Chapter three

Date unknown; most likely 200 years or so in the past

We were inside an unfamiliar building in an unfamiliar time and we were most probably trespassing in someone's home which had become a hotel much later but as of yet was not one...There was only one option we had really, which was to leave the premises immediately via the window with the things we were provided. Fortunately, we escaped unnoticed much to my relief. All we had left to do was to try and wrap our heads around what had just happened.

"We have no place to spend the night," Nathan murmured into my ear whilst we walked down what I assumed to be the main road. How was I supposed to know where we were? England was not my home country. Damn those infernal government insiders for their poor decisions. My stress levels had probably sky rocketed.

"We were given money relevant to this time period amongst other things so no need to panic I'm sure we'll be able to locate a place we can rest easy during the night," I continued, "if that is even possible." Everything felt so alien to me, I felt utterly lost and we were visibly newcomers and these old fashioned people weren't stupid they knew straight away and eyed us while we walked.

"We are drawing's going to be worse when we speak," my poor brother sounded concerned, "We don't speak in their accent or in their style; any English person of this time will notice the difference." He was undoubtedly correct in his assumptions. In the ears of these people our accents would sound unusually harsh and unwanted questions would be asked.

"We need to find a way to get back to our own place and time," I stated simply, "we can't stay here."

"What if this Dracula is real?" Nathan asked quietly, "surely the government wouldn't go to all this effort if that demon like creature were not real." Again he had made a valid point but it threw me headfirst into despair, "Where do we even begin? We no nothing of this time-we weren't even amongst humans during this time, also we have not read the book and so no nothing of this creatures powers or whereabouts. We base our assumptions off cinema which in all honesty means it isn't correct."

"No, we do know that the vampire sleeps in a coffin or box," Nathan pointed out, "That must mean something."

"How so? What good is that to us? We can't walk upon or even touch a place where a soul or soul's rest-it is forbidden to us," I snapped in frustration, "we are only powerful in day. This creature breathes during the night. How are we expected to do what must be done?"

"We have to remain calm," Nathan sounded grave in his reply, "if we panic we'll fail."

"We are not ordinary anymore brother, in this place everything about us will stand out from our looks to our speech and the way in which we speak to one another," all this was said as I stared at the darkened clouds looming over the horizon, "a storm is brewing we need to seek shelter and then think of what to do next."

We spent the majority of our time searching for a place to stay and after some time we found a small hotel where we quickly booked a room and left the scrutiny of the people on the streets. We spent most our time in brooding silence; neither of us able to come up with any 'plan' of sorts and to make matters worse we got little sleep during the night as the storm I had spied early boomed and crashed above us.

By morning, the storm had passed and my brother and I were able to stir out of doors without drawing too much attention. There was much talk within the town about the storm and a strange ship that had somehow steered itself into harbour. Curiously, we decided to head down to the harbour and inspect the situation ourselves.

A crowd had already gathered eagerly on the deck of the strange ship in the harbour and from the faces I could see, there was great distress and surprise. Police officers quickly stormed the scene moving their way between the masses and shooing them from whatever the people were so interested in. Joining the crowd, I was able to catch small snatches of conversation.


"Tied to the wheel..."

"No other men..."

Frowning in thought I turned to my brother, "There's something not right about this..." A gasp from the crowd turned my attention away from him as a great dog of some kind took off from the ship and bounded into god-knows-where as I was unable to see above the heads of others.

"How odd," Nathan Whispered, "Do you suppose things like this happen regularly in England?"

"I don't think so judging from the looks on everyone's faces," I whispered in reply, "c'mon lets get out of here and find a quiet place to talk." It took us mere moments to find a suitable place to converse and even then it was risky. There was a seat situated near a cemetery and church which had a great view of the town and ocean beyond. It was here that we decided to converse.

Our conversation was stopped halfway through however, by the appearance of a young woman who looked surprised at our sitting there. "Oh, I see I am not the only one who quite enjoys this spot," she smiled politely.

"Yes," Feeling it necessary I replied, "It provides a great view of the sea and surrounding town."

She looked curiously at me for a moment, "You are not English...oh forgive me I should not have said that-"

"It's perfectly fine," Nathan joined in, "You are quite right. We are just here on holiday."

"Oh," she blushed slightly, "then you have chosen a beautiful place."

"Indeed we have except perhaps, it would have been slightly improved had not that ship come in," it was easy enough to get into the lingo of things here plus we had to or else we'd risk getting discovered. She looked somewhat saddened by my words, "Indeed! It is a great tragedy and more so especially for that poor dog that got is very unnerving when thinking about what might have happened to those other men especially when they found the captain in such a condition."

"I only heard snippets from the crowd but I do believe it odd," I replied continuing, "What do you suppose could have caused the captain to do such a thing?"

