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Arnia - Present Day

To get rid of some of the anger building up in her Jane went out to practice her archery on the dart boards behind her home. She did badly as her brothers. Deep down behind her anger she felt both devastated and hurt. Out of all the people she thought she could trust, she knew now she could never love someone and stuck that to her true instinct again because she felt she would only be let down.

What hurt the most is that Ra kept coming into her head when she was wanting to forget, she wanted to forget that the whole week of romance with Ra had never existed. No matter how hard he was there.

Jane wanted to concentrate on doing something else and walks up towards the house where her father the King Tirian met her going out. "Come here," He finger motions to Jane to come with a firm expression on his face.

Jane bites down on her bottom lip nervously as she walks towards him. "Father if this is about Ra and I nothing else is going to happen between me and him I promise."

Tirian looked even more infuriated and Jane soon realized instantly that what she had just said wasn't the topic on her father's mind and knew she was going to have to get ready for a big punishment coming her way with whatever else was bothering him.

"I spoke to your professor today," King Tirian said crossing his arms. "He said that you didn't show up for your last final exam."

Jane thought and soon remembered that moment as if it never happened and found it embarrassingly odd that she had forgotten all about it. "Father I was going to tell you."

"When exactly Jane?" He exclaims. "That exam was days before I left. When were you going to tell me?"

"I was," Jane replies in a vulnerable tone. "After the Ball I was going to tell you because you were so stressed out then and,-"

"That was irrational of you Jane," Tirian points at her and Jane shoots back scared that her father might've actually hit her.

Tirian continues. "Anyways I consider us both lucky that he is actually accepting that you go and take it tomorrow. Jane if you don't pass this exam then you'll disgrace our country and the Lone Islands."

Jane winces and slightly nods her head. "I'm sorry that I am a disgrace to you."

"Jane you didn't listen," King Tirian said shaking his head. No, Jane knew exactly what she was saying and what he was saying as well. Jane just chose not to think like her father. "Yes I am," Jane replied crystal clear. "Sure if I don't pass it then everyone in Arnia will think I missed a great opportunity to be queen, even you. But you have been so selfish over me for the last few years. You don't care what I want in life. You just want to give me away."

Tirian's angry expression withers away and he said nothing else and couldn't find the right words to say to Jane. Jane rolls her eyes and walks to the door. "Also just so you know," Jane turns around for one last remark. "I will pass it so you can get what you want as always."

Jane goes straight up to her room and lays on her bed until she fell asleep.

Tirian thought through everything Jane had told him that night. Jill even left him alone with his thoughts instead of lecturing him like she usually did when he had problems with Jane. He never really knew what Jane wanted out of life, but what got him the most is that this was the first real personal conversation he's had with Jane in a few years.

King Tirian felt a bond that he used to have with his daughter finally breaking.


Back at the Stargate the sun began to set as the SG-1 team finally got their two tents set up. Sam got first call to watch Ra that night while Jack, Daniel and Teal'c stayed in the other tent playing Bullshit, the card game.

Sam and Ra could hear a few arguments from them, sometimes Sam would chuckle in a low tone when it was Jack that argued over the game. Ra was silent in a corner of the tent resting his back and head as he leans against the thick fabric with his eyes wide open looking the opposite way from Sam.

Sam places her gun away because she didn't feel threatened by Ra. To her he seemed like a real typical teenager instead of a host for a Goa'uld. "I'm really sorry about all of this. I wish that there were some way to prove to Teal'c that you aren't carrying a Goa'uld symbiote."

It took a while for Ra to glance Sam's way. "That's the bad thing about Jaffa's. I'm actually surprised you all trust him. They can be very deceiving at most times."

"He rescued us from Apophis," Sam takes her hat off and sets it on a box beside her where she sat down. "He actually deceived his own master to free most of the slaves on the planet Chulak." Sam pauses for a few seconds. "So in a way he is good."

Ra had nothing else to say on the matter about Teal'c or Apophis at that as well. He disliked them both greatly. "It was not a Goa'uld symbiote that inhabited me."

Sam looks interested and actually came to sit closer to Ra. "Could you please tell me what did?" She knew this would go great with a thesis on her studies so far with the SG-1.

"I remember being brought into the ship and standing face to face with it. Ra had already inhabited a different species that was already dying so he came out of his host and into me."

"Yes that is what Goa'ulds do don't they?" Sam asked in a bit of confusion.

"This wasn't a Goa'uld though," Ra explained. "It was a transparent being of some kind that went into me. It didn't hurt at all. It did take control of everything I did and erased most of my memories."

"How did you know he erased your memories?"

"I knew as they began to come back when I met Jane here. I know that I was somebody other than a false God I couldn't control." Ra said.

Sam smiles, "So I take it that girl Jane reminded you of someone special you once knew."

A grin forms on Ra's face. "Do you believe that reincarnation is an offer of second chances?"

Sam knew exactly what he meant and although she preferred to think more logically than reincarnation she nods her head anyways. "Yes." At that moment Sam witnessed as Ra's face seemed to glow on the topic of Jane. That made her realize 100 percent that he was no longer a host, no Goa'uld or whatever he was would react in a loving was as he did.

"I really messed up for not telling her the whole truth about who I was," Ra said. "I want her back."

"She'll probably come around soon." Sam said in a comforting tone. "The way how she stood up for you today really shows how much she cares for you." Sam notices Ra's wrist where he lost his right hand on Abydos and how it hadn't healed. She continued. "Daniel told me about you losing a hand from the stargate rays. I'm surprised it hasn't healed yet."

Sam asked his permission if she could see it, Ra obliged giving Sam his arm. "It's getting better," Ra said. "It's only been two in a half weeks since so,-"

"Weeks?" Sam spoke spontaneously which made Ra jump and stopped what he was saying. "It's been two years since the mission."

Ra raises his eyebrows at her. It couldn't have been that long, he thought.


King Tirian and his Queen Jill began to get ready for bed and the talk he had with his daughter Jane was still upsetting him. "Do you believe I'm rushing Jane into doing something she doesn't want to do?"

Queen Jill lightly chuckles as she fixes her side of the bed and pillows. "Have you ever talked or asked her about it?" she asked sarcastically.

"I didn't know I would have to, I always thought that she was well prepared for this" Tirian argues in an exclaiming whisper.

"You thought Tirian, you didn't know." Queen Jill said pulling the covers over and sinks down into bed. "You didn't know because it was something you wanted her to do and you've completely shut her out the last few years."

Tirian looked a lot more sympathetic. It was what Jane had told him. Queen Jill sighs. "Tirian I don't want to make you feel any worse, but it's true. I don't blame dear Jane for feeling like you are very ready to give her off and so young too. Back on earth this would be considered a disgrace."

"Well here it is very different Jill," King Tirian shakes his head.

"Hm," Queen Jill said with a pondering face tapping her chin with her fingers. "Something reminds me of this, perhaps it was how we got together. Your mother and kingdom wanted to see you marry off that princess from Archenland but you didn't love her,"

"And then you came along," King Tirian said smiling down on her.

"And wont you look at us now," Queen Jill said. "No disgrace came out of it and everyone turned out happy." She pulls on her husband's wrists to join her in bed. "It's not too late to earn your daughter back."

King Tirian wraps his arm around his wife and she snuggles up closely to him looking up into his eyes. "Jill?"

"Yes?" Queen Jill asks.

"I see you."

Queen Jill smiles and pecks the tip of King Tirian's nose. "I see you." They both fell asleep in each others arms.

8,000 B.C.

"What's not to get?!" The young man exclaims to the men in the village that he and Kames gathered up. "This man Pacis murdered our own Pharaoh so he could take his place."

A lot of the men would reply that whatever happened was not their business and were not going to open war upon the palace. "We cannot do that!" Spoke one of the men in the village. "If we did those guards would burn our village and pick off on our families."

The young man sighs but realized he was right. There was a huge risk factor that if everything didn't go according to plan it would place the families in a lot of danger.

The men dismiss themselves away from the gathering. "Sorry," Kames told the young man.

"Don't be," The young man said firmly. "I'm still going back with or without all of them."

He walks from Kames' side and mounts on his horse. "Wait wait!" Kames calls from behind waving his hands.

"Kames I've already decided and I'm sticking to it," The young man said defending himself. "I'm going and there's nothing you could say or do that'll be able to stop me."

"I'm coming along with you so hold your horse," Kames said darting over to his stirrup on his horse and swings leg around. "Once we reach the nile we'll talk strategy plans."

The young man grins at Kames and they were off back to the Palace.