Naruto: The Crimson Blade Chronicle

Chapter One: Wake Up, Crimson Princess

First up this is more of a filler chapter than anything as I am just trying to fill in a bit of time before he go's to the academy. That being said it does contain one plot point so please don't just skip. Finally should the Uchiha Clan be alive, wiped out or did Itachi spare some people besides his arrogant ass of a brother . Just add your answer to a review and I'll work it in. Okay enjoy.

Okay five reviews and four hundred and thirty nine total hits since last night. I'm going to take that as the Pilot chapter was fine so here's chapter one for you. But first something I just feel needs to be addressed.

Tstoldt: I think you are going with Naruto being a pseudo reincarnation of Kisuke

Thanks for saying that, it lets me get this out of the way now. Naruto will not be a pseudo Kisuke. He will retain most if not all of the personality that he had in the manga. Only be a bit more adult as he had someone to teach him outside of Kakashi. Not only that but him being a pseudo reincarnation of Kiskue would be kind of pointless.

After all Kiskue's plan was to give Benihime to the one who could finally surpass reason and exist in the same realm as the Hogyouku . So that they could destroy it and as for making it Naruto, Anko or adding her, that's not a bad idea at all.

Finally This Fic will include bashing to an extent, early versions of Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi will be bashed. Saskue because he was an asshole at the beginning then got better. Before doing a complete one eighty and going back to being an asshole. Sakura because her early version didn't do anything helpful at all. Leaving everything up to others but still always belittling Naruto despite the fact that he did more than her. Finally Kakashi, lets face it he was not the best sensei ever I get the feeling the favoritism probably wasn't part of it. I think the counsel had some hand in why he payed so much attention to Saskue but even then he was not the best sensei one could ask for.



"Demonic Speech"

Story Start-

Night of the Kyuubi's attack

Sarutobi Hiruzen newly reinstated Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato was not having a good day first the Kyuubi attacks. Destroying his village then they lose the greatest hero that Konoha has ever known the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze. He sighed, before his heart clenched in grief Biwako his wife had been killed by the nine tales in the attack.

The Yondaime had however left his legacy behind a small baby boy. He actually looked a lot like his father already minus the whisker marks of course. It was hard to believe that the small child was all that stood between Konoha and the nine tales. Sarutobi rubbed his eye's he was to old for this.

"So Sensei this is Minato's legacy huh?" The deep voice sounded behind him. There was only one person that would call a small child that. Even if that small child was in the Hokages office.

"Yes Jiraiya, that's him" he pointed to the small crib in the corner of the room. The large white haired man walked forward his wooden geta clicking on the hardwood floor. The baby was sleeping peacefully, surprising considering that he was screaming his lungs out less than two hours ago.

"Hmmm" the large white haired man just looked at the child "Naruto, huh" his face was an unreadable mask. "It's not much but it's all I can do for you right now. Take care of yourself okay kid" Jiraiya placed a toad wallet in the crib before turning back to the old fire shadow.

"After this were going to have problems, you know that right?" he asked the Hokage.

Sarutobi nodded "From Kumo first probably, the third Raikage was always the most militaristic of the Kages. He will probably send a few spies to test our defenses and get information. Iwa will be a close second, after all they hated Minato and will most likely want confirmation of his death." Jiraiya nodded he had come to the same conclusion.

He looked back at the child again "Take good care of him Sensei" he asked turning away to leave. Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha just nodded as the last and the only. Still loyal member of his genin team left via the window. He would have asked Jiraiya to take care of the boy but they would need his spy network in the years to come. He shuddered to think what could happen to the child. If Iwa heard Jiraiya of the Sannin was travailing with a blond haired child the poor boy wouldn't have lasted a week.

The Sandaime Hokage squared his shoulders before walking to his office would have to tell the council about Naruto being the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi they needed to know. He just hoped that the last wish of the Yondaime was followed. It was times like this that he wished that the hidden villages were military dictatorships, but unfortunately that was only true in war time. He sighed now he was going to have to listen to greedy civilians argue about, he would almost rather be doing his paperwork, almost.

Time Skip- Seven years after Kyuubi's attack.

Naruto Uzumaki knew the back streets of Konoha like he knew the back of his hand, or Kakashi knew the plot of every Icha Icha Paradise. That was precisely the reason he knew he was in trouble, the day was October tenth the day of the Kyuubi festival to celebrate the Yondaime Hokages killing of the beast. Normally he would be hiding, not in his apartment, people broke in to that place all the time but he was still grateful to his Jiji for getting him an apartment.

