What If...

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Summary: What if you were on an undercover job when something unexpected happened?

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"If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul." Drew Barrymore

Emily stood beside him, glowering as he pressed the button to call the elevator to the top floor of the hotel they were in.

Looking towards her left, she sighed making the man beside her give her a once over before shaking his head.

"What?" Emily asked, "What was that look?"

"Nothing" Hotch said, shaking his head while he kept his eyes trained on the elevator doors before him.

"Uh uh" Emily said, turning her head to him, "You've obviously got something to say, so you might as well spit out, sir."

The dark haired man gave her a look before sighing once again, "Well there is one thing."

The pinging of the elevator could be heard as it made it's slow approach up.

"What one thing?" Emily asked.

"Now don't get defensive or mad" Hotch started slowly, "But what kind of capable agent loses the keys to their handcuffs?"

The brunette's jaw tightened, "You are so not blaming this one on me. This was all your fault, anyways."

"Excuse me?" Hotch asked, "I didn't handcuff myself to you."

"Well what kind of agent goes around and kicks in doors to arrest someone who is undercover?" Emily scoffed, "I was working and you nearly blew the whole case."

"Well how the hell was I suppose to know that?" Hotch said, "I was worried and I thought you were in danger."

The metal doors to the elevators open, and Emily stormed in with Hotch attached to her arm, "I'm a big girl, Hotch. I can take care of myself. Who the hell told you about my case anyways?"

"A concerned friend" Hotch said, "We were worried about your behavior and well considering the past, I'd say that we had every right to make sure."

"Yeah, well whatever" she said, stabbing the button for the main floor, "I solved the case I didn't need back up."

"If I'd have known you were going to handcuff yourself to me, I would've gladly waited in the lobby for Metro to come and take in your suspect." Hotch muttered.

The two stood in silence, not meeting each others eyes. Both were fuming at the stubbornness of the other when a sharp noise followed by a jerking motion stopped the elevator.

"What the hell?" Emily asked, as she stumbled into Hotch, who caught her safely.

Looking down at the brunette, she looked up, "What are you staring at?"

Shaking his head, "Looks like we might be stuck."

Emily's eyes widened at that, and she shoved herself forward, pressing each button with no luck. Picking up the service elevator phone, she let out a relieved sigh.

"Yeah, hello? We're stuck in the main elevator" Emily said, listening to the other voice while Hotch looked at the black leather coat the brunette was wearing and raised an eyebrow, "All right, thanks. Hurry please."

"What's the news?" Hotch asked, rolling up his jacket sleeve and rubbing his aching handcuffed wrist.

"There seems to be a technical glitch" she explained, "They're getting someone to look at it, should be anywhere from a half hour to two hours."

"Great" Hotch muttered, "You know none of this would be happening if you'd just been honest."

"What?" Emily demanded, wrenching her arm towards her to fold it across her chest, "I was given an assignment by someone above you. You don't have to worry about me Hotch, I'm not having another bad day."

She was stunned when she saw a relieved look on his face before he turned his eyes to her, "Well why didn't you tell me that?"

"Because I was asked to keep it quiet" Emily told him, "It was a favor, Hotch. No matter how horrendous she's been, when she asked me to do this for her, how could I say no?"

"Who asked?" Hotch asked her, "Because all it was, was a bunch of drunken college kids... and that boy. Strauss' son."

"Yes" Emily told him, "Strauss asked me to look into regarding her son and his friends."

"Oh" Hotch slowly said, "Well why didn't she ask me or the team to help? We would've helped."

Emily chuckled which infuriated Hotch. He was being serious and here she was laughing in his face.

"I don't think this is very funny" he muttered, Emily caught the hurt undertone in his voice.

"Don't get upset" Emily said, "You're just not their type. Look, you know Strauss' son is in medical school, well a few of his friends did something and he was blamed for it as well and I had to get them to admit it, and well things got a little out of hand with one of the boys, and that's when you came charging in."

"Oh my God" Hotch mumbled, "I'm sorry, I just wished someone would've told me."

"It's not like I didn't want to tell you" Emily answered softly, "It just wasn't my place to tell you about their problems."

"Ooh" Emily grumbled, looking at the watch on her free arm, "They said it'd be no longer then a few hours, it feels like it's been days."

"Sorry my company is so unbearable" Hotch said, "I didn't realize how much you hated being around me."

She shot him a look, "Whoever said that? Because I don't remember uttering those words and I've got a better memory then you."

"It just seems like you want to get out of here pretty fast" Hotch told her, "And I wonder if that has to do with me?"

"God who knew you were so insecure?" she said with an eye roll, "I just want to get out of the elevator I didn't say anything about chopping my arm off to be free of you. But now that I mentioned it..."

He saw her lift the sleeve of her coat, his eyes widen in horror at the bruise forming, "We need to find away to get these handcuffs off before this gets any worse."

Rubbing her free hand with the cuffed one, "It'll be fine."

"No Emily, this looks bad" Hotch said sighed, "I can't believe you lost the key."

"I didn't lose it" she told him, "Just because I didn't say I had the key in my pocket doesn't mean I don't have it."

His head did a complete one-eighty at that, looking at her in complete shock, "What? I asked you if you had the key and you said no."

"No, you asked if I had the key in my pocket" she said, lifting her black boot, reaching inside pulling the small silver key out, "And well my boot isn't my pocket."

"Are you kidding me?" Hotch said in disbelief, "I can't believe you'd pull a stunt like this. I'd expect this from Garcia, maybe even Morgan but you..."

Raising an eyebrow, "What are you impressed?"

"No" Hotch said, taking the key from her hand, "I take it you're responsible for the elevator stalling too?"

"Please" Emily scoffed, "Like I want to be trapped in a locked box."

Hotch shook his head muttering, which made Emily roll her eyes, "Like you'd even arrest me for this."

Finally freeing his arm, he passed the key back to the brunette who quickly removed the handcuff without the key, "What?"

"Just how many secrets do you have?" he asked, "Picking locks, covert missions... disguises?"

She pulled the coat off her, stunning the man with her outfit, "And barely any clothes on. What are you wearing?"

"Maids uniform" Emily said, pulling her hair out of the bun it was in, "I told you I was undercover."

"Someone like you that is this highly skilled..." Hotch started, "Can be so..."

The elevator rumbled causing Emily to fall into his arms, her dark eyes meeting his own. She saw something she couldn't identify pass through his eyes.

"Can be so, what?" she whispered, their eyes never leaving each others.

When the lights flickered, Emily looked up at them but Hotch couldn't take his eyes off the way she had gripped his jacket holding on tight to him.

"Ok fine, I admit it" Emily said, when the lights came back on, "The reason I kept quiet about the key was I wanted you to open up."

"About what?" he asked, watching her throw her coat on the floor to sit, and he did the same after removing his own jacket.

"Oh, you know the usual" Emily said offhandedly, "Jack, the weather or how about the fact that you've closed yourself off from everyone since you and Beth parted. Take a pick."

"Jack's fine" Hotch said quickly watching her roll her eyes at him, "Yes, Beth and I broke up, what about it?"

"Why did you break up with her?" Emily asked, she could feel her heart pounding. She knew it was a risky move asking him about his personal life, but she couldn't not ask, "Come on, I'm told I'm a pretty good listener."

Hotch contemplated that, he hadn't really spoken with anyone about the end of his relationship. Not even Dave.

Sighing he took a good look at Emily and decided that if he had to be honest then so did she.

"All right" Hotch said, "On one condition."

Her head shot up at that, raising an eyebrow, "That depends. What's the condition?"

"You have to answer an honest question" he said, pursing his lips together, "No sarcastic remark, no skirting around the topic to something else. I want a real, honest answer. Deal?"

She nodded, "Deal."

"Ok, so you want to know why Beth and I aren't together anymore?" he asked, seeing her nod, "Well the thing is, it wasn't just one thing, it was a lot of little things."

"You know you don't have to talk about it, if you don't want to" Emily quickly told him, "If it's too upsetting for you."

"Oh don't think you're getting out of this deal, Emily" Hotch told her with a smirk, "Besides it's not that upsetting as much as it was annoying. She had trouble accepting the fact that our job takes us from our plans at the drop of a hat."

"Well that's understandable" Emily offered, "What else?"

"She didn't like the fact that when I came home I didn't feel up to going to the movies, or running, hell even going out to dinner. That after tracking down the worst of the worst all I wanted was to relax in the safety of my own home" Hotch told her, "She also couldn't understand why I didn't feel like talking about what we did all day, you know about the unsubs? And the one time I did, I opened up about the New York case with the bombings?"

"Oh, you mean where you got..." she trailed off, pointing towards his ears "You told her about that?"

"Well she asked if I had ever been injured on the job and I couldn't lie to her" Hotch said, "After that she pretty much kept herself at distance, especially when she realized that this job isn't all glitz and glamour. That there is real danger. She pretty much was out the door before I officially ended things."

"Sorry" Emily said softly, "I guess what we do isn't really conducive to a successful relationship. I mean take a look, practically everyone in the Bureau is either divorced, on their way to being divorced or just flat out single. Sometimes it's just embarrassing."

"Yeah" he said, looking at her, "Now my turn."

"Oh, right" she sighed, "All right, go ahead ask away."

"How have you been feeling since our last talk?" he asked her, watching her face go blank, "Have you had anymore 'bad days'?"