"Doubtless the majority of our questions will be answered in tomorrow's paper," Nathan interjected.

"Yes, there were a few reporters standing about," she added thoughtfully. There followed a small awkward silence where I debated the idea of offering her a seat beside me and after said time I shuffled Nathan along and asked her kindly, "Would you like to sit with us?"

"Oh thank you yes," she replied joyously seating herself beside me, "I'm Lucy by the way, Lucy Westenra." Quite suddenly the words of our informant came rushing back to me with a crashing realisation that this Lucy had something to do with Dracula, "This is my brother Nathan," I introduced him first, "and I'm Bethany Miller."

"Nice to meet you both," she smiled sweetly, "It is not everyday I meet someone from a foreign land."

"Well now you have," I smiled in return glancing all about her neck to see if the creature had already got at her.

"If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?" she asked curiously.

"Ah..." that was a question I had not anticipated. What countries did exist at this time? Did Australia even exist?

"Australia," Nathan cut in quickly and confidently, "We have travelled all the way to view England." I didn't know whether to sigh in relief or panic because if our country didn't exist then we were doomed.

"Oh indeed? Then you have travelled quite a long way. I daresay you have come from across the other side of the world," she was looking at us strangely and I felt my insides squirm with discomfort. "Yes it was one arduous journey," Nathan smiled slightly.

"Yes, I assume so," she looked out at the horizon smiling to herself, "Is it not beautiful?"

I was about to reply when another woman approached who appeared to be a friend of Miss Lucy, "Mina! How good it is you've decided to join us! If I may, this here is Miss Bethany Miller and her brother Mr. Nathan Miller. They have travelled all the way from Australia to holiday here."

"I see they have taken a liking to our seat," smiled the other known only to us as Mina.

"It gives us a wonderful view of all that is happening around us," doing my best I tried to sound cheerful but the sheer size of the situation had just occurred to me.

"It is peaceful," remarked Mina, "I sit here when I am in need of quiet so I can write in my journal."

"Then we should leave," I turned to my brother. "Oh no!" Lucy took my arm firmly, "We have just met and already I have taken a liking to you-forgive me for acting so bold but I can not lie! Besides I am intrigued by your travels and I am inclined to hear more."

Once again I felt at a loss for words as both women stared patiently waiting for me to answer, "I am sorry to disappoint but I spent the majority of the journey asleep."

"Asleep?" questioned Mina, "the whole time?"

"The sea has a sort of calming affect mostly like rocking a baby to sleep," I explained feeling as if at any moment the lie I was weaving would turn to ash before my eyes.

"I should like to be rocked to sleep," smiled Lucy dreamily, "It must have been wonderful."

"I can assure you the storms weren't," added Nathan boldly, "they were fearsome and threw the ship about like it was a mere times I thought the waves would take us under."

"How frightening!" cried Lucy sharing a concerned look with her friend Mina, "You poor souls!"

Mina stepped closer, "How on Earth did you manage to survive?"

"Luck," I shrugged wishing to keep the lie as real as possible, "and a very good captain."

"The poor captain of that vessel that came in this morning..." Mina shook her head sadly, "No one deserves such a fate."

"We were just discussing that," I added, "I wonder what happened to the dog..."

"It will turn up eventually," reassured Lucy, "and I would be right in thinking the poor creature would be in great distress."

"Anything would be in great distress after such an incident," I added knowingly, "Let us hope this does not mean dark times are ahead."

"No that would be frightful," Mina added in also, "though it does not bode well for Whitby does it?"

We talked on some more on the subject before Nathan and I departed leaving Lucy and Mina to enjoy their favourite seat on their own. We walked away in silence too lost in our own thoughts to feel the need to speak to each other. Following the path through the cemetery I was careful to avoid the edges. "That is the Lucy our informant mentioned," Nathan broke the silence, "It has to be."

"How many other Lucy's are there in Whitby?" I asked rhetorically, "anyway we'll find out soon enough."

"When do you suppose this Dracula will strike?" Nathan whispered with concern.

"I don't know," my gut ached painfully with regret. If I had read the book we wouldn't be having this much trouble. We would know everything.

"We really are going into this without a thought," Nathan looked strained, "we are in a place that isn't familiar; a time when we weren't amongst humans. We have been set a task which we have to figure out for ourselves."

"Don't remind me," he had to make everything feel so much more worse than what it was, "we have no choice. We must wait until he appears before we act."

"So Lucy will be the bait?" Nathan actually looked into my eyes which glimmered with concern and fear. It felt unnatural.

"Lucy was sort of like bait regardless or so I am to believe," Looking west I sighed, "c'mon lets go eat and try to figure out some sort of plan."

"And if we have no plan?" he asked.

"Then we risk it all," was all I could reply; it just so happened to be the truth.