Passing Notes


Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling, etc. All fonts used can be found at Font Garden. Basic plot (GG meetings) based on the movie Strike. The idea of "passing notes" for a subplot is based on my life in Spanish and math class, and from Cosmo Girl! Most Brit language is from the AMAZING Louise Rennison books, "On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a SEX GOD", and "Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas".

Summary: Passing notes in class is fun; secrets are shared, gossip is spread, and friends get closer.  Now the boys are on a mission to find out just what the Gryffindor girls are writing… just what are the GG meetings? What's the purpose? Will the passing notes be responsible for something Hogwarts has never seen before?

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban, HP & the Goblet of Fire

A/N: I have no life. I really have no life. Anyway. This is a belated (by two days) birthday gift from me to all of you. I think I need to have this out here to be read. Enjoy.


CHAPTER ONE: Suspicious, very suspicious…

            It was a normal day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The sixth year students bustled around, from class to class, trying to occupy their time. Of course, being the middle of the year, their attention span was low and wavering – to writing and passing each other notes. These notes were collected at the end of the day, saved by the last person to receive the note before midnight, and then started again the next morning. It's quiet something to say that there were a lot of notes floating around!

            Oh, boy, would it be disastrous if a Professor – or the wrong student – had it within their grasp…

            And that is how the trouble started.


            It was Lavender's turn to start the note one rainy, damp April morning. She had been the last to receive the note last night, left out of the loop until this morning. She was guaranteed pardon from the note's final rest.

            Instead, she picked up her quill early that morning after dressing, and made her way to the Gryffindor table. She had already piled on pancakes, eggs, and bacon when Parvati, Hermione and Ginny joined her. While they talked about things, Lavender concentrated on writing her note. To the untrained eye (the Gryffindor Boys), she looked as if she was working on some last-minute homework. To the girls, well… that was another story.

            Morning Mio, Gin, Vita –

Sleep well, I hope. I was the last to receive the note last night; so, I think it's best if I start this off ASAP! Mandatory GG meeting in our dorm at seven tonight – bring homework as not too look conspicuous. Those guys are getting nosier every day, the hounds that they are. Anyway, that's all I have to say. Anything interesting? Add it on! TTYL –

            Y Lav

            She finished it off and folded it nicely in a square, before standing up, stretching, and dropping it casually on Hermione's book. Without looking, Hermione lifted the cover and slipped the letter into in inside of her book. Lavender smiled inwardly, before walking out with Parvati to their first class, Defense Against the Dark Arts. They were very lucky to have Professor Lupin back, and no one seemed to mind at all that he was a werewolf. At least, the girls didn't. They thought he was rather cute.

            Together, Parvati and Lavender slipped into their assigned seats in front of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's seats. They were nearly at the front of the classroom, and they enjoyed the view very much. Soon, Hermione walked in to the class, Ron and Harry on either side, pleading with her.

            "Come on, Herm," whined Ron. "Show us what you slipped into your book."

            "It's none of your business, Ron," huffed Hermione. "And neither is it yours, Harry Potter. What I place in my book is my business and no one else's."

            "But – But, what if it were an important notice? Shouldn't you… open it and read it?" sputtered Ron.

            "If it was, I would've told you, wouldn't I?" she countered, sliding into her seat. She placed her books down and immediately, Harry's hand snaked towards it. As he lifted the cover, Hermione's hand appeared out of nowhere and slammed it down on his hand.

            Harry screamed out loud, attracting attention from the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor sixth years. When he pulled his hand away, no letter enclosed, it was red and puffy.

            Remus Lupin happened to have walked in at that moment, spotting Harry's hand. Concerned, he asked, "Okay there, Harry? Perhaps you'll want to go to the Infirmary to cool that swelling down."

            "Oh, it's all right," piped Hermione. "I'll do it." She pointed her wand at Harry's hand, said, "coolius", and watched as the swelling went down. Then, she whispered under her breath, "blisterious". Suddenly, Harry's hand was popping with blisters! He yelled, glaring at Hermione.

