Naruto: The Crimson Blade Chronicle

Chapter Two: The Crimson Princess, The Graduation and The Beginning of Hell.

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"Demonic Speech and Boss Summons"

"Jutsu and Attacks" side note it will only be in bold when actually being used not just talked about.

Story Start-

Naruto smiled as he ran though the Forrest on the outskirts of Kohona the forbidden scroll attached firmly to his back. He felt like laughing and jumping for joy Mizuki-sensei was awesome telling him about this make up exam. So what if he couldn't do the stupid clone jutsu if he could take from the Hokage and lean one jutsu from the scroll he would pass. Though he did wonder if it was this easy why they didn't just tell everyone who didn't pass that they could just do this. "This is going to be great, I'm gonna be one step closer to Hokage after this, right partner." He looked down at the sword sheathed at his waist; he still remembered the day he'd gotten his "Partner."

Flash back five years ago Naruto age seven.

He groaned as he woke up, white wall the smell of antiseptic yes he was in the hospital. "Kami dammit" he muttered. He hated hospitals the colour scheme alone was depressing enough but it was the eyes of the nurses and doctors that he couldn't stand. Most of them were so hate filled or full of contempt. Unlike when he was out side he couldn't just run away from them he was stuck.

"Oh your awake, are you Naruto?" he turned over to see his surrogate grandfather sitting in the chair next to him a katana cradled in his lap. He loved his surrogate grandfather like a real family and would always pay him full attention. Even if it didn't always look like it, that was why it was strange when he found himself fully focused on the katana on his grandfather's lap.

It was in a word beautiful, the sheath was as black as midnight and held not a single blemish on it not a scratch or chip or even slightly scuffed paint. The guard was perfectly rectangular with a design of flames etched into it. The hilt was covered in crimson wrapping eventually ending in two crimson tassels that flowed freely from the end of the katana's hilt. It really was the most beautiful weapon he had ever seen, but more than that he felt like he knew it. Like he had seen it before but couldn't place quite where like a half forgotten memory.

His Jiji coughed to get his attention, "I see you are admiring the katana Nuruto-kun I agree that it truly is a beautiful weapon." the old fire shadow smiled. He really was glad that his surrogate grandson was okay but he needed answers. That power that was not the Kyuubi and the sword that was in his grandson's hand. There were far too many questions that needed answering though he did get the feeling that Naruto would not be able to answer much. "Naruto, do you remember what happened tonight?"

Naruto seemed to shrink into himself "Some of it Jiji" he admitted his voice low. The Hokages heart twisted no child should have that look on his face. "I was hiding on one of the training grounds when a whole bunch of people showed up. They seemed really angry for some reason so I ran and then they followed. Eventually I reached a dead end and jump into a trashcan they came into the alley but couldn't find me. Then one of those guys in funny masks jumped down and asked what they were doing he seemed really, really angry for some reason." As he want on Naruto's eyes got more and more desolate until what was formally bright cerulean blue became as cold and inhospitable as a glacier. Though the Hokage couldn't help but feel a bit of pride in his ANBU after all the man jumped in to save his grandson. Then again his ANBU Kuma he thought was also dead did that mean it was an outside attack to frame Naruto?

"Then" Naruto continued "He talked to the people for a little while before drawing his sword." The Hokage payed even greater attention what had happened could well be uncovered in Naruto's next sentence. "He put his sword right through the trashcan I was hiding in I remember feeling a pain. In my stomach before passing out. That's all I remember Jiji, sorry if it wasn't very helpful." Sarutobi Huruzen Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakrue no Sato went from pride in his ANBU agent Kuma to disgust faster than an Akimichi go's through Barbeque flavored chips. That one of his ANBU could do that to a child sickened him it almost made him wish. That Kuma was still alive so that he could dish out a more appropriate punishment himself.

They were both silent to Naruto it seemed to stretch on forever until he finally worked up enough courage to ask a question that. From the first time he woke up had been bothering him "Jiji" he started tentatively "Have you shown me that katana before. It feels like I know it from somewhere." Sarutobi looked at him for a second.

"No Naruto" he started slowly "I haven't seen this blade before tonight, it was in your hand when I found you. I was hoping you might be able to tell me more about it." Naruto just shook his head as Sarutobi tried not to sigh. He really had been hoping that he would be able to get more information than that but if that was all then he was right back where he started.

"Uh jiji" Naruto started looking very nervous, which was new to the old Hokage. Naruto never looked nervous.

"What is it Naruto-kun" Sarutobi used his kindest voice. Though he did get the feeling that the request he would no doubt be given. Would both be very easy to fulfill and at the same time make his life at one point or another much more difficult.

Naruto gathered his courage and continued "Um since you found that katana with me would it be okay if I kept it, please." His eyes were hidden behind his hair and he looked vulnerable. Sarutobi thought for a moment on one hand this was the first time Naruto had cared about something enough to ask for it. Discounting ramen or necessitates, which likely meant that the boy felt something special with the sword, not impossible. But given what happened he was apprehensive about giving the sword to Naruto admittedly some of it was the fact that. He knew nothing about the weapon but there was also the fact that he could hurt himself. The old Hokage sighed but Naruto never asked for anything. He smiled it had a hint of deviousness behind it.

"Of course you can Naruto-kun who knows maybe it was left for you as a gift." That sentence was all it took as he saw he surrogate grandsons eyes light up with joy. Sarutobi handed the beautifully crafted katana over to Naruto, before laughing inside. ANBU code name Inu aka Hakate Kakashi was going to love his new mission. The young captain normally declined any missions that involved the blond Sarutobi was sure that part of it was because it hurt him seeing his sensei's son. Especially when the very thing that had killed him was sealed inside the boy. The other part he was regretful to say was probably resentment though that was simple human nature. However Inu was also an ANBU a subordinate that that answered directly to the Hokage so if he orrdered Inu would have no choice in the matter. Like it or not Hakate Kakashi was going be getting acquainted with his sensei's living legacy one way or another.


In Yuki no Kuni an ANBU operative with a single sharingan eye felt a chill go up his spine. The young princess on the back of the transport he had stolen felt him stiffen. Koyuki Kazahana the princess of Yuki no Kuni. Kakashi wondered why he felt like his life would be easier if the murdering psychopaths behind them caught up.


"Thanks Jiji" Naruto yelled jumping out of the hospital bed to hug the old man he saw as family.

"That's fine Naruto-kun, just remember that that sword is your partner now take good care of it and it will take good care of you." Neither of them saw the sword vibrate in agreement.

End Flashback

Naruto landed at his assigned meeting place with Mizuki he was still glad that the silver haired chunin was letting him take the makeup test. Honestly he did not even like the man much but considering that he was giving him another chance that not even Iruka had given him. He was thinking that he should probably change his opinion.

Naruto sighed it was twenty minutes past the deadline when Mizuki was supposed to meet him he was starting to get antsy. "Gahhh" he yelled throwing his hands into the air "What the hell is taking him so long." Naruto sighed before looking back at the forbidden scroll and smiling his whisker marks making him look like a fox. "Well since he's not here yet maybe I should try learning a jutsu or two, just to make sure I pass. What do you think partner sound like a good idea?" he asked looking down at his katana. He knew it was crazy but there were times when he could swear that he heard a voice from his partner. Like a whisper on the wind or a half remembered memory it was there but you couldn't grasp it.

He opened the old scroll 'hmmm' he mused 'Kage Bunshin, no I hate clones, Edo Tesei, hell no it involves a human sacrifice. Alucard what the hell is an Alucard?, Kuchiyose no Jutsu, no I don't have any animals. Gangbang no jutsu what in Kami's name is Gangbang no jutsu, next, Rasengan what kind of moron calls a deadly attack "spiraling sphere".' "Sweet Kami is there nothing in this damn scroll worth learning." Naruto lamented to the sky, before he looked back to the scroll. 'Hello what do we have here Fūton: Shinkūha. The user takes a deep breath and spins while exhaling, compressing the released air into a solitary blade of wind that covers a substantial area around the user, due to their circular motion. The resulting sharpened blast is large enough to slice through multiple targets located a significant distance from the user, causing grievous injuries to those hit.' Naruto's eyes lit up "I think we have a winner" he smiled.


Umino Iruka was not what one would call an easily angered man, but between having to fail the boy he had come to see as a little brother. In his Genin exam, then receiving news from Mizuki that Naruto had stolen the forbidden scroll from the Hokage, he was almost at his boiling point. He gritted his teeth as he jumped through the forest of Konoha's northern outskirts looking for Naruto Uzumaki. He didn't know why Naruto would do something like this sure the kid liked to play pranks but he never once stole something. Though that hadn't stopped store owners claiming that he had in the past, even when Naruto hadn't been anywhere near them that day.

