Title: Uprising 1/8
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Pairing: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles
Spoilers: No...not really
Rating: R to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I'm just playing around with them for a while.
Summary: Jane and Maura have come to a crossroads concerning their relationship. Maura decides to push things along her own way.

First, let me say I am not ashamed of the smut. I love reading smut and I love writing it dammit! This story is a bit different from my first but hang with me I think it will deliver. As always if you are interested in reading my published work check out Forever Mine at L-Book ePublisher at . Show me some love and always leave feedback.

"So…what do you think killed him?" Jane asked. Even though it was phrased in the form of a question, sarcasm bound it tightly.

Standing side by side, both Maura and Jane peered down at what remained of the young man's torso. Maura basked in the heat and the smell of sandalwood that seemed to radiate from Jane. Maura's thoughts scattered as she wondered if every patch of skin held that particular scent. Her stomach knotted, utterly distracting her from the cold sterility of the morgue and making her hyper aware of the need she had for the woman next to her. Shaken, Maura stepped away slightly and took a deep breath through her nose, filling her senses with the smell of death and alcohol. Breathe Maura.

Though her senses reeled whenever Jane was in proximity, they had long ago become used to the bombardment and settled quickly. On the outside, Maura appeared as unflappable as ever, but internally, she quivered as her heart returned to normal sinus rhythm. Intent on hiding her momentary stumble, Maura grabbed several instruments and pretended to study the wound intently.

Fully recovered, Maura deadpanned. "Gun shot wound to the chest."

"Hmm, you don't say." Jane poked at the entry wound with gloved fingers. "What evidence do you have of this?" The brunette's tone was teasing.

Maura could not help the smirk that gleamed through and the shiver that snaked its way down her spine. She loved the banter between them. It served to titillate and this moment was no different. Maura raised a brow at her friend as she turned the body to the side. The exit wound was the size of a softball. "I'd say that was pretty telling."

Jane whistled. "Looks like something from a bad action flick. That's a big fucking hole."

Maura sighed, "Do you have to sound like you're in an action flick?"

Jane's forehead scrunched. "Huh?" Then realization dawned. "Ohh, sorry Doc." Jane cleared her throat. "Big freakin' hole." She proceeded to poke at said hole.

"Sawed off shotgun. At relatively close range," Maura added.

"I wonder if I could fit my fist in here." Jane paused and glanced up at Maura. "Or did you try it already?" Her eyes twinkled with merriment.

"No, no I saved you the pleasure. Consider it my good deed for the day."

"For me, M? I didn't get a chance to get you anything." Jane's twinkle turned into a full blown smile.

Maura's heartbeat roared in her ears just as it always did when that smile was directed her way. "Think nothing of it. Glad I could be of service."

"I see…you really know how to woo a girl."

Silence permeated the room.

The air was suddenly heavy with tension and regret.

The smile fell from Jane's face and her head lowered. "Maura, I'm –"

"I could show you if you let me," Maura's tone was soft, inviting. She moved closer when dark eyes refused to meet her. Latex gloves were removed quickly. Maura ignored the fine tremor in her hands and reached out, pushing thick curly strands from Jane's face before lifting her chin.

Jane still refused to meet her gaze.

"Please, Jane. Look at me." Maura's fingertips traveled to the brunette's cheek.

Eyes still closed, Jane leaned into the touch.

"Please." Maura's voice was husky with need.

Jane's eyes opened slowly.

Maura released a tremulous breath. "You can't run from me…from this forever."

Jane's gaze held acknowledgment, hesitancy and fear.

Brushing her thumb over full lips, Maura whimpered as Jane's tongue swiped her fingertip.

"We could be so good together," Maura murmured as she closed the distance between them.

As their lips drew closer, breathing became ragged.

"So good."

Their lips brushed.

The moment was electric.

Maura leaned in for more. Her tongue flicked out, seeking entrance.

Giving in, Jane groaned.

Thrusting deep, Maura quivered at the tastes and textures surrounding her. Jane's arms wrapped around her waist. Hands dug into her back.

It was only natural for her own appendages to find purchase in thick, luscious dark locks.

Maura moaned as arousal curled in her belly and fanned out setting every nerve ending on fire.

Jane pulled away at the sound of a door slamming and laughter in the distance. Her chest heaved as if she had run a marathon.

Confused, Maura teetered forward, reaching out intent on rekindling the embrace.

Jane stepped away.

It was enough to sober her. "Jane?"

Jane glanced away then back again.

Bile burned Maura's throat as she read the guilt in Jane's eyes.

"I have a date."

The words were said so softly. Maura was not sure if she heard correctly. The flash of pain in the middle of her chest told her otherwise. "What? Why?"

Jane's expression became incredulous. "Why?" Jane paused. "I need a life. I can't be what you want. It doesn't matter what I feel. The few times we've kissed I—" She shook her head. "What about my career?"

Maura felt heat suffuse her face. "There's a high probability that no one would care."

"I'm not ready to take that chance."

Anger quick and red rolled through her. "So my pain is inconsequential?"

Jane threw her hands up in the air. "No! That's not what I'm saying at all." Brown eyes closed as Jane's body sagged. "I have to go." Then her gaze went everywhere except where it was needed most.

Maura watched the war of emotions. She was on the losing side. "I'll have a preliminary report on your desk in the morning." Maura turned away and covered the mottled body before her with a crisp white sheet.

Silence greeted her.

Maura was alone again.

The sound of her heels against the floor was cacophonous. Maura tore the lab coat from her body and walked briskly toward her office. She threw herself into the plush leather wing-back chair. Leaning back, she stared up at the popcorn ceiling. At the moment, she felt like a complete and utter failure. The past few months had been an exercise of incredible restraint and a few words had shattered it.

Maura put forth considerable effort the past months to bring their friendship back to some semblance of normalcy. Jane had been herself again. "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." She buried her face in her hands.

The stillness around her was deafening.

At home, Maura knew it would be more so. She wanted to put it off as long as possible. Without another thought, Maura reached for her cell phone.

"Peter? It's Maura. I know it's last minute but how does dinner sound?"

"I didn't expect to hear from you, but I'm not knocking it. Name the time and place."

Maura glanced at the gold Movado on her wrist. "Le Moulin at 7:30."

She threw the phone on her desk and looked deep within for the cast iron control she had lost what seemed an eon ago.