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Len's P.O.V

I was running towards class with my guitar trying to catch my breath...I was so late because my twin sister was busy talking yesterday about

her getting a new guitar, since I'm already a pro at it she wanted to try it out just because our school is special for music, she's pretty good at

singing why does she want to buy one so suddenly anyway? as I was still running trying to find my class...man, this school is big! I saw a

beautiful girl with teal hair walking pass me, I was stunned to see someone like her. I stopped for a second to see her walk elegantly but then

I realized something...I'M GOING TO BE LATE! I thought and continued to run and finally reached class before the teacher came in.

"Huff..." I sighed in exhaustion while I took my seat

"What's wrong Len? you seem pretty beat" My sister said behind me

"Can't you see I'm almost late?" I said annoyed at my sister who is grinning

"I know, so Len.. I'm going to buy the guitar after school! why don't you just practice here, and I'll be back with it"

"Don't worry...I always practice here everyday"

"You'll teach me right?" Rin asked me

"Yes, since you begged me non stop yesterday, that I couldn't sleep at all" I said

"Hehehe sorry lil bro...!" Rin said and stick her tongue out

Miku's P.O.V

I was walking in the hall after going to the toilet, I'm getting really bored here nothing to do! I mean I love this school and I love to sing but

nothing interesting ever happens here...I'm just looking for something to do.

I saw the bulletin board and noticed that the school will be having a music contest! this is what I need! thank you!

But it says that I have to be in a band, but I don't have any...well, maybe I could find someone to join me.

I went to the roof top and laid down on the floor, while looking at the flyer on my hand...

Just as I was thinking, I heard someone play the guitar. The beat was played so perfectly and the rhythm was nice and neat.

I quickly got up and ran to where the sound is coming from. This is my chance to find my member!

As I got close to where it is, I opened the class door to find no one inside it. and I walked away disappointed...better find someone else

Rin's P.O.V

~After School~

I waved at Len, and went to the instrument store to check out some guitars they have. Some were cheap ans some were really expensive

But I just wanted something not cheap and not expensive but have good quality.

I searched and searched until I saw the perfect and most adorable guitar I've ever seen! it's orange colored and not too heavy.

I took it from the rest of the guitar and went to the cashier to purchase it.

"I'll take this one!" I said excitedly

Once I got my guitar, I quickly went out from the store and went back to school.

I ran up to my class and saw Len playing his guitar as always while sitting on the table.

"Hey Len look! I got my new guitar!" I said and turned my back to show him

"Oh, great! let's start then!" Len said and I took out my guitar from the case

"Okay, start your fingers in this position" Len said with his fingers on the guitar which looked really complicated

"T-this is harder than I thought.." I said while putting my hands on the guitar neck

"You'll get used to it" He said

"Like this right?" I asked

"No, you're doing it wrong! like this" He said and showed me again

"Umph!" I struggled while trying to copy Len's hand

"Okay, what does your guitar sound like with that position when you strum it?" Len asked

"Let me see..." I said

When I started to strum the guitar with my right hand, it sounded so awful! I can't even play one chord right.

I should've just buy a tambourine instead...and it'll probably cost much cheaper.

Len gave a face palm, he looked stressed trying to teach me the correct way.

"Here, listen.." Len said and strummed his guitar which sounded much better no, 100X better than what I could've done

"Ugh! I should've just buy the tambourine instead!" I yelled at myself

"You're really not that good at studying aren't you? yet you want to study the guitar, which has a lot of notes and chords to remember"

"What about you? how many have you remembered?" I asked

"I'm still not that good, I only remember at least 200 chords" Len said plainly

"2-200...CHORDS! ?" I said shocked

"Yup..." He said again

"Well, how long would it take to be as good as you?" I asked

"I dunno...maybe more than a year I guess"

"I'm doomed..." I said and fainted on the chair

"Here, why don't you play this" He said and gave a piece of paper with a song filled with guitar notes

"Wha? you made this yourself?" I asked shocked while looking at it and he smirked at me with his eyes shining like a star

"Well, rather than stay here with you! I'm going to practice this song myself!" I said and got up

"Have it your way then" He said while continued on his guitar playing

I left my class and heard the song that Len played, I have to admit he is good at it.

