Chapter Three: I remember…

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Voldemort sat on his throne in silence, contemplating his latest defeat at the hands of his nemesis, Harry Potter.

After finally realising that he and the boy shared a mental connection, he had tried to use it to his advantage. He knew that a copy of the confounded prophecy which had gotten him defeated previously sat in the department of mysteries. However, only the people the prophecy involves can retrieve it from its plinth.

He had planted a false vision of himself torturing the boy's godfather into his mind, hoping he would retrieve the sphere. However, while the boy did follow the vision, his minions had failed to retrieve it. The ball was destroyed in the confusion and only one of them had returned. Worse, the ministry were forced to acknowledge his existence, taking away the element of surprise.

Needless to say, a number of his Death Eaters had been crucio'd for their failure.

While he was planning his next course of action, one of his most loyal Death Eaters entered his chambers, and knelt before his throne.

"Severus. Why are you here?" Snape flinched, before speaking.

"My Lord, I have news regarding the Potter boy." Voldemort stared at him for a moment, before gesturing with his wand to continue.

"Speak, Severus. What news do you have of the boy?"

"My Lord, the boy…the boy w-was attacked." Voldemort looked startled.

"What do you mean attacked; by whom?"

"I do not know my Lord. According to Dumbledore, Potter sent a patronus message to the werewolf Lupin, who in turn alerted the Order. When they arrived, his muggle relatives had been tortured to death and Potter was found badly wounded." Voldemort looked thoughtful.

"My Lord…t-the dark mark was cast above the property." Voldemort's eyes snapped up at this, his red eyes burrowing into Snape's head.

"Impossible; I did not send anyone to attack Potter. But then who cast the mark? The spell is not known outside my minions." He twirled his wand while thinking. "What does the Order know of this?"

"My Lord, the Order believes that you were responsible. No one knows anything more about it. Potter is still unconscious and there were no witnesses. The property had strong ward spells cast upon it preventing anyone outside from interfering." Voldemort growled at the lack of information, but relented.

"Severus, we must find out who has taken the boy. If someone else kills Potter then my plans will be ruined. Inform me of any developments made by the Order. Now, leave me. I must make plans." Snape bowed low and headed out of the room. "And next time, come with better information; CRUCIO!"

Snape fell to the ground and withed in pain, until Voldemort released the curse. Still shaking from the spell, he bowed weakly and made his way from his master's presence. He needed to know what had happened to the Potter brat before the dark lord ended his life.

"…fine when he woke up during the night. He was a little bit sore but…" The voice faded out again while Harry teetered into consciousness.

"…woken since then? His wounds have healed but we need him to be awake to finish our medical assessment. Once he is awake, we could probably…" Harry struggled to listen to the conversation but he felt so tired. With an almighty effort, he opened his heavy eyes and looked around his hospital room.

He could see Lupin, McGonagall, Mr and Mrs Weasley and Hermione listening to a healer who was reading off a clipboard. Unable to move very much, he fought to stay awake until his eyes met the healers.

"Ah, Mr Potter, you're awake." Everyone turned around to look at Harry, and was dove upon by a bushy haired missile.

"Harry, you're awake! I'm so glad you're ok." She said, slightly tearfully. He smiled and tried to speak, with no sounds coming out. He frowned slightly at his lack of speech to which the healer reassured him.

"Do not panic, Mr Potter, your body is simply very, very tired. According to Ms Granger you woke up last night while you were still under a magical deep sleep spell." He nodded. "Ah, well it takes a lot of strength to fight off a spell like that, which exhausted your body. A few more hours sleep and you will be fine." Harry nodded and his eyes started to close. Before he fell asleep, he heard Hermione speaking to him quietly.

"Don't worry Harry; I'll stay here until you wake up. Just get some…" His eyes closed and he fell asleep almost immediately.

After what seemed to be a few minutes, Harry opened his eyes again, feeling much more energetic than he had previously. Looking around, he noticed that the room was empty. Before he could voice it, Tom answered his question.

