This is a gift for all the readers I left hanging when I stopped posting a year ago. It's something a little bit different and a little bit spicy, but I think you'll enjoy it.

I'm sorry I never got to finishing Stop and Stare. My current predicament renders me almost no time alone. I'll get around to finishing it (I know how disappointed many of you were), but in the meantime I had an idea that I thought would be fun to cook up quickly. . . yeah it wasn't so quick. But never the less, here it is!

The intention is to keep it PG . . . But then again, I write whatever I feel like writing, haha.

If this story is half as popular as Stop and Stare or Hot and Cold, I'll make the effort to develop it!

"If you think she's annoying, why do you continue to date her?" Edward asked, tossing me a muffin.

I snatched it out of the air and slid a banana across the counter in return. "You think Jasper's annoying, why do you date him?" I countered back.

My brother and I lived in in Toronto together. Stereotypically, he was a struggling artist and I was saving money for law school. Our current occupations? - Taking over the family business of Cullens' Duct and Drainage Cleaning. I also waited tables at a hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant called Olive This Food, which, in essence, was a bad spin off of 'all of this food'. The service was mediocre, the pasta was bad, but the garlic bread was absolutely to die for. Clearly, Edward and I were living the dream. Livin' the dream.

"I said he annoys me; not that he's annoying." Edward said. Then he batted his eyelashes at me dramatically. "And he only does it because he thinks I'm cute when I get angry."

I rolled my eyes at my brother's gay relationship. As cute as a slug, I thought to myself.

Edward had met Jasper two years ago at some art convention; needless to say, they'd been very friendly ever since. By friendly, I mean downright obsessed with each other - one night apart and it was like the apocalypse for Edward. A very noisy, needy, extra-gay Edward. I would never understand their relationship; I mean, does that kind of love even exist anymore? I couldn't see my girlfriend more than two nights in a row before wanting to pull my hair out.

The only thing they hadn't done yet was move in with each other - this was due to 'bad timing'. Whatever that meant. Though it was comforting knowing that my brother wouldn't be leaving me anytime soon - an apartment of gay siblings was remarkably in sync and had a comforting ambiance to it. Neither him nor I would admit it, but we enjoyed each other's company far too much to consider moving out - anyone else would have to move in.

Edward handed me my Duct and Drainage hat, which I put on with a sigh. The routine was simple and it never varied. As all mornings went, Edward and I would wake up as late as possible, brush our teeth, eat breakfast on the go, throw on our uniforms, and then be in the company truck exactly 7 minutes after waking. Three years of being in the business made us very punctual - if only to maximize our sleep in the morning.

I threw Edward's company jacket at him. "Tanya's alright, Ed. Lay off her."

Tanya . . . How do I begin to explain Tanya? Well, Edward once described her as a 'crazy-needy bitch' with 'stink-eye syndrome' and 'chains for whomever she can shackle'. His words, not mine. In Tanya's defense Edward had never been a fan of her since day one, where she'd insulted his fashion sense. Half a year later and Edward is still an iceberg around her. She's too 'demanding' and 'possessive', as he'd say. Well . . . Sure, Tanya could be those things sometimes - but she was nice a lot of times, too. She'd been there with me through some of my hardest times - those times where I'd felt most alone and inadequate; she was there to talk to and confide in. She was constantly trying to better me, but that's just because she cares - right? On the plus side, she was very good looking.

A 'pffft' escaped Edward's lips. "She's the devil."

I smacked him in the back of the head before pushing him out the door. As usual, we got into our truck at 7:58am; we were perfectly on time for our rounds.

Edward put the truck in reverse and looked at me. "Ready Al?"

I put on a faux hyped voice. "You betcha, partner!"

In the business of duct cleaning, every day was a long day. I was infinitely grateful that I didn't have a shift at Olive's today - allowing me to be unproductive and lazy to my heart's desire. Edward had popped a few beers and we were downing them slowly as we watched the basketball game. It didn't matter who they were playing - the Toronto Raptors always lost. I looked at my phone, reluctant to answer my texts.

