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"This is so exciting," Lucy practically squealed in joy as the group sat within the small room of the train carriage. Despite having arrived only minutes before the train departed they had still been able to get a room by themselves which was a miracle in itself.

"It should be good fun," said Erza as she looked out the window at the moving scenery.

"Hey Mira-nee, when's your next photo shoot?" Lisanna asked of her sister.

"It's just over a week away," stated Mirajane.

"So you'll be back in time for the tournament then," said Lisanna as a broad smile crossed her lips, thinking how she would get the chance to show off her skills to her sister.

"Tournament?" repeated Lucy overhearing the conversation.

"You've heard of the Fantasia parade right?" asked Lisanna.

"I've heard rumors about it but I've never seen it myself," admitted Lucy trying to recall the vague bits of information she had picked up over her time traveling.

"Well you're not going to be watching it either, you're going to be a part of it," said Mirajane with a smile which caused Lucy's jaw to drop slightly.

"What!" she exclaimed.

"Everybody in the guild takes part one way or another," explained Erza. "The only real exception is if you're too injured from the fighting earlier in the day."

"So just what is this tournament?" asked Lucy trying to get her mind off of potentially embarrassing herself in front of a huge audience.

"It's the second annual Fairy Tail Tournament," said Erza. "Fifteen of the guild's members are chosen at random to fight in the tournament."

"Fifteen? That's a bit of an odd number," said Lucy trying to break down the reasoning behind why such a number would be used.

"It's fifteen normal members of the guild, the last fighter is chosen from all of the S class mages," said Lisanna.

"Wait so that means..." started Lucy as she trailed off whilst turning her attention from Erza to Mirajane. Her thoughts then trailed to both Laxus and Ul and knew how quickly she would be trumped in a fight against any of them. "How is that fair!"

"Well when the prize money is five hundred thousand jewels from the S class mages pockets. If the S class mage wins it then the money goes into the guild for the festivities so it's a win win situation all round," explained Erza.

"I'm definitely going to win this!" declared Lucy knowing that the money would easy cover a month's worth of rent and then even leave some left over for spending. Add that to all of the income she would make during that time it would be like Christmas had come early.

"We'll probably need to up your training when we get back to get you in winning form," said Erza confidently.

"Yay..." said Lucy solemnly as she realised that she had just signed herself up for a week of torture.

"Well so long as you don't get last place you'll be fine," said Mirajane with a smile.

"Last?" repeated Lucy unsure what Mirajane meant for a last place in a tournament of sixteen combatants.

"It's probably easier if we tell you how the tournament's actually structured," said Lisanna. "With sixteen people there's eight winners and eight losers after the first round. Those that keep winning move further up the tournament while those who keep losing face the Master's punishment."

"Remember last year when Levy lost? I still can't believe Master made her do that," said Mirajane as she recalled the punishment that had been laid out for the mage.

"I felt so sorry for her," said Erza as she lowered her head, not wanting to think too much more on the subject.

"Wait, Levy lost?" questioned Lucy wondering how her best friend had done so bad.

"She ran against Laxus in the first round and burned up most of her energy trying to fight him, afterwards she was in no real contention to put up much of a fight against the rest of her opponents," explained Lisanna.

Lucy swallowed nervously at the thought of coming up against the S class wizard in the first round and if she found herself in a similar situation as Levy had would it be simpler to give up and make sure that she didn't find herself on the bottom of the table. She was about to speak but was interrupted as the door to their room slid open revealing a woman wearing an overly revealing maid's outfit who was standing in front of a food trolley. The woman had jet black hair which contrasted against both her skin and overly red lips. Lucy found herself looking away scared that from her position she'd be able to see underneath the tiny apron and see the woman's undergarments.

"Why hello there, would any of you lovely demoiselles be interested in a crepe or another treat?" she asked as she displayed the food available with what seemed a fake accent. With a unanimous growl of the stomach Erza was quick to purchase from the trolley soon followed by the other three members of Fairy Tail.

"This is wonderful," said Erza as she took another bite out of the strawberry cake she had purchased.

"That wasn't the normal trolley lady was it," stated Lisanna recalling the last time she had been on the train as she ate the crepe she had purchased. Mirajane simply nodded as she stuck her fork into her salad, having gone the healthy option so that she wouldn't have to worry about having to lose any excess weight before her photo shoot.

"Do you think she lost a bet or something to wear that?" questioned Lucy who placed the sandwich she had bought to the side, not knowing how much longer the train ride would take she had opted to wait a little while longer before digging into her purchase.

"I...I think it's just so that she would get guys to buy more stuff from her," said Erza as she lifted a hand to wipe her eyes.

"Are you alright?" asked Lucy as she saw what Erza was doing.

"I'm fine, I just got sleepy all of a sudden," said the scarlet haired woman before sudden realization slipped through her system. "Shit."

"What, what is it?" asked Lucy in a worrying tone.

