Naruto- The Crimson Princess and the Moon on the Water


The Fox, Crimson Princess and The Flower in the Mirror and the Moon on the Water

Hi everyone Unlimited Blade Works here, this idea just wouldn't leave me alone so here I am writing my first and most likely last Fan Fiction. Firstly I will be the first to admit this story probably belongs in the Naruto and Bleach cross over section. However to me a cross over is something that takes the characters, landscapes, personality's and most importantly plot and blends them together. Which I both lack the competency, will and most importantly enthusiasm to do.

This will be Naruto with bleach elements thrown in I will be mostly following Cannon but will throw in the occasional original story arc. I do intend to add the Naruto movies in as well but I'm still trying to figure out where they fit in time line wise. That being said this is a fan fiction so I can take some liberty's with that I suppose. Another thing this will be a Harem story I won't lie I enjoy reading them and it lets me add more characters that I like to appear on a more regular basis.

That being said I will not being including HINATA, SAKURA or INO I am sorry to those who like the pairings but I have just seen them so many times I have lost all love for them. Moving right along this is a pilot chapter which more or less means that I am putting it out to see your reaction and based on that will choose to continue or not.

If you have managed to read this far thanks for putting up with my long intro I will take requests for the harem but I am limiting it to no more than five people. So keep that in mind also ONE vote per person any who suggest the above pairings will be disregarded. Also please PM for harem additions, constructive criticism is welcome.

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PLEASE READ- I have horrible grammar so please bear with me.


When the war of the four beasts brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting

Urahara Kisuke was a cautious man after all being on the run from the Gotei thirteen and Seireitei will do that to a person. That being said it wasn't that bad after all his closest friend had left with him as had the Kido corps commander, though that latter hadn't had a choice in the matter. His personality had also improved he was no longer as shy as he was over one hundred years ago when he first took up the mantle of the twelfth squad captain of the Gotei thirteen.

He figured his relaxed nature was because of all the human interaction that he had been part of. Since he had been banished though he did miss Seireitei occasionally. The people, not the paperwork dear god not the paperwork getting out of that was almost worth getting banished for. After all paperwork was the one enemy even a captain could never hope to defeat. He just wished he'd gotten a chance to burn it all before he had been forced to flee so it could never harm another innocent soul again. Or better yet somehow get it so that Aizen had to do it all,sweet Kami that would have been priceless.

He was sure even the man who had single almost handedly almost bought the Seieritei to it's keens would have hated that with a passion. Let it never be said that Urahara Kisuke could not be petty at times, which brings us to his current predicament the fact that the always happy and smiling Urahara Kisuke had a frown on his face.

Something that was never scene outside of battle, unless paperwork was involved the bane of his existence that it was. The problem was that Urahara Kisuke was dying, not that he was complaining he had lived a long and happy life, the sealing of Aizen being the highlight. Even if he never discovered the secret to defeating paperwork, he knew it was out there somewhere he just needed to find it so he could save generations from it's evil curse.

He had outlived all he had called friends Issin Kurosaki, Ichigo, Karin, Yuzu, Yourichi, the Vizards, Tessai, Jinta, Ururu, Soi Fon hell even Old man Yamamoto kicked the bucket before him. Not that he was anywhere near Yamamoto's age, he was sure living that long would have driven him crazy. Though with everything that has happened to him it was debatable if he was still sane. Then again more than one person would have argued that he hadn't been sane to begin with, he wasn't prepared to bet against that either.

The subject of his thoughts at this moment was one thing his greatest creation, even if it took a monster to finish it and his greatest mistake. The Hogyoku in the six centuries since the battle he still had not found a way to destroy it. Perhaps Aizen had said it best "Reason exists for those who cannot go on living without clinging to it. Now let's go... to the edge of reason." He was inside the realm of reason while the Hogyoku was outside of it and just as a two dimensional being could never interact. With a being that exists in three perhaps that was the reason he could not destroy it because he existed in a different sate to that of the Hogyoku.

'My only real option left is to seal the Hogyoku again' but he wasn't a fool you could only hide something for so long before it was found. Even if he did find a place to seal it away until he was long dead it would only delay the inevitable. Eventually it would resurface and bring pain to the world who knows maybe another man who believed himself to be god would get his hands on it again. That was the last thing the world could ever need another Aizen.

The old Shinigami sighed the other bitter truth that was slowing wearing away at him was that the Shinigami as they were. Are fast becoming a dying breed, give or take another thousand years and none would be left by his estimate. Even though he had been banished and even though it was lifted had no intention of going back to Seieritei, that was still a bitter pill to swallow.

As there was no way a dying race could destroy the Hogyouku but his other plan was to hide it somewhere and hope really hard no one finds it. Not exactly up to his usual brilliance he sighed once again looking at the picture on his mantle a photo take just after Ichigo had regained his powers and they were all in full party mode.

