Ps. This is Candace's Diary


-April 1, 1997-

Dear Diary,

My little brother Phineas is born today. He has big, blue eyes like me and cute, long lashes like ME. It was 5 hours of labor. He turned out to be a healthy baby boy. I was expecting a girl (pls don't let Phineas read this one day) but I think a boy is a lot better.

That's it for now.

-April 5, 1997-

Dear Diary,

My mom took Phineas home for the first time. He is really very cute. Huh. How would my life be as a big sister? Better wish me luck. I bet Big Sis' Jobs are hard-core, but I'll manage.

-April 8, 1997-

Dear Pink-ish Diary,

Mom and Dad went out for a while, PARENT'S BUSINESS as they say. I was left with Phineas and aunty Tianna. So we spent some quality time together. She promised me that Phineas and I could plan her wedding. Yes! Phineas, who was a week older than before, couldn't understand a word that she says but, he giggles cutely any way.

-May 1, 1997-

Dear Flower-Scented Diary,

Phineas is a month old today. Boy, he is giggly all the time. I love him. He is fun to take care of. Mom said that we will visit Granma Betty Joe and Grandpa Clive tomorrow. I was excited! Granma's cabin was not an interesting place, but I haven't seen 'em since Phineas' birthday.

-May 2,1197-

Dear Lovely Pad-Diary,

We set off at 5 am in the morning because their cabin was a distance away, and took nearly two hours. We arrived there by 6:40 am. I was in charge of pushing Phin's stroller. I always push gently. But sometimes I wake him up without meaning to and he cries. I feel really guilty about those times.

Any way, we had cereal for breakfast at 7:00 am. Then I went out and explored for a while. Mum keeps an eye on me while dad keeps an eye on Phineas.

-May 9, 1997-

Dear Pad,

We head home at 10:00 in the morning. I had a wonderful stay there.

Candace forgets to write in her diary for a long timeā€¦

-December 25, 1997-

Dear Diary,

Sorry for not writing in you for a long time. You only have 15 pages left, so Mummy bought me a new one for Christmas. Merry Christmas! But I'll love you a lot. I will never throw you away. Swear it.

This was the best Christmas ever! Phineas is 7 seven months now and is already talking. He is such a cute chatter-box. (ironic being given a triangle-shaped head) We went to the mall, where it was pretty crowded, and then to the park, to the museum, to the zoo and to the snow land park. I HAD A GREAT DAY!

-End for the year-