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The day that was upon the world of Fiore was a day like any other. Down in the port town of Hargeon, seagulls scavenged around the dockside struggling to steal a piece of food. A small child throws them a hot chip before his mother pulls him away, scolding him for doing such a thing. Elsewhere in town, a train has arrived at the station, carrying a very bizarre creature in the form of a blue talking cat. "We're here," it said in an optimistic tone.

"Yea," replied the companion, her voice showing signs that her mind just wasn't in it.

"You're thinking about him again aren't you?" asked Happy, the blue cat already knowing the answer to the question.

"It's nearly been two years since he vanished," she said looking out the window. "How many leads have we chased since that day?" Happy didn't respond to the question, not wanting to remember how many dozens of trips they had gone on without a single result. "Yet you know what, we'll continue to chase these leads in the hope that we'll one day see Natsu again, won't we Happy?"

"Aye sir, let's go Lisanna!" said Happy, his usual positive attitude being restored.

"Let's go Happy," said Lisanna, adjusting the white scarf around her neck, the piece of clothing she didn't take off any day of the week. The constant reminder of why she continued to go on these quests across the country. The hope that one day she would find him again, the boy with whom she loved, the boy who had pushed her out of the way and saved her life in a single moment, the boy who vanished in her arms as his body encased itself in a golden light. She would never forget that moment as long as she lived, that single moment changed her life completely.


On the other side of town, a young blonde haired girl grumbled as she left the only magic shop in town, complaining about how her sex appeal was only worth a thousand jewels. Be that as it may, Lucy Heartfilia had still purchased the Key of the White Doggy despite it being well overpriced for such a mundane celestial spirit. Her attention was diverted however as a crowd had formed off to the side. "Did you hear, a famous mage is in town," said a young woman behind her, running towards the scene with her friend.

"I heard its Salamander," replied her friend.

"Salamander," repeated Lucy. She knew well the story of Salamander, his tales of his adventures were made legendary years earlier, it was even said that fire he created was hot enough to split the sea in two. Whether or not these stories were true however and how much had become emphasised over the years was hard to tell without any hard facts. One key point she remembered though was that two years ago it was reported that he never came home from a mission. While some say that he died, others claimed that he had gone on a journey of self awareness. Needless to say, if Salamander was standing down in the plaza nearby, she had to get the scoop from him first hand.


Walking through the back alleyways of Hargeon, Lisanna walked along at a moderate pace, not in any real rush to get anywhere. Her fingers went upwards to push a strand of hair behind her ear, a gentle breeze causing her clothes to flutter slightly. She was unsure why she was feeling so nostalgic today. In her mind she was replaying one of the childhood scuffles that Natsu and Gray had been having within the comfort of the guild. While the two of them had been even in a fight without the use of magic, as soon as it got introduced to the fights Natsu had little chance. There was no elemental advantage in Gray's attacks; it was more because he always had a teacher around to help him further develop his skills while Natsu only knew what Igneel had taught him as a child. It was the idea of fighting the "Beast" to help him grow stronger which was the reason Natsu had joined the Take-Over family in what had been his last fight.

"Salamander-sama!" shouted a rabid fan girl, the mob of women coming into view from where Lisanna and Happy were standing.

"You're so cool," shouted another.

"Salamander!" said Lisanna and Happy in excitement at the same time.

"Time to see if we came here for nothing," said Lisanna, praying that the person surrounded by people had the pink hair she remembered so clearly. Shoving her way through the crowd with Happy by her side, Lisanna leapt into the middle of the fray. "Natsu!" she shouted, only to then realise her mistake as a dark blue haired man looked at her awkwardly. Beside him stood a blonde haired woman who seemed to have just snapped out of a trance.

"My, my, all the lovely ladies are leaping at me today," said 'Salamander' in a sultry tone.

"Get real," said Lisanna, all her disappointed anger radiating through her voice. Lucy however couldn't help but think that the white haired girl in front of her looked remarkably familiar for some reason, the blue cat only helping her theory.

Recovering from his shock, the purple haired man ran his fingers through his hair as a smile graced his lips. "If you heard the name 'Salamander' would you recognise me?" he asked only to find Lisanna and Happy already having left the circle and were heading down a nearby alleyway. "She left!" said 'Salamander' in disbelief. Some of the women looked like they were ready to pounce on Lisanna but murmurs of 'She must have a boyfriend' and some 'Maybe she's engaged,' sprang up which seemed to cause the boil of anger to drop to a simmer. One woman however didn't like that step and Lisanna found the scuff of her shirt being pulled as she was dragged in front of Salamander.

"Apologise this instant, Salamander-sama is a great mage," she said with authority.

"There, there, she didn't mean any harm," said 'Salamander' as he began to write down his autograph on a piece of paper. "Here's my signature, so you remember me next time." Taking the piece of paper in her hand, Lisanna looked up at the man before tearing the paper in half to which all of the girls looked at in shock and horror.