7:48pm - Tanya Denali

Alice, call me I haven't talked to you since yesterday. Are you avoiding me?

7:53pm - Tanya Denali

Babe what's up with you, you haven't answered my texts and I know you were off work two hours ago. You didn't even text me on your breaks!

7:56pm - Tanya Denali

Call me Alice, I think we should do some processing. Maybe we can chart out our relationship tonight.

7:58pm - Tanya Denali

Hello? What are you with someone else or something? Answer me NOW.

My phone had died at work today because I had accidentally left Angry Birds running throughout our shift. Thus Tanya was freaking out. I was in no mood to deal with her today - I mean, for Christ's sake, I hung out with her last night!

Edward saw the texts, laughed, and mouthed the word 'crazy' in a long, exaggerated manner to me.

Shrugging him off, I eyed the texts and wondered how much longer I could continue to ignore her before she would completely flip her shit. I'll call her after the game. I decided.

The familiar sound of Phantom Planet's 'California' started playing and Edward flipped his phone open. "At your service." He said in a suave tone.

It was Jasper calling. How did I know? Edward's eyes lit up like fireworks every time he talked to Jasper. Every. Single. Time. Edward said he didn't notice; Jasper said it was part of being in love, and I just called them gay.

He chatted a bit, nodded, said some "mmhmm"s, and then flipped his phone shut.

"Okay, put some plaid on or something. We're going out to the bars tonight." He said, flicking off the TV.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "I was watching that."

Edward shrugged. "Raptors will lose anyways." I crossed my arms in defiance, pouting - though I couldn't disagree with him on that one.

"I'm not going to the bars." I said to him, pointedly turning the TV back on. "I've been inside a dozen chimneys today, I haven't showered, my legs are hairy, and I'm bloated from the Mr. Noodles. I'm a troll."

Edward bent down to look me square in the eyes. "So what's the difference between today and every other day?" He asked, ducking just in time to avoid my swipe. He laughed heartily to himself. "We're leaving in half an hour."

I rolled my eyes. "You go; I probably have to call Tanya or something."

Edward disappeared into his room. "Bring her, then!" He called out.

I could have laughed. Surely my bronze-haired, fine-jawed, caterpillar-eyebrowed brother knew better than that. Bringing Tanya to a bar scene was the last thing I wanted to do - one of those things you could call a 'shit idea'. Tanya's possessiveness tripled at any public social; I could hardly move a step in either direction without her barking at me. It was a disaster being anywhere with her!

"I'm sure she just wants to hang out in a quiet house tonight." I said to Edward, shaking my head. I watched the screen as the New Jersey Nets scored a 3-pointer against the Raptors. "Sheesh."

"Eeee!" Tanya squealed excitedly. I helped her out of the cab reluctantly and walked her arm-in-arm to the door. "I'm so glad you're taking me out tonight, we haven't done anything exciting in a while!" She said.

I stretched my lips into the best, toothless smile I could manage. I had called Tanya after the game and explained that my phone had died during the day - receiving a lecture about being organized and prepared - and mentioned that Edward wanted me to go out tonight. Before I could express my disinterest, Tanya had exploded with excitement, thinking it was a great idea and that she couldn't wait for me to buy her drinks at the bar. I had no choice in the matter.

Edward and Jasper followed us out of the cab, coming up behind us. Edward ruffled the back of my short-cropped hair. "Try radiating happiness, Alice - not constipation." He said, indicating the scowl on my face.

"Whatever. You're buying the beer tonight." I said, turning to Tanya who was trying to fix my mess of hair to her liking.

We were at Crews and Tangos; a popular gay bar in Toronto and one of our regulars. We went to our usual corner of couches and tables where there was already a large, burly man and a small, pretty blonde. As we sat down, Jasper and Edward exchanged warm greetings with them.

Jasper turned to introduce us. "Alice, Tanya - this is Emmett and Rosalie; the best-dressed siblings in gay town." I didn't doubt Jasper - anybody could spot this couple from a mile away. Emmett was head to toe in Armani and Prada; Rosalie was just as classy and looked just as sassy. They were like walking, breathing mannequins from an elite class department store.

Emmett gave the classic head nod and Rosalie shook our hands with a light smile. "Emmett, Rosalie - this is my hot boyfriend's hot sister, Alice and her girlfriend."He continued. I'd never been good at introductions, so I waved awkwardly.

After the brief introductions and some small chat, Emmett scooched up in his seat, leaning into the table and clasping his giant hands together. "So why are we here, Jasper?" He asked.

Edward and Jasper looked at each other and shifted excitedly. "Before any announcements are made, we need a pitcher of beer." Edward said. He handed me two twenties. "Do you mind, Al?"

I was the go-getter as a kid, and I was the go-getter now. "Not at all." I breathed, taking his money and making a note to keep the change.

After pushing past various drunk people, I finally reached the bar. I had to claw my way through the crowd of sweaty people watching the football game, and then wait an extra 10 minutes before getting noticed by the bartender. Literally crouched under the arm of a random man, I ordered a pitcher of Corona and quickly removed myself to find a place to wait. Oh comfortable wall, how I lean on you.

I let my gaze wander around the bar, taking in the sight of all the people out tonight. The thing about gay bars is that there was always diversity within its customers; spotting people such as the man with sequin pants, or the girl that used a bandana as a shirt was not unusual. I tapped my leg to the beat of Katy Perry's 'The One that Got Away', finding myself thinking about mundane things such as tax returns and motel curtains. I wondered if my insurance would reimburse me for last month's laundry machine misha-

A quarter! Instantaneously, I bent over to pick it up.

"Ouuf!" I heard, as someone's foot got stuck on my shoulder. I straightened, looking to see who I had tripped with an apology already forming in my mouth.

Completely unprepared, I took one look at this girl and I swear my senses exploded.

I had tripped a stone. cold. fox.

My body turned to cement, rooting me to the spot. I took her in.

A cute, but hard-looking face stared back at me from behind wavy brown locks; a face that emanated confidence and boasted fine features of natural beauty. Her lips gentle, her forehead worn, her figure slender and her gaze intimidating. She was a modern day Aphrodite and I unabashedly defined the term 'ogle'. I let out an audible "Wow." as I sized up the brunette before me; her eyebrows pulled together as she shot me a look. "Watch where you're going." She said, turning to leave.

Instinctively, I reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her closer. In one swift motion, her face was half a foot away from mine - and up close, she did not disappoint. Her skin looked soft and flawless, her cheek bones high and her eyes like a warm ember. The slight warmth from her skin to mine shot through me like electricity. I smiled sheepishly. "Sorry." I said, for lack of anything else to say - my vocabulary was pretty much shot at the moment. I loosened my grip, letting my fingers graze and hover over her wrist.

Initially, the girl's face was angry - a reasonable reaction to being grabbed and jerked backwards; but after a once-over, her expression faded into an amused smirk. Agonizingly slow, the girl sized me up as I did her moments before and her smirk deepened with approval. She peeled my fingers away one-by-one, maintaining an eye-contact that made me burn with anticipation.

"You're cute." She said, her voice low and casual. And as if that settled the ordeal, she broke away from our little exchange.

Over the loud music pulsing through the room, and the noisy chatter from tipsy people mingling, the loudest thing in my ears was my racing heartbeat. I watched as the girl gave me a parting glance, and then disappeared into the crowd. Finally, I let the air out of my lungs that I was not aware I was holding.

Damn. That girl was sexy. I thought to myself. Beyond sexy. And she thinks I'm cute! Me, cute? I ran a hand through my choppy hair; smiling stupidly unbeknownst to myself. My pocket vibrated.

A text from Tanya snapped me out my stupor.

9:37pm - Tanya Denali

Alice where are you? get back now

I sighed. Hot girl would have to wait for another life. When did things ever go my way anyhow? - Psshh, never.

My phone vibrated again; I didn't have to check it to know who it was from. I turned back to the counter to check on my order. Five minutes later - because the bartender forgot about me - I was on my way back to the table with the pitcher.

With half my mind on the mysterious brunette, and half my mind concentrating on not tripping; I reached the table and placed the pitcher in front of Edward.

"Tadaa." I said.

The table erupted at the presence of beer. "There you are, Al!" Edward said, gesturing me to hurry sitting down. Tanya pulled me in next to her, giving me a look that said I should've been there 10 minutes ago.

Jasper put a hand on my shoulder. "Alice, I don't think you've met Bella before, have you?"

"Nope." I said, sweeping my eyes around the table. And then I froze.

Sitting between Emmett and Rosalie was the brunette from earlier. She sat there, looking just as surprised as I was - but definitely keep her cool better.

No way!

"Well then, Alice this is Bella; she came in a few minutes before you reappeared." Jasper said, introducing us. Bella gave me a pleasantly surprised smile, and I did my usual awkward hand-wave thing. Before I could say anything else, Tanya immediately planted a big kiss on my lips and started fixing my collar, talking about how I shouldn't wear so much plaid; I shot a nervous glance over at Bella who just laughed silently at me. She looked so fucking smug.

Edward stood up, fanning his hands to get us all to quiet down. "Alright guys, before we get all riled up; Jasper and I would like to make our announcement now."

Jasper stood up beside Edward. "We have come together today, friends," He began, holding his cup and gesturing to us all. "Not only because it is Edward and I's two years coming up, but also to get shitfaced in the name of music." Edward and him made eye contact and they gave each other a quick peck. "Let us all get royally drunk and love each other, because I have been signed. Signed by Warner label records for not one... but two albums." He ended his short speech with a happy bow.

On cue, the table's reaction was explosive. This was really big.

Jasper had been trying to get signed for years. He played acoustic shows around Toronto, little gigs to get himself out there. When him and Edward became serious about each other, Edward asked Carlisle to help them network and put Jasper on the radar. A few offers came here and there, but Jasper always turned them down, wanting a bigger, more established record label to sign him. Looks like the cowboy finally got what he wanted.

Emmett hooted, got up from his chair and pulled Edward and Jasper into a big hug. The table cheered and congratulations was sent around. When it was my turn, I narrowed my eyes accusingly. "So that's why you two dorks have been so happy lately." I said.

Edward gave me a toothy grin. "We're always happy and perfect. Get with it."

"Yeah, it's freakish." I said, hugging the two.

"You're jealous."

I rolled my eyes, stepping between my brother his boyfriend. Jasper smiled down at me. "I'm really proud of you, Jazz. Congratulations."

"Thanks Al; I couldn't have gotten signed without your family's help."

I looked at him sternly. "Which is why you have to promise to get famous and buy everything for me." I demanded.

"I'll work on it." He said with a crooked grin.

The rest of the night from thereon was pretty fun. By pretty fun, I mean that everyone drank enough alcohol to entitle them to a killer hangover in the morning. Emmett proved to be quite the joker, Rosalie loosened up with a few drinks, Tanya was less of a needy bitch, Jasper did shots off of Edward's stomach and I could've sworn Bella was flirting with me on occasion. But that might just be my mind playing tricks on me. I could hardly talk to her without feeling like I was blubbering on about some awkward nothingness, much less meet her gaze. She was way out of my league, there was no way I could get or even go for a chick like her! Plus, it wasn't like I could go for her - Tanya was right there with me, arm in arm.

I really needed to stop with these infatuated thoughts.

A few pitchers later and much excited talk, the night had slowed down to a contented buzz.

Jasper downed another beer and put the empty glass on the table. "Music appreciates this." He murmured happily.

Edward laughed, swinging his arm around his lover. "Alright sweetie, you should slow down - you don't want to crash while you're still at the bar. Why don't we go back to ours soon?"

Jasper opened his dopey eyes a bit wider. "Good idea, babe." He said, putting a finger on his chest. "I'm not done with you just yet." He said suggestively.

I almost gagged at the innuendo. Edward had been sexually active since forever, but I still wanted to see nothing and hear nothing about my brother and his intimacies. It's true when they say ignorance is bliss.

I was surprised to hear Tanya beside me, who actually did gag. I turned to her. "Are you alright, babe?"

She nodded, facing downwards. "Yeah, just feeling a bit sick." She replied.

"Drank too much?" I asked putting a hand on her back just as she bent over and puked all over the floor.

The table erupted as everyone jumped back to avoid their shoes from getting splashed. I internally groaned.

"Eww!" Cried Rosalie, who had literally climbed on top of Emmett.

Emmett back his head away. "Oh gross, I can see what she had for dinner."

"Not everyone can keep down their gin." Laughed Edward, with a sleepy-looking Jasper in his arms.

My cheeks flushed red as I scooped up my sick girlfriend and propped her to her feet. "Come on babe, let's get you home." I said, embarrassed.

"Okay." Tanya mumbled, wiping her mouth. She was dead weight to me and I struggled to keep her up, leaning her up against the wall so I could readjust my grip.

I felt an arm come in between Tanya and I, and I looked over, suprised to see Bella supporting her from the other side. She gave me a look and nodded to Tanya. "Let's get a taxi quick. She's definitely gonna yak again."

I agreed with her and proceeded to say bye to my brother and his friends. We hauled Tanya outside - Bella taking most of the weight. I admired the brunette with several side glances, enjoying the way her muscles flexed under my girlfriend.

As soon as we got outside, Tanya threw up beside the exit. Bella's face tightened. "Yeah, she definitely needs to go home. Do you guys live together?"

"No," I said abruptly, letting out a taut laugh. The idea of me living with Tanya seemed ridiculous - I would never want that! Bella seemed surprised by my obvious distain to the suggestion, I realized that I sounded harsh. "I mean, we don't. Not yet. She lives in a complex not too far from here. . . Though her flat is up two flights of stairs and there's no elevator. I don't know how I'm gonna drag her to her door."

Bella raised an eyebrow. "So you're saying you need my help?"

My mouth opened a bit; I didn't mean for it to sound like I was asking her to accompany us. "No, not at all! I mean, it would be nice, but I wasn't asking for it. Like, I couldn't ask for it. That's a lot to ask, and it's also really awkward.. I was just stating that it would be hard to get her up the steps. I have noodle arms you know.." I rambled, nervously.

The brunette smirked, and waved down a cab. "Looks like we're all headed to the same place then."


Thank goodness Bella sat in the front passenger seat. Tanya lay on my lap, seeming to be done with puking for the time being, and allowed herself to be lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the car. Bella looked out the window and occasionally her phone which lit up now and then. I took this opportunity to stare at her and mentally note all the places I'd like to touch and kiss- wait.

That's the alcohol talking, I have a girlfriend.

Well, I would at least allow myself to go as far as admire her face. The streetlights casted a yellow glow to her skin, shadowing it nicely. I could only imagine what was going through her head; why had she helped me and my embarrassing girlfriend? Why did she go as far as take a cab back with us - two girls she only met tonight?

Whatever. The alcohol was making my head warm and I found it nice to just let things be what they were, instead of over-analyzing it. I sighed. I'm going to be in a bed soon. I thought, basking in the gentle fuzz of being drunk.


Bella literally slung Tanya over her shoulder and started carrying her up the steps.

