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Two years later...

As much as Draco was happy Severus and his father were finally getting married, he felt hollow; it has been two years, seven months, three weeks and twelve days since Harry walked out of his study, promising to return. He had heard that Harry went to the states, probably to think without any distractions.

Draco sighed and adjusted his tie; the wedding was in three hours, he had to make sure everything was in order and then help his father not make a mess of himself- even though he is a Malfoy, he was just as susceptible to wedding jitters like any other witch or wizard.

Gemmy popped into the study with a scroll. "Master Draco the flower be coming for wedding." She squealed happily.

Draco smiled and took the list from her. "Thank you, Gem. Make sure its arranged the way I told you."

The house elf bowed. "Yes sir." And with a pop, she was gone.

Draco's smile faded and he sighed again; he looked down at the scroll but did not read it because he was thinking.

This is my father's wedding; he is finally marrying his soul mate, why can't I be happy.

If you miss Harry so much then go look for him.

I can't do that.

Then stop whining, he promised to come back... give him time.

Draco sighed again; as much as he hated that annoying voice in his head, it was right; he should be smiling with his head held high like a proud father. He looked into the mirror and adjusted his tie once again before he plastered his face with the brightest smile he could conjure.

"Pfft please you're not fooling anyone with that smile." A voice rang smugly behind him.

Draco's heart stopped beating for a second and he froze; he can't be dreaming of that voice again today of all days.


Said man clenched his hands, trying to will the voice to go away; he cannot keep thinking of Harry, he will come back when he feels like it.

A hand took his gently. "Draco."

The blonde opened his eyes and turned to the person beside him which resulted in his eyes widening; Harry Potter stood in his formal attire, his hair was slightly longer and his frame was better than the skinny body he left with but other than that, he had not changed much.

Green eyes held concern. "Draco, it's me."

"Harry." Draco whispered and stepped closer to him. "You came back." He reached out to touch the brunet but thought twice and withdrew his hand.

Those emerald eyes seemed to sparkle with mirth as Harry chuckled. "Of course I came back." He said. "I always keep my promises, besides I wouldn't miss Luc's wedding for the world."

Draco smiled, genuinely this time. "How are you, Harry?" He asked. "You look... better."

Harry smiled a little and nodded. "Yeah, last time you saw me I was a wreck." He chuckled. "I travelled to the US; it was amazing with great people and the food was fantastic!" His smile then faded. "Luna and Neville helped me a lot to get better... so did my fathers and The Weasleys... I didn't realise how much of a mess I was until I started getting better." He paused, bit his lower lip and then continued again. "I remember what you told me before I left... how you love me and would wait for me..." he trailed off.

"And?" Draco prompted, nervously clenching his hands.

Harry turned serious again. "I thought about it... what you said... I even dated a few men to see if I change my mind... I wanted to see if it was just physical attraction between us... but nothing changed..." He paused again. "I thought about all that happened... with you, Luc and I... it almost stopped me from coming back... almost... I hated you for a while... then I stopped... I cried for a while too... but I know it will do me no good..." Another long pause. "You were right all along... I have... feelings for you but... I can't say I love you, Draco... not yet... but I am willing to court you... but slowly... I'm still recovering in a sense... if you'll have me I... I want to be with you." He turned his head down with a small blush.

Draco blinked for a moment, speechless and then smiled; he gently raised the brunet's head up. "We will go as slow as you want, love." He leaned his forehead on Harry's and breathe in the intoxicating scent he had missed; he promised himself to make up for all he did to Harry and more. "God, I missed you."

Harry nodded a little. "Me too." He whispered and leaned up to kiss his lips chastely, their hands still linked.


Seven years Later...

He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him; he had to get away from them or they will torture him, just like they did to his brother. The five-year-old boy quickly ran into a room on the left and hid in the closet.

Heavy footsteps down the corridor made him whimper a bit but he clasped his hand over his mouth before it could build into a yell. The footsteps got closer and closer and he could now see the shadowy outline of his foe from a tiny crack in the closet door.

"August." The man said in a singsong voice. "I have a surprise for you... and if you come out, I promise you would get it."

The boy, August, almost believed him but he had learnt not to listen to anything the man said, especially when it was seven in the evening.

