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Chapter 3: Darkness

Images of my parents flashed before me, all our past vacations, our family reunions, and other happy moments we had together. Seeing them like this makes me feel happy. But just as the images came they left, replaced be dark shadows. Then a loud male voice booms in my ears, "Wake up Edger Allen Poe, you've still got work to do!" The darkness swirled in front of me, getting more and more violent. Then I woke up.

I immediately take in a breath only to have my lungs sting from breathing in something foreign. I try to move my body, it feels cold, stiff and… wet? My eyes fly open to find myself underwater, not too deep, I can touch the bottom. I will my body to move and I manage to break the surface and take a welcomed breath of air. I wade in the water for a minute so my eyes can adjust and I spot the shore line. I swim over and pull myself onto shore. I can hardly support myself and up on my hands and knees. I just sit there coughing up a nasty mixture of water and blood.

I sit there in the cold air regaining my strength. I am soon able to stand and look at my surroundings. Off the shore is a dense forest and not much else. Over the water I see a vast mountain range. I recognize where I am, I'm on the shore of Cauldron Lake. "How the hell did I get here?" I say to myself. Then suddenly memories of the night in the cabin flash before my eyes, the sunset, the fight, the screams, and the hit to the head. I reach behind my head and feel wet hair and… a scab? I think to myself "Wait a minute, the events at the cabin feel like they only happened ten minutes ago, how do I have a scab already?" I push that thought aside and decide I need to find a way out of the forest, I need to find someone, or at the very least a place with a phone so I can call the police.

I start my way into the forest hoping to at least find a path. After 15 minutes of walking I find a stone path and follow it up the mountain. Along my way up I keep hearing strange noises like mumblings. As I head up a hill I see what looks like the silhouette of a man. "Please help!" I yell out hoping to get his attention, instead the silhouette disappeared with no answer. I try and run hoping I can catch up to the figure. I get over the hill only to find nothing but more trees. However, at the top of the hill I could see a building with lights and what looked like a radio tower. I decide to head in that direction and hope for the best.

I keep hearing the weird mumblings in the woods as I make my way to the building. Another 15 minutes later on the path and I hear rustling in the bushes I walk over hoping it's the man from earlier. Suddenly I hear a barking of a dog "Oh crap a wild dog, I'm going to get bit and get rabies." I thought to myself. Then suddenly I heard the dog yelp as if it was being hurt. I run over to see what was happening and I see a man with the same figure as the silhouette I saw earlier. I then realize he's holding an ax. "What the hell is he doing?" I think. He then raises the ax and swings it down into the dog. I turn away from the horror that will be before me. I hear the dog make one last yelp, and then silence. I look back to see the man pull the ax out of the dog and then turn to me.

"Excuse me why did you do that?" I ask him.

"RABID ANIMALS NEED TO GET THEIR RABIS SHOTS!" He says to me in a weird distorted voice. I get a good look at him, where his eyes should be are black oily spheres. He also has a shadowy silhouette that reminds me of the swirling shadows from my earlier visions. He then starts to walk up to me brandishing his ax.

"What are you doing?"


He then raises his ax ready to swing at me. I immediately run in the other direction. I run as fast as I can hope to lose him, I look back and see him in pursuit; I try to run even faster. I see the building from earlier very close and run for it. I get to the outer gate, open it and close it behind me. I stand in the light of the street lamp above me and waiting to see if the man with the ax will break through. The only thing I heard was the sound of wind through the trees. I look at the forest beyond the gate and see nothing but bushes and trees. I decide to not investigate and head up to the door of the building. Above the door I see BRIGHT FALLS RADIO STATION.I walk inside and hear a familiar voice.

"Well folks, while everyone else is asleep you all have stayed up with me to enjoy this fine country weather. To those from out of town this is what a night sky should look like. And now it looks like we have hit the midnight hour which means it's now tomorrow, and only two days from deer fest now."

"Wait, it five days away yesterday, what the hell?" I think.

I walk over to one of the tables in the lounge area with all the magazines and news papers. I pick up what I presume is the most recent newspaper and look at the date. It said June 27, which means today was the 28. My family arrived in Bright Falls on June 24. I'm missing 3 days.

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