Alright, you've won me over. I wrote some smut.

Nothing too explicit, I'm not into that.


I mulled it over in my head. It was a gentle throb now, the urge to think about Bella, text her, or call her. I had suppressed it reasonably well, considering the height of my infatuation when it had begun. Bella had tried to progress things between us, saying we should hang out, occasionally sending me a text. I refused to let myself indulge in her attentions. I declined her invites and ignored her messages, much to my displeasure; but all for the greater good.

I wasn't gonna be just another notch in her headboard. I didn't want to be some trophy to her. I knew it was too good to be true, anyhow - that she'd actually just genuinely like me. She hardly knew me! Of course she was just trying to get into my pants. I felt stupid; played. I'd gotten it bad for a girl who apparently does the same routine for any girl with a pleasant face. I swallowed back the bitter taste as I thought about the things she said to me, and how many other girls she'd probably said it to.

I knew enough to know when to pull back before getting hurt.

Bella eased off pretty quickly when I'd given the message that I didn't want to deal with her. She was probably on to the next one already. It had been a few weeks since the night we hooked up, and I was doing pretty alright.

"I assume you meant the basal penne." Alec said from behind the counter.

I looked back at him, taking the order slip from his outstretched hand. Bella penne was scribbled above the Atlantic salmon and soup orders.

My bad.

"Sorry Alec." I said, handing it back to him.

He laughed, putting it on the turner. "Who's this Bella, anyways?" He asked me. "She's been frequenting your order pad lately."

I looked down, feeling my cheeks getting warm. I've been having slip ups for the past few weeks. "Just some chick." I said, picking up a tray of drinks.

"Must've made some impression." He replied, going off into the kitchen again.

I could have rolled my eyes. "You have no idea." I muttered.

The restaurant got pretty busy as the night went on; per usual on a Saturday evening. I was doing my rounds, doing some refills when I saw a familiar figure being seated. I'd know that face anywhere. The hostess gave Bella and the girl she was with some menus, then looked over at me, beckoning to the table. Oh fuck. The moment I saw her, I turned on my heel to go to the back room as an instinct. I did not want to deal with this. I figured if I busied myself in the back, another waiter would take her ta-

"Alice, get on table five!" Aro instructed as he strode past me.

Shit. That was Bella's table. I caught a fellow co-worker by the shoulder as she passed me with entrees on her arms. "Jane, can you take table five?" I asked.

The blonde shook her head. "No way, I have too many as it is." She glanced over at the table. "It's only a party of two, you can take it."

I internally groaned, looking around for another waiter. Aro was coming back up the hall now, giving me a look upon seeing me. "Alice, are you incompetent? Table five. Now!" He ordered, pushing me from my rear towards Bella. I'm pretty sure he's not allowed to touch me there.

Shaking it off, I mentally prepared myself as I walked up to the table. You can do it, Al. Don't give her anything she doesn't deserve. I told myself.

I reached the table, planting my feet firmly in front of Bella. She was seated with a blonde girl who looked far too interested in Bella to be just a friend. I fought back a gag, knowing that I'd be servicing their date.

"You have to try their garlic bread, it's phenomenal!" The girl squealed, grabbing Bella's hand from across the table.

I almost scoffed. As if that called for a hand grab.

Bella, upon recognizing me, lit up. "Alice!" She exclaimed, disregarding her partner's comment.

I smiled tightly and professionally at her. "Hello, welcome to Olive This Food; can I get you started with some drinks? Tonight we are featuring an imported pear cider champagne." I said, reciting the lines in my best friendly voice.

"Alice, how have you been? You look good!" Bella continued. She removed her hand from her partner's - a gesture which the blonde was not happy with at all - and stood up to hug me. Her arms wrapped all the way around me before I even had time to register what was happening.

"B-Bella," I stammered, trying to fight back the twist in my stomach and think of a way to stay neutral towards this girl. Alice! Be strong, and don't you dare stammer. I chided myself. "I'm at work, I can't really do this stuff."