            "Harry!" said Lupin, "Go to the Infirmary right now!"

            Grumbling, Harry left the classroom. Lavender and Parvati looked at Hermione, who lifted her book cover slightly, before giving them a wink. The three smiled at each other before turning around and paying attention to the lesson. But that wink didn't go unnoticed; oh, on the contrary, Ronald Weasley saw it all, his eyes narrowing into slits.

            What's going on here? He wondered.


            During the DADA work period, Hermione got around to writing a hasty note. Ron was always asking her questions, trying to distract her from writing anything down her. Harry had returned, but grumbled every-so-often, his hands far from Hermione as possible.

            Girls –

Look out! These guys want answers – I feel bad for hurting Harry. Should I apologize? Must go, Ron's looking over my shoulder – EEK!


            Once she had scribbled the note down, she hurriedly placed it back in her book, before stuffing it in her knapsack. Ron sighed in defeat, but vowed to get the note – no matter what. He recalled when the girls' odd behavior began. It was all the way back in January. Hermione and Ginny began to sit with Parvati and Lavender, apparently growing up and away from the "male influence" they put it as.

            Of course, Harry and Ron didn't mind. They had to get away from all the "femininity" that Hermione and Ginny gave off. However, Ginny was still best friends with Colin Creevey, and Hermione was tighter than ever with Harry and Ron.

            But it was the way their hands would slap; slip into pockets, knapsacks, while they were walking the halls, or in class, or at breakfast. Everywhere Ron looked, something was disappearing from one person's hand to another's, and he didn't know what was going on… until he accidentally caught something.

            He had been playing chess with Harry, Neville, Dean and Seamus watching, when the girls came in, laughing and giggling as girls do. While they were walking, a piece of parchment fell from behind Hermione's ear (it was to look casual), and Ron picked it up to offer it to her. Except, he saw the names "Gin, Vita, Lav" written across it, and opened it up.

            He had only read the first line ("Honestly, can Draco get any cuter? I mean, for a Slytherin, of course, he is insufferable") before Hermione snatched it from his hand, screaming it was private property, and none of his business to read. Once she had disappeared, he told the others what he read, and the five promised to get to the bottom of the notes, once and for all.

            At the current moment, however, Hermione was doing her homework and nothing looked out of the ordinary. Indeed, Hermione was pouring her knowledge out of her mind and onto the paper she was furiously writing.

            Dean spotted this and leaned across the aisle, whispering, "so, what did it say?"

            Ron sighed, whispering back, "I don't know. I didn't get a chance to read it but I spotted my name and a few other words. Nothing that would make sense."

            Both teens stole a glance at their bookworm friend, who felt their eyes on her. She looked up, spotted them and nicely (rudely) raised a single finger while going back to writing. Ron's jaw dropped. Seamus whistled on Dean's other side and Dean began laughing.

            This, of course, caught Professor Lupin's attention, which frowned. "What's so funny, boys?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. This made Dean laugh harder, while Seamus had a fun time trying to keep his poker face on. Ron blushed a deep shade, his ears turning pink.

            Hermione beamed widely and winked at Lavender and Parvati. While Lupin was quizzing Ron, Seamus and Dean on what they were so amused by, Hermione slipped Parvati her book, with the note in it, and Parvati slipped Hermione a new book.

            Ron didn't notice until they were heading to potions. Ginny would be joining them, as she had been advancing through potions quickly. As Hermione walked down the hall, she glanced over at Harry. Was he okay? Was he mad for her slamming the cover down on his hand? Hermione felt herself swell a bit with anger. Well! He shouldn't have tried to read the note anyway. Then he would wonder what their GG meeting was all about tonight, might sneak in under the cloak… and everything would be ruined! Worse, what if he read the notes they passed?

Oh, my GOOOOOOOD, Hermione thought, he would know I fancy him!! OOOOH MY GOOOOD!!!

Calming her down, Hermione took deep breaths and Harry looked at her funnily. "What are you doing? Is this a new form of yoga in the hallway? What? Do we have a pop potions quiz I didn't know about?"

Hermione shook her head, her breathing regulated. "No. It was nothing."

Harry shot her a look that plainly said, "please. Don't lie to me. I know you better than that."

Hermione bit her lip and looked away. Should she lie to him some more? She and Harry seemed to be closer than she and Ron were at times, despite the fact that they were all best friends. There was just… something about Harry that they could relate to. The fact they grew up with muggles? No, not that. The fact that they were two of the top students in their grade? Nope, not that one either. It was just the way the got together, around… they were closer than brother and sister, but not too close to be dating. They were… content the way they were, and didn't have a name for their relationship.

Hermione was spared saying anything as they entered the dungeons, and immediately she found her spot beside Ginny. However, Snape didn't seem to want that.

 "Granger!" he barked. "Partner up with Zabini! Malfoy and Potter! Weasley, you, boy – and Nott are partnered. Other Weasley… Longbottom." Snape's twisted grin turned sour. "What are you waiting for? Today we're making the Judgment potion… just how to people judge you? This potion will reveal if you're popular or not." His gaze flickered over to Harry and his scar. "Well, of course, some of you seem to have a large enough ego so the judgment potion won't really have an effect, will it… hmm, Potter?"

Harry ignored Snape's taunt and set off to moving his cauldron beside Draco Malfoy's desk. He said nothing as he flipped to the appropriate page in his textbook, before writing the ingredients down.

Hermione sighed, watching the two work silently, often saying something under their breath to tick the other off.

 "Do you fancy him?" came Blaise Zabini's voice. Hermione's head twisted around to the other redhead of the school – Blaise Zabini. Notorious for her skanky dress, beautiful figure, rude attitude and basic Slytherin coldness, she was the last person Hermione would've thought that she'd speak to.

 "Which one?" she shot back, grinning, as she knew Blaise had fancied Draco for a while now. Blaise blushed, but the color disappeared as soon as it appeared. Snape shot the two of them a note, so Hermione ripped a piece of paper out of her binder and scribbled a note on it.

B – I do this with my friends a lot. It's much more private. So, do you fancy Draco? – H

Blaise watched as Hermione slipped the paper wordlessly to the Slytherin. Blaise read it over while she stirred their potion. Hermione watched for Blaise's expression. It was one of shock, but then content. She smiled, took her own quill out and scribbled something back on it, while Hermione took over the stirring and other ingredients.

H – I guess so. I think I've always fancied Draco since I can remember at least. He's really sweet when you get to know him, which is weird for a Slytherin quality, but then again, it shows that we're human too. Sometimes I just hate how we're so stereotyped, it makes me so mad! I doubt you Gryffindors don't have any problems like that. How about you? Do YOU fancy Harry? I think you'd make a good couple – but don't tell anyone I said that! I never knew that you and your friends did this. You're right – it makes everything so much more private. And you can express a lot more on paper than with words. I like this idea– It's really cor! – B

Hermione read the paper with a slow grin on her face. It seemed that Blaise had the same feelings about Draco as she did Harry. The plus was that she wasn't too bad and wasn't really like the other Slytherins were characterized as. Snape, at that moment, said that they would sit in silence for ten minutes while they let their potions shimmer, so it was time for Hermione and Blaise to exchange more notes.

B – Aww, that's sweet! I think you should totally go for Draco! Can you imagine him in leather pants??? **Swoons** Yeah, I fancy Harry – but shush! You can't tell anyone, okay? Hardly anyone knows and I wouldn't be able to take a rejection from him, you know? Like, "Aw, Hermione, you're so sweet, but… well, you're a bookworm and I'm the Boy Who Lived. Won't work out, really". I know he's not like that, but I can't help it if my mind wanders like that, lol! You think that Gryffindors don't have that stereotype??? Whoa, girl, what rock have you been under? We're supposed to be the "goody-goodies" and the "really brave ones", remember? We're not all like that. I'm not brave; all I am is a bookworm. So, I guess we're all under stereotypes, Blaise. – H