No he normally hid on one of the less used ninja training grounds in the village, after all. No one likes getting call a monster or a demon on their birthday. But he could put up with that but usually once a month a group of villagers would beat him and he would try to get away, keyword try. But it was always worse on his birthday for some reason the group was always larger and far more violent than the other months. Even those people in the funny masks took longer to find him.

His small feet pounded on the pavement of the back alleys as he got further away from the lights of the celebration. This normally would have been fine, except for the fact there was a large group of people following him. He could hear them yelling Come back here monster, You killed my family or the ever classic Die Demon. When he was younger if used to ask why this was happening to him but that only made them angrier. So he did the only thing he could, ran faster.

He dashed around the corner and his eyes went wide, the dead end of the alley staring him in the face. He saw a trash can near by and dove into it clutching his tiny hands over his mouth in a vain hope to stifle his breathing. Sinking lower on the trash can he listened as the mob got closer and turned the corner. One of the dumber ones voiced the obvious question "Where the hell did he go?."

The Alley was sparse the only thing in it was trash and a trash can. The mans lips curled evilly before nudging the person next to him. The man smiled and edged closer to the trash can, a figure dropped from the roof top. The bear masked ANBU faced the mob "You are in violation of the Hokages laws and shall all be punished appropriately." he said evenly. The man behind the mask smirked "Or" he continued, "that's what I would be saying if my team was here right now." the mob just looked at him in confusion. The bear masked ANBU operative pulled his sword out of it's back sheath and pierced straight through the trash can. At the side of the alley, though the mob and the ANBU couldn't see it the sword blade that came out of the trash can was covered in blood.

Naruto Uzumaki was ecstatic one of the people with funny masks was going to save him. He only caught the blur that followed the movement as the man turned around before a he felt nothing but pain in his stomach. Naruto looked down cold steel was through his stomach he could see he's own blood pooling at the wounds opening. With a sound like water splattering over rock the sword was removed he knew that sound would haunt him. He did the only thing that he could, he screamed.


Inside of Naruto in a hidden place deep, deep inside his subconscious lay a perfect replica of Kohona. On a bed a young woman with crimson hair had slept away the last few years since their joining. Eyes opened perfectly crimson irises, the woman smiled her partner needed her. The crimson princess opened her mouth and began to sing. With both joy at finally meeting her partner and sorrow with what he had been through, the crimson princess that had slept through the ages had finally awoken.


Sarutobi Hiruzen, Sandiame Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, had for once in his long life finished the bane of the Kages. His paperwork early, but he couldn't seem to find it in him to rest, not even the smutty goodness of Jiraiya's Icha Icha was helping. The instincts inside him that had pulled him through countless battles, and three great ninja wars were on fire. Something was happening, something big, but just out of sight you knew it was coming just not what it was. So the aged fire shadow was sitting on top of his tower as the festival went on below.

Chakra spiked he could feel it and it made him sweat. It was Naruto's of that he had no doubt, but it was also different. Naruto's was like sunshine, warm and comforting, something that the Hokage found strange given his life so far. This was similar but at the same time, so different it was unnerving the warm feeling like sunlight was still there but it was laced with so many others. Somethings he had never even felt before it was, warm yet cold, calm but raging cool headed and completely brutal. What worried him the most was the blood lust it exuded like the only thing it came from was only at home on the battlefield. Yes that power absolutely reeked of the smell of blood.

The aging Hokage used shunshin to reach the origin point of the power hoping his surrogate grandson was okay. All he found was Naruto, the surrounding alley was covered in blood what looked like the remains of humans. Or at least what you used to be able to call humans it was hard to tell anymore, when there was no more than a finger in one piece. His surrogate grandson was unconscious in his right hand was a katana covered in blood, red wrapping around the hilt and crimson tassels on the end of it's hilt.

His left held it's sheath black as night with blood red metal tipping both ends. Sarutobi's mouth went dry, from what it looked like his surrogate grandson had just killed upwards of fifteen people. If his eyes did not deceive him one of his own ANBU had been killed as well the old fire shadow shunshin'ed to the hospital. He got the feeling that all the questions about Naruto would only increase as time went on, he also felt like there would be precious little answers.