Bella laughed into my ear. "I don't care, I've missed you." She said, even tightening her embrace.

My arms stay trapped at my sides, with a pen in one hand and my notepad in the other. I looked awkwardly at the blonde sitting at the table, looking very annoyed at the exchange. It was nice to hear Bella say that she missed me - that maybe I wasn't the only one thinking of her; but I reminded myself that I could be any other girl on any other night. In fact, she probably looked at my past disinterest as an even bigger challenge for her to take on. I didn't know how to feel.

"Well, don't you miss me too?" She chuckled, releasing me. She kept her hands on my shoulders and looked me square in the eye. There's that stupid fucking smirk again. I averted my gaze, choosing to collect their menus instead of deal with this fox before me.

"Excuse me," Said the blonde in an irritable tone. She was grabbing the end of the menu I was trying to pull away. "We haven't ordered yet."

I looked at the girl, then at Bella, and turned beet red. "Oh," I said. Of fucking course they haven't ordered yet. They just got here. I almost face palmed myself at the stupidity. "I'm sorry." I said, releasing the menus. The blonde took them back, rolling her eyes. Bella thought the whole ordeal was pretty funny, and she sat down laughing. I narrowed my eyes; I'd have to step it up - I couldn't give Bella that much power over me. I wouldn't have made the stupid mistake if she hadn't ruined the regular order of things. "Drinks, then?" I asked, bringing my voice a pitch higher than needed.

"Coke." Said the blonde, not looking up from her menu.

I wrote it down on the notepad and turned to Bella. She looked up in time to lock her gaze with mine, and for a moment I couldn't look away. God was she beautiful. My eyes lingered longer than necessary on her lips. I let the memory of her kiss enter my mind, and I was inclined by the desire to kiss her yet again. I was close enough to just lift her chin and press my lips against hers if I wanted to. Which I did want to. But that was the weak part of me talking.

"Hello?" The other girl said, looking at me like I was an idiot.

"Sorry?" I asked, snapping out of it. I blinked at her.

The blonde put down her menu in an exaggerated manner. "She said she wanted a water bottle."

I looked at Bella, whose lip was curling into a satisfactory smile. I was at war between the desire to slap the smirk off her face or to get her to smile more often. "You sure you want it in a bottle? The tap water's free, and it's pretty much the same stuff." I said. I'd always been a fan of going green - especially in the case of water bottles.

The girl seemed to be over her edge. "Are you stupid? She asked for a water bottle; can you just like, do your job?"

I recoiled a bit, but didn't say anything. It never felt good to be yelled at by a customer, much less in front of Bella - even if I was being spacey.

"Hey, there's no need for that here Lydia." Bella said to her calmly. She turned to me, an unspoken apology on her lips and maybe something else in her eyes. Desire? Mockery? "Tap water's fine, Alice. Thanks cutie."

I nodded and went to get their drinks, feeling very sheepish. I definitely could not have made more of a fool of myself. Good one, Alice. What was it about Bella that made me so ridiculous? It was infuriating! She was just one girl. Was it her looks? No, it has to be more than that. Her demeanor? What was it that made me want to please her so badly?

I returned with the drinks, took their orders quickly, and went to check on the other tables. I figured if I served them quickly, I'd be less likely to screw up because I'd be spending less time around Bella.


The strategy actually worked out pretty well, as I had no more screw ups. I took their orders and delivered their food with minimal errors, and spent the rest of the time observing their date. Lydia, who'd been sour when they'd first been seated, seemed have forgotten the ordeal and was soaking up Bella's attention like a piece of Sham-wow. They laughed a lot on their date - much to my dislike - and I could see under their table that Bella had made the move to touch her knee and occasionally brush her foot. I was trying hard not to be too big of a creeper, but I couldn't help trying to find out how Bella was with other girls. Bella would periodically glance up at me, catching me looking once or twice. The second time she winked. I made sure not to get caught looking again.