"C'mon Happy," said Lisanna as she turned to walk away.

"Aye sir," said Happy as the crowd parted for the white haired woman and the blue cat. As they were walking away only then did the penny drop within the crowd that the cat had talked.

"So cute," shouted several of the women as they tackled Happy to the ground, the small frame of the cat barely able to remain in a single piece as a number of women hugged him. They stopped however as they found themselves staring at a set of sharp claws, dangling playfully in front of their face.

"If you like your eyes where they are, you'll let go," said Lisanna as a warning, one which the women quickly obliged. Immediately they ran off to be in the comfort of 'Salamander' who was explaining that he was leaving.

"That's never happened before," said Happy as he struggled to get to his feet, the strength all but gone from his body.

"I imagine it was from the 'Charm' magic that guy was pulling," said Lisanna as her hand reverted back to its normal form. "Seeing something as adorable as you probably forced the attention away despite them still being under the spell."

"Hehe, you think I'm adorable," said Happy, the only real thing he got out of the statement.

"So you recognised the 'Charm' magic as well," said Lucy who was walking nearby. Lisanna looked from her spot at the blonde haired girl she had seen in the circle. "I have to thank you for breaking the magic, without your interference it may not have been possible."

"I'm glad I could help," said Lisanna smiling.

"What's worrying though is that he invited all those women to his ship tonight for a party, using magic that should have been banned a long time ago is one thing but something like that..."

"Something doesn't add up," said Happy.

"You're right," said Lisanna as she raised cusped her chin in the palm of her hand. "I'm Lisanna by the way," she said extending her hand.

"Lucy," responded the blonde haired girl, taking the offered hand.

"Well Lucy, how would you like to crash a party tonight?" asked Lisanna, a cheeky smile caressing her face.

"Crash?" repeated Lucy.

"Let's talk about it over some lunch," said Lisanna. "If we wait any longer this one's going to die of starvation."

"So hungry," complained Happy as his stomach growled loudly, much louder than should be possible for a cat.

"I see, well let me shout you for helping me earlier," said Lucy more than willing to pay.

"Its fine, Happy will just have a raw fish and I'll have a salad of some kind," said Lisanna.

"Salad? Are you on a diet?" asked Lucy. "You look gorgeous enough as it is."

"Thanks for the compliment but I need to keep my figure for the next photo shoot," explained Lisanna as the three of them began to walk towards the nearest restaurant.

"Photo shoot, are you a model?" asked Lucy, wondering if she recognised the white haired woman from some fashion magazine she had read.

"I'm not as good as my sister," admitted Lisanna, rubbing the back of her head. "She's got such a nice smile, it's hard for somebody not to like her."

"She sounds amazing," said Lucy.

"Anyway, enough about me, what do you do?" asked Lisanna.

"Even though I don't look like it, I'm a mage," said Lucy with pride as they entered the restaurant. "I'm not a fully fledged mage yet because I haven't joined a guild. You know what a guild is right?"

"Yea," said Lisanna, as they took their seat.

"There are so many popular guilds, but there's one that I want to join so much," said Lucy as she went into fan girl mode. "Joining guilds is tough though, especially the more popular ones. The guild I want to join has a lot of amazing mages, like Mirajane and Loke."

"Mira-nee," said Lisanna which caused Lucy to stop momentarily to allow that single statement to sink in.

"Mirajane's your sister!" exclaimed Lucy.

"Aye," said Happy answering for Lisanna as the white haired mage placed the order with the waitress.

"Wait a minute then," said Lucy pointing a shaking finger at Lisanna. "That means you're one of the famous Fairy sisters, you're that Lisanna!"

"You finally realised," said Lisanna, her lips curving into a cheeky smile.

'Ohmygod, I'm sitting across from a member of Fairy Tail! Okay Lucy, act cool, don't blow this opportunity,' thought Lucy, swallowing all of her nerves. "S-So, how would one go about joining Fairy Tail?" she asked, trying not to let her voice stutter. "Is there some sort of test of strength or magical ability?"

"Just say you want to join," answered Lisanna.

"That's way too easy!" shouted Lucy in disbelief, her eyes nearly popping out of her head.

"Master believes that Fairy Tail should be open to all who wish to join," explained Lisanna.

"Still, I thought there'd have to be some sort of entry exam," said Lucy as she slumped onto the table, exhausted after getting worked up about something that never existed. As she opened her eyes she found that the waitress had brought the food over and Lisanna and Happy were now silently eating.

"You want some?" asked Lisanna, offering some of her salad.

"I think I'll order my own," said Lucy hailing a waitress.

"Alright, so we need to make a plan for tonight," said Lisanna, her eyes focusing.