Iruka was no sensor type ninja, not by a long shot but every ninja could feel chakra in others to a greater or lesser degree. It was easier if you spent a lot of time around the person in question and Iruka had probably spent more time around Naruto than anyone else. With the possible exception of the Sandaime Hokage, Teuchi and Ayame Ichiraku. It was part of the reason he was so adept at catching Naruto after his pranks. Though some of the ANBU could do it as well though the one's that actually could liked him and let him get away to take the others down a peg. After all there was nothing like being shown up by a twelve year old wearing neon orange to make someone learn the meaning of humility.

That was why when he came across Naruto in a clearing in the center of the forest he wasn't sure what to say. At least he assumed it used to be a clearing with all the gash and tare marks on the ground he wasn't entirely sure. The earth had obviously been hit by some high rank futon jutsu, the kind that was designed to decimate a large area. "Naruto" Iruka yelled his surprise quickly turning back into anger "What the hell do you think your doing?" he yelled. "Stealing from the Hokage especially that particular scroll" he gestured to the forbidden scroll quickly. "Is treason, it's punishable by death." Normally he would be angry but he was now halfway between angry and hysterical he knew the council particularly the civilian half hated Naruto. They would push for the death sentence and considering the scroll Naruto had stolen they might very well get it.

Naruto looked up at his older brother figure with a quizzical look on his face. "But ,Iruka-sensei, I was told this was the makeup exam." he stated looking more than a little perplexed, Iruka stood rooted to the ground. He prayed he had just heard that wrong.

"What do you mean make up exam, Naruto, there is no makeup exam like this. After all a normal academy student shouldn't be able to break into the Hokage tower. Let alone steal something that is considered to be an S rank classified document." Iruka stated slowly making sure that the blond heard and registered every word. From what Naruto had said this was a set up now he just needed to know who and then get them the hell out of here. Before whoever orchestrated this turned up because if they got here before they left then. This small, if torn up, clearing would become the site of a death match.

Naruto was starting to look and feel nervous "But, Mizuki-sensei, told me that if I got the forbidden scroll from the Hokage tower. Then I passed the Genin exam, he said this was the makeup exam and I was being given a chance. Since he and you thought that it was unfair that I couldn't pass just because of not. Being able to perform the clone jutsu, and look he said smiling I already learned a jutsu from the scroll Fūton: Shinkūha" he said proudly.

Iruka's mind did a brief shut down, Naruto Uzumaki the dead last of his class. A twelve year old incapable of doing even a simple Bunshin no Jutsu. Had learned an A rank wind jutsu in under three hours. It boggled the mind how was Naruto at the bottom of the class again? Then his brain caught up with the rest of what Naruto had said. "Wait Naruto" he asked "Are you telling me that Mizuki asked you to do this?" 'Please say no, please say no' his mind chanted this one phrase as he waited for the answer.

To Iruka's dismay Naruto nodded "Yep" he said still looking confused. "Mizuki-sensei told me that if I got the scroll. Then I automatically passed the Genin exam so how did I do Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked still looking confused though a bit of hope and expectation was starting to mix in to his expression. Now Iruka was worried this couldn't be good.

"Naruto" he started genitally "We have to leave now." Naruto gave him a questioning look "Something has happened." Iruka continued "There is no makeup exam that involves the stealing the forbidden scroll. I don't have a problem giving you one but." was as far as he got before the sound of metal cutting the air was heard. Iruka acted on instinct and pushed Naruto down.

Naruto fell and looked up at Iruka wondering why his teacher/ big brother had pushed him down. Before the sickening sound of metal cutting flesh was heard. It was a sound he would never forget, could never forget ever since that ANBU had put a sword through his gut. His teacher, big brother his family was crouching over him. A large shuriken embedded in his back, Naruto felt fear course through him when Iruka's blood pooled around his leg.

"Nice job, Naruto" Came the cheerful voice of Mizuki from above. The silver haired traitor smiled at him, not like a normal smile. This one was filled with blood lust and the promise of a painful death "Now there's just one last thing you can do for me." Naruto pushed himself out from under Iruka, he was hyperventilating and looked like he was about to die of fright. Mizuki pulled another oversized shuriken from his back. "But before that I want to tell you something, I think you'll really enjoy knowing." The smile was beyond sadistic now. "I'll tell you the reason everyone hates you so much." Naruto was rooted to the spot he had asked his Jiji that countless times the only answer he got was always. 'They are ignorant, I hope you can forgive them one day, Nuruto.'

"No, Mizuki" Iruka screamed, his face was a mask of pain and horror, after everything Naruto had happen to him if he heard this now. It would probably break him, Mizuki just looked at him and started laughing. That Iruka wanted to protect a demon was the funnest thing he had ever heard.

"Well, Naruto, you know how the Kyuubi attacked our village twelve years ago right" Mizuki's smile got even wider if that were possible. He was going to drag this out the little demonic bastard deserved it just like it deserved a slow death and he was going to give it one. "The truth is that the Yondaime couldn't kill it that story is a lie. He could only seal it and the person who he sealed it into was you." Mizuki's grin almost split his face, his arm holding the shuriken came back "You ARE the Kyuubi No Yoko, die you fucking MONSTER" he yelled ecstasy seemly penetrating his every word.

His arm came forward and pitched the shuriken straight at Naruto at an area that he knew would kill on impact. This was it today he would take the forbidden scroll to Orochimaru-sama and kill the Kyuubi brat. In the process becoming a bigger hero than the Yondaime Hokage. A position he obviously deserved and all would be right with the world.

Naruto's vision contracted to the point of the whirling shuriken and time seemed to slow down. 'I'm going to die here' he asked himself. 'With nothing worthwhile this, this is where I'm going to die. How pathetic how god damn pathetic. If I'm going to die then, I at the very least need to take the person in front of me and drag them down to hell.'

Time seemed to fully stop for Naruto at that moment the shuriken literally hanging in midair. 'So' came the melodious voice from within his mind. 'I've got a question for you Naruto-kun' the voice asked but there was an emotion inside of it he couldn't place something no one else had ever said to him sounded like that. Yes the voice sounded protective of him, 'Your enemy is by himself and yet we are two not one so why do you fear him?' the voice asked. He couldn't answer only ask one question 'Who are you' the voice seemed to hesitate 'Why don't you know me' it sounded sad 'How can you not know me' it continued 'When I know you better than anyone else ever can. How can you not have heard my name by now, how long must I strain my voice before it will reach you.'

'Naruto' the voice asked now filled with strength 'Do you want the power to stop that man in front of you?' it asked 'Do you need the power to protect yourself and others? Do you want to keep on living even though nothing but pain may await you at its end?' Naruto had been through a lot over the course of this day but even then these questions had only one answer.

'yes' he said smiling, his answer was quiet and small.

'What, I can't hear you, Naruto-kun.' The voice carried a tone of joy to it.

'I said YES' came the answer 'Even if there is nothing for me at the end of this road. Then I'll overcome it because I already decided.' That day when the ANBU put his sword through his stomach flashed before him. His resolve hardening ' I already decided that no matter what I will keep going because unlike the others that believe that they have nothing to live for.' The corpses of suicide victims in the red light district flashed through his mind. 'I refuse to die in a place like this, even if the world is nothing but a barren wasteland I'll keep going because I want to see.' He was yelling at the voice 'I want to see what lies at its end even if I die there. Because I need to see what lies at the end of that wasteland at the end of this endless battlefield.'

The voice hummed sounding content 'In that case, Naruto-kun, let me help you, but first you must listen and take my advice to heart. Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate. Do you understand Naruto now say it, roar my name the heavens.

Iruka saw Naruto's hand go to his katana as the shuriken closed in, his eyes opened in horror. His little brother, Naruto was planing to match that shuriken head on. With nothing but his katana and his determination. "Okiro Benihime" he heard the two words that were whispered as the katana was drawn. Okiro Benihime quite literally meant Wake up, Crimson Princess; the attack that came with Naruto's slash was not something he was expecting. The red light roared across the clearing leaving a deep gouge smoking gouge in the earth. Cutting through the shuriken and Mizuki like hot knives through butter. The silver haired traitor didn't even have time to scream before he died. Iruka looked on in amazement the katana in his surrogate little bothers hands had changed. Instead of an ordinary if beautiful katana.

The sword had become something else the crimson wrapping on the hilt had changed to black though it still retained its crimson tassels. The tsuba had changed to a U shape with a flame like design around the base, A blood red string had been tied around the base of the U shaped guard. With three loops making up the knot finally the blade itself had changed from an ordinary katana to a slightly longer sword around the size of an O-katana a black blade with a silver edge. Iruka saw his little brother trying to stay standing before falling. The last words he heard before Naruto passed out on him were "Never again, I will never back down again."

