It was Graduation Night for the seniors of McKinley High, and the young men and women of the Class of 2012 were lining up outside, adjusting their caps and gowns and readying themselves for the procession. In the middle of the long line stood Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel, stepbrothers with conveniently consecutive last names.

"So where's that wife of yours anyway?" Kurt asked Finn, looking towards the front of the line. They clearly saw the start of the 'F's where Quinn sat in her wheelchair, and Mike a ways beyond her, but there was no sign of Rachel nearer the front in 'B' territory. "When she went out this afternoon she said she'd meet us here."

"I don't know," Finn said, twiddling his ring a little; he wasn't used to wearing it yet. "She should be here soon though. Her dads wanted to have dinner just with her, sort of a final goodbye to her old life with them I guess, but they went to that fancy Thai place so it might have taken longer." He exhaled. "Hopefully they didn't get any strange ideas about kidnapping her or something, LeRoy still talks sometimes about 'when she comes to her senses' apparently, even now."

"Well we'll all be in New York soon enough. If she hasn't shown up by then they'll probably have her locked up in the basement of the Gershwin Theatre, so you can go rescue her. I'll stand lookout, I've already met the security guard so there should be no problem."

Finn smiled at Kurt's flippancy. "At least you've come around."

"At least I was invited. Well, at least I got to be there, bundling me and your mom into cars and stealing our phones wasn't exactly an invitation," Kurt said. "It's still crazy on the surface of it. But you're both getting on with your education and you've worked out how to be together, so I suppose why not? And after what happened to Quinn, I can see why you wouldn't want to move to New York together without being officially next of kin." Kurt pouted. "In a way you owe me, if I hadn't told Dad and Carole you'd probably have stayed with a long and secret engagement."

Finn smirked. "Don't be so sure about that."

"About what?" Rachel came up behind them suddenly, putting one arm around each of Finn and Kurt.

"Hey babe," Finn said, giving her a light kiss. "How was dinner with your dads?"

"It was good," she answered. "We're working on how to have a more adult relationship. It's not easy, but I think it's going to work out eventually."

"That's great."

"Well now that we're married and moving to New York they don't really have much choice but to deal with it. So what were you two talking about?"

"Oh, Kurt was just saying that we'd still be only secretly engaged if he hadn't ratted us out," Finn stated. "I don't agree."

Rachel turned to Kurt with a smile. "Oh, if he wants to claim credit, I'm fine with that," she said. She turned back to Finn and put her other arm around him as well. "I'm too happy that we're finally married to care about how it happened." They exchanged a deeper kiss.

A cough from Kurt broke them apart. "It's almost time to start. You need to get to your place, Rachel," he said. At the front of the line, Coach Sylvester was getting her megaphone up to prepare to yell instructions to the graduates.

"I am in my place," Rachel replied, straightening her gown.

"What?" Finn was confused.

"I just checked with Coach Sylvester, and according to her amended list Principal Figgins decided to honor my name change after all," she explained. "Which puts me between my best guy and my best gay, exactly where I belong." She beamed widely at both of them. "New York's not going to know what hit it when we show up."


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