Don't worry Harry; they've only stepped out for a bit to get some food. Hermione never left your side. Harry smiled and thanked Tom mentally.

Lifting his hand weakly, he grasped a glass of water from a bedside table and drank deeply from it. His throat had been burning from lack of moisture and the water soothed it no end. The glass appeared to be self-filling so he had multiple drinks before placing it back on the side table.

Shortly afterwards, the door opened and Hermione walked in, closely followed by Remus. She squealed and ran to his side pulling him into a tight hug, which he returned. Remus chuckled lightly and took a seat.

"Good to see you awake, Harry." Lupin said with a smile. Harry smiled back and mouthed 'thank you', still unable to form any words. Hermione took his hand and squeezed it gently, drawing his attention.

"We were all worried Harry." She said, eyes glistening. "I-I thought I'd lose you." Harry smiled and kissed her on the lips. Leaning back, he stroked he cheek and mouthed 'never' with a smile. She smiled back and leant into his touch. Remus drew back their attention with a light cough causing the pair to blush.

"Sorry to interrupt Harry, but I need to ask you some questions." Harry gave Remus a mock-glare before grinning and nodding in understanding. "Alright then; what do you remember from the attack?" Harry thought for a moment, before motioning for a quill and some parchment. Hermione produced these implements quickly and Harry nodded in thanks.

He then began to write on the piece of parchment before handing it to Hermione, who understanding the gesture, began to read it out.

"'Not much important; I was upstairs in my room when I heard shouting downstairs. I didn't think much of it because my uncle is nearly always shouting at something or another. After about ten minutes, I realised it had become almost silent in the house, which was unusual since the Dursleys nearly always watch television later in the day.'" Harry smirked at this bit.

"'I tried to listen for any signs of movement, and heard the sixth stair squeak. I thought someone might be outside so I got into a defensive position and waited. The door suddenly crashed open and people began to cast spells randomly inside. I sent some spells back stunning a few of them, before one of them caught me in the shoulder. They Ennervated me and began to rant about how they'd bested me and murdered my relatives.'" Hermione began to shake slightly so Harry stroked her hand to reassure her.

"'I could see from their clothes that they were death eaters. They didn't take off their masks though. Then for some reason, instead of killing me straight off, they put me under a body bind and brought in a kitchen knife. The one who had been speaking muttered something I couldn't understand, before slamming the knife into my stomach. I tried to scream but the body bind stopped me.'" Hermione began to cry as she read the note, so Harry squeezed her hand to comfort her.

"'Then they left as quickly as they came. I knew I was bleeding out but I was still unable to move so I tried to fight the spell. After a while I managed to move my hand and grab my wand to send a message to you. The spell used up my last energy and I fell unconscious.'" Remus nodded and took the note off Hermione.

"Thank you Harry. Do you mind if I take this, to save me relating it from word of mouth?" Harry shrugged and Lupin smiled. "Alright, well I need to get this to Dumbledore. I won't be too long, so don't do anything strenuous alright Harry?" As he finished he grinned wolfishly at the pair who blushed bright red. He laughed good-naturedly and left the room.

As soon as the door closed, Hermione pounced on Harry, lying on his chest. She smiled beautifully, looking into his eyes and he wrapped his arms around her waist loosely. He gave her a lopsided grin and kissed her forehead.

"Hi." He whispered hoarsely. Hermione giggled and kissed him on the nose.

"Hi, yourself." They laughed for a bit before settling into each other's embrace. After a while, Hermione frowned and bit her lip, making Harry tickle her in the ribs.

"What's the matter 'Mione?" He said softly. She gave him a mock-glare, still recovering from the tickling before sighing.

"I was just wondering…did you mean what you said yesterday?" He tilted his head at her in confusion.

"What? Do you mean when I said I loved you?" She bit her lip and nodded. Harry rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Of course not, I've made a terrible mistake." He said with sarcasm dripping off every word. She slapped him playfully and leant into his chest. "Of course I meant what I said. Why would I lie, or change my mind? You are a brilliantly amazing girl and I would be a fool to turn you away." She blushed and smiled.

