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Netos came into the control room of the starship. "Jaffa's are we now ready?" The Jaffas nod and bow at his question.

Arnia – Present Day

Sam talked with the rest of the SG-1 team that night with what she had discovered about the world of Arnia with Ra. That there was either a time difference or Ra's host had traveled through space that lasted 2 years somehow going the speed of light.

In the morning Sam wanted to go have a look around the peaceful land and Jack obliged himself to go out with her as Teal'c and Daniel kept watch on Ra. Ra was the only one that night that hadn't gotten any sleep at all. The conflict between him and Jane was still putting him down that every time he would close his eyes he would see the disappointment on her face. Dark sleepless circles had formed around the corners and below his eyelids.

Most of all Ra was scared that he and Jane would be apart after this. He glances at Teal'c. Does this Jaffa ever change his expression? He though. Teal'c had been giving Ra the same glare since yesterday, not even a gust of stingers would make him blink. