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8000 B.C.

Five men burst into the tent, one of them carrying a boy at about the age of eight. "Make some room!" one of them cried.

A woman who had already stood to her feet at their horrific arrival clears a table of beads and helps the man carrying the boy laying him flat on the table. The boy is pale and looked like he is already dead. "His heart beat is very faint." The woman said touching the boys chest.

"He comes from the people that came across the red sea centuries ago. We found him in the desert starved, injured and abandoned." One of the men told the woman.

A little girl the same age as the boy and with fairer skin then them and green eyes watched terrified for the boys' life. "Is he alright?" She asked.

The woman with the boy turns and faces the girl. "Nekta you should not be here, go." The woman is leading her out. Nekta takes her time not looking away from the boy. "Go!" The woman kept urging.

"Wait!" A man in the tent exclaimed to the woman. "We may need her. Did you not see how she brought Yu's new born baby out of a plague by just one touch?"

The woman didn't say anything; she only looked down at Nekta. The girl never took her eyes off the boy. She noticed one of his wounds on his left shoulder is infected, a lion scratch maybe. Nekta pointed out at the wound walking closer to the boy. "He is infected. He must be treated at once."

"With what?" One of the men spoke.

A woman got up. "I know of something." She runs out of the tent.

Nekta walked up to the boy as close as she could. His breathing is very low and hoarse; eyes flickering as though fighting with all of his might to open them, Nekta releases a tear that streamed down her face. The lady who ran out of the tent came back with some herbs and water.

Nekta couldn't get over how helpless the boy looked and obviously felt. His pain caused her to feel pain in that exact moment ever since see laid eyes on him. She closes her eyes heaving from the nose and exhaled softly out of her mouth. Lifting her hand she finds his. With her eyes closed she could hear the light liquid of the herbs being rubbed on his arm.

Suddenly Nekta could feel the boys fingers move and closes tightly around hers. Nekta opens her eyes to see their hands crossing another's and looks at the boy. His eyes are open looking straight up at hers. He looked scared at first but became calm a few seconds later. Nekta grins, "Everything is going to be alright. You're going to pull through." She reassured him.

The boy's eyes grew big and perches his lips back and forth trying to say something he is tightening his grip with Nekta's hand. Nekta tried to read his lips to understand what he was trying to say.

Everyone in the tent stared and went silent as they noticed the boy woke up and tried to speak.

"I'm sorry. I don't understand." Nekta told the boy as polite as she could.

The boy gave up trying to talk and gazed into Nekta's eyes once more before closing his eyes again.

Present Day: The Planet Of Abydos

That was the last memory Ra erased away from his host of Nekta. The host was very strong for years keeping his memories away from Ra especially his memories of Nekta which he never wanted to let go of. She was without a doubt the most important person ever to come into his life. She was his everything and he was her everything. But now he had no clue who she ever was and only knew his life as Ra. He hadn't the slightest idea who he really once was himself and that he had another name or where he was from. Nothing but the life Ra now gave him, still he knows he was somebody else once. Ra was his controller and body. That was one of the reasons why the host knows he was somebody else before. Whatever Ra did, thought and feel the host would think and feel too. The host was incapable of his own feelings and thoughts because he has forgotten to use them and Ra kept him from trying to do so too.

Ra watches down from the highest window in the starship shaped like an ancient pyramid he traveled galaxies in. The people of Abydos are rebelling against Ra ever since a stargate team from Earth came in from Abydos' stargate. Ra is planning to send a bomb one of the people from earth brought but things were not going according to Ra's plan. These humans were very smart, the host could feel Ra's anger build up. Just minutes ago Ra caught one of them using his transportation rays and he tried killing the human with his hand device when the transportation rings came down the man hurried in taking Ra's wrist his entire right hand was cut off from the rays of the rings and the human got away.

Now with Ra's guards being over taken by the Abydos people below and his weapon being taken away Ra groans and hauls out of the room where his child servants stayed and into the control room to leave the planet. Ra pressed very hard on the globe that shelters the ship, he glances up at how slowly the ships shields moved "Faster! Come on!" He shouted in Egyptian.

Present Day: Arnia

The school bell rang and as everyone gathered their things Jane Pole wrote one last lesson in her notebook from the board. Her looks are very similar to Nekta's except not a little girl but a 14 year old. Jane's twin brother Tristan waited for her at his desk. Jane could see him from the corner of her eye and sighs.

"It's alright Tristan, you can go. Tell mum and dad I won't be late." Tristan nods and runs out the school door.

After writing the last thing down Jane slowly got up from the desk grabbing her things quickly walking down the steps outside. As usual Helena and Ciera were outside gossiping about others to their friends that they in fact gossiped about each other as well. "She's so much like a boy." Jane heard Helena say. "That's what she gets for having two brothers." Ciera said as others laughed. "There she is."

Helena whispers as she saw Jane staring their way. She smiled. "Good afternoon girls." Jane said still walking.

They wished her a good afternoon too as she walked away, 1, 2, 3 they were probably gossiping rudely about her again. Jane admitted because of her brothers she is a bit of a tomboy, but still a princess at that and they wanted her to act like one. Jane took her normal route through the woods to go home. Home was where everything was right.

Present Day: In Orbit Near Abydos

The transportation rings came down again. Ra heaves and sighs angrily walking down the platform slowly to the rings preparing to see who or what were coming through. An object took form inside the rings, and first Ra could see a countdown of numbers. The rings go back up, and the bomb Jack O'Neil brought to the planet stares in Ra's face. Ra had rigged it earlier so the timer of impact could not be shut off. He originally planned to send the bomb through a stargate to Earth to destroy it and the people. Now the humans from earth outsmarted him. The timer ticked away at six seconds.

All Ra's host could do was watch as the bomb ticked and hear the aliens thoughts while feeling its' emotions instead of his very own. He could feel Ra grow very angry. Before the bomb reached 2 seconds the host felt a tight grip and was being pulled. Was the alien abandoning me? Was it getting us both out of the life threatening situation? Darkness and the feeling of freedom surrounded him. Had I died? He thought he was dead all along, just the alien kept him alive while it consumed him all that time. Ra had now abandoned him as its' host. After a while the host could see stars and other planets around him. He came very close to one of these planets and began seeing flashing lights. The last thing he heard was a lions roar.

Present: Destinies Collide

He awoke soon afterward in a forest with a high afternoon sun shining down on him and the sound of birds singing. The only time he remembered seeing a forest like this was when he was still a host on Earth about 300 years ago. Maybe this was earth. Now that he was free he could now feel and react. The first thing he reacted to was when he began to sit up he noticed his right wrist. He exhaled loudly in pain and felt shock at seeing that his hand was missing. He remembered again how Daniel took his wrist and placed it underneath the rings. He didn't want to feel mad, poor fellow was just trying to save himself from his consumer. However he couldn't help but feel extremely mad.

Jane thought she heard something in the woods a few feet off the trail. She stopped to listen and heard it again. "Hello?" Jane called. A low groan followed.

"Are you alright over there?" Jane followed the noise until she came across a young man no more than 16. He wore a strange dark garment and hair do. Forgetting all of that, he appeared quite attractive to her. "Who are you?" She asked.

The host watched the girls eye movements. He looks down at the terrible garment and touched his long braided hair. "What had that alien done to me?" He said in a sotto voice. Long before he could only speak and know Egyptian language, now he knew over 50 others and knew exactly what the girl said.

"I'm sorry what?" Jane asked confused taking a few steps closer to him.

"Please don't come a step any further." The host tried to jolt but slipped and met the ground again. He just now noticed his normal voice rang instead of sounding like a demon. "I don't know who or what I am anymore." He answered.

Ignoring his wishes Jane smirks and paced closer towards him. He came off to her as perfectly harmless or simply dazed. The host scoots back a little. Jane notices him grieving over something and it turned out to be his right wrist where it appeared he had no hand. Jane gasps. "You're bleeding. Let me help you back to where I live."

The host looks up at the girl again. "Why would you help someone like me?" If only the girl knew what he went through. Even if he had no way of controlling everything the alien had done inside of him, he still felt as if he could be dangerous. He didn't want to put this girl or others in any danger. "Please will you just go away." He warns her a last time.

Jane rolled her eyes and bent down to his level. "No." She exclaimed. "You'll bleed to death out here if I go away." Jane attached her eyes to his. "And by Aslan's mane if that happened I am not going to be held responsible. Now give me your other hand." She demanded holding out her hand for his.

The host stares back into the girls eyes. She seemed very sincere. He couldn't help but smile at her and slowly took her hand with his left hand. "You're not a leader here are you?" He asked sarcastically.

Jane gladly helps him up to his feet. "No I'm not, at least not yet. My mother and father are. They are the King and Queen of this land Arnia. I am a princess."

The host felt a bit numb getting up. "Well princess I've traveled galaxies far and wide and I've never heard of Arnia before. What kind of place is this?" He looked around some more.