"Show off." I said, following behind them and watching Bella do all the work.

The brunette laughed, glancing over her shoulder. "I have to be fit. I'm a cop."

"Cop?" I said, resisting a snort. "Are you shitting me?"

How much more attractive can this girl get? I didn't know whether to feel good that this girl was down right the sexiest girl I've ever met, or bad that she was so ridiculously out of my league. I'd love to see this girl in uniform.

"What is that supposed to mean?" She asked.

"Nothing; I mean, it's really badass."

"So then..?" She prompted, not seeing the point.

It triples your hotness. "Nothing." I repeated, laughing it off.

I was thankful that she didn't ask about my job; I'd be reluctant to tell her that I've been in more chimneys than Santa Clause - though she probably already knew, being friends with Edward and all.

I directed Bella to Tanya's door, where she put Tanya back on her feet as I turned the lock. Tanya groaned groggily, mumbling and headed straight to her bed, leaving Bella and I standing outside her house.

Bella leaned against the doorframe, looking at me expectantly. I was awkward in these situations. "Thanks," I said, scratching the back of my neck. "For helping me. She can be a handful sometimes."

Bella chuckled. "Looks like it."

"You have one?" I said, getting the question out there because I'd been wondering it all night.

"One what?" She asked.

I cleared my throat, knowing I worded that horribly. "A girlfriend, I mean. Do you have a girlfriend?"

I wanted to look away, feeling my checks getting flushed again, but Bella seemed intent on keeping eye contact. She shook her head slowly.


I think.

I didn't really know what to make of it; I couldn't understand why I was thinking these things or acting the way I was. I was nervous. Very nervous. Someone could punch me in the gut and I still wouldn't feel as stomach-less as I did now. I wanted Bella and I didn't even know her. I was crossing every single line I ever set for myself by liking this girl, and I didn't even care.

My life is too boring to handle this shit.

Her voice tore me from my thoughts. "Are you gonna be okay tonight?" She asked, gesturing towards the door. "With your friend and all."

"Girlfriend," I said, either correcting her or reassuring myself. "I think so."

Bella chuckled. She took out her phone and checked the time. "I guess that means a job well done, eh?" She asked.

I immediately recognized that we were nearing the part of her leaving, causing my stomach to twist sickly. What is wrong with me?

"I'll call a cab." She said, starting to open the contacts in her phone.

"Wait," I said, almost instantaneously. I didn't want her to call a cab; I didn't want her to leave. "Maybe..."

Fuck. I wasn't sure where I was going with this, but it was too late to stop. "It's pretty late, so maybe you don't have to go. Just yet." Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. "There's tea inside. . . It's warm. I could make us some if you're into drinking it."

Geez. I needed an award for the worst sounding sentences tonight. I sounded so stupid.

Bella smirked, raising an eyebrow. "Are you asking me to stay?"

I felt my cheeks flush again, and if it weren't for that incredible face she was making, I would have denied it. "Well. . . I was just saying-"

Bella shook her head, and took a step closer to me. I could have kissed her right there if I wanted to - she was that close. "Let me rephrase that," She said, her voice low and sexy as ever. "Ask me to stay."

Her eyes burned into mine and the intensity froze me solid. She had the look of a girl who got what she wanted, and tonight was no exception. Anyone would melt under that type of gaze.

With a quiet, shaky voice, I had no problem submitting to her request.

"Stay with me tonight. Please."


I hadn't taken two steps into the house before Bella spun me around to kiss. Our lips locked in a flurry of movement, sending electric sensations rushing down my spine and to the tips of my fingers. She shut the door behind her without breaking the kiss, and then pulled me closer by my waist. I took everything she would give me. I laced my arms behind her neck and pushed my body against hers. Her hands wandered down my back and I felt her fingers hooking underneath my thighs to lift me up. I wrapped my legs around her, making the motion easier, and she carried my light body with ease. She slammed one hand flat against the wall and pushed me up against it, holding me with just one arm. I kissed her hungrily, lost in the moment.