"Sleep magic, injected in the food," stammered Mirajane as the salad in her hands dropped to the floor spilling across the wooden floorboards.

"We...need to stop them..." said Lisanna trying to put on a brave face but failed as she found her head slipping on to her sister's shoulder where she snuggled into place despite the predicament.

Sitting next to Lucy, Erza slumped against the window as she fell into a deep sleep while the celestial mage looked across to see Mirajane stroking Lisanna's hair with seemingly the last of her strength. "Lucy...stop them..." she managed to say before she too fell under the effects of the magic and found herself in the blissful state of sleep.

Lucy just looked around in shock horror as the three companions she had taken on this trip slept peacefully around her when the reason for such a thing was menacing in nature. Realizing that this was potentially happening to other people in the carriage Lucy practically leaped off her seat and slammed open the door and turned down the hallway where she saw the trolley lady looking at her in mock shock after having just served the last room. "Oh...was the little mademoiselle not hungry," she said as she placed a finger next to her lips.

"What have you done?" demanded Lucy as she stood out in the hallway.

"I just allowed the people on board to have a little nap, there's nothing wrong with that. Now you're just going to have to go to sleep the hard way," she said while batting an eyelid.

Lucy seemed to immediately react and she could only thank Erza's strict training methods as she reflexively leaped out of the way as a large wooden club passed through the space that her head had previously occupied. Twisting her head over her shoulder Lucy saw that the woman had three companions with her, the brute wielding the club along with two men behind him who were carrying valuable possessions that Lucy could only assume they had taken from other patrons of the train. "Nimble one ain't ya," said the brutish man as he sneered at the girl in front of him.

Her attention lost on the woman in front of her left Lucy to the woman's mercy as she found herself struck across the face. Turning her attention back to the woman in front of her Lucy could see that she wielded a whip that she had seemingly pulled out of nowhere. Lifting her hand up she could feel her cheek burning from the attack but knew that the woman had gone soft on her, had she wanted she likely could have finished the bout there and then. With careful eyes Lucy watched as the next attack sprung forth and she weaved around it while turning towards the three men behind her with one of her golden keys in hand. "Open the Gate of the Golden Bull! Taurus!" she shouted before the spirit she had summoned burst forth immediately barging into the biggest man and knocking him into his companions. "Can I trust you to take care of them?" asked Lucy of her companion.

"For your sexy body, of course," stated Taurus as he braced himself for the battle ahead.

"Try not to destroy the train in the process," said Lucy knowing just how much strength Taurus had before she twisted towards the trolley lady to find that she was missing. However Lucy knew where she went as she saw the swinging whip beckoning her from the outside of a window. Charging forward she expertly leaped over the trolley cart as she left Taurus to deal with the three men as she opened the door to the carriage and began to ascend the ladders nearby. As her head peered over the top of the ladder it was quickly struck by the cold wind which was a quick reminder that the train was still moving.

"There's the demoiselle," said the woman as she beckoned Lucy to join her atop the carriage. Steeling her nerve Lucy clambered on top of the moving carriage and prayed that she didn't lose her footing. It was safe to say that she much rather have fought inside the vehicle then out.

"I'm going to stop you," declared Lucy boldly as the wind blew her hair in all directions.

"Why, have I wronged you in any way?" asked the woman.

"You were going to rob me!"

"Aside from that?"


"As I thought."

"That's not the point," Lucy practically screamed. "Why do you need to steal?"

"It is all part of the Master's plan," declared the woman boldly.

"Master?" questioned Lucy to which pulled down the top of her maid outfit to show a guild insignia on the top of her breast. Lucy however at this stage was doing her best not to look and while she could likely recognize the guild insignia if given enough time she was more disturbed with the place this lady had had her insignia placed. Her loss of sight was a quick mistake as the lady struck out with her whip and snagged Lucy's leg, tripping the blonde up and making her fall painfully onto her backside.

"You know our Master's always looking for new toys if you wanted to join up," said the woman as she walked towards where Lucy sat. "We could even have some fun on the side."

"...Excuse me?"

"A cutie like you, who wouldn't want you," complimented the woman and while Lucy was taken aback slightly from the words this was neither the time nor the place for this kind of conversation to be going on.

"No, I'm going to stop you here," declared Lucy doing her best to get back to the topic at hand.

"So you want to play rough then," said the woman as Lucy got back to her feet, the woman seemingly happy with allowing her to do so. "Show me what you can do sugar."

Shaking her head of all absurd thoughts, Lucy charged forward as golden light shimmered in her hand before one of her practice kendo sticks burst into existence to which Lucy quickly struck out at the woman's torso. Part of her wished that she could summon another spirit but with Taurus down below she was fairly certain that another spirit would drain her magic supplies to a dangerously low level.

"Can't say I expected that," said the black haired woman as she leaped backwards avoiding the blow. "You're going to need to do better though sweet pea."