"It's the only world I've only ever known." Jane helps him keep steady while they began to walk. "My father King Tirian was born here and my mother Queen Jill is from a world called Earth. I'm Jane." She introduced herself.

"My name is Ra. I am originally from Earth too as I was told, but I can't remember." He winced at the throbbing from his wrist. Jane was right it was now starting to gush. "How far is where you live?"

Jane wanted to laugh at the way Ra worded that question but changed her mind when she noticed his wrist got worse. "Hold on. It's not far. Only one minute up the rode right here. Wait." Jane stops for a second. She reaches into her back pack and pulls out a cloth. Jane places it tightly on his wound and ties it up to his arm. "How did you lose your hand like this?"

Ra gasped in pain as Jane tightened the cloth. He didn't want to answer her question too truthfully. "I lost it in a war just now before ending up here." He said tugging his arm more. It was starting to hurt more.

Jane pats Ra on the shoulder. "It's alright we're almost to my house. See there's the gate." Jane pointed to a big black gate with lion statues guarding it. "We'll be there soon."

Ra doesn't look where Jane was pointing to, but glances at Jane's touch on his shoulder. He had felt it before, a very long time ago before the alien possessed his body. He gave Jane a quick side glance and back ahead.

Jane smiles at him. "Come on."

Coming to the gates Jane unlocks and pushed them open. "My mother should be home. My father might be away at Cair Paravel."

Ra looks at Jane curiously. "What is Cair Paravel?"

"It's the castle and city of Arnia. My father always loved the idea of escaping when he didn't have to work. We got this home when he and mum decided to marry." Jane explained.

Ra nodded to every word Jane said. Her life sounded very nice.

Jane led him through the garden and to the front door of the mansion not a house, Ra thought. Jane pushes the door open. "Mum? Tanier? Tristan?" There was no reply.

Ra's wrist began to throb again and with the tight pressure it felt much worse.

"They must be out back or mum went with my dad." Jane took Ra by the arm and quickly led him into the kitchen. "Are you wearing something under your garment?"

Ra didn't know how to really react to Jane's sympathy of wanting to heal him. He looked down at the garment trying to remember how everything was put together that morning on Abydos. "I have an under shirt yes." He began to feel very delirious and faint.

Jane left Ra's side after helping him sit down searching through her parents' liquor cabinets and pulled out a drink with the most alcohol. She grabbed bandages and came back very fast. "I've seen this being done many times." Jane reassured him. She sets everything on the kitchen island beside her.

Ra is having a hard time getting his garment off when Jane came back. She stopped him from trying. "Let me." Jane assisted and easily slipped it off of Ra without hurting him. "Ready?" Jane finally asked taking Ra's right wrist.

Ra took a deep breath. He looked into Jane's eyes putting his trust in her. "Yes." He said nervously.

Jane took a deep long breath and began to unravel the cloth having the alcohol ready. "This will sting really bad." She warned. Jane unraveled the last part and quickly before Ra's blood would spew she poured the alcohol on his wrist.

Ra at first bit his lower lip to keep himself from screaming. "What does this stuff do?" Ra suddenly asked harshly. Quickly Ra panicked on the inside and hoped Jane didn't take it as an offense. He had never felt pain like this before ever.

Jane lowered her eyes inhaling. Ra's voice was cold but if she was in his shoes she probably would've spoke the same way. "It's alcohol. It'll fight off any infection and stop your bleeding." She grabbed some bandages nearby and began to wrap back up his wrist. "This should do for now." Jane broke a smile at him. "You took it very bravely."

The worst of the pain Ra felt started to subside. "That alcohol works like real magic." Ra looks at Jane and managed a grin. "You were very brave yourself too."

What just happened next to the both of them was phenomenal. As they looked into each others' eyes Jane took Ra's left hand and he squeezed it back. The both shared a déjà vu feeling. Jane winces her eyes but didn't admit nor knew Ra was sharing the same feeling. It was both confusing and awkward. Ra was about to say something until his eyes rolled and jolts.

Jane noticed what was now happening. "Ra!" She took her other hand placing it on his shoulder to keep him steady, a worried expression crosses her face as Ra began to faint.

Ra closes his eyes sliding from the chair he sat in and laid helpless on the floor still breathing as Jane kept calling his name and prompting him to stay with her.

Ra slipped into darkness again but it was a good and relaxing darkness.

"I close my eyes.

Only for a moment,

And the moment's gone,

All My Dreams,

Pass Before My Eyes,

A Curiousity,

Dust In The Wind,

All They Are Is Dust In the Wind."

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