He didn't even need a tutor to teach him guitar...I wish I could've studied with him too back then since I ignored him for the past few years of

him practicing while I was sleeping all day long.

I opened the Music room and settled my stuff there and started to play again. It was really hard that Len wasn't here with me.

I continued to play horribly, when all of the sudden the door strike open and found it was Mrs. Megurine, the beautiful English and Music teacher

"What are you doing here Rin? everyone had gone home already" She asked me

"I'm sorry Mrs! I was studying how to play the guitar" I said and bowed to her

"Really? you want to play the guitar?" She asked

"Yes..." I said uncomfortably

"Let me hear you play" She said and sat beside me

"O-okay" I said and began to strum my guitar horribly again

"No no! stop!"

"I'm still a beginner at this...hehe. it sound horrible isn't it?" I said and laughed nervously

"Actually I see that you have a gift for music! but you need power! let me show you" She said and took a tambourine with a stick

"So, what should I do?" I asked

"You need to tighten your grip to the guitar! and strum harder! when I tap my tambourine with the stick you have to strum at fast okay?"

"S-sure" I said with a bad feeling

Miku's P.O.V

Still walking and looking for someone, I heard almost the same rhythm but with a small tambourine in it combined.

As quickly as I can, I ran towards where the sound is coming from again, before the person disappears.

I quickly opened the door to the Music room and finally found someone! it was a student and a teacher her name is .

"Is there something that you're looking for?" Mrs. Megurine asked me

"I-I was wondering if you both wanted to join me as a band and compete in the school's Music contest"

"Oh! count me in!" The blonde one said

"How many, members do we have to have to join?" Mrs asked

"I remembered at least 4 people in one band"

"Where can we find another person?" I asked

"I know! I have a twin brother! maybe he'll want to join, he's really good at playing the guitar"

"Sure, that'll be great! let me introduce myself, I'm Hatsune Miku and you are?"

"Kagamine Rin, it's nice to meet you! let's be good friends" Rin said with a smile

"What's your brother's name?"

"Len Kagamine..he's usually shy around other girls hehe...maybe you and him could get along wellll.." Rin said to me with a smirk

"Come on Rin! I haven't even met him yet!" I said a bit blushing

"You know what? I'm going to call him and tell him that we're going to be a band"

"That's a great idea, the sooner we get everyone, the better!" Mrs said

"Hello Len...?" Rin called with her phone

Len's P.O.V

I was walking near the school's yard yawning like there was no tomorrow...God I wish I could've slept that night.

Because I was so tired and school was out, maybe I better go home and have a rest.

Unluckily, I got a phone call from Rin and I bet it's something about her guitar or problems.

"Hello?" I said

{Hello Len...?} Said Rin

"Yeah it's me, what's up?" I asked

{Come to the Music room okay?}

"Okay, but why?" I asked

{Tee hee hee~ you'll find out soon!} She said and hung up

"What's with the sudden call?"

I got back inside the school and went upstairs to the Music room to find my sister, when I opened the door I saw the girl I met this

morning. My face turned red, and I walked inside uncomfortably and just ignored looking at her face and straight to my sister.

"What is it that you want me to do?" I asked

"All of us here are going to from a band!" Rin said excitedly

"Including the teacher?" I asked while looking at Mrs. Megurine

"It's not against the rules you know.." She said to me

"Oh yeah! Len let me introduce you to someone! this is Hatsune Miku! just call her Miku okay?" Rin said happily

"It's nice to meet you Len" She said with the brightest smile I've ever seen

"Y-you already know my name?" I asked

"Yup! Rin told me everything about you, she said that you are a really good guitar player!" She said making me blush a bit

"I'm not actually that good" I said while I scratched my head

"No! he actually is! he knows 200 chords!" Rin suddenly said

"Wow that's great! I'm really happy that you've joined, if not then I don't know where to get another player hehe"

"I'm happy to help you out" I said

"Oooh~ someone's getting along well! maybe too well!" Rin said and I gave her a little smack on her head

"Ow! Len you're mean! come one Miku! I don't want you to like that kind of person!" Rin said and dragged Miku away

"O-okay then..!" Miku said and followed my sister

"Man, she's so immature...even though she's older than me" I said giving a sigh and smiled

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