"Stop calling me these names!" shouted Lucy who was getting steadily more frustrated with each compliment. It wasn't so much the words themselves but to the fact that it was this woman saying them to her and Lucy couldn't figure out whether or not they were to simply torment her mind or if they were genuine.

"Sugar plum, don't be like that," pouted the woman giving Lucy puppy dog eyes.

Lucy didn't reply as she stepped forward and swung in a wide arc towards where the woman stood, or at least had stood but a quick shuffle to the side allowed them to dodge the blow. For Lucy this was the first actual time she had been in hand to hand combat since she had begun her strenuous training with Erza and she would later need to ask to spar with the scarlet haired woman so that she could get used to fighting somebody other than wooden training posts.

Broken from her thoughts Lucy swerved her torso as the woman's whip pierced the air she had previously resided and she quickly had to react once more as she found the woman's boot coming towards her face. Leaping backwards Lucy managed to avoid the attack but failed to land correctly as her footing gave way from underneath her and she began falling to her left, right where the edge of the carriage came to an end.

Lucy screamed in terror as she flailed about like a doll, unable to stop her fall as she closed her eyes expecting her demise to quickly be upon her. Her fingers desperately tried to reach out for the edge and while the tips of her fingers scraped the moving train she was unable to get a good enough hold to support herself and she truly believed this was the end.

Her fall came to an abrupt stop though as the woman grabbed hold of her wrist and held on with all her strength, doing her best to make sure that Lucy would live to see another day. "Can you get in through the window sweet cheeks?" she asked as she wondered just how long she could hold on for before her own grip slipped.

Thankfully it wouldn't have to come to Lucy kicking in the window as a bulky arm smashed through the glass easily to make sure that Lucy would not fall anytime soon. "Taurus!" shouted Lucy in thanks as her spirit grabbed her body and helped her back into the safety of the cart. Upon thanking the bull she noted that the three men that he had fought were all collapsed in a corner of the carriage knocked out completely cold.

"Is your nice body alright Lucy?" questioned Taurus showing genuine concern for his key holder.

"I'm fine, thank you," said Lucy as she came to grips with what had just happened before the door opened to reveal the woman she had been fighting and now owed her life to standing there. "Why?

"I'm a thief, not a murderer," she stated putting a hand on her hip. "I couldn't really let a sweet thing like you simply vanish."

"You like Lucy's nice body too?" questioned the spirit to which he was replied with the woman winking in his direction.

"Get out of here," said Lucy as she sent her spirit back to the world it was summoned from.

"Well I guess it's time I take my leave, it's too late now to try and get out of here with anything so I'll cut my losses and go," said the woman as she closed the gap between them.

"Wait, you're just going to leave your friends?" asked Lucy turning to the lifeless thugs.

"They're not my friends, I simply hired them for this mission and since they failed it's their own fault for being so weak," said the woman running her fingers through her hair. "There's just one thing I need to steal though before I go."

"You're not stealing..." started Lucy but was quickly cut off as she found this woman's lips pressed firmly against her own and she couldn't help but freeze in place. Having never been kissed before she had never imagined that it would feel something like this but she had always thought that it would be with the perfect guy and not some woman wearing a maid's outfit.

The kiss was broken and suddenly Lucy found herself getting sleepy all of a sudden. "The name's Erin, remember it for next time," said the woman as Lucy collapsed into her arms sound asleep. Erin held the girl for a few seconds more than she probably should have before she carried Lucy back to the room she had come from and placed the sleeping form back into the room with the other three sleeping mages. Placing her down gently, Erin leaned in and kissed Lucy once more on the cheek, her bright red lipstick forming a perfect pattern upon Lucy's skin that would ensure that she would get to see the girl again sometime soon.

Turning around she couldn't help but smile as she closed the door behind her. It would be several more minutes before the patrons aboard the train would wake up and by then she would be long gone. It would also be several more minutes after that when Lucy would discover that no matter how hard she tried she would not be able to get the lipstick mark off of her cheek no matter how hard she tried to scrub it off.


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Just when you thought I couldn't create an original arc, boom! Having Lucy and co having a relaxing time at the resort sounded all well and good in theory, but of course without the Tower of Heaven there wouldn't be much fun to twist the thing around. Plus I realized that since I have Lucy as a main character alongside Lisanna I needed to give her some page time, and what better way then to have her first confrontation with an overly flirtatious maid.

JasminDragon92: I already have enough stalkers so you're just going to have to wait in line like everybody else.

Ryuus2: Yes, we finally get to see the results of Lucy's training in the coming arcs and battling on top of a moving train is as good a place to start as any. For your rant, yes I understand about all the commotion but if you imagine the whole situation had they returned to the guild and explained Natsu wasn't coming back because he died protecting Lisanna, how would that make the guild treat the white haired girl alongside how would she feel about herself. Yes it's a huge lie that most would have seen through but to Lisanna it's what kept her going.