. First the twins tried to help by using magic, the end result was almost impaling Sirius with a knife, afterwords Harry sat back and listened to the various conversations around him.

Mr. Weasley, Bill, and Professor Lupin were having an intense discussion about goblins. Fred, George, and Ron were laughing at something Mundungus said, and finally his attention turned towards Tonks who was entertaining Hermione and Ginny with various facial expressions. When she had a pig snout on her face she noticed Harry looking her way and winked at him, causing a grin to form on Harry's face, until Sirius with a smirk said, "So checking out my cousin, are you Harry?"

Harry turned beet red and sputtered, "No I was...wasn't doing any...anything like that." Then something Sirius said caught Harry's attention. "Wait, what? Tonks is your cousin?"

Sirius just chuckled at Harry's reaction and replied, "Actually she's my second cousin her mother was Andromeda Black but she married a muggle-born named Thedore Tonks and the family disowned her saying she was a blood traitor."

Harry just nodded knowingly until Mrs. Weasley spoke up with a yawn and said, "Nearly time for bed I think."

"Not just yet Molly," said Sirius, while pushing his empty plate away and turning to look at Harry. "You know, I'm surprised at you Harry, I thought the first thing you'd do when you got here, would be to start asking questions about Voldemort."

The atmosphere in the room changed with the rapidity that Harry associated with dementors. Were seconds before it had been sleepily relaxed, it was now alert, even tense.

"I did." Harry growled oblivious to everyone's reaction to his tone. "I had asked Ron and Hermione, but they said we're not allowed into the Order because we're too young. Thats when you all found me in the hallway."

Harry's eyes met Lupin's then Sirius's then finally Tonks' before he set a stonic look on his face and asked, "All I want to know is what the bloody hell is Voldemort doing?"

"Watch your mouth young man," scolded Mrs. Weasley. "And they're quite right your too young."

"Sice when did someone have to be in The Order of the Phoenix to ask questions?" Sirius asked while Harry scowled at Mrs. Weasley. "Harry's been trapped in that muggle house for a month. He's got the right to know what's been happen—"

"Hang on just a minute." George interrupted loudly.

"How come Harry gets his questions answered?" Fred asked angrily.

"We've been trying to get answers out of you for a month," George said heatedly. "And you haven't told us one stinking thing."

"It's not my fault you haven't been told what the Order's doing," Sirius said calmly. "That's your parent's decision. Harry on the other hand—"

"Its not down to you to decide what's best for Harry!" Mrs. Weasley said sharply. Her normally kind face looked dangerous. "You haven't forgotten what Dumbledore said, I suppose?"

"Which bit? Sirius asked politely, but one could tell he held a sarcastic tone.

"The bit about not telling Harry more the he needs to know." Mrs. Weasley said, placing a heavy emphasis on the last three words.

"Oh, I remember that part but I feel that he needs to know this and if I was able a lot more then just this." Sirius growl while glaring at Mrs. Weasley.

Meanwhile Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, and Ginny's heads were moveing back and forth as if watching a tennis match. Professor Lupin's eyes were fixed on Sirius curiously, and Tonks's eyes were watching Harry who seemed to get more and more angry as the conversation went farther along.

"Dumbledore himself was the one who gave us that order." Mrs. Weasley said while trying to stare down Sirius. "If he thought Harry should know he—"

"He's the one who saw Voldemort return Molly." Sirius said heatedly while ignoring the shudder that Voldemort's name caused from a few people in the room. "He has more of a right to know then most of—"

"He's not a member of the Order of the Phoenix." Mrs. Weasely cried out. "He's only fiveteen and—"

"—and hes dealt with as much as most in the Order." Sirius then crossed his arms and glared at Mrs. Weasley while saying. "and more then some have."

"No one is denying what he's done." Mrs. Weasley said her voice rising and her fist trembling on the arms of her chair. "But he's still a child."

"That maybe true, but hes's my godchild and as such I think I have the right to determine what is best for him." Sirius said in a low growl. "Besides he lost his childhood innocence long ago due to the events of others."

"THATS IT." Harry yelled surprising everyone except Tonks who he noticed had an amused smirk on her face. "Mrs. Weasley, I appreciate your trying to protect me, but I agree with Sirius on this. I deserve, no I need, to know whats going on."

When Mrs. Weasley started to complain Harry held up a hand to silence her, "Let me explain my reasons. Every single year I've been in some kind of danger because I never had the information I needed about what was going on or some kind of help. Leaving me to face it on my own or with the help of a few friends. For once I'd like to know what is going on."

There was stunned silence around Harry as they processed what he just said, and as Harry's eyes caught Tonks' she gave him an approving smile and knowing nod. Everything seemed fine until the adults started to argue again.


Tonks had been watching Harry as the Sirius/Molly argument started and noticed him becoming angrier by the second. When he final yelled she just smirked, she knew what it was like to be left out of the loop or used by others so she could agree with him on this.

After his speech she smiled approvingly and nod knowing what he was going through. Then the other adults, Sirius and Molly, started arguing again.

"See Molly he's not a child," Sirius said with a smirk. Then with a sad look said, "He grew up a long time ago."

"He's not an adult either!" said Molly, the color rising in her cheeks. "He isn't James, Sirius!"

"I'm perfectly aware of who he is, thanks Molly." Sirius said in a cold voice and a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"I'm not sure you are!" Molly said pressing the advantage she had not knowing she was treading dangerous waters, "Sometimes the way you talk about him its as though you've got your best friend back!"

