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The door to the safe house burst open, the injured members of Fairy Tail whipping their heads around to see who had disrupted them in such an abusive manner. Needless to say when they saw the black haired Gajeel the abusive manner no longer seemed like such a big deal. Those that could stand got to their feet, some more swiftly than others as they prepared to tackle the Iron Dragon Slayer with whatever amount of energy they could muster.

Gajeel however took everything in stride, his eyes focusing on the original target he had been assigned, Lucy Heartphilia. The blonde haired celestial mage stood with her hands on her keys, her mind already playing through a number of plans in her head on how she could prevent as much damage befalling her friends as possible. Loke and Reedus, the other two members of Fairy Tail who were the most likely to put up a challenge were standing by her side, Loke's fear of celestial wizards seemingly having vanished with a more fearsome opponent in front of him. Protecting the guild was, and would be his duty for as long as he remained in this realm.

"What do you want?" asked Lucy, her voice trying to hide her fear of the man in front of her. From reports of the invasion it had apparently been this man who had dealt a severe amount of damage to her friends.

"Phantom wants you," declared Gajeel as he pointed a finger at the female mage, making Lucy tense nervously wondering why another guild was targeting her.

"We won't let you touch her!" shouted Loke, his hands illuminating a golden light much unlike any magic any of his fellow guild members had seen him display before.

"However, that is not why I am here," said Gajeel. "All I seek is information."

"We have nothing to tell you," said Reedus who unlike his fellow guild members struggled to keep the fear in his voice from seeping through his teeth.

"Look, if you tell me what I want to know then there is no reason for me to take the girl, or you remain silent, I beat the hell out of the lot of you and take the girl to Master Jose! The choice is yours to make and I will tell you that I'm not a patient man," shouted Gajeel getting frustrated with the people in front of him. While his orders were clear, he would not go as far as to attack the people who could not fight back, even a person like him had more honour than that.

"You're right, it is our choice to make," said a female voice but his eyes grew wide as the person speaking was not in front of him, but rather standing behind him. "However you left out a third option, where I beat you senseless and you crawl back to Jose with you tail tucked between your legs. Frankly, I like that choice most of all."

Gajeel turned slowly and shuddered as he saw the scarlet hair that held a dozen stories in their own right. "Erza Scarlet," he said slowly before he found himself ducking to avoid a sword slash. While he was preparing himself to avoid another one of her attacks, he found himself blindsided as the heel of Loke's foot connected squarely with the side of his head with enough force to make his body bounce across the cobblestones of the back street. It didn't take him long to find his feet again before transforming his arm into an iron pole to defend himself from yet another sword strike from Erza. Steel clashed with iron, the two metals colliding with each other on a number of occasions as Gajeel did his best to hold off the onslaught that rained down upon him.

A piercing strike broke through his defence and he found the tip of the blade held only an inch from his right eye. He dared not make a move, knowing that the danger of the situation was much higher than anything he had encountered beforehand. "Ask," demanded Erza as she lowered the sword only to lift it to his chin.

"What?" asked Gajeel confused about the quick turnaround that had occurred only to find the steel pressed against his skin.

"What is it that you wanted to know? Don't make me ask again!" demanded Erza making Gajeel lift his hands up in a sign of surrender.

"I want to know of the day the dragons roared," stated Gajeel, swallowing nervously as Loke and Lucy caught up to where the dragon slayer and Erza stood, Reedus having stayed behind in case a second attack came at his allies.

"The day the dragons roared?" repeated Lucy, the phrase having no true meaning to her. She looked towards Loke hoping the playboy would be able to offer an answer but he looked just as confused as she did.

Erza could do nothing but turn her eyes away from Gajeel as she lowered her sword arm away. "I know of the day you speak of," said Erza, a pain once forgotten now residing in her voice. "However I do not, nor do I ever want to know what happened on that day!"

"I see," said Gajeel, his usual aggressive tone no longer present. "Do you know of anybody that would have that kind of information?"

"Master may know or know of someone who would know, there are three people I know of who know the information but to so much as mention that day to them would bring nothing but sadness and I will not speak their names," stated Erza. "If that is all..."

"Thank you," said Gajeel before turning around. With his business done, he walked away, leaving the members of Fairy Tail standing within a confined group, two of which were curious as to what had just transpired.

"Erza..." started Lucy but she was prevented from saying anything more as Loke placed a hand on her shoulder, signalling that the blonde girl shouldn't push the subject at this time.

"Erza, the guild needs your help," declared Loke.

"On it," said Erza as her demeanour returned to normal, the scarlet haired swordswoman charging off towards the guild determined to help in any way that she could if only to get the thought of what Gajeel had spoken of out of her head.