H – Maybe I will. If I do, you'll know about it a lot sooner than the school, I can tell you that!! You're really nice. I'm sorry that I always made fun of you with Pansy and the other Slytherins. They only think you're a bookworm, but you're way more than that. I wish I had gotten to know you sooner. SLAVE TO STEREOTYPES – that's us!! As for the whole Harry thing – ask him! There's no harm in that, Hermione. And if he says no, then it's his loss, right?? – B

B – Good! I'll really want to know if you and Dra-co get together. You'd make the ultimate couple.  Blaise? No apologizes needed. I understand where you're coming from and I have to say sorry for the same mistake. You're not the person you make us believe you are. HEY! Maybe… maybe Lav, Gin and Vita will allow you to join the GG's! Sure, we'd have to change the name… but… it would be great to have another member. There aren't that many Gryffindor girls, you know – H

H – GG? What does that stand for? Oh! "Gryffindor Girls". I get it. Is it like some sort of initiation? And what exactly do you girls do? – B

B – I'll have to explain later! Snape is giving me the evil eye! – H

At that moment, Snape announced, "Time's up! I will now test one of your potions, and if it works, your partner will reveal just what they think of you – judging everything about your looks, the way you act… etc."

He began walking through the silent room, finally stopping before Hermione and Blaise. "Granger and Zabini. Test your potion."

Hermione shrugged. She knew she had concocted it correctly, so it really didn't matter. Snape didn't scare her as much as he had in the past five years. She was growing up, she presumed.

Taking the ladle, she dipped it into the soft pumpkin color and sipped the sweet potion. Blaise did the same and within moments, Hermione was sizing Blaise up, without her mind's consent. "Well," she began, "I really like her fashion taste. The clashing colours are bright and vibrant, making a statement. Her hair could be toned down a bit – too poofy. Nails… nice. Personality? Someone I'd want to be friends with."

There was a collective gasp from the Gryffindor side of the room and hissing from the Slytherin. Blaise then opened her mouth and began talking about Hermione, judging her completely. "She's pretty. Her hair could use some Sleek N' Easy Spray that the salon in Hogsmeade sells, and she'd be a knockout. Clothing? Well… comfy and conservative. She's completely happy the way she looks and doesn't dress to impress. I like that, and her personality is also someone that I'd want to be friends with."

Gasps now came from the Slytherin side, and silence (a flabbergasted silence) from the Gryffindors. Seconds later, the girls' felt the potions wear off, and a bell rang, signaling the end of class. Gratefully, Hermione gathered her things up and whispered softly, "Meet me in the library after dinner. I'll explain later, and Ginny, Lavender and Parvati will finally decide if you join."

Blaise nodded, watching Hermione walk out with Ron and Harry on either side of her. Lavender and Parvati followed, but her eyes widened as Blaise saw Parvati slip a piece of folded paper in Ginny's hand.

They've been doing this for months, she realized. She would never have spotted the quick trade if Hermione had never told her about their notes. She then began walking out of the room with Pansy and Millicent. They both were talking about how unlucky Blaise was to have been paired with Hermione, and wondering how she could have said those things about a Gryffindor. With a start, Blaise realized her friends were doing what she hated most – stereotyping Hermione.

With a shudder, she blocked them out, heading upstairs to Divination. Maybe the fates can inform me if being friends with a Gryffindor is wrong… she wondered, pausing. No, scratch that. I know that answer… yes, I can… but the question is, are people ready for it?


            Ginny stifled a yawn as she sat in her sixth-year, advanced Charms class with the Hufflepuffs. She has finished her homework and Flitwick didn't feel like giving her extra credit. Instead, she opened the note that Parvati had slipped her earlier. She reread Hermione's entry about Ron trying to read over her shoulder and read Parvati's reply.

