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Chapter 4: Partners in crime.

After the initial shock I came back to reality. I looked over to the studio to see Pat wrapping up the hour on the radio. After he finished he turned around to see me in the lounge. He opened the door and walked in to greet me.

"Andrew, good to see you again, how are you?" He said.

"Not so good Mr. Main, I don't know what's going on but you need to call the police." I said in a hurried out of breath voice.

"Why, what happened?"

"My parents are missing, there's a crazy ax murderer in the woods, I can't remember the last three days, and I think I might have a concussion."

"Oh dear!" He said as he ran to the table where the phone is and dialed 911.

1 hour later I was sitting in the Bright Falls police station after explaining what happened to me for the 3rd time. The doctor had looked at the gash on my head and said that I didn't have a concussion, just had a bad hit to the head. So now I just sit here in the front of the station, waiting to hear what they are going to do about my situation.

Someone opened the door to the station revealing the bright morning sun. a police officer was dragging in a kid, my guess is about 16-18 years old, and sat the kid two seats from me.

"Wait here, I'm going to tell Sheriff Breaker that you are here." The officer said. He then walked away into the back.

The kid sighed, then looked at me and said "So what are you here for?"

"Parents missing, I can't remember the last 3 days, and someone hit my on the head." I said.

"Wow, I thought you had committed a crime?"

"Why, what did you do?"

"I tried to hack the police computers."


"I was going to erase my previous crimes of hack other peoples computers."

I started laughing at that. "Really, you try to hack the police to erase your other crimes of hacking, how ironic."

"Yea not such good idea after I think about it."

"Yea, what's your name?"

"Ryan, Ryan Plackner."

"Nice to meet you Ryan, I'm Andrew Blake."

"Cool." He said as we shook hands.

Just then a woman in a police jacket came into the room. She had brown hair and a thin figure. My guess is this is Sheriff Breaker. She walked up to Ryan first.

"I'll talk to you in a little bit Ryan; I need to talk to Andrew first. Now Andrew what cabin did you say your parents rented?" She said in a stern voice.

"Number 207." I said wondering why she asked, that's not exactly the most important fact in my case right now.

"And it should have been rented out 3 days ago to a Mike Blake, right?"

"Yes, why are you asking me this?"

"Because we checked the files down at Elderwood and it says that cabin 207 was not rented out at that time. In fact, it hasn't been rented in out for at least 2 weeks."

"What? That can't be right, I know my dad rented that cabin, I actually saw him sign the papers."

"Well the records show that the last person to rent it was 2 weeks ago by a Mr. Nightingale…" Her voice trailed off after she read the name.

"Something wrong?" I ask.

"No, I'm fine; we'll keep looking, for now you can stay here till we find your parents."

"Does that mean I have to sleep in a jail cell?"

"I'm afraid so, there aren't any hotels for a while and we need to keep you close."

"Auug!" I groan as the thought of sleeping in a cell rolls through my mind.

"Hey just be glad, none of them are actually being used, you'll be the only one in them and you can come and go as you please." She says with in a happy tone.

"Yeah, and if things don't work out for me, you might have a cell mate." Said Ryan.

"Oh I don't think that will be a problem Ryan, this is the 5th time we have caught you hacking a computer, and what's worse is that it was the police computers this time. I think you can guarantee that you aren't going home tonight." Said Sheriff Breaker, she then grabbed Ryan's arm and pulled him into the Sheriff's office.

30 minutes after that Ryan came out of the office with Sheriff Breaker holding his arm, from the look on his face it looked like he didn't get off easy. She pulled him across the hall and into a room that I guessed were the cells. After about 5 minutes she came out and walked up to me.

"Alright, you want to pick the cell you're going to be in?" she asked.


She escorted me into the room. In there I saw three individual cells, the center one now containing a rather unhappy Ryan.

"Well you can pick either right or left of Ryan." she said.

"I'll take right, I prefer closest to the door."

"Ok, like I said, the door will be open, there's water, coffee and some snacks in the break room if you want. Restroom is down the hall to the left, or here in the cell. But I doubt you want to use the restroom while Ryan is there."

"Thanks, I'll be good for now."

"Ok, if you need anything, just ask whoevers at the front desk." she said, then walked out the door.

I sat there on the bed for a while playing everything that happened in my head; the screams of my parents, the hit to the head, waking up in the lake, the crazy ax man in the woods, me not remembering the past 3 days, and what Sheriff Breaker said about the cabin never being rented to my dad. It's like all my years of paranormal hunting is coming back to bite me in the butt. I still keep hearing my parents scream for help in my head. Then I remember the hit to the head I took when I tried to call for help. I reach behind my head and feel the now prominent scab of where the guy hit me.

"You ok there Andrew?" says Ryan, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, just thinking about all that's happened, can't really explain much of it."

"Why, tell me."

I tell him about the argument, my parents missing, waking up in the lake and the crazy ax man. Trying to get every detail I can.