The blonde had pulled up her chair closer to Bella's, leaning in as if Bella was fucking magnetic. I could have barfed all over the restaurant's ceiling, I was so revolted. Do I look like that when I'm around her? Bella was loving the attention.

I rolled my eyes, asking to go on break. Putting my waiter belt on the table in the hallway, I made my way to the washroom. Upon entering, I splashed my face with water, looking at myself in the mirror. I had to shake it off tonight; I couldn't let Bella phase me. I ran some water through my bangs, getting them out of my eyes, and flattened out some tufts here and there.

I hardly noticed the door open behind me, but Bella walked in. I saw her face in the mirror and turned around abruptly. The brunette reached behind her, turning the lock on the bathroom door without breaking eye contact. Click. The sound gave me anxiety. Bella just locked us in the bathroom together. Alone.

"Getting all pretty for me?" She asked, closing the distance between us quickly.

She came right up to my face, so close that I backed myself up so that my hands grasped the ledge of the counter. I thought she was going to kiss me, but she stayed a few inches away, hovering over me. I narrowed my eyes at her. Who did she think she was? Damn cocky bitch. "You wish." I said, trying to maintain my cool composure. I wasn't doing very well, seeing as Bella was inching closer, and I had no more room to back up.

Bella chuckled. Her face was so close to mine that I could feel the breath from every word she spoke. "I do wish," She said; her voice low again like the last time she'd decided she wanted me. A raspy hint of something predator underlying her speech. "Though you seem to look pretty regardless if you try." She said, her eyes glinting with amusement.

I closed my eyes. I didn't want to melt under her flattery. This is what she wanted. She wanted me weak - she wanted me to be putty in her hands like all the other girls. "Who's the chick?" I asked, wanting to take the attention away from me.

Bella shrugged, placing her fingers under my jaw and tracing it slowly. "Not the girl I want to be with tonight." She said, locking me on with that burning eye contact again. She brought her thumbs to my lips, brushing over them. "I've missed these."

I turned my face away from her, but her hand followed my lips. 'Not the girl I want to be with tonight.'She had said. Tonight being the key term in my mind. She turned my head back to face her; she was biting her lip. I hardened my brow, ignoring the weightless feeling spreading from my stomach to my neck. I wasn't weak. I wanted to put her in her place - how dare she think she can come in here and take what she wanted. She was on a date with another girl for Christ's sake! "They're not yours to miss." I stated, trying to reaffirm my position.

Her face never changed - it still had that same smoldering look in it, burning me into submission. "You want me, though." She said. I kept my lips in a tight line, and she continued. "Just the way I want you."

Her words elicited a feeling from deep in my stomach - a spreading shiver that threatened to betray my intentions. Along with it came a burning rage. I did want her. My body was reacting to her words, it was trying to draw me in closer; my mind, on the other hand, was keeping me immobile. I shouldn't want her - it's a recipe for heartache. I wanted to preserve a part of me that she couldn't reach.

This was just a game to her.

"It doesn't matter what I want." I said. Bella's smirk deepened, much to my displeasure, and I realized that I should have just flat out said no. It was an opening that Bella didn't overlook at all.

"Are you gonna make me prove it?" She asked, letting herself full-on smile. She was loving this.

My brows knitted together in irritation, and I stared back at her.

Smug. She was one smug fuck, and she had me trapped like a bird in a cage; this was her daunting. She knew she had me; else I'd have removed myself from underneath her from the beginning. Regardless of what my mind was telling me, I could feel myself caving. I could feel my defenses being tossed aside with minimal effort, and I didn't dare speak - I didn't trust my mouth with hers so close.

Bella seemed okay with that. Instead, she started lowering her thumb. Down my chin. Down my neck. Slowly, down my chest and torso. She stopped, resting it on the button to my work pants. I shook my head very slowly. I couldn't get the word 'don't' to leave my lips, and Bella didn't budge. "Stop me." She purred, leaning in to my ear. The vibrations from her simple command shot through my body and rendered me useless. Waiting a few seconds, she took my lack of response as an invitation. She licked my lobe at the same time as she unbuttoned my pants in one swift motion. I didn't even have time to protest before my zipper was down, and Bella's hand was rubbing my crotch through the thin fabric of my panties.