She broke the kiss only to put her lips to my neck, and I bit back a moan, choosing to tangle my fingers in her hair. I couldn't process what was happening; it was all so fast. My stomach had the most insane butterflies I had ever felt, and my body was reacting to her touch with shock and awe. This was so wrong - me kissing another girl in Tanya's apartment; but I couldn't help myself.

I brought my fingers to her face, barely touching her jaw when Bella's hand snatched mine up and pinned it above my head. She was completely in control, and I loved it.

I felt the grip on my back tighten as Bella lifted me from the wall and brought us to the couch. She lowered me onto the cushions, climbing on top of me. Her hands travelled up and down my body expertly, causing me to moan into her mouth. I felt her smile against my lips. "I like that." She whispered, putting her mouth against my ear. Her hot breath made me shiver in anticipation. I traced the exposed skin between her shirt and her pants, letting my fingertips dip below her jean's waistline and back up again. Her breath caught as I slipped my hand into her shirt and under her bra in one quick motion. She wasn't expecting that one.

Bella tugged at my buttons, opening the first one, then the second, and then I stopped her.

"Wait," I breathed.

I knew we were getting carried away. It was obvious where this was leading, and I couldn't do it in good conscience. Not when Tanya was passed out in the next room. As much as I was a complaining bitch, I did care about her.

The brunette paused, looking at me patiently.

I rubbed my eyes with thumb and middle finger. I was stopping potentially the best night of my life. I was so gonna regret this. "Sorry," I said. I kept my fingers in my eyes so that I didn't have to look at her. "I can't. Especially not in my girlfriend's flat."

Bella sighed, seeming disappointed; she propped herself up so that she was beside me, rather than on top. Running a hand through her hair, she looked more beautiful than ever. "I get it," She chuckled. "Not the best time or place."

I looked up at her. She was resting her head on her hand, and her elbow on the arm of the couch, boxing me in. It was strange though, because I found her physical closeness very comforting. "I'm sorry," I repeated. "I really wanted to."

Bella laughed. "I know." She said, looking super fucking smug again.

"Shut up." I said, hiding my face in her chest.

She took her free hand and held my head there, like a hug. "I wanted to, too. You were really cute this entire night."

"What!" I said, disbelieving.

"You sound surprised."

"You were into me tonight? You're the hot one; you dropped my jaw when I met you. I don't even know how it's possible that I'm laying here in your arms right now."

Bella laughed. She was stroking my hair, absent-mindedly. I would die to know her thoughts. "I was actually planning to find you in the bar tonight to talk to you," She said. "-but you ended up being at our table. I was disappointed that you had a girlfriend."

I felt my stomach do the familiar twist of butterflies. "Oh my God. . . I can't even process all of this. I don't understand how someone like you could be into someone like me."

"You're modest." Bella said, smiling down at me. She blew away the hair that fell in front of my face and brought her thumb to my lips, parting them slightly. She leaned in and kissed me softly, unlike the aggressive kisses that had preceded it. Her lips were warm and smooth, and I lifted my head upwards, wanting more. Her hand cupped my face, as if I was delicate, and she slowly pulled away. "Last one." She said, winking at me. The kiss left me speechless, and the wink made me blush. I buried my head into her chest again, hiding from her eye contact and wanting nothing more than to stay like that.

Bella didn't seem to mind, adjusting herself so that she could lay down with me cuddled against her body.

I spoke into the fabric of her shirt. "Did you still want that tea?"

To be continued. . .

Tell me what you think! I wrote the majority of this last night, inspired by my girlfriend. It's kind of different than the type of stuff I usually stick to.

I generally do the long-drawn out chase. I wanted to change it up.

Again, I don't have much time on my hands, so updates are slow. I put this all into one big chapter so that you wouldn't have to wait. :) Enjoy