H – Really? Well smack him on his head then. Stupid git –sorry Gin, you know it's the truth – anyway, what were you saying to Blaise in potions? Anyway, Snape's giving me the "evil eye" – Gin, bring the BUTTERBEER!! – Vati

            Grinning, Ginny dipped her quill in neon pink ink that she specially used for their notes and wrote a quick reply.

            Girls – I'll bring the Butterbeer if Lavender remembers to bring the snacks from the kitchen; she forgot last weekend. I was sitting behind you, Herm – did you really pass a note to Blaise? You know that's one of our rules. Isn't it, like, article thirty-one or something in the GG? "Passing a note to another member of the same sex results into a vote in which one would be asked to join the GG or not – majority government granted". Are you considering Blaise Zabini – the girl who helped Pansy Parkinson call you a Mudblood – to join our GG group? We'd have to change the name, though, to HG or something equally as stupid. Anyway, grilled for details at dinner after class – Gin

            She folded the paper up and realized that they were nearly at the end of their parchment. Shrugging, she watched the remaining minutes of the class tick by, before she bolted from the room and dashed down the hall, heading to Lavender's next class. Lavender was next in line to receive the note, and Ginny didn't want to carry it around all day. Teachers have a knack for knowing when a note is floating around the school, and Ginny had been unlucky once to be caught with one. However, that had been at the beginning of their GG career, so they (being Hermione, Lavender, Parvati and herself) had gotten much better in concealing the notes and swamping them.

            Tapping her foot, the Transfiguration door opened, and Lavender stepped out. Ginny slid the note quickly into her robe pocket and dashed away to Care of Magical Creatures. Lavender waved and began walking up to her Charms class with the Ravenclaws.

            As Lavender, Parvati and Hermione passed a group of sixth year Ravenclaws also heading to their Charms class, the loud and obnoxious voice belonging to Cho Chang reached their ears.

            "Pity Dumbledore held her back a year for failing all her exams," sighed Parvati.

            "More like pity for Hermione. We all know that Cho is after Harry," counted Lavender. Hermione shrugged.

            "No big deal," she said, her voice soft.

Lavender turned her friend around to face her and Parvati, stopping Hermione from walking. With hands on the girl's shoulders, Lavender said, "Hermione, it is a big deal if you fancy Harry so. Now, look at her." Lavender, Parvati and Hermione turned, all three of them looking over the other schoolmate's shoulders to find Cho. She and her entourage had surrounded Harry, Ron, Dean, Neville and Seamus, and she was saying something to Harry.

"Bugger," muttered Parvati, "What the bloody hell does she think she's doing?"

With that said, the three girls charged down the hall, backtracking their steps, and sidled up beside some of the boys, trying to stop Cho from holding conversation with Harry.

"Hey," smiled Lavender, leaning against Ron, placing an elbow on his shoulder. Even with her heels hidden beneath her robes, Lavender was a good foot shorter than he was.

"Hey yourself," smiled Ron, his ears turning a bit red. Hermione noticed and chuckled. She turned, and linked arms with Harry and Seamus.

"Well, lovely to see you again, Cho, but these boys have a date with me and the other Gryffindors to get to our Charms class before Flitwick takes, like… twenty points from Gryff – ta!"

Seamus laughed aloud, gaily walking with Hermione who was practically skipping away from Cho. Harry whispered in her ear, "Thanks. You saved me."

Hermione grinned but said nothing. She just walked into the Charms room, wondering just what Ginny had written.


            Lavender groaned. She had totally forgot about their girls' night tonight. And if they voted Blaise in, how would they all get together? She bit her lower lip in thought, ignoring Flitwick's hand structure lecture and bounced her leg. She took a quill from her pencil case and dipped it in the ink, scribbling a note down.