Tonks glared at Molly thinking she had finally gone too far, she also noticed that it seemed like several people shared her thoughts, but she forced her voice to remain calm as she spoke. "I think Harry is old enough to ask for himself what he wants to know."

Tonks knew the Order was guarding something in the department of mysteries, but what it was she wasn't sure. Since no one bothered to tell her she figured she could find out what it was along with Harry.

Molly then whirled to Tonks and glared at her as she said, "And how would you know whats best for Harry? Hmm your barely old enough to even be in the Order."

At that comment Tonks slammed her fist onto the table, stood to her feet, and glared Molly in the eye before snarling, "I may not know whats best for Harry but I do know what its like to be left in the dark, to be ignored and used on some else's whim."

Every eye in the place turned to Tonks as she stared Molly down. Some were shocked others, like Harry, confused, but Tonks continued on ignoring all the stares coming her way. "All Harry wants is a little information so he doesn't feel like everyone is trying to hide things from him."

"But he's just a boy," Molly said weakly.

Tonks just glared at Molly definetly as she said, "He stopped being a boy the moment he set foot in Hogwarts. You heard him yourself every year he's been in some life threatening situation. Hell, I know for a fact he was in the hospital wing quite often his fist and second year."

Then glanceing in Fred and George's direction she said, "Besides wouldn't it be better if he get the general idea of things from us, and not second hand information from someone else?"

Tonks knew about Fred and George's extendable ears, since she had a few herself, grinned inwardly after that, if that comment didn't convince Molly nothing would. Molly was to much of a mother hen and would follow anything Dumbledore said to the letter, however, Tonks knew some rules were meant to be broken.

"But Dumbledore said..." Molly started

"Molly," Arthur said finally entering the conversation. "We cannot expect Harry to remain completely in the dark while he is living at headquarters."

"Yes, but we don't have to invite him to ask whatever he pleases either." Molly stated.

"I think," Remus said quietly. "That Tonks is right and Harry should hear the general facts from us instead of garbled ideas from other sources."

Finally, Molly gave in and after a moment of trying to get the other childeren to go to bed she gave up and began to loudly wash dishes. As Harry asked his questions Tonks tuned most of it out since she had heard it before that was until she heard Sirius say, "But people aren't the only thing that he's after, Harry."

"What else?" Harry asked eagerly, and Tonks payed closer attention now gopeing to learn what the Order was guarding.

"Something he can only get by stealth. Something he didn't have last time." Sirrius said ignoreing the warning look from Remus.

"Like a weapon?" Harry asked.

"That quite enough." Molly said Tonks had almost forgot she was there and frowned at her. She was so close to learning what the Order was guarding and Molly had to go and interrupt Sirius before he could reveal what it was. "Bed, now, all of you."

Sirius opened his mouth to retort but Molly cut him off "Anything more and you might as well induct him into the Order."

"Why not?" Harry asked quickly. "I want to join, if he's out there I want to fight."

"Us too." bothe twins said simultaneously.

"No," Remus said firmly. "The Order is only for wizards who are of age and left school. There are dangers you can't imagine and couldn't be prepared for."

Despite what Tonks thought of Harry, because of what he had been through she knew Remus was right. She was impressed by his willingness to stand up for what he thought was right, however in her scant year as a Auror had shown her how much more she had to learn. Maybe that's why no one told her anything or took her seriously, because she wasn't as experienced as the others or because she related better to the kid then the adults. However, she did know one thing no matter what the others wanted she had the feeling that before the war was over Harry would be in the center of it all.

Fred and George looked mutinous but eventually one by one the others left the room, Sirius stoping briefly to cast a sad glance in Harry's and Tonks' direction before muttering something under his breath and leaving. Finally it was just Tonks and Harry left alone in the room and Tonks sat there watching Harry as he appeared to be deep in thought. She was resting her chin on her hand until Harry finally noticed her and asked, "Umm hi Tonks something you need?"

Tonks just shook her head sadly and said, "No Harry I just wanted to say I'm sorry you didn't get your questions answered, and that I know how it feels to be used and left in the dark."

Harry just eyed Tonks suspiciously and asked, "How do you know? Surely since your in the order they tell you everything."

"No they don't," Tonks said surprising Harry. "I think that they feel that I'm like you just too young to know. The only thing that I do know is that their guarding something but they won't tell me what. Also I feel like their just using me because I'm a Metamorphmagus."

Harry just nodded and the two sat in silence for a moment before Harry broke it by saying, "You shouldn't be judged by what you are or by what ability's you might have. People should get to know you before that make judgments about you, I know how you feel there."

Tonks just sat there and stared at Harry in shock she never expected someone his age to say something like that. The way he said it also suggested wisdom beyond his years, finally Tonks pulled herself together long enough to say, "Thanks Harry that means a lot to me."

Harry just nodded and wished her a goodnight, befroe getting up to leave, leaving her alone to her thoughts. The Order, The Ministry, the war, how people used her and finally the enigma that was named Harry James Potter.

The final thought is what caught her attention the most, Harry. From all that Tonks knew about him he was kind, loyal to a fault, cunning, and showed wisdom beyond his years, but she could also she the shy, reclusive fifteen year old. Tonks was also trying to find a way to let him know of their past history as well as trying to remember what it seemed that she had forgotten. Finally there was the incident in the hallway were his hair seemed to shift shades that left Tonks thinking. Eventually the lure of sleep was to much and she decided to put it all off for a later date, so as she trudged towards her room one final thought entered her mind, 'This summer just got interesting.'

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