"I'm sorry. I suppose it's just my insecurities surfacing. I don't know what you see in me." She said sadly. Harry grinned impishly.

"You know, if I didn't know you better, I'd say you were fishing for compliments." She giggled and slapped his arm in jest.

"Hermione, you truly are an amazing person. I know what people used to say, and you know what? I must be the one eyed man in the city of the blind." She giggled. "You are beautiful, smart, courageous, loyal, kind and have the capacity to care for people greatly; you are perfection in my eyes." He kissed her on the lips to seal his comments.

"Thank you Harry. It means a lot to hear you say that." Harry smiled and kissed her forehead lightly.

"So Hermione, how long have I been out and who has been here to see me?" Harry asked.

"Well, you've been out for about three days and basically everyone has come to visit you." She said softly. "The Weasleys, Hagrid, Lupin, Tonks, McGonagall, Dumbledore…" As the last name passed her lips Harry growled, which startled her.

Harry, I think you need to tell her about the pensieve…and what really happened yesterday. He nodded inwardly. Calmed himself and hiding his hatred of the headmaster, he held her cheeks before kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Hermione, I need to tell you something, but could you get something for me first?" She nodded. "Do you know where my belongings are?" She stood up and moved over to the corner of the room which was occupied by his trunk. "Right, can you open it and take out the large wooden box and bring it here." She did so.

"Harry, what is this?" She asked quietly, looking at the stone bowl as Harry set it up. He looked at her and smiled.

"Hermione, do you trust me?" She nodded. "Ok, well before I was 'attacked' I got a letter from someone claiming to be a friend. The letter told me that someone had been Obliviating me regularly." Hermione's hand shot to her mouth.

"That's not the worst part; it…it wasn't just me." She gulped slightly and paled. "Hermione, that bowl was given to me to help us recover our memories. I've got mine back already, now it's your turn." She nodded but looked hesitant. He smiled in understanding and squeezed her hand reassuringly.

"Trust me; it will hurt a little bit and you will have a pounding headache afterwards, but you will understand and remember." She nodded and moved over to the bowl. Before she put her head in, she pulled out her wand and cast a sealing and silencing charm on the door.

Harry watched carefully, as she placed her head beneath the silvery surface of the bowl. Her whole body tensed as she was racked in pain and a tear shot down Harry's cheek. After a few minutes, she pulled her head out and looked at Harry breathlessly.

In that few minutes, hundreds of memories flashed before her eyes, returning to their correct places in her mind. She felt tainted, having had someone steal her memories so easily from her mind made her feel unclean. Much like Harry, only one name stuck out.

'Dumbledore…' She growled mentally.

Looking at Harry, she saw the tears on his face. Smiling tearfully, she realised he was crying for her and she grabbed him in a hug. Pulling back, they looked at each other, focusing on the other's eyes. Tears poured down their faces.

"I remember." She said simply.

Harry smiled and kissed her warmly on the lips. As soon as she had gotten her memories, the bowl began to disintegrate, the memories floating away, dissipating into nothingness. They sat down, hand in hand, staring at the spot the bowl had been. Remembering what Tom had said, he turned her back to face him, kissing her hand and looked at her apologetically.

"Hermione; there is something I need to tell you, but I want to tell you about my life before Hogwarts first." She nodded in understanding.

During the half an hour, Harry told Hermione about his dark childhood. He told her about every beating, every injury, as much as he could remember. His girlfriend listened, only her eyes betraying her emotions; they were filled with an understanding of his pain and hurt, tears pouring down her cheeks.

After that, he moved on to tell her the truth about Privet Drive. As he spoke, tears ran down his face, becoming more and more distressed by the memories as he went. After explaining why he lied to her, he dropped his head in shame and a single tear fell down his cheek. After letting it sink in, Hermione lifted his chin and looked into his teary emerald eyes. Wiping away the tears from his cheeks, she kissed him passionately.