"Loke," said Lucy getting the handsome wizard to look at her. "The magic you just used..."

"Can be discussed on another day," finished Loke, not particularly wanting to talk about the topic right at that moment. He knew a day would come when both he and Lucy would need to sit down and discuss a future that didn't particularly include the two of them slipping under the sheets of a king sized bed but something much darker. "C'mon, let's tell the others that Gajeel's been scared off."

"Okay," replied Lucy as the two of them turned around to head back to the safe house to inform their friends that they were safe for the moment.

Erza sprinted down the back streets and as she turned onto the main road she was able to see the guild and the giant robot that towered over it. Yet as she got closer and closer she watched as Jose's shades melded into one heinous ball of destruction. From within, a giant rose out of the darkness, held high above the roof of the guild. "Stop it!" shouted Erza at the top of her lungs as realised what was about to happen. With a single strike Erza fell to her knees as the top of the guild was destroyed with a punch. More fists burst forth and tears streamed from a single eye as the building was pummelled with nobody capable of doing anything to stop it.


"You monster!" shouted Ul as her fist slammed into her palm. "Ice make: Rosen Kurone!" Unleashing her spell, thorned vines of solid ice stretched forth, weaving their way across the room with enough strength to burst through the solid metal walls. Jose did his best to avoid the oncoming attacks and destroyed anything that neared too close to him. A decisive crash behind him alerted him of an attack coming from behind and only through his quick reaction speed was he able to avoid a piercing blow, the thorns on the vine cutting through the fabric of his cloak.

"For the tenth member of the wizard saints I must say that you fight with a much greater strength than what others would believe," said Jose as soon as he felt like the immediate threat had passed.

"I know your ploy, destroy the guild to demoralise us," stated Ul. "All you've managed to do however is anger me." Jose didn't respond with words but by sending a powerful stream of black magic directly at Ul, seemingly surprising his fellow wizard saint. He watched as Ul took the blow head on before shattering into a hundred shards of ice.

"Ice Make: Rose Garden!" summoned Ul from the other side of the room before she slammed her hands into the ground. Layer upon layer of frozen destruction grew towards Jose at a rapid pace.

"Dead Wave!" shouted Jose as he swung his arm in an arc before firing a powerful beam of darkness magic at the oncoming ice, piercing through the centre of the attack towards where Ul remained.

"Ice Make: Twin Mirror!" said Ul as she summoned two planes of thick reflective ice in front of her at roughly forty five degree angles of one another. As Jose's magic struck the first mirror it bounced off of the ice and into the second mirror which in turn sent the magic back at Jose. Channelling deep into the depths of his own magical energy, he summoned a thin line of concentrated magic that he sent forward, slicing the beam he had fired earlier in half before continuing on its path and slicing the mirrors in half as well. Ul had to do no more than duck to avoid the attack which cleaved through the wall behind her.

"Ul!" shouted Gray as he and the rest of the crew who had defeated the members of the Element Four arrived in the room to see the chaos and destruction that had occurred in their absence.

"Get out of here!" said Ul in a commanding tone.

"We're here to help," declared Laxus as he got into a fighting stance, ready to take on the man who had caused a war against his guild. "And we are not taking no as an answer."

"Sadly for you it would have been the better choice," said Jose as he channelled magic into his palm and slammed it to the floor. Bursting from the ground beneath them, a number of purple serpentine shades surrounded the trio of Fairy Tail wizards before constricting tightly. Mirajane and Gray cried out in pain as the air escaped their lungs. Laxus however began channelling lighting around his body in such vicious amounts that the coils around him were vaporised almost instantaneously. Yet it had been that brief moment that had allowed Jose to strike, flicking a finger at Laxus and sending a bullet of darkness at him that struck his chest with enough force to send him careening into the wall behind him.

"Dead Wave!" summoned Jose as he cast his spell once more, this time however it was at the three latest additions to the battle.

"Ice Make: Shield!" shouted Ul as she cast her spell, creating a barrier in front of her allies strong enough to withstand the blast even though she knew that she had just cost herself the fight. Twisting her head back towards Jose she could see that while she had defended her friends he had fired another beam straight at her, the distance it had covered making her realise that she would be unable to summon anything before the magic struck true. Closing her eyes, she waited for the darkness to surround her, pleased to know that her final moments had been spent protecting those she called family.

Yet moments passed as she realised that the attack had never hit and as Ul opened her eyes she found herself bathed in a golden light. Turning towards her guild mates she saw that the bindings constricting them had evaporated in the light that surrounded them. She then turned her attention towards where Jose stood to that the attack had been blocked by someone and a smile graced her lips as she saw that Makarov had joined the fight.


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