Another set of heavy footsteps thundered into the room. "Have you found him y-"

"Shush." The first one whispered urgently. "I can tell he's here somewhere..." he practically hummed the last word. The first one fell to his knees and looked under the bed. "Not here." He stood up and tiptoed to the large toy box. "Aha!" he yelled as he opened it but then he frowned and said. "Not here either."

The second one smirked. "How about the closet?"

August's heart skipped a beat.

"Hm." The first one said rubbing his chin. He walked slowly towards the closet. "He may be in there..."

August used both his hands to cover his mouth and nose so they would not hear him breathe.

The first man got closer and closer, he reached for the handle, wrapped his fingers around it and... "You know what." He said. "I don't think he's here." He drew his hand away from the handle and stared at the second man.

"Yeah, you're right." The second one sneered. "Like he would be smart enough to hide in here." The first one nodded in agreement as the second man said. "Let's go check the pantry... you know how children love candy!"

"Good idea." They both left the room and closed the door.

August waited for the footsteps to fade before he smiled and slowly crept out of his hiding place. With a smug smile, he dusted himself off and opened the door to seek a better hiding place. "Who's the smart one now?" he hummed.

"That would be us." The moment he stepped out of the room, a pair of hands lifted him up by his shoulder and another pair took his legs.

"NO!" August yelled. "Let me go... I don't wanna..."

The men turned, with the boy struggling in their arms. August could see his brother sitting calmly in a blue porcelain tub, reading one of the books the men had water proofed for him.

"I don't wanna!" August yelled and kicked as the man at his feet took off his trousers. "I don't wanna take a bath!"

"August, you smell and you have mud in your face." The man holding his arms said. He then looked up and scowled at the other man. "I blame you."

The man at August's feet looked scandalised; his grey eyes were glazed over with mirth and shock, his platinum blonde hair was a mess from chasing August around the house. "ME?" he cried. "I only gave him a sip." He wrinkled his nose at the lie.

"A sip? It was a whole cup! He's five, Draco!" The man at August's arm was an angry green-eyed brunet. "Giving him that much cola at this age was not the best thing to do... he's already hyper as it is."

They managed to divest August of his clothes and when he tried to run again, they carried him by his hands and feet and positioned him poised over the tub. "Wait!" August yelled; the men and August's brother all turned to the boy. "You know I love you right, Daddy?" he said with huge grey eyes.

August's brother shook his head with a sigh and turned back to his book while both men smirked. "We love you too." They both answered and dropped him into the tub but not before placing a cushioning charm on the tub.

August spurted as he sat up, his jet-black hair clinging to his scalp. "Shut up, Arthur." He hissed at his laughing brother.

His identical twin continued to laugh though. "You could have just gotten into the tub by yourself- ahh!" Arthur yelled when August splashed water in his face. "Dad!"

"August!" The brunet called out. "How many times do I have to tell you not to splash in the tub."

"They are just being boys, Harry." Draco said which resulted in a damp towel in his face.

"Don't you say a word!" Harry scolded. "This is still your fault." He bent down to pick up August's clothes from the floor and yelp when something smacked his buttocks. The boys in the tub tried not to giggle while Draco looked down at his nails, the wet towel hanging loosely in hand. "Draco, did you just smack me with that towel?"

Draco shrugged. "Maybe I did, maybe I... hey!" he narrowly missed having a face full of August's trousers.

"Is that how you want to play?" Harry said with a sly smile, wringing another damp towel in his hand.

"No!" Draco ran out of the bathroom with Harry not far behind, twirling his towel in the air.

"Run papa!" August called. "Run dad!" Arthur yelled before both boys broke into a laughing fit.


Later that evening...

Harry placed a kiss on each of his sleeping sons' head and smiled; six years ago, Harry and Draco had applied and gotten a surrogate witch who had given them their twins. Arthur James and August Homer Potter-Malfoy; Arthur was the oldest, calm, fastidious and loves to read while August was the complete opposite, rash, rough and outspoken, nevertheless, both were very brave.

They were his boys; Harry always sighed at that, 'His boys' no one else's. He finally has the family he had always dreamed of; he would learn from and teach them but not without missing his daughter along the way. However, he knew she was with them.