"Harry; don't you dare feel sorry for those monsters." Harry looked surprised. "What, did you think I would lecture you on how it was wrong and how you should be ashamed?" He nodded, looking at her expectantly.

"Harry; they abused you for the majority of your life; mentally and physically, yet here you stand a perfect example of a human being. You aren't cold or cruel like so many would have become. Your actions were the result of righteous anger for nearly fifteen years of pain and hurt." He smiled and pulled her into a hug. "In addition, if you hadn't done it but still told me about all this, I would have killed them myself." Harry looked shocked, before grinning.

"I love you so much Hermione. Every second I spend with you I can't help but love you more. I'm glad we're together right now." She smiled and they laid down on the bed, Hermione cuddled into his chest. After a few minutes, Harry sighed and she looked at him.

"What's wrong, Harry?" He grimaced slightly.

"I was just thinking…we need to talk about our memories." She turned grim and nodded. "I don't know about you, but only one name comes up consistently." She nodded and growled menacingly.

"Dumbledore…" She said venomously. Harry nodded in agreement. "That bastard, how dare he mess with our memories?! I just can't understand why he would go this far." Harry turned pale and sighed.

"I do." Her eyes snapped to his. "Did I ever tell you the prophecy?" She shook her head.

"How do you know it? Wasn't it destroyed in the ministry?" He nodded.

"Yes it was, but do you remember the name on the plinth?" She thought for a moment, before her eyes widened.

"A.P.W.B.D…that bastard; he knew the prophecy and never told you?!" He shook his head sadly. "Why didn't he?! The entire ministry episode could have been avoided…" Harry shuddered and nodded, tears forming in his eyes.

"…and Sirius would still be alive." She pulled him into a hug as his grief finally spilled over. Having repressed it for so long, he vented his anguish while she held him. He cried for a few minutes, before finally calming down. She wiped his face softly with her thumbs and looked at him in the eyes.

"Mark my words Harry; that manipulative bastard will get what's coming to him! He is so going down!" He laughed darkly.

"Damn right he is; I'm going to tear him limb from limb, but keep him alive and awake so he feels every ounce of pain!" Hermione shivered slightly from Harry's words; she felt more attracted to him at that moment than she ever had.

"Just be sure that you leave some for me." He laughed and nodded. "So Harry; what does the prophecy say?" He shuddered.

"'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...'" Hermione gasped and shivered.

"So…that of you must to kill the other one…in the end?" Harry nodded grimly.

"Yes." They were silent for a moment, until Hermione spoke.

"Well then, I guess that means we train." Harry looked surprised. "Harry; I am not going to leave you to fight alone…never. I stood by you before, I will until the day I die." He smiled.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." He leant forwards and captured her lips in a kiss. They held it for a few minutes before they broke apart for air.

"First things first; we need to get away from the Order." Hermione looked startled.

"Why? Surely we just to distance ourselves from Dumbledore?" Harry sighed.

"Hermione; the majority of the Order thinks the sun shines out of Dumbledore's backside." She giggled. "Who will they believe? And even if they did help us, chances are Dumbledore would just obliviate them too." She sighed.

"I see what you mean." Harry yawned loudly, making her laugh. "Am I boring you Harry?" She asked playfully. He laughed and shook his head.

"No, no, I'm just very tired all of a sudden." She nodded understandingly.

"Well, you are still recovering from quite a serious wound; a few hours' sleep would probably do you good." He nodded, yawning again. As she was about to climb off his chest, he shuffled over in his bed, leaving room for her. She smiled impishly.

"We've only been going out for a few hours and he's already trying to get me into bed…oh, the shame!" She finished pretending to faint. Harry's face flushed bright red and she laughed.

Taking him up on his offer, she lay next to him on the bed, cuddling into his shoulder, while he wrapped his arm around her waist. They both fell asleep in minutes.

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