Chapter Four

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Athos P.O.V

It was midday before D'Artagnan woke and I helped him down the creaking steps. He would wince in pain as every step jostled his shoulder sending jolts of pain towards it. He sat carefully at the table resting his body so that there wasn't too much pressure on his shoulder. I could barely make out the sound of a feminine laugh coming from the direction of the kitchen and immediately went to find the source.

To my surprise I found Abigail standing over the counter top, finely slicing all manner of vegetables, breads and cheeses and Planchett standing across from her doing the same. She had pulled her hair back into a haphazard bun right in the centre of her head, but a few strands had escaped the delicate ribbon that held it back, falling over her smiling eyes.

She turned; casually flicking the hair out of her eyes and saw me leaning on the door frame watching her work. She flashed me a brilliant smile and motioned me over.

"Athos, how does stew for dinner sound? I had to do something to thank you all especially D'Artagnan." She said gigging slightly

"You didn't have to do that! But that does sound great." I said allowing myself a brief smile

"Good, I was worried you wouldn't like it." She sighed in relief a smile spreading across her lips

At that moment a bored looking D'Artagnan wondered in, no doubt following the smell of food.

"What's going on in here?" he asked yawning slightly

Abigail's whole face lit up when she saw him and she started bombarding him with thank you's and apologies at which he laughed and said it was nothing.

*Time Skip*

Later that evening Porthos, Aramis, D'Artagnan and I were sitting at the dining room table while Abigail insisted on serving the food. Each of us was given a generous helping of stew that smelled as good as palace food; she then sat down herself and silently prayed over the food while Aramis said a verbal prayer of grace.

After the formalities were done with we all began eating, a conversed easily over the delicious meal. By the end of the evening Porthos was thoroughly drunk everyone was full. I went to grab the empty bowls from the table when Abigail did the same. Her hand brushed lightly against mine sending a slight shiver through my arm. She collected half of the bowl and I held the rest. We found Planchett in the Kitchen finishing his own dinner and laid the bowls on the counter.

Abigail pushed up the jacket sleeves and dipped the first bowl into the water Planchett had fetched from the town well. She continued washing them and I took it upon myself to take up a towel and dry the remaining water off of them. We finished this rather quickly and returned to the dining room where only Aramis remained, again reading his book by the fire.

"With your pardon, I think I might retire for the evening." Abigail said, a small yawn escaping her lips

I lead her back to my bedroom at which she argued for my well-being asking questions like where would I sleep to which I replied that she needn't worry and that I slept very little on a daily basis anyway. She took some convincing but finally gave in as her eyes started involuntarily started drooping shut.

"Good Night Abigail." I said softly as I closed the door behind me

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