Harry and Draco had moved to Australia to start their family after they married; Arthur and James attended an elementary school nearby. Although they have magic and have been to the Malfoy Manor to visit their grandfathers, Harry wanted them to learn about the muggle world first before they are thrusted fully into the world of magic.

Harry lingered at the door as he took one last look at his boys in their beds before he shut the door quietly and tiptoed across the corridor, down the stairs and into Draco's study. The blonde sat with a glass of wine on his left and tons of paper work scattered across his desk; Draco worked as a diplomat in the Ministry of Magic and sometimes, he had to travel for official business.

"Hello, handsome." Harry said leaning against the door with a smug smile as Draco jumped.

"Don't do that, Harry." Draco said breathlessly with a glare.

Harry raised up his hands in submission. "Just playing." He said.

Draco only grunted, shook his head and continued to look at the documents on the desk.

"What ya doing?" Harry asked in a cloying voice.

Draco smirked, he knew what it meant when Harry used that voice. "Not now, Harry."

The brunet pouted and walked with determination towards Draco. "Why not?" He whined.

Draco sighed. "Because one, I have work to do." He stated. "And two, you whipped me with a damn towel... that hurt like hell by the way."

Harry chuckled. "You started it." He sat on the desk.

Draco sneered. "Well, now I'm going to think about what I have done..." He said smugly. "Alone."

"Aww darling, don't be like that." Harry said as he forced his way onto Draco's lap, ignoring his protests. "Besides, I forgive you..." He nuzzled the blonde's neck. "...and I want to make it up to you." He leaned in and kissed his husband, forcing his mouth open and thrusting his tongue in.

Draco, at first protested but soon gave in and deepened the kiss, which earned him a groan from Harry. He wrapped his arms around his husband's rear and lifted; Harry instinctively twined his legs around Draco's waist as he was raised and settled on the desk, still joined at the lips.

Harry pulled away and smirked. "Not feeling so lonesome are we now?" He asked dryly.

Draco growled and pulled Harry into a hard kiss; he started to quickly unbutton Harry's shirt with his long fingers while Harry slowly unbuckled his belt and thrust his hand into the trouser, palming the erection that tented the material.

"Hm Harry." Draco moaned and attacked Harry's ear, making the brunet falter in his ministrations and moan loudly. "Any louder Harry and you'll wake them." Draco whispered.

Harry smirked. "It's not my... Merlin... damn fault." Harry tried to say harshly but Draco had returned to his ear, turning him into mush.

Draco had finally finished with the endless buttons and divested Harry of his shirt, he had no troubles removing the belt and unbuttoning his pants before he gently stroked the brunet's erection.

"Draco." Harry said, breathless.

Said man was trailing kisses slowly down the pale body until he finally got to his goal... then he diverted.

"Arse!" Harry growled and Draco chuckled.

"Patience, love." The blonde said. He kissed his way back up from Harry's calve to the insides of his thighs, getting closer to the throbbing organ... before he moved to the hipbone instead.

"Draco, if you don't take care of me now, I'll do it myself." Harry hissed.

Draco smirked and threw his husband an air kiss before he abruptly took the organ into his mouth. Harry bit down a squeak as his husband bobbed his head up and down on his sensitive appendage and then dug his tongue into the silt as if looking for buried treasure.

"Hm sooo clooose." Harry whine and bucked frantically into the warm heat seeking completion.

Draco moaned around the flesh in his mouth and soon his throat was full of the salty viscous seed he was now used to. He milked Harry of the remaining seed and pulled away after one last vicious suck.

Harry pulled Draco up for another deep kiss; he moaned and instantly hardened again at the taste of himself on his husband. "That was amazing." Harry droned as he pulled away and nuzzled Draco's chest.

Draco chuckled and held him close. "You know, I've always had this fantasy of taking you as you're bent over my desk."

Harry's head shot up, his eyes wide and his brows in his hair but then his shocked expression slowly turned into a smile. "Well, there's a nice sturdy desk here..." He hit his heel against one of the table's leg for emphasis. "The kids are asleep... and you and I are as horny as hell." He spread his legs wide, displaying himself for Draco. "So what are you going to do about it, Mr Malfoy?"

Draco smirked and licked his lips; he had a few ideas about what he wanted to do to the brunet now and for many, many years to come.


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