Inside his mind scape Benihime smiled "Naruto, I am your power believe in me, I know you can't hear me properly, just yet, but let me say it anyway. Since if either of us wants to grow we have to learn to understand each other." Benihime looked over Naruto's inner world from the top of the Hokage tower. Giving her a full view of the sprawling ninja village. A view that's beauty was marred by the deep back rain clouds overhead. "Naruto, I hate the rain. It rains in here, too you know. When you are moody, it becomes cloudy. When you are sad, the rain falls so terribly easily... I can't stand it. Can you understand? The horror ofbeing rained on in this solitary world. Knowing that my partner is in pain and until he comes to me I cannot help? In order to prevent that from happening... I'll lend you whatever power you need! If you can trust me... I won't let even one drop of rain fall from that sky! Trust me... you are not alone in any battle... Naruto!"

Time skip- hours later Naruto's Mind Scape

Naruto woke up feeling groggy before quickly looking around the room where ever he was it was certainly not a hospital. Whoever this room belonged to liked the colour red that he could say for sure the bed had red silk bed sheets, SILK who the hell could afford something like that. Moreover he could see several Kimono's on the wall all red with black marking's. It was official as of this moment, Naruto Uzumaki, had absolutely no idea where the hell he was.

Benihime smiled she could feel it her partner had just woken up. She gulped nervously and smoothed her kimono she was merciless in battle but she really had no idea. How her partner would react to her and it worried her. She glided down the halls she could feel him moving around already it seemed after waking up he had left. She smiled nervous she might be but she always did enjoy a good game of cat and mouse.

It had been a good fifteen minutes since Naruto had woken up and he still couldn't figure out where the hell he was. The last things he remembered was calling out Benihime and killing Mizuki, oh god he'd killed someone. Maybe the villagers really were right maybe he was nothing but a demon, could really be the Kyuubi nothing made sense at the moment. He stiffened as he felt a pair of arms go around him before relaxing. He didn't know why he relaxed but he had felt this feeling before and he liked it. In Konoha it had been a constant uphill battle sure he had Jiji and Iruka but even if he had them. That just meant that he had some numbers on his side nothing more than that. The feeling that was given off by this person was both warm and gentle. Unlike when he was in Konoha this feeling was telling him on no uncertain terms that the battle was finally over. It was won who ever had him in this embrace would allow no more harm to come to him, the battle was won.

Though he really didn't want to make this person let go he had to see them. Turning around he came face to face with one of the most beautiful people he had ever seen. Slightly older than him seventeen maybe eighteen blood red hair and crimson iris an hour glass shaped body, Her chest looked like high C low D cup. Cherry red lips and wearing a red kimono with black flame design's on it. She looked like a goddess or maybe a princess. Naruto felt his mouth go dry there was no doubt in his mind that this was the owner of the room from earlier and the one who's embrace he felt. "Who are you" he asked in a quiet voice.

The girl laughed one with genuine affection in it something, Naruto, had not heard many times before. "Aww now I'm a little sad" the girl said her voice sounded like she was about to break out in song. "You've been calling me your partner for years. Now you learn my name only today and you've already forgotten it I'm hurt Naruto-kun." The girl mock pouted, "You haven't really forgotten me already have you? Naruto-kun."

Naruto's mouth went dry there was only one thing he called partner. He cast his mind back to the battle with Mizuki, the voice that spoke to him, called him. He opened his mouth before closing it again and looked up at her with trepidation in his eyes. "Could you be Benihime" he asked quietly, the girls face lit up in a smile before hugging him again.

"Yay you remembered me Naruto-kun, I'm so glad I've been trying to tell you my name for years I almost thought you'd forgotten it. She had a giant smile on her face signifying her happiness at being with her partner and conversing for the first time.

"But how can you be a person and a sword" Naruto asked looking confused. Benihime just kept smiling at him before leading him to the courtyard and sitting under a tree he placed his head in Benihime's lap.

"Well that's actually easy to answer" She said brightly. "I" she said proudly "Am a Zanpaktou, a sword whose form and power are linked to my users soul. The reason that we can talk now is that you were able to hear my name in the real world and give me access to bring you here." She finished brightly, Naruto, couldn't help but feel special she seemed so overjoyed to meet him.

Naruto looked at her strangely "I know you're not lying, but how do I know that?." The crimson princess smiled at him.

"I'm part of your soul" she said simply "You can't lie to your own soul no matter how much you may want to."

Naruto nodded and relaxed more as Benihime started brushing her fingers through his hair. He couldn't tell how long they stayed like that. "So" Benihime asked cheerfully "Do you want to learn how to wield me?" Naruto nodded she was his partner he wouldn't dishonor her by being a sloppy or ineffectual wielder. Benihime's smile almost split her face "Excellent" she said clapping her hands. Before turning serious "Listen well Naruto" she started. "Learning to use me will be both long and hard but you want to see it right? What lies at the end of that wasteland?" Naruto nodded, Benihime smiled again.

"Okay then I'll give you a quick rundown on what will be learning then shall we" her voice sounded bright and happy. "To start with will do Zanjutsu and Hakuda then as you progress we will start on Kido and finally Hoho, Understand?" Naruto nodded but had to ask a question.

"That's fine" he started "But, Benihime, how do you know all these things to start with?" Benihime's face contorted for a second.

"I don't know" She admitted "I just do maybe it's something all Zanpaktou know instinctively" she offered but didn't sound convinced.

"Would you like to start now" Benihime asked politely. Naruto looked at her strangely, as he gathered his thoughts. As weird as everything was right now there was one question that was bugging him.

"Benihime" he started trying to figure out how to phrase his question "How...will I improve if we can only train in the mind scape?" he asked. It seemed like a fair question to him after all he was inside his own mind. How would he improve his ability's here? Muscle memory was arguably the most important part of any form of hand to hand combat or Kenjutsu. By repetitively doing something hundreds then thousands of times your body got used to the action until it became instinct. Naruto wasn't the smartest person in the world that he would readily admit to; he knew he was no Shikamaru. But he did listen at least when the teachers didn't throw him out of class.

Benihime laughed "Tell me, Naruto-kun, how much do you know about muscle memory" Naruto thought about it far a second. Other than it came from years of repetition not that much, Benihime smiled at the look on his face. "Naruto-kun, what most people don't know is that muscle memory is actually a mental function. Not, as most assume, a physical one, you see muscle memory in its basic's is sending a particular signal to you nerves to move your body.

In the mind scape you are doing this but since you are asleep you twitch instead of moving. So even inside your mind scape you can train both your physical abilities and your Reiryouku. Though I don't think you can train your chakra here as it is a blend of both physical and spiritual energy and you just have spirit energy here." Benihime said looking pleased with her explanation, though he was a bit dense through no fault of his own. He should have been able to understand that.

Naruto nodded but now he had another question though he exited about the fact he could train in his mind scape. "Benihime, what is Reiryouku?" He asked never having heard the term before. The crimson princess smiled.

"Reiryouku, Naruto-kun, is the correct name for the spiritual half of the energy known as chakra. Users of Zanpaktou use it in all forms of combat. To enhance their strength in hand to hand combat, too making it flow from their swords as a ranged attack though. Some ranged attacks were more versatile and powerful than others."

Benihime smiled at him "Naruto-kun, remember that even though training here will give you more Reiryouku. As well as the muscle memory necessary to perform both Zanjustsu and Hakuda. Never forget your training out in the physical world, all the strength you gain here will be worthless if you do not. Possess the physical capability to make use of it." Benihime finished sternly. "Any more questions, Naruto-kun?" She asked politely.

Naruto shook his head, Benihime helped him get up "Then lets get started, Naruto-kun," she said brightly. Before walking to the center of the courtyard and throwing him a copy of herself in her sealed form. "Naruto-kun, you used a lot of Reiryouku when you killed Mizuki" Naruto nodded to her, for some reason killing someone didn't feel like such a big deal. Maybe because of Benihime's influence maybe because of the fact so many people had tried to kill him.

In the end he dismissed it, it no longer mattered as he turned his attention. Back to the red haired beauty "You will probably be unconscious for about three days in the outside world." Benihime smiled at him "But that's a good thing, the time inside your mind scape passes differently than in the world outside. For every eight hours that pass outside five days will pass in here." Benihime smiled at him "That gives us a total of forty five day's in here." Naruto nodded looking slightly stunned but could find nothing wrong with her math. "Now then Naruto-kun" Benihime said brightly "Defend yourself" she yelled and charged at him sword in hand.

Time skip 3 days later (45 from Naruto's perspective. Note 45 days is the equivalent of about one and a half MONTHS. )

Naruto woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling, the red bed sheets were missing as well where was. Oh right his body must have woken back up, it did feel a little strange not to hear Benihime's voice when he woke though. The princess was always talking, singing or humming it was safe to say she loved music in all it's forms. Not that Naruto was complaining after all she had a lovely voice. He took a deep breath in through his nose, the smell of antiseptic. Check, white bed sheets, check, feeling of being watched by ANBU, double check. Oh joy he was in hospital...again.