            Girls – What are we going to do about Blaise Zabini, hmmm? Is she going to become one of us?? I honestly wouldn't mind, but since dinner is next, we should vote. Anyway: next topic. It's not MY fault I keep forgetting the Butterbeer… I just had a very… special night. Mio, btw, can you mooch the Marauder's Map off Emerald-Eyes? We can maybe find this amazing vacant room for our meetings. You know enough charms to make it not appear on the Map or have a password to open the door to! LAHAK, Lav

            Folding it with satisfaction, Lavender looked around the room. Ron's eyes were on her, watching her every move. Flitwick was content with reading an enormous book that hid his face from the class.

            "What?" mouthed Lavender, glaring at Ron. He looked startled, but shrugged, pointing at her note.

            "What did you write?" he mouthed back.

            "None of your business!"

            Lavender then turned, her nose up and tapped Hermione on the shoulder. Hermione, who sat in front of her and Parvati lifted a hand and the note was pressed in it, while Lavender received a page full of charms notes.

            Ron gaped.

            Hermione unfolded it and read the content, and nodded at Lavender. The rest of the class went by in a blur.


            The Great Hall was loud, crowded and bubbly. That was the only way to describe it. Hermione sat with Ginny, Lavender and Parvati at the very end of the Gryffindor table, all the way by the wall. They didn't want anyone eavesdropping on them.

            "So." Hermione rapped her goblet twice on the table. No one but the three girls looked at her. "I call this semi-GG meeting to order. We are considering the admission of another member, named Blaise Zabini. All in favor for the addition say 'aye' now."

            "Aye," the three girls chorused. Hermione nodded at each member.

            "Very well. Tonight, I am to meet with Blaise Zabini as the leader of the GG's. We will then think of a new name, and I will see if I can get Emerald-Eyes' map. Semi-meeting adjourned."

            After that, the girls went down to their usual selves, talking and giggling.

            Ron watched for afar, his mind whirring at one million miles per hour. "I just don't get it. I just really don't get it." He said.

            "Get what?" mumbled Colin Creevey through his turkey sandwich. Ron turned to face Colin, disbelief written all over his freckled face.

            "You mean to tell me that you haven't seen what has been going for the past couple of months?" whispered Ron. This caught Dean, Seamus and Harry's attention. Neville had already been paying attention since the beginning of what Ron said.

            "Seen what?" replied Colin.

            "The notes!" he hissed, his red face coming closer over the table. The other boys leaned in too. They all looked at each other clandestinely, before Ron continued. "You see, the girls are up to something. I know they are, because they kept giggling and passing each other notes."

            "So?" mumbled Neville. "Girls always pass each other notes."

            "For months at a time, one note per class? What is some important that Parvati has to write something to Ginny, who in turn gives it to Lavender and then Hermione all within two periods?"

            No one answered. Ron leaned in farther, with the boys so their heads nearly touched.

            "I think they're hiding something, and I plan to find out what it is," he answered. "I want to know who they're talking about, what they're talking about and more. Anyone with me?"

            Dean, Seamus and Colin nodded, enthusiastically, while Harry looked doubtful. "You know, I don't want Hermione made at me. You saw her after she slapped Malfoy… his cheek was red for days!"

            "They won't find out," said Ron smoothly. Harry still looked doubtful, but when Neville agreed to snoop for them, he sighed.

            "You know what, I won't be involved in this, but I'll help in any way I can, okay? I'll get you items you might need or cover for you, but I won't do the actual snooping," he finally said. Ron clapped him on the back.

            "Knew you'd do it, mate," he laughed. With that said, he glanced over at where the girls were, a dangerous glint in his eyes. "It's time to spy!"


            Blaise sat in the uncomfortable library chairs. She was twiddling her thumbs, trying to pass the time until Hermione appeared. Or was she already here? Blaise once heard some odd rumor that Hermione never left the library…

            No, there she was, stepping through the doors, with her reading glasses sitting on the end of her nose as she was trailing her finger across something written in a book. Blaise resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Of course, in a library with Hermione Granger, and with Granger reading a book. What more could happen?

            "Blaise," a voice said. Blaise took her blue eyes off where Hermione last was (Where did she go?) to see a note sitting squarely on the table before her. Narrowing her eyes, she looked around the library but didn't see anyone.

            Opening it up, she saw Hermione's now familiar handwriting go:

Votes are cast, ballots are in – Blaise Zabini, (this poem is actually really shitty)… but! Will you join us? Go you must – You will find the GG, hiding behind the Statue of Kenarily. Password is "Maghalena".

            Her eyes wide in surprise, Blaise racked her brain for where the Statue of Kenarily was. She knew Kenarily, Misty that was, was an important witch (a feminist!) back in the dark days of the 1300s. She was located somewhere in the East wing, and now it was up to Blaise to find her.

            She jumped out of her seat in the library, before casually walking away. She stopped just outside the door and sighed. This was exactly like a Muggle Treasure Hunt… Blaise had always hated those things. But for some reason, her nerves ran wild and she was tingling from head to toe. It was like…

            No way.

            She wanted the Gryffindor girls to LIKE her. She wanted to be a GG.

            Oh God. She sounded so…


Laughing to herself, Blaise snickered as she began to systematically go from the seventh floor down, finally finding the statue an hour later on the fourth floor, right by the prefect's bathroom.

            The statue was pretty cor; Kenarily was beautiful, wearing a long, WIDE, mediaeval gown. Blaise pulled her wand out, placed the tip against a small pearl that was lining her dress.

            "Maghalena," said Blaise, confused at the title. The gown parted, and Blaise stooped to get through the small opening.

            Within seconds, she was in awe.

            Hermione seemed to have charmed the room's ceiling to sparkle with the stars permanently. Though the walls were an awful off-white, in the middle of the room sat Ginny, Hermione, Lavender and Parvati poring over come catalogue.

            "Hi," said Blaise, unsure of how awkward she sounded.

            The four girls looked up, smiles breaking across their faces. "Come, come, sit!" they ushered, waving her in to their group. Blaise did, and sat Indian-style.

            "What are we looking at?" she asked.

            "Color catalogues. We're thinking of 'painting' the room, but we don't know what color," replied Hermione. "What do you think?"

            "Something that goes well with the feel of the room," she sighed. "The ceiling is wonderful."

            "Thank Hermione and Lavender for that one. They were the only ones who could find the charm to do that, and Ginny was the only one who could figure out how to make the Marauder's Map think you turned away from here… simple repealing charm placed on the room and all those who enter," winked Parvati, laughing.

            "Wow!" laughed Blaise, feeling at ease. "Is this whole room spelled?"

            "Pretty much. But we've also spelled some of our Muggle items to bring in here. Our dorm is far too cluttered anyway," shrugged Ginny.

            "But… you're a year…" Blaise trailed off.

            "Ginny's the only fifth year student," explained Lavender, "At the beginning of the year, Dumbledore allowed her to bunk with us, and she is taking mostly advanced classes to graduate with us too."

            "You must be a genius," praised Blaise.

            "Hardly," giggled Ginny, "I'm only good in Potions, Charms and Arithmacy."

            Before long, the girls had chosen to do the walls black-purple (with glow paint splattered on), and had begun to place lights up around the room when Hermione yawned.

            "Well, its getting late girls; ten. If we don't leave now, we'll be caught outta our Houserooms and given detention," she predicted, brushing the sweat brown hair off her shoulder.

            "Right. We should all get going back," agreed Blaise. Self-consciously, she lowered her eyes and asked shyly, "So I'm part of the GG?"

            "No," shook Lavender. Blaise's expression fell. "You're part of the Brit Witches… Blaise Zabini."

            Blaise looked up, shocked. They had changed the name just for her? She felt so… she couldn't put it into words, but it was like her veins were bursting with inner light at the mere thought. Smiling, she beamed, "Thanks… you guys… are pretty cool."

            The girls laughed. "Well," said Parvati, "Our next meeting is tomorrow night, here – say… right after dinner? We'll work on this place some more!"

            With that, they all took off to their respected Houses, some happier than others, for – for Blaise, it was the first time she was with friends who really cared.