I gasped at the touch, my grip turning iron on the counter ledge.

I squeezed my eyes shut and turned my head toward the ceiling. I didn't want to give it to her - I didn't want her to have that satisfaction of knowing that she had control of such a primal part of me; but I didn't want it to stop. It was like I wanted her to just take it. I think she knew that, too.

"Stop me." She repeated again, into my ear.

I didn't speak or open my eyes, instead, I inched my legs wider - granting her access.


In almost no time at all my panties we torn aside and her fingers were inside me. A wave of pleasure coursed through my body, arching my back. I ripped my fingers from the counter and wrapped my arms around her back,digging my nails into her shoulders. I buried my face in her collar bone to stop myself from crying out and moaning. Bella pumped into me with expert hands and I could feel my juices dripping down her fingers. She used her free hand to grab my hair and wrench my head from her shoulder, smashing her lips into mine in a furious kiss. I was so angry at her. How could I let her break me, yet again? I could have stopped her - she gave me that choice. Hardly a choice, but it was there. I didn't take it; or more than that, I didn't want it.

Bella snaked her arm around my waist and lifted me up onto the counter, all the while still in me. The back of my head was pressed up against the washroom mirror, and she put my legs on either side of her. Ripping my pants off of one leg and leaving them to hang on the other, she spread my legs as wide as they could go before shoving three fingers into me. I cried out for a split second before her hand clamped around my mouth, silencing me. "You're so fucking wet for me." She said as she fucked me. I rose my hips to meet her thrusts, eager for more. My body taken over by pure lust, anger just adding to the pleasure.

I wanted to push her off me, but instead my fingers clawed at her to be closer.

She was slamming me into the mirror in rhythm to her pounding. One minute passed? Two minutes, maybe three? My breathing was getting heavier and I was getting closer to my edge. It was embarrassing how short I was lasting - how could anybody last with a fox like Bella hitting all the right spots? Sensing my climax, Bella quickened her tempo; her voice was like a velvet predator in my ear, sending slithering whispers that only added to my arousal."That's it baby," She coaxed, and I nearly screamed from how close I was getting. "That's it, cum for me baby."

She did a few more powerful thrusts, then curled her fingers into me, sending me into an absolute orgasm. I gripped her head and pushed it into my chest as I spasmed underneath her, my moans escaping her clamp on my mouth. I clamped an additional one of my own hands over my mouth and rode out the orgasm on her coated fingers. Milking her fingers for all they were worth, I felt my climax in every part of my body. Bella had me trapped against the mirror - a mirror which had started to outline my figure with fog. She kissed me until I could speak again; I could hardly participate in the kiss because my body was so spent.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, I was left trembling on Bella's fingers which she quickly removed. "What the fuck Bella," I breathed, feeling the aftershocks of the tremendous orgasm shoot through me. I couldn't find the mental strength to be mad at Bella at the moment, instead I let my mind think about how fucking good that was. "You fucking-" I started, but I was still breathing so deeply. "Why was that so fucking good." I managed to say. I didn't even care that I was probably feeding Bella's gigantic ego.

Bella chuckled, practically folding me up in her arms. She carried me off the counter and put me on my feet in the middle of the washroom - with nothing to lean on, I was forced to fall right back into her arms. "Your girlfriend doesn't do you like that?" She asked with a grin, already knowing my answer.

I shook my head more quickly than was necessary. "No; nobody does me like that." I said, truthfully. Sweet holy Christ, this girl was talented.

Bella laughed even more, flattening out my sex hair. "Well, consider it a freebie then, baby."

I pressed my face into her shoulder and stayed like that. A groan erupted from the bottom of my throat. "My break is probably over." I said. How I was gonna go back to work after an experience like that was absolutely beyond me.

Well . . . haha.

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