"I'll be joining them soon enough" he muttered he sighed again thinking of his options he had about three or four years worth of life left in him not a lot by anyone's standards. The gears in his brain began to turn there was one plan that could work but it relied on so much dumb luck it was unthinkable. That being said it wasn't like he had any better prospects, he sighed Benihime was not going to like this not even one bit.

Time Skip- Two years later

Urahara smiled the seal he had made was working slowly but surly it had been siphoning off and storing replications of all he knew of Zanjutsu,Kido,Hoho and Hakuda. Today was the day it was finally ready, six months ago there had been a large disturbance of spiritual energy. Since then no Shinigami or Hollows had been sighted around the world, Urahara had known from the second it had happened what was going on, the beings called Kami, gods were cleaning house.

In all honesty though the soul king was the linchpin that the stability of the three dimensions. Seireitei, the human world and Heco Mundo by regulating everything. Even he had people above him and those people had decided enough was enough, honestly the beings called Kami or god's could have ended the war between Shinigami, Hollows and Humans long ago. They chose not to do so, letting their creations fend for themselves, not that, that should be too surprising after all. Almost every holy scripture in the world said that man denied the bliss of ignorance for free will. In exchange for that the gods or Kami no longer interfered in the three world affairs content to simply watch.

It seemed that after seeing a mortal challenge them that they could no longer just sit by and watch. Urahara sat and watched as the spiral in the center of the Kido array glowed red, he smiled as he pulled his long time partner from his walking stick. Then spoke her name for the last time "Okiro Benihime" his sword changed he could feel the swords sadness as it mirrored his own. He smiled one last time before putting his hand on the array "Fuinn" he shouted causing the cave to tremble at the shout. The array glowed and moved as if alive coursing up his Benihime the array glowed a bloody red one more before being fully adsorbed and disappeared taking his Benihime with it.

This was it his last gamble, his last plan the seal array was made to do two things and two things only. The first was to adsorb a replica of all his skills in order to be taught to another, the other was to take his Benihime to another who could surpass reason and finally destroy his greatest mistake. He sighed as he felt life leave him he supposed he shouldn't call her, his anymore. After all she would bond to another becoming a new Benihime only she would have knowledge of his skills as instinctual as an Arrancar would know theirs.

Urahara smiled as he died and turned to dust his last thoughts were wondering if Yourichi would be mad at him, the woman could hit when she wanted to. His last words were a curse to the bane of his existence, not the Hogyouku, not Hollows hell it was not even directed at Aizen. His last words cursed only one thing the evil known only as paperwork.

Time Skip- 300 years later

The world could change a lot in three hundred years not that that should surprise anyone really after all human's thrive on two things. The first is change the second is war three hundred years after the death of Urahara Kisuke humanity finally did it. They destroyed themselves for the most part in atomic fire. From the ashes of the wastes new civilizations arose from the humans that had survived in the millions in great under ground vaults. The radiation slowly changed them giving them new ability's but eventually as is the nature of humans this civilization also burned to the ground.

So life went on thousands of years passed and the ability's of humanity's ancestors matured and got stronger as the broken world repaired it's self. In time people began to use the energy they called Chakra a power given by a man who many worshiped as a god. The Sage of Six paths, but even in his lifetime Benihime did not stir.

3000 years after the death of Urahara Kisuke.

The Yondaime Hokage stood atop the toad boss Gamabunta and starred down the Kyuubi the ninth and greatest of the bijuu. The toad boss was worried "Minato" the boss toad grunted looking up at the blond that sat atop his head. "Your not going to be coming out of this alive are you?" he questioned.

The Yondaime mearly smiled. "Nope sorry Bunta, looks like this will be the last we will be seeing of each other huh?" The great toad merely shook his head before chuckling, he knew there was a reason he had liked this kid.

The toad bosses mouth curled into a smile " Well then" he yelled bounding straight to the Biju "Let's give you one hell of a send off then kid." The Yondaime smiled just like Bunta if he couldn't live though the battle then the old toad would send him off with a bang. See as the opponent was the Kyuubi, it was going to be one hell of a send off.

As the distance closed the Yondaime Hokage made his last hand seal "Shiki Fuuin" He yelled the death god behind him dragging the kyuubi body and soul into a small blond child. He smiled one last time at the child he and Kushina would never be able to see grow up and wished him both health and happiness. The letter that he left Sarutobi should have his last wish that Naruto be seen as a hero for-filled. After all the people of the village hidden in the leaves were the kindest he knew they would honor his last wish he knew it. So the Yondaime died his only regret the same as his wife, that he wouldn't get to see his son grow up and a quick curse on all paperwork.

In the void between world Benihime stirred in her slumber and merged with the soul of the one who could surpass reason. Dwelling inside Naruto Uzumaki as he would be known until she was truly needed.