He sighed and started counting backwards from sixty. He had felt one of the ANBU leave after he woke up if nothing else his Jiji was a prompt man. Naruto factored in the Shunshin no jutsu and past knowledge the old man should be here in five, four, three, two and one. The door to his room slid open the Hokage stood there and just looked at him before smiling. "I am glad you're okay Naruto-kun" The old man really did look revealed.

"I was just tired" Naruto shot back seemly unconcerned "But I want to know something Jiji" The old Hokage nodded. "Where is Benihime?, where is my partner." He had looked around the room when he woke up and couldn't see her anywhere and was starting to get worried. The Hokage just had an incredulous look on his face. He had been watching the battle if you could call it that through his crystal ball.

'He learns about the Kyuubi' he thought 'and the first thing. He wants to know is where this Benihime person is.' The Hokage's thought processes stopped he got reports on everyone, Naruto, interacted with no one ever mentioned someone called Benihime. "Naruto, who is Benihime" the old fire shadow asked. "I'm sure that you never mentioned anyone by that name to me before." Naruto's just looked at the Hokage for a moment before he burst out laughing.

"I forgot that you don't know her name yet" he said between breaths. He smiled at the Hokage not his normal wide grin just a small genuine smile. Something that the Hokage had seen very few times, he only saw that smile when. Naruto, talked about Ayame or Iruka the two people who were closest to him which confused him even more.

If this Benihime was so special to Naruto then surly he would have mentioned her to him. Though the name, Benihime, meant crimson princess and sounded a bit ominous to him. "My partner, old man" Naruto said still smiling at him, the old Hokages heart almost stopped. The only thing Naruto ever referred to as his partner was his sword. He looked sternly at Naruto before sighing.

"Your katana is not here Naruto" he dropped the normal affectionate suffix that he attached. To the young blond to let him know how serious he was. "I was watching when you fought, Mizuki, you know." The aging fire shadow continued. "I saw the attack that your katana produced, it wasn't normal. Your katana is being kept under lock and key until I can be sure it is safe." He saw the hurt in his surrogate grandson's eyes as he said that. Not that it surprised him Naruto loved that katana more than anything after all.

"Naruto, I know you know about the Kyuubi, until I can be sure that that blade is not connected to it then I can't let you have it. I am sorry Naruto-kun." The Hokage finished, looking back into Naruto's face expecting it to look devastated. Instead he looked happy something he had most definitely not expected to see. After all the first and last person to try and take away Naruto's katana, Uchiha Saskue. Had been sent to hospital the arm he had used to touch the sword required thirty four stitches to fix. That had been a nightmare the civilian and shinobi counsels had both been calling for Naruto's execution that day.

"So then old man" Naruto said still smiling "If I can prove that, Benihime, is not connected to the Kyuubi then there is no problem with me having her?" He asked making sure that he was absolutely clear on what he needed to do in order to get his partner back. The Hokage, just looked dumbfounded and nodded. Unable to believe that his surrogate grandson could speak of the. Demon sealed inside him so easily, Naruto smiled "That Jiji, won't be a problem."

The Hokage's mind started to work again "How do you intend to prove that your katana"

"Benihime" Naruto interrupted.

"Benihime, the Hokage amended "Is not linked with the Kyuubi?" The old Sarutobi took careful note of Naruto's reaction to the word Kyuubi. He didn't even flinch, surprising the Hokage.

"That's easy Jiji" Naruto said, sounding completely confident. Sarutobi's eyebrow raised "You remember what the Kyuubi's chakra felt like right?" Sarutobi nodded again before shivering he didn't think that anyone could forget the feeling of that chakra. "Then bring me Benihime and I'll prove it to you." Sarutobi looked at Naruto for a second before reaching into his robe and pulling out a scroll, after seeing. The destructive potential of the attack used on Mizuki he had decided not to just put the katana in a vault.

But instead keep it on him at all times in a storage scroll, it really was to dangerous to leave alone. Sarutobi wiped his blood on the scroll while channeling chakra into the seal in a puff of smoke appeared Benihime in her sealed state. He also gave discreet hand signals to the ANBU in the room if this was a trick by the Kyuubi. He would be ready for it.

Naruto looked at Benihime's sealed form for a minute before drawing her from the sheath. He could feel her joy at being reunited. He smiled at the blade and spoke "Okiro Benihime" the beautiful katana in his hands. Changed into a completely different form it's energy the Hokage couldn't call it charkra. Felt completely different from the Kyuubi, the O-katana reformed to it's normal appearance. The Hokage looked at him seriously "I think YOU have some explaining to do Naruto-kun" Naruto just smiled at him.

Time skip three hours and one very long and convoluted explanation later.

"And that's everything Jiji" Naruto finished now redressed in his jumpsuit. The Hokage had hear a lot of ridiculous over the top difficult to believe things in his life. But this came very close to the top but by the end he had accepted Naruto's story. Allowing his surrogate grandson to keep the katana no, Benihime, he corrected himself.

Now he felt tired so very, very tired. "Jiji" Narutoasked slowly "Since I defeated a traitor and a Chunin no less. Would that be enough for a field promotion to Genin." Sarutobi just sat there for a second before he started laughing.

"You know what Naruto I think it is" In that moment Sarutobi didn't care that the civilian and shinobi counsels were going to give him hell for his. The bright smile on Naruto's face was more than worth both the paperwork and the problems. He waved to the blond one more time before walking out of the hospital.

'All in all not a bad day eh, Benihime?' he asked. His thoughts being transferred directly to her as long as he want to. Talk to her and held her blade. Benihime just hummed in agreement.

Time skip (God I'm using these a lot) One week later Genin team assignments.

Naruto was a little nervous as he walked towards the academy his physical appearance was almost the same he wasn't. Sporting overly large muscles or anything not that he had expected to after only a week of physical training. But he felt completely different, mentally he had matured at an astounding rate then again he had been spending. A lot of his time with Benihime when he added it up he'd spent a grand total of eighty days. In his mind scape with the crimson princess give or take a few for actual sleep, thanks to having someone that actually wanted to teach him and already knew. What he was having trouble with he grew fast mentally. It also helped that Benihime had made him promise to take his new job as a ninja more seriously.

To aid in this he had bought new clothes, they were darker like a ninja should wear not bright colours like his orange jumpsuit. A simple black full length shirt with crimson flame designs on it's sleeves black pants and steel toe boots. His look was completed by the white haori that he wore over the shirt with a strange diamond like design on the back with the kanji for crimson inside it.

He was however unable to completely part with the colour orange and wore a sash around his waste in that colour. Comfortably holding Benihime next to his left hip, His leaf headband, with red fabric of course, was tied to his left arm. He sighed and rubbed her hilt and felt reassurement rush through him. She thought he could do this and so he would do this. He arrived outside the door to Iruka's class and walked in.

He was the first one there and so went and took a seat in the back row before slipping out a book from inside his haori. After seeing the old man take Benihime out of a sealing scroll he had gotten interested in the art of fuuinjutsu. He was currently reading up on it in his spare time it really was a fascinating subject originally he had just wanted some storage scrolls. But now explosive tags, seals that could absorb an enemy's jutsu, dear god with all the options. That fuuinjutsu provided he didn't understand why more people didn't use it. He was told it was difficult but he was taking to it like a fish to water and loving every second.

Slowly but surely students began to trickle into the class though he note that Shikamaru was the only one who noticed him. If the slight widening of the Nara's eyes was any indication he was surprised. Naruto just shrugged it off and went back to his book after all it wasn't often that he got enough free time to read it. Then he heard it, not that it was surprising after all it happened almost every class. Unless one of them was sick, shouting was now being heard by the other Genin as they watched the door to the class. With what could only be called apathy well most of them looked on with apathy some of them took great enjoyment in the morning ritual.

Yamanaka Ino and Haruno Sakura slammed open the door to the class all the time yelling at each other to back off. "VICTORY IS MINE" both yelled as they stepped into the room "Shut up pig my foot was in the door first" The pink headed Sakura Haruno snarled the other. "Beat it forehead you and your billboard brow, shouldn't be near. Someone as wonderful as Saskue-kun (I think a part of me just died writing that line) right Saskue-kun." The Yamanaka heiress said fluttering her eyes at the Uchiha brooding in the seat near the window.

Naruto sighed before placing his hand on his forehead and rubbing his temples. Why couldn't they just sit on either side. Of the brooding Uchiha and be done with it would make everyone's life so much easier. Well except Saskue's but Naruto really didn't care about him. Not if it meant that this daily annoyance would never happen again. Normally he would be trying to ask Sakura on a date but over the last week and with all the time. That he spent in the mind scape with Benihime he was slowly starting to lose his crush on the pinkette.

He had started listing her less desirable traits in an attempt not to see her as a perfect person. As a matter of fact one of Naruto's earliest memories was of a woman with red hair a round face and bright blue eyes. Looking at him with nothing but love and adoration, he was sure that this was his first and only memory of his mother. One of the theories that he had come up with regarding why he had a crush on her. Was that her hair colour was close to his mothers of coarse that was all he had theories still it was better than nothing. Naruto went back to his book, they were still arguing when Iruka walked into the room.

"SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP" Iruka yelled using his famed big head jutsu. The class quieted down quickly. "Now listen up, from this day onwards I am no longer your sensei. You are ninja but you are still just genin. Remember you are the lowest people on the chain of command and if any one above you gives you an order. You will follow it to the letter, no questions asked." Iruka was about to go on when he was interrupted by a boy with red markings on his cheeks and a puppy on his head.

"So Iruka-sensei" He started with a drawl "If were the lowest people on the chain of command then. What about the dead last Naruto that didn't manage to pass? Does that mean since he's below us we can give him orders?" Kiba Inuzuka asked sounding positively gleeful at the prospect of someone that had to do what he said. No question's asked, Iruka shook his head at Kiba.

"That would be true, Kiba." He started before he had a full blown smirk on his face "If Naruto failed that is." Iruka finished taking quite a bit of joy at the perplexed look on his students, former students faces.

"But Iruka-sensei" This time the voice came from Sakura sitting on one side of Saskue while Ino sat on the other. "Naruto-baka, did fail remember, he was so pathetic that he couldn't even do the clone technique." Sakura finished smiling, after all no matter how bad you were it was always good to know there was someone worse.

"Actually, Sakura, Naruto ended up passing with flying colours." He smirked at the look of disbelief on Sakura's face. "There was a mistake made by the person grading his test. So he did actually pass the written exam and as for the clone jutsu. No he cannot perform it." Sakura smiled looking superior. "Instead he demonstrated an A rank wind jutsu to myself and the Hokage to pass the test. As well as some kenjutsu." Sakura's jaw dropped.

"Iruka-sensei, you've got to be joking." Sakura scoffed "There is no way that some dead last no clan loser can do an A rank jutsu. Not even Saske-kun can do that so there is no way a dead last like Naruto could do one." She continued, Naruto was slightly annoyed but the feelings he still had for his crush were preventing him. From doing anything so he just settled for watching. "I mean come on Iruka-sensei he's just some on clan loser there's no way he could. Do an A rank jutsu after all everyone knows that his parents. Ran away from the Kyuubi how could." That was as far as she got pressure dropped on to the class sending Sakura and some of the weaker student's to their knees.

Naruto was pissed, he could take a lot of abuse but bringing his parents into it crossed a line. He let his Reiryouku flood the room smothering the others. With his pressure, it was one of the first things Benihime had taught him. How to intimidate someone with nothing but his Reiryouku, after all half the battle was mental. Make an opponent think he's beat and he will defeat himself nine times out of ten. Some of the people in the room were having problems breathing now he noted before releasing his Reiryouku. "You said something about my parents Sakura?" He asked his voice cold.

For the first time since the class started the people around him took notice of him. His new look raised some eyebrows. But it was the feeling he was giving off that startled people. Not his usual happy go-lucky self. This Naruto felt both cold and ruthless Iruka was the first to recover. "Naruto that's enough" he said sternly Naruto looked at Sakura for another second the pinkette flinched beneath his gaze. Before returning to his seat. "Alright then, we will get right along to the team placements then. You will be working in teams of three so remember to watch each other's backs okay?"

Time skip three hours later (The teams are the same as Canon)

The silence was deafening in the classroom where the newly made team seven were waiting. Naruto kept reading his book, Saskue brooded and Sakura was pacing up and down. Stopping every now and then to rape Saskue with her eyes. "Where is he" Sakura screeched neither Saskue nor Naruto payed her any attention. They were more than content just waiting it out, though Saskue did look at Benihime every few minutes. But Naruto guessed the memory of stitches in his arm stopped him from trying to take her again.

"Gahhh, where is he?" Sakura screamed causing both Naruto and Saskue to grit their teeth. In pain as the unholy scream of a banshee assaulted their ear's. Naruto just sighed this was ridiculous, he had almost finished his book on fuuinjutsu the damn. Thing was over five hundred pages long, he'd only be forty in when they had started waiting. Hell he was seriously considering using jinzen to go into his mind scape and train with Benihime consequences be damned. Almost in response to Sakura's question the door slid open. Standing there was a man with gravety defiying silver hair. In a standard Jounin uniform with his forehead protector covering his left eye. "Hmm" the man said in lazy drawl "Team seven? My first impression is, I Hate you... a lot."

"Feelings mutual, Cyclops." Naruto shot back, Kakashi just looked at him like he was bored.

"Meet me on the roof in five minutes." he waved lazily and disappeared in a shinsen, leaves dropping to the floor.


Kakashi's heart hurt, it had been like seeing his sensei, Minato all over again. Naruto was more or less a carbon copy of his father in terms of looks. Though if the reports he had read were right, he acted a lot more like his mother. Kakashi sighed, there was a reason he had asked for a team without Naruto on it. Kakashi knew mentally that Naruto, a victim of circumstance; he had heard enough about what happened to the kid in ANBU for that to be readily apparent. But by the same token he had that thing, that killed Minato and Kushina inside him. Kakashi even after twelve year's still wasn't sure how to deal with that. He sighed again he would just have to do his best and try not to neglect the kid.

Kakashi snapped out of his thoughts as the door opened. "Maa, you're just on time." He said eye smiling at Sakura as she came through the door. Kakashi let his students get seated on the bench in front of him before speaking again. "Okay, time to introduce yourselves, say your name, then your Likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams." He finished eye smiling.

"Umm, Sensei." Sakura started. "Maybe you could go first to show us what you mean." Naruto looked at the pinkette like she had just grown a second head. Before adding asks stupid question's to the ever growing list in his head. 'How did this girl pass as top kunoichi' Naruto asked himself, Benihime didn't answer him, as she, Kakashi and Sasuke were thinking the same thing.

"Okay then." Kakashi said eye smiling. "My name is Hakate Kakashi, I like something's and dislike others. My dreams are a bit personal and as for hobbies well I have lots of hobbies." He finished eye smiling again. 'All we learned was his name.' Was the collective thought of all three Genin of team seven. "You're up first pinky" Kakashi said smiling at Sakura while she grumbled about his choice of nickname.

Sakura quickly composed herself. "My name is Haruno Sakura, my likes are." She turned to Sasuke and went bright red. "My hobbies are" She let out a squeal while looking at Sasuke. "And my dreams are." She looked at Saskue with hearts in her eyes.

"You didn't tell us what you hate." Kakashi pointed out, he didn't like his first student all that much. Sure she had potential but at the rate she was going, Sakura would amount to little more than a glorified meat shield. Either for the more competent ninja's or just the more ruthless ones.

"That's easy I hate NARUTO-BAKA." Sakura yelled, Naruto couldn't help but feel a small pain in his chest when she said that. He had hoped that she would at least see him a little differently with his new clothes. "What else is new?" He muttered bitterly, Kakashi winced as he heard Naruto this was going to screw up the team dynamic a lot.

"You're up next duck butt" He said cheerfully pointing at a still brooding Sasuke. A small tick mark appeared over the self-proclaimed Uchiha avenger's left eye, when Kakashi said that. He was an Uchiha how dare some commoner disrespect him like that, it didn't matter if Kakashi was a Jounin or not, the Uchiha were the elite of the elite.

"My name." He said voice dripping with arrogance. "Is Uchiha Sasuke" He put emphasis on Uchiha. "I don't like anything and I hate lots of things, particularly fan girls." Sakura flinched if Sasuke noticed then he didn't pay it any attention. "I don't have a dream because I will make it a reality; I will kill a certain man and revive my clan."

Kakashi held in a sigh, so far he had a fan girl and an avenger. He just hoped that Naruto would be a little more normal. Both of his students so far could get the team killed on a mission with ease. Kakashi just hoped that whatever Naruto's quirk or malfunction was, it wouldn't put anyone in danger. Otherwise this team would be one big cluster fuck waiting to happen, not that it wasn't already, Kakashi acknowledged, but if at least One of them just one didn't seem to have a self-destructive habit or goal. Then it would improve the teams overall chances of survival. "Okay then Mr. Samurai wannabe, you're up next." He eye smiled inwardly when he saw the tick mark over Naruto's eye.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto." He took a deep breath "I like Ramen and Benihime I hate people who can't tell the difference between a scroll and the kunai that was sealed into it. As well as the three minutes that it takes for Ramen to cook. My dream for the future is to become the best Kenjutsu user I can be and with any luck become a Kenjustu master." Naruto was being careful with his answer as the old man had told him not to advertise that Benihime, was sentient and held ability's beyond a normal katana.

He wasn't lying to them just leaving parts out; he didn't mention his other dream though. He still wanted to be Hokage but at the moment he wanted to get the materialization training down. So he could show Benihime the real world not just the mind scape, she did say she was in no hurry but he wanted to show her so much. Naruto dedicated most of his time to training with that single minded goal in mind.