"You're serious about this?" asked Lucy.

"Aye," responded Happy.

"If he was just some sleaze, then using 'Charm' magic wouldn't be so bad," said Lisanna as she pointed her fork at Lucy. "The thing is though, he's invited all those women to a party, needless to say while under the spell they'll do anything which out on the middle of the ocean is dangerous in itself. Once they're out on the ocean they can't get back."

"I think I understand what you're saying, but when it's out in the middle of the ocean, how are we going to get on board?" asked Lucy.

"We have two options," said Lisanna holding up her fingers. "One is that we enter in with the rest of the guests before the boat departs, however there will be a chance that they may recognise us as not being under the effects of the spell. The second, is that we fly in."

"Fly?" said Lucy in disbelief.

"Aye," said Happy as he finished off the last of the fish.

"Just wait until tonight, you'll find out then," said Lisanna as she went about finishing her lunch. Lucy wanted to ask more questions but as her meal was placed in front of her, she opted to wait until tonight and just discover the answers as they come.


As the sun began to set within the distance, Lisanna, Lucy and Happy watched as the party ship set sail from the top of a building. A breeze caused their elegant dresses to waver in the wind. In order to blend in they had chosen to get a couple of beautiful garments to wear for the evening, although Happy had simply said that Lisanna just wanted the opportunity to go shopping.

"Alright, time to go," said Lisanna.

"Wait a second, how are we going to get there?" asked Lucy, still unsure of what the plan was. It was then that she felt a weight on her back and tilted slightly to find Happy clinging on to the back of her dress. She opened her mouth to speak but was amazed as wings appeared out of Happy's back. "You can fly?"

"Aye," replied Happy as he took off, Lucy screaming all the while.

"This is crazy!" she shouted as she flailed her arms around.

"You get used to it," said Lisanna from nearby, causing Lucy to turn her head, finding the takeover mage flying beside her, her arms having transformed into green wings.

"Lisanna," said Lucy in disbelief as they flew towards the ship.

"Happy, try and get into the captain's quarters, we need to find out where this ship is heading," said Lisanna.

"Aye sir," replied Happy as they soared through the air.

"Don't I get a say in this?" shouted Lucy as she got dragged through the air. As they neared the vessel Lucy could see all of the women talking upon the deck of the ship, all of them oblivious of the spell they were under. Twisting through the air, Lisanna spotted an open window in the top most floor and made a beeline for it. "How's she going to fit through that?" exclaimed Lucy in shock.

"Just watch," said Happy as he slowed to a hover. Lucy watched as Lisanna's arms reverted back to their normal form and she dived through the window perfectly, rolling in midair so that her shoulders hit the floor boards at such an angle she was able to roll across her back without taking any pain whatsoever. Bouncing to her feet, Lisanna noticed that there was one man in the room who was at the helm, his hands on the wheel. The sound of her entering however had alerted him and turning around he stared at Lisanna. Before he could react however, Lisanna's feet had become vicious talons and she had grabbed him across the throat, slamming him to the ground.

"Where's this boat heading?" she asked menacingly as Happy and Lucy crawled through the open window.

"Bosco," he said, struggling for breath.

"Why are all the women aboard this ship?"

"Merchandise, we're going to sell them," he said as he tried to push the talon off of his neck.

"Slave trade," summarised Lisanna. "You're disgusting." Picking him up by the throat, Lisanna tossed the man at the wall, the boards breaking as the man passed through them with ease. Sadly though, it alerted the men on the other side who had been on guard. "They've seen us," shouted Lucy in fear as she held Happy tightly.

"Lucy, you're crushing me," said Happy as he tried to draw breath.

"I'll hold them off," said Lisanna as her body transformed once again, this time into a very white tigress like appearance with matching striped claws and ears. "You guys figure out a way to get this ship back to shore."

"How are we supposed to do that?" questioned Lucy but her question went unanswered as Lisanna leapt forward, intent on slowing down the ever increasing number of henchmen. Flustered, she ran forwards towards the wheel and looked at all of the levers and knobs. "Which one am I supposed to pull?"

"Turn the wheel," instructed Happy.

"That won't work, at the speed we're going we'd crash into the cliff," said Lucy pointing at the rocky outcrop. "If we damage the ship before we get to shore some of these people may drown."

"Then what do you suppose we do?" asked Happy becoming worried. Frustrated, Lucy couldn't risk touching everything she could in case she did something she'd later regret. However, a spark formed in her mind like a light bulb switching on and she turned to Happy.

"Fly me in front of the boat," she stated. Happy looked confused momentarily before choosing to abide by the celestial spirit mages words.

"Aye sir," he shouted as his wings appeared once again. In a flash, he and Lucy had manoeuvred out of the cabin and were flying in front of the boat. Inside, Lisanna was concentrating as she skilfully dodged every attack that came at her, only to return fire with several well timed swipes of her own.

