Chapter 1:Vampire Knight Chatroom- Discussing

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight or any of the characters, these all belong to the owner, I only the Chatroom names that I came up with.

Well I hope you enjoy it, I be uploading more soon

Yuuki Cross/Kuran: PureBloodPrincess

Kaname Kuran: KingKuran

Zero Kiryu: VHunter

Hanabusa Aido: KnowledgeKK

PureBloodPrincess has signed on

KingKuran has signed on

PureBloodPrincess: Oh Kaname-sama, I needed to talk to you

KingKuran: Yes what is it Yuki?

PureBloodPrincess: What did you do to Aido-san he wouldn't tell me

KingKuran: Ah I just told him to keep away from your blood, as I'm the only one that tastes you

PureBloodPrincess: Okay...but what else did you say?

KingKuran: I threatened him, that if he does that again he won't be able to live

PureBloodPrincess: O_O

KingKuran:...Well you are mine dear Yuki

PureBloodPrincess: And you are mine Kaname-sama

KingKuran: (Chuckles) Yes I am, Yuki do you...shall we have a peaceful walk tomorrow evening if you care to join me?

PureBloodPrincess: Of course Kaname-sama

KingKuran: Okay meet me at the fountain at 5pm

PureBloodPrincess: I be there I promise, bye Kaname x

KingKuran: Bye my sweet Yuki x

PureBloodPrincess has signed out

KingKuran has signed out

VHunter has signed on

KnowledgeKK has signed on

VHunter: Ahh Aido I see you haven't gone insane, how was it?

KnowledgeKK: It went okay, Yuki took a long time to work out the equations but finally managed to get them right.

VHunter: I'm suprised when me and the headmaster try to teach/explain it to Yuki, she dosen't get it aswell!

KnowledgeKK: Maybe I am a better tutor than you...

VHunter: WHAT!

KnowledgeKK: Well it's only natural, I am the smartest Vampire of my age ever since I was little, being a boy-genuis has got Hanabusa Aido written all over it :D...

VHunter: ...Okay I will leave you to your rumblings Aido

VHunter has signed out

10Minutes Later

KnowledgeKK: Zero...Zero? Hey he left, oh well properly got bored I can see why he hasn't got the knowledge to keep up with me.

KnowledgeKK has signed out

Chatroom: Good I thought he was never going to shut up, what torture that was, I'm glad he's gone now!

Chatroom has shut down