Kakashi winced when he heard the scroll and kunai remark. 'It looks like now that he knows about Kyuubi he resents the villagers that treated him. Like a pariah, I just hope he isn't planning revenge on the village. After all with everything that's been done to him I could hardly blame him if he was. That brings up another question just who is Benihime. Oh well at least I have one that is at least semi-normal that's something to be glad about, I wonder if Minato-sensei felt the same about our team when he got us.'

"Well that's good you all have dreams and ambitions for the future. Hopefully your ninja training can help you achieve them." He cackled inwardly he always did love the reaction from his next statement. "Now meet me at training ground seven at five am for your Genin exam." 'Wait for it, three, two and one.' "WHAT" Came the collective yell of his Genin, Kakashi loved that reaction.

"But Kakashi-sensei we already passed the Genin exam, that's the reason that you're our sensei remember?" Sakura asked sounding confused, Naruto on the other had didn't like where this was going. Another test hell he had gotten a field promotion to Genin, bypassing the test completely. He gulped his mouth suddenly dry he really, really hoped that he could pass this one.

Kakashi just eye smiled again. "Maa, that is true but that test is just to weed out the people who shouldn't be allowed to advance yet. When you leave the academy another Genin test is administered by the Jounin sensei to see if you're ready to be Genin. Oh and the really interesting thing is that this test." The three Genin would swear until their dying day that Kakashi's eye smile, somehow reminded them of an evil grin, even though it looked exactly the same. "This test has a fail rate of sixty six percent. So out of the twenty seven people that passed only nine will actually become Genin. Okay then Ja Ne, my cute little student's and some advice, don't eat breakfast you'll throw up." Before disappearing in a shunsun leaf's dropping to the ground.

Sakura immediately turned to Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun how about we go and make a plan so that we pass tomorrow's Test. I'm sure with you there we could come up with some really great strategy's, even with Naruto-baka getting in the way." Sakura had hearts in her eyes, if Sasuke said yes then she would be one step closer to his heart, then true love would conquer all and she could rub it in Ino-pig's face.

"No" Sasuke said in an almost monotone. "I don't your help or the dobe's to pass this test. You and him are worthless you, both of you are just going to slow me down. Stupid woman you can't even see how weak you are can you?" He added before jumping on to the street below and walking off.

Sakura looked dejected before turning around her fist already raised. "No Naruto-baka, I will not go out with you." She yelled, before noticing that her other teammate had already left and neither Saskue nor herself had even noticed.

Naruto jumped on to another roof as he made a b line for his apartment. It was about one pm now. That meant he had sixteen hours before the "true" as it were Genin exam. He smirked, by entering the mind scape with jinzen he could take those sixteen hours, turning them into ten days' worth of training with Benihime. Well to be hones more like, ten days of training, talking and just general enjoyment of each other's company. Still he could get more training in then either Sasuke and Sakura could.

Naruto smiled as he angled for the red light district, tomorrow was going to be good very, very good. The blond Genin idly noted as he got closer to his apartment that it really could use a new coat of paint and some putty for the cracks. Some new pipes for the water and, actually you know what just rip the whole thing down and start from scratch the place was a fucking dump anyway.

He sighed as he looked at his front door, his apartment at least the outside had been vandalized….again. The words "Die Demon" emblazoned with large letters on his front door, Naruto sighed ignorant bastards, couldn't they tell the difference between him and a gigantic demon fox, morons. He rubbed his forehead as he debated on whether or not to go through the trouble of getting the paint off.

'Opinions Benihime?' he asked inwardly 'Hmmm, nah don't bother Naruto-kun.' the crimson princess said happily. 'Today you officially became a Genin no matter what that Cyclops says; work like that can wait till tomorrow. Now hurry up and get in here I'm getting lonely.' Naruto chuckled as he heard the parting remark from his partner. Heading inside no longer paying attention to the graffiti on his front door. Sitting down on his couch and laying Benihime on his lap and closing his eyes to mediate.

Time skip five am training ground seven.

Naruto yawned he'd spent the last sixteen hours inside his mind scape; while it was somewhat similar to sleep it was still not as restful Benihime. Made him promise to get a proper sleep tonight instead of going inside the mind scape, originally he had declined. Wanting to spend more time with the crimson princess and learn new skills but after seeing the pleading look on her face he had capitulated and agreed. To getting a good night's rest after the "True" as it were Genin exam today, if Kakashi ever turned up that was.

Naruto yawned again, it looked like he was the first one here. The blond quickly took a look at the surroundings, nothing special just a few stumps in the ground and some forested surroundings. He sighed before jumping into a tree and settling in to wait for Kakashi. He refused to call him sensei until he actually taught him something, taking out his beginner book two on Fuuinjutsu. Thanks to Kakashi he had finished book one yesterday. So Naruto had to take another sizable chunk, out of his already diminishing savings account, to buy the new Fuuinjutsu book.

He was sure that anyone else would have got it at a reasonable price, but thanks to being Konoha's "Demon Brat" everything's price was more or less tripped for him. "Ignorant bastards." Naruto muttered, making a mental note to talk to the Hokage, about where to find scrolls on ninja techniques.

Sure he could pass off Hakuda as his own personal fighting style. The Zanjutsu could be done the same way but his Kido spells were going to be a little hard to hide. He needed some jutsu's before people started to ask too many uncomfortable questions. Naruto sighed, the old Hokage had also told him not to use his Shikai where people could see if it could be avoided, as it would raise too many questions, and quite likely get Saskue to go to the council, to have them take Benihime from him. It wouldn't work of course, after all Benihime would probably draw the arrogant bastard into the mind scape, then proceed to beat the holy hell out of the arrogant Uchiha, but he wanted to save both her and the old man the trouble.

That was part of the reason he had been studying Zanjutsu so hard, so he could use the more advanced sword techniques, so that he wouldn't simply rely on the raw power his Shikai bought to the table. Naruto pushed these thoughts to the back of his head and started to read, his new more than mildly expensive book.

'The art of Fuuinjutsu.' He read. 'Is both vast and complicated, many people do not have the drive to accomplish themselves in such a difficult and obscure art. But with the vast array of options that Fuuinjutsu brings to the user, it makes them both a surprising and versatile combatant. Allowing one to easily surprise their opponent, then overwhelm or outsmart them by use of seals, because the art of Fuuinjutsu is not well known. Many opponents don't know what each seal does allowing a Fuuinjutsu user to keep their opponents off guard.

"Good morning Saskue-kun." Came the high pitched screeching voice of his "teammate" Haruno Sakura, though Naruto used the term teammate loosely. He already knew both her and Sasuke didn't view him as a teammate just as a burden. They didn't respect him and how could you trust someone or call them a teammate if they did not respect you or your judgment.

"Speaking of the Uchiha, where is the brooding little emo." Naruto muttered.

Giving the clearing a quick once over, spotting the king of the brooders, leaning against one of the poles in the middle of the training ground his back facing towards Naruto. The spiky haired blond sighed as Sakura asked Sasuke, if he wanted to go on a date. Even if he was starting, just barely starting to get over his crush on the pinkette, it still hurt to see her ask someone else out. He turned back to his book and tried with varying degrees of success to tune Sakura and Saskue out. Benihime started singing giving him something pleasant to focus on and tuning out both of them completely.

Naruto was finally pulled out of his own little world by the arrival of Kakashi, well not by Kakashi himself. Per say but the high pitched scream of LIAR from Sakura. "Well let's take this test then." Sasuke said in his almost monotone voice.

"Maa, Maa, How do you tow expect to take the Genin exam with only two people, when it's a three person test?" Kakashi asked partially to test them; after all he could feel Naruto's chakra in a tree directly behind Sasuke. The other part was to find out what his other two students really thought about his third. Sasuke's was a simple snort of distain dismissing the idea that he an UCHIHA of all people needed someone's help. Let alone that of a failure like Naruto to pass a stupid exam Sakura however had a far more vocal response, one that made Kakashi wince.

"Who needs that Baka." She started. "He's just a dead last and a loser without a clan or anything. I bet he tricked the Hokage into thinking he knew an A rank jutsu, just so he could pass he's pathetic. My mother always told me that, his parents ran away when the Kyuubi attacked, they were pathetic why should their son be any different." She finished sounding smug, she might not be from a shinobi clan but the Haruno's were respected merchants and traders. She had a clan and he didn't, that alone made her better than him.

Kakashi was hoping he had just heard Sakura wrong, that her parents didn't tell her things like that. But he wasn't an idiot with the thirds law about not telling anyone who didn't already know about the Kyuubi. The story of how Naruto's parents "ran away" was probably how her family decided to handle instilling hatred of Naruto into Sakura. This was really going to screw with team dynamics; Kakashi was bought out if his thoughts by the approaching presence behind Sasuke.