"Prominence rain!" shouted a voice causing Lisanna to look up, watching as several small fireballs flew in her direction. Having no time to dodge, she could only cross her arms in front of her face as the fire burnt at her skin, knocking her back a few feet. A small scream escaped her lips as she fell on her rear as 'Salamander' walked up to her. "Well if it isn't the trouble maker," he said with a chuckle.

"You won't get away with this!" shouted Lisanna.

"The problem is, I already have," said 'Salamander' extending his arm, preparing to attack Lisanna from point blank range. Lisanna cringed, knowing that there was only one transformation she could do which would guarantee her survival. As she began to channel the magical energy however, everything around her began to shake as the entire ship was blown backwards, knocking everybody off their feet. On the deck, the women were all blown to the side as a mammoth wave picked up the ship and forcibly dragged it to shore. The resounding crash sent sand flying up in all directions, showering the nearby buildings in small grains.

"What the hell were you thinking!" shouted Lucy, once she finally regained her bearings. The person she was yelling at was her celestial spirit Aquarius who simply shrugged at the response.

"Damn, I flushed the boat along with you," she said sounding rather bored with the whole situation.

"You were aiming for me!" exclaimed Lucy.

A small smile crept across Aquarius' face as she turned around. "I won't be available for a while," she stated. "I'm going on vacation with my boyfriend for a week. With my boyfriend," she repeated before returning to the spirit world.

"You don't have to say it twice!" shouted Lucy as she turned to survey her surroundings. Thankfully, it didn't seem like any civilians had gotten hurt in the situation and even now the women who were soon to be slaves were running free.

"What the hell happened?" asked 'Salamander' as he was tossed from the ship. Gazing upwards, he saw a shadow hidden within the smoke of the white haired girl he was about to defeat.

"Lisanna!" shouted Lucy as she ran towards the scene.

"Don't worry," said Happy who was perched on Lucy's shoulder, eating away at a fish he had kept hidden. "Lisanna hasn't pulled out her most powerful transformation yet, there is no way she will lose."

"What?" exclaimed Lucy, hearing that Lisanna still had a trick left.

"It's time you suffer," said 'Salamander' as he prepared his spell. Swinging his arms out wide, a magic circle appeared in front of him. "Prominence Typhoon!" he shouted as a spiral of flames spewed forth. Lisanna paid it little attention however as the flames enveloped over her as she channelled her own magical energy.

"Lisanna!" shouted Lucy in fear before something reminiscing a rocket shot upwards through the flames. All could only watch in awe as the wings flashed wide in a dazzling display to reveal a bird comprised entirely out of flames.

"Animal soul: Phoenix," said Happy in a calm tone to which Lucy's jaw dropped wide.

"Phoenix, the fire bird that bursts into ashes at the end of its life to only to be reborn again," exclaimed Lucy.

"We found one on our journey," said Happy. "Lisanna managed to cast Take Over on it and she is now able to call out its power at will. The amount of magical power it take to maintain such a spell however is great so she can only use it on rare occasions."

"Bora-san, it's the phoenix of Fairy Tail," exclaimed one of the henchmen, afraid of the sight before him.

"Idiot, don't call me that," said Bora.

"Flaming rain!" shouted Lisanna from high above as she flapped her wings in rapid succession, sending small bullets of fire raining down at the crooks. Without any shelter, they had little chance to block the pain as it burned their skin. Bora was the only one to avoid the attack, using his 'Red Carpet' to fly out of the way. He didn't get far however as he felt a hot talon grab him by the back of the head before he was forcibly pushed downwards, his face hitting the ground with a sickening thud.

"Hope you learned your lesson," said Lisanna as she removed the spell, her body returning to normal as Bora twitched beneath her, the only signs that he was still alive.

"That was incredible Lisanna!" exclaimed Lucy as she ran up to where the white haired girl was standing.

"I wouldn't have been able to do it if it wasn't for you," said Lisanna with a smile, one which quickly spread to Lucy's lips as well. It didn't last however as the embers Lisanna had rained down upon the villains had not been so well aimed, some of the fire having landed on top of houses and upon market stalls. Within seconds the fire grew to immense proportions as flames leapt high into the air. Lucy could only stare wide eyed before a hand clasped around her wrist. "Quick, bail," screamed Lisanna as she started running off.

"What, why?" questioned Lucy as she struggled to get to her feet. Her only response however was Lisanna pointing up towards the city where a number of soldiers were marching towards the port. "I'm too cute to get arrested," screamed Lucy as she started running on her own.

"I know somewhere where you'll fit in just fine," said Happy who was flying beside them.

"Where?" asked Lucy.

"Fairy Tail, you keen?" asked Lisanna. A few moments passed as Lucy pondered over the question before a positive smile spread across her lips.



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