"Wow, yeah that is a lot of weird stuff. I'm sure Sarah can help you."


"Sheriff Breaker."

"You call her by her first name? You've gotten in trouble so much you call her Sarah?"

"Yeah, why, you got a problem with that?"

"I just find it kind of weird."

"Whatever; she can do a lot of stuff. She can track me in the computer system. And she was involved in the Alan Wake incident."

"She knew Alan Wake, and what do you mean incident, I thought he came here and then just disappeared?"

"That's only half the story. He came here yes, but while he was here, his wife went missing. And the files say that he couldn't remember the previous week, when he reported her missing. But then, several days later, that case was put in the case closed bin, even when they didn't report on finding her or anything. And low and behold, two weeks after that, Alan is gone."

"How do you know all this?"

"I'm a hacker, after I got rid of record I got curious and started browsing the other files. Oh, you know what happened during the investigation, the FBI came in. Apparently the lead investigator, Agent Nightingale, thought Alan had been the one to kill his wife, and some other people who went missing in town recently."

"Wait was the name of the investigator?"

"Agent Nightingale, why?"

"Wasn't that the name of the guy that last rented the cabin I stayed at?"

"Yeah, and Sarah looked funny when she read that name."

"I wonder if they are the same person."

"I doubt it, in the Alan Wake file it said that Agent Nightingale died during the investigation. What's weird is it says the cause of death was unexplainable."

"You mean unknown."

"No, it said in the file 'Cause of death: Unexplainable'."

"Wow that is weird. Well I guess I'll ask Sheriff Breaker about it later, I'm going to try and get some sleep, I feel like I haven't slept in days."

"Sure thing, I'll be here when you wake. Don't have much of a choice do I?"

"Not really, see you later."

"Sweet dreams Blake."

"Whatever." I said as I drifted into a deep sleep.

In my dream I saw images of my parents again; my dad on the many locations that he would drive us for vacation, mom and all her crafts. Then it all went dark and I was met with the image of a man wearing a jeans and a jacket that said FBI on it. He had a dark shadowy aura around him that shifted as if it were alive. Then he spoke in a loud booming voice that echoed in my head.


He then disappeared in a dark cloud. Then I heard another voice.

"Andrew! Andrew, wake up!"

"WHA!" I awoke with a start, it was dark and I could hardly see anything. When my eyes finally adjusted to the light I saw Ryan at the bars of his cell and mine, screaming.

"What's going on!?" I yell as I get out of the bed.

"I don't know, the lights went out and I hear screaming in the other room!"

I listen and hear the screaming, I also hear a familiar distorted voice.


The voice was cut off by three gun shots. Then Sheriff Breaker comes through the door.

"We got to get out of here!" she yells as she runs over to Ryan's cell with her keys in hand.

"What's going on, what's out there!?" I yell.

"I'll explain later, just follow me!" she yells, opening Ryan's cell.

We both exit our cells and follow Sheriff Breaker out the back door. The sky was dark and when I look back to the police station there is what looks like a giant tornado. But not just your normal tornado, this one looked like it was made of black clouds. It angrily spun at the front of the station, and then I heard a menacing growl, one that was neither human nor animal.



I do so and follow Sheriff Breaker and Ryan out the back fence and into town.


Then suddenly, two men jump in front of us. I notice that they both have the same shadowy aura as the ax man last night and the man from my nightmares. They advance on us, one with an ax and the other with a hand knife. Sheriff Breaker takes a flashlight out of her coat pocket and turns it on. She then shines it on one of the men and he suddenly starts riving in pain. Then suddenly he flashes and the shadowy aura is gone, Sheriff Breaker then takes a hand gun and shoots the man three times. After the third shot the man flashes a bright light and disappears with no remains.

I'm too shocked now to ask about what just happened, all I k now is the she knows what she is doing. She reloads her pistol and does the same to the other man. He too disappears in a flash of light. After the second one is gone we run in the direction of the O' Deer Diner. As the Diner comes into view I notice that the lights inside the Diner are still on. Why are the lights still on? It's night time; they should be closed by now. I think to myself.

We finally make it to the Diner, but when Ryan tries to open the door it won't budge; just then we here more of those shadow men coming from behind us. Sheriff Breaker then runs up to the door and pounds on it with her fist.

"Rose it's me, Sarah, let us in. We need help!"

Just then I see the figure of Rose in the dense light running to the door. She reaches the door and unlocks but before she lets us in she pushes her way out. It's then that I notice she has a large lantern flashlight and a shotgun. She aims both the lantern and the gun at the shadow men. The shadows almost instantly go away and she kills them in one shot from the gun.

"Everyone all right?" Rose asks.

"Yeah we're all good. We need to stay in the diner until morning." says Sheriff Breaker.

"Alright come on in, I'll get us some coffee." says Rose as she leads us into the Diner.

At that moment both me and Ryan look at each other. And my guess is he was thinking the same thing I was. What did we just get ourselves into?

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