He looked up and felt his mouth go dry; Kakashi had been hoping that maybe, just maybe Naruto hadn't heard what Sakura had just said. That hope was quickly crushed when he saw the look in Naruto's eyes. He had expected anger, hurt, hatred even. What was inside his eyes seemed even worse, that blank emotionless look, Kakashi had been Itahci's ANBU captain.

Right now Naruto's eyes made Itachi's normally emotionless expression look positively joy filled. His eyes, Kakashi had seen his sensei Minato in every different mood imaginable. But never even once had he thought the blue cerulean that Naruto had inherited from his father could look like this. Cold, harsh, inhospitable were all good words to describe Naruto's eyes in that moment. But it was the feeling that the boy gave off that put Kakashi on edge, cold, calm, composed and completely devoid of mercy.

"I'm right here Kakashi." Naruto stated voice even, after that speech of Sakura's, Benihime was screaming for her blood and Naruto was sorely tempted to oblige her. Sakura and Sasuke turned around so quickly, you would have thought they had turned their necks a full one hundred and eighty degrees and just left their body's facing forward. The looks on their faces would normally make Naruto laugh, right now though he wanted to kill them.

"Naruto-baka." Sakura screamed at him. "Why are you so late, you almost made Sasuke-kun and I fail, you worthless baka." She pulled her hand back to punch him thinking he would take it like so many times before. She was in for a rude awakening; the fist went forward Naruto waited, five inches, four, three. Time to dodge; he leaned forward allowing the poorly thrown punch to go above his head, pulling himself opposite to Sakura's ribs. Channeling Reiryouku into his palm, Naruto placed it on Sakura's side and pivoted releasing the stored energy, sending her flying. Kakashi watched in horror as one member of his team mercilessly attacked another, he saw the blood come out of Sakura's mouth as the attack hit.

Naruto straightened back up like nothing happened, the attack he used Tessho was one of the most basic Hakuda strikes. Normally he would never consider using Hakuda on a comrade no matter how much he disliked them, Saskue was living proof. But Sakura had crossed a line she wasn't a comrade anymore, he wouldn't kill her but he wouldn't save her either.

"Naruto." Kakashi started, sounding unusually stern. "Attacking a fellow Konoha ninja is treason you know this?" Kakashi was about to continue when Naruto said a few words he had hoped never to hear.

"Yes." Naruto agreed. "Attacking a comrade and fellow ninja would be treason. But after what she just said." He flicked his thumb back towards Sakura who was still trying to pull herself off the ground. "I don't see her as either, she's just a stepping stone, a worthless human that deserves neither mercy nor pity." Naruto turned his frozen eyes on Kakashi. Before muttering in a tone only Kakashi could hear. "Just like the rest of this worthless village."

Kakashi honestly debated letting them take the Genin test after that, but if he didn't then the council would be on his back about "The Last Uchiha." He couldn't just let Obito's legacy fall to the side like that. A small voice in his head asked about Minato's legacy and what Kakashi had done for him, Kakashi just tried to drown it out, with very limited success.

"Okay after that display I would normally fail you all on principle. But Sakura's comments were out of line, so I'm going to let this slide this time only. However that is only if Naruto, tells me what kind of Taijutsu style he just used." Kakashi finished, according to the reports that he had been given Naruto was little better than a tavern brawler. That was what concerned him, the strike Naruto had used was clearly part of a style, and for him to pick it up so quickly it would have to be an effective one.

Naruto thought about it for a second he didn't see the harm in telling Kakashi, but if he asked where he learned it that might cause him some problems. 'Hmm, I guess I could just redirect him to the old man, if he didn't tell Kakashi about Benihime in advance, then he probably won't if he go's and asks about it. Opinion's Benihime?'

The Crimson princess was silent for a moment. 'I think you should tell him the name of the fighting style, after all there won't be any records of it. Then just like you said if he asks more redirect him to the Hokage, I think that the old man will keep our little secret, at least until we want others to know.' Naruto mentally nodded in agreement before looking back at Kakashi.

"The styles name is Hakuda." Naruto said some emotion creeping back into his tone. Kakashi mentally reviewed the types of Taijutsu he knew. He was certain that he had never heard of the name Hakuda he was sure he would of if a village Jounin knew it. After all he had spared all of them at one time or another.

"And who taught you this style, Naruto." Kakashi asked as casually as possible, fishing for more information.

"Benihime" Naruto replied, his face showed little emotion, inside however both he and Benihime were laughing hysterically. The Cyclops would be running in circles until they decided to bring him into the loop, and that wouldn't happen for a long time if they had their way. Knowing that the old man would likely back them up, they would probably be getting it.

Kakashi ran through the lists of Jounin in his mind, both ANBU and non ANBU. Not even one of them had the name Benihime, even as a nickname he supposed Anko could qualify but Anko never used that kind of fighting style. Kakashi knew for a fact that Anko used the Hebi-ken(lit. Snake Fist), he resolved to ask the Hokage about it later.

"Okay then." Kakashi said still sounding lazy, as he tied a pair of bells to his flak jacket. "Your objective is to get these two bells from me before noon." He eye smiled and pulled out and clock and set the alarm. "You have four hours, any questions?"

Naruto felt perplexed. "Wait, wait, wait,wait, You had a CLOCK on you and you were still three hours late. How the hell does that even happen?" Naruto asked legitimately confused by that fact and rightly so. In what could well be a world first even Saskue nodded in agreement with the blond.

"I have a better question." Came the winded voice of Sakura from behind them. "Why are there only two bells Kakashi-sensei?" She shot a death glare at Naruto. "More importantly why did you hit me Naruto-BAKA. I'm from a clan you're not you are not allowed to hit me."

Kakashi opened his mouth to reply but was cut off. "Why did I hit you?" Naruto asked sounding genuinely surprised by Sakura's question. "You tried to hit me and I retaliated, what's so surprising about that?" Sakura went to yell at him but was stopped by Naruto's next words. "In fact I don't think I quite heard you properly when you said those things about my parents." His hand dropped to Benihime's hilt and Sakura paled when she saw his hand, casually resting in sword drawing position before taking a shaky step back. "Maybe." Naruto continued his voice getting progressively colder. "You would like to repeat them for me?" Sakura did the smart thing and backed down.

Kakashi let the tension out of his body; at least he wouldn't have to keep one of his students from killing the other, well today at least. "Well Sakura." He said in a cheerful voice. "That's because only two of you will pass the other one will go back to the academy. On top of that the one that goes back will be tied to the stump and have to watch the other two eat lunch in front of them." He eye smiled at the group. "No more questions, In that case ready and GO!"

Kakashi took note of his student hiding places, Sakura seventy five meters to his left hidden in some bushes. Sasuke, one hundred ten point five meters directly behind him and Naruto Standing directly in front of him just like when they were talking earlier. "Uh, Naruto." He said sounding confused. "You do know the test has started right you can go and hide now." Naruto just shrugged in response.

"Yes I know Kakashi." He acknowledged, drawing Benihime. Kakashi was immediately on guard, all of his instincts were telling him to be wary of that sword. "But you probably know this training ground like the back of your hand. No point in wasting time and energy hiding if you'll immediately know where I am." Naruto flicked Benihime's tip at the cycloptic Jounin, despite the distance between them. Kakashi immediately dodged and felt a sharp pain in his right cheek. He touched his face blood was running down his mask.

Kakashi's thought processes stopped, a Genin, a fucking GENIN had just injured him. Not using any charkra at all, that slash that managed to cause him a light injury was executed using nothing but pure skill, Kakashi stared at Naruto. 'This kids a monster.' That was when he realized that Naruto was wearing that sword for more than just show.

Naruto grimaced, the Zanjutsu technique he had just used was the Hozuri. The most basic of the lot and the only one he had at his disposal. Sure he knew how to block, parry, step and attack but Zanjutsu was so much more than that. It was about letting your Reiryouku flow through the blade to produce an attack that defied everything. What was irritating him though, was the fact he missed he could see Kakashi only had one eye. Naruto had been hoping to cut him on the eyebrow and throw off his depth perception. Benihime had done it enough times to him to show that it was brutally effective.

Naruto sighed he doubted that Kakashi would give him time to use Hozuri again, after all it took him five seconds to set it up that meant he was going to have to go to close combat. 'God dammit.' He charged cutting diagonally down. Before changing his grip and smashing his palm into Kakashi's side, "Tessho"Naruto screamed before smiling, Kakashi had underestimated him this was over. His enjoyment was short lived as "Kakashi" turned into a log. Though he did note with a small bit of pride that the Tessho that he used smashed the log to splinters.

'Dammit' Narutocursed inwardly, pivoting to avoid a punch to the kidney from Kakashi. Kakashi's eye opened wider, damn the kid was fast. Naruto jumped back to avoid the spin kick aimed at his head pointing his index finger at Kakashi, making the Jonin wonder what he was doing. Naruto smiled he just knew he was going to love the reaction he was about to get. "Hado#4: Byakurai" lighting lanced off his out stretched finger towards Kakashi's head; the white haired Jounin dodged rather easily but was still shaken.