Emily stood up, fixing her maids uniform, and walked towards the elevator, "Hello, is anyone out there?"

"Emily" Hotch said, "I'm only asking because I don't see you participating either in the teams outings."

Turning around with a defeated slump of her shoulders, she sat back down, "I'm fine."

"Emily" he said harshly, "You promised the truth."

She closed her eyes briefly before taking a deep breath and looked at him, "I still get the nightmares sometimes."

"Do you need to see Dr. Merrill again?" he asked concerned for her.

"She told me that it's natural for them to come back when I'm feeling stressed" she said with a shrug, "And the past few cases have been pretty hard. Not to mention what we do for a job."

"If you need some time off we can make some arraignments" he offered, "You've got some vacation time coming."

"Maybe later on" Emily told him, "The nightmares don't usually last long, it depends on the case."

"I'm sorry that this happened to you" he said, looking at her face turn from sadness to relief "What?"

"Don't feel sorry for me" Emily told him, "I know I don't need to see Dr. Merrill or another psychiatrist, because..."

"Sometimes you just need to talk to someone" Hotch finished, understanding where she was at, "I get it. I just hope you know that you can come to me for anything whether it's to vent or just talk."

"I know" Emily said, sharing a look that took her by surprise "Same goes for me."

Emily paced around in the small elevator, "Wow, these people are like the cable company, they tell you 'Oh just sit back and we'll have you out in thirty minutes...' Ha, I could've climbed through that and got us out by now."

"Emily" Hotch said, angrily, "You're not thinking of climbing up there are you?"

"No" she told him stretching her muscles, "At least not without a boost, so cup your hands together so I can go up there and check to see how far between the floors we are."

"No" he told her firmly, "I won't let you do that, it's too dangerous."

"Aw, come on Hotch" Emily said, "I'm not going to get hurt, and for all we know we could be literally not that far from the service door. Come on, please?"

He looked into her dark brown eyes, grimacing at the pleading look she gave him but relented, "All right. Bend over and put it in."

"What?" she asked, seeing the smug look as he cupped his hands together, "Oh."

Placing her hands on Hotch's shoulders, she felt him lift her up and rolled her eyes when she heard him groan.

"I'm not that heavy" she muttered, lifting the paneling and grabbed on pulling herself up high, while Hotch moved his hands up to hold onto her legs.

Hotch couldn't say anything, he was too consumed with resisting the urge to run his hands up and down her exposed legs.

He had always found her attractive and now that he had his arms on her, he was finding it really hard to maintain professional behavior with her.

"What do you see?" Hotch asked, his hands foisting her up higher.

"A whole lot of nothing" Emily said, "Crap. I see the doors but they are way too high even for us, unless you want to pull a Superman and fly us up there."

"Unfortunately I left my cape at home" he deadpanned.

"Oh my God" she said, looking down at him, "Did you just make a joke?"

"Well I have been known to make the occasional joke..." he said, only for him to stumble forward from the unexpected lurch of the elevator.

"Whoa" Emily cried out, as she fell into his arms. He kept a firm grasp on her, "Are you all right?"

"I'm good" he said, "Are you? That was quite a stumble."

"Oh, I'm good" she said, looking in his eyes.

She could see something flash before his eyes before bringing his mouth to hers, pulling her into a passionate kiss.

Before either could comprehend what just happened, she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close to her while Hotch shoved her to the wall. His mouth moved towards her neck while her fingers tangled in his dark hair, keeping him in place while he nipped and sucked her ivory skin.

Emily could hear the sound of her panting, as Hotch's mouth moved upwards to her ear biting down on it making the brunette cry out her legs instantly wrapping around his waist.

"Oh God" Hotch moaned, both so consumed with each other, that neither noticed the lights flickering while the elevator started up again.

"Eh hem" a throat cleared making the two separate, "Excuse me?"

"Sorry" Hotch muttered, lowering Emily who was quickly straightening her uniform.

"Do I know you?" the woman asked, eyeing the female agent who was in a matching outfit to her own.

"Nope" Emily said, picking up her jacket, "Come on, Hotch."

Grabbing his own coat, he followed Emily out, but the woman asked, "Hey is that my uniform?"

"Come on, lets get out of here" she murmured grabbing Hotch's hand, he looked at the connected hand, "I need to call Strauss..."

Stopping her in the parking lot, Hotch brought his fingers up to her lips, "I fully intend to finish what we started."

"Good, me too." she said with a grin, pulling him to her and nipping at his lower lip, "I want to get that call over with because these uniforms are far from comfortable."

"Then lets get out of here" Hotch said, pulling her towards the waiting cars.

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed but my soul." Judy Garland

To Be Continued...

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