This kid was supposed to be the dead last THE DEAD FREAKING LAST. So far he cuts him from a distance using only pure skill. Is able to force him to use the kawarimi and then destroy the log he substituted with. Following that he uses some kind of jutsu that Kakashi had never seen before the kid was one surprise after another.

Naruto loved the bug eyed look in Kakashi's lone eye and decided to up the ante, letting the Jonin see the highest level kido he could cast. He knew Kakashi would dodge it but it would definitely annihilate some trees, make Saskue jealous as all hell as well. A definite plus in the blond Genin's book, he smirked.

Kakashi saw Naruto put his palm up towards him he gulped, what was his most unpredictable student about to do now. "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws. Hado#33: Sokatsui. Blue fire roared from his hand and annihilated everything in front of him including four trees. Naruto knew Kakashi had gotten away though, the man would have been a piss poor Jonin, If he didn't escape when Naruto used that long incantation.

Kakashi had never been so glad for the Kawarimi. He was more than interested in Naruto now, but he still had other student's that he needed to test. Though he was contemplating using his Sharingan, in order to copy some of Naruto's jutsu. One way or the other though, Kakashi would be getting some answer's either out of the Hokage or Naruto.

Sakura was staring just staring at the training ground, looking at what Naruto had just done. Her mind had shut down and was not responding. At first everything seemed to be going about as well as could be expected, both Saskue and she had hidden. Naruto opted to stay in the open and just talk with their sensei before drawing his sword. From this point onward Sakura could no longer make sense of the encounter. Naruto had Injured, INJURED their sensei with no support then proceeded to devastate their surroundings, using jutsu that she had never seen or heard of before. Sakura just couldn't understand it. "Strange isn't it Sakura." Came the slightly bored voice from behind her.

Sakura opened her mouth to agree before turning around, coming face to face with an eye smiling Kakashi. Just as he finished his hand seals "Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu." Leaves fell around Sakura as she tried to figure out where her sensei went. "Sakura, Sakura over here." Sakura turned towards the tired sounding voice and screamed, staggering forward was her crush Uchiha Saskue. The young Uchuha had several weapons embedded in his body as blood pooled around him giving the seen an ethereal feel. As Sakura struggled to figure out what was going on, looking at her crush the fan girl did the one thing she could screamed and fainted. The illusion parted leaving a disappointed Kakashi, this was supposed to be the best Genjutsu user on the team. There were times when he could swear that the Hokage hated him.

At the same time Sasuke was seething at the battle between the supposed dobe and his Jonin "Sensei" it was maddening. Why did someone like the dobe have that kind of power, when he an Uchiha didn't? Why, Naruto was nothing just a clan less loser, everyone hated him and loved Sasuke. So how could that worthless dobe have power he didn't, he needed that power he deserved it to kill Itachi he deserved everything that the leaf had and more if necessary.

The village knew it; they gave him extra training and jutsu Sasuke decided he would go to the council after this, and demand that they give him access to all of the techniques that Naruto knew. Unlike the dobe he would be able to use them correctly, after all the Uchiha were the elite of the elite but before that, came avenging the stain on his honor. On the honor of the Uchiha how dare the dobe injurer their sensei before he did.

Kakashi approached Sasuke's hiding place carefully, since Naruto had exceeded his expectations so drastically Kakashi had been on guard. Not even taking out his beloved Icha Icha to read, the bushes next to him rustled and the Jonin used the warning to jump into a nearby tree. Just before the barrage of shuriken hit where he had been standing a second ago. Kakashi raised his right arm and blocked Sasuke's flying kick, eye smiling at his third Genin. "Not bad Sasuke." Kakashi admitted. "Your certainly different from Naruto and Sakura. But being different is not always a good thing, your good Sasuke but you're not the best Genin here, that title go's to Naruto." Kakashi eye smiled at his last student.

Sasuke was beyond angry; the Jonin dodges his trap and kick so easily then tells him he's not as good as some no clan loser. "Your right, I'm not on the dobe's level, I'm above him!" He yelled hands blurring through hand seals. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu" Kakashi smirked beneath his mask this really would have caught him off guard, If he hadn't seen Naruto quite literally incinerate four trees earlier. Sasuke looked at the path his fire ball had taken he couldn't smell burning flesh so his sensei didn't get hit. He wasn't to the right or left "Above!" Sasuke yelled looking straight up and seeing nothing.

"Below, actually." Came the cheerful voice of Kakashi. "Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu." A pair of hand's came out of the ground and gripped his ankles "Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu." Sasuke was unceremoniously burred up to his neck in the earth as Kakashi pulled himself out of a hole opposite.

"Not bad, Sasuke but you could do better, Ja Ne" Kakashi gave him a cheery wave before disappearing via Shunshin Sasuke was livid, how dare such a commoner do this to him. He would show Kakashi the true power of the Uchiha. He looked around to see if anything was close by, just as soon as he dug himself out.

Kakashi returned to the three stumps and was surprised to see Naruto waiting there. Kakashi was even more surprised when he wasn't attacked. "What not going to attack me, Naruto?" He asked genuine curiosity lacing his tone.

"No I'm not." Naruto acknowledged. "I've been going through what I know about ninja teams." Kakashi's visible eyebrow was raised by this statement. "You know I have never heard of a three man team, it was always three Genin one Jonin sensei so this leads me to just one conclusion. This test is a sham you weren't testing if we could get the bells were you? Just if we could work together under pressure, right? Kakashi." Naruto fixed him with a look that held a little warmth in his eyes, Kakashi almost sighed in relief that was the happiest he had seen Naruto all day.

Kakashi eye smiled at Naruto. "When did you figure it out?" He asked still smiling. Before noticing the predatory look on Naruto's face and realizing he had walked into some kind of trap.

"I didn't, at least until you confirmed it for me just then." Naruto said smugly, Kakashi couldn't believe it he had just been out smarted by a Genin. Again, that was the irritating part.

"Shouldn't you go and look for Sasuke and Sakura then?" Kakashi shot back at the blond haired Genin. He was feeling mildly confused about why Naruto was still here now that he had figured out the things he needed to do to pass. Naruto shrugged before cracking his neck and drawing out Benihime again.

"I could." He admitted "But what would be the point? Mr. Emo is too proud and arrogant to accept help, let alone admit he needs it. As for miss pink haired and fan girly she won't help unless he does so what's the point. Still we have half an hour left." Naruto pointed to the clock, before smiling viciously. "Care for a quick spar sensei?" Kakashi drew kunai in each hand.

"Well you never know they might surprise you." Kakashi said brightly. Naruto gave him a look that was the facial equivalent of 'are you fucking serious?' Kakashi sighed, alright he had to admit his blond haired student had a point. "So what are the ground rules then?" Kakashi asked resigning himself to a thirty minute sparing session. Naruto tilted his head to the side, as if holding a conversation with someone that wasn't there. Kakashi pulled out a pair of kunai and settled them comfortably in a back handed grip in each hand.

"Full contact, weapons and Taijutsu only." Kakashi shrugged before charging his student. Naruto sighed and took a guarding position Kakashi's first kunai went for his stomach while the other aimed at his throat. Naruto slashed downwards diagonally, forcing Kakashi to block of lose an arm but the second kunai went on unimpeded. Naruto used the force of the slash to drive Benihime into the ground before using her as a pivot to kick the kunai out of Kakashi's hand, landing and letting out a viscous back handed strike.

Both teacher and student backed up to per pair for round three. When the timer wont off causing them both to almost face fault.

Ten Minutes later found Sakura tied to a tree stump and none too happy about it. "Why am I tied to a tree" She complained. "Why isn't Naruto-Baka?" She whined Kakashi sighed the test had been a goddam nightmare; minus Naruto neither of the others were ready to be Genin. Kakashi still couldn't believe it though; the dead last or at least supposed dead last had put up the best fight.

"Because, Sakura." Kakashi said sounding tired. "He actually put up a fight unlike you." He ignored Sakura's protests that Naruto should be on the stump as he had no clan and was therefore inconsequential. In comparison to her who was a clan heir. "Normally, I would fail you all on principal but the council in all its wisdom. Has demanded that I pass Saskue. Despite the fact he is both weak and unready." Kakashi took a brief moment of satisfaction of the look on Saksues face at the weak comment. He would help Obito's legacy get stronger, but he was not going to coddle him, a voice in his head asked about Minato's legacy but he stomped it back down.

"So by default I have to pass the rest of you." He eye smiled at them though this time it felt like pure evil "So get ready for hell, because I'm going to drag you up to Genin, Chunin then Jonin level. If it kills me, or you for that matter. Team seven as one felt a chill race up their spines that had nothing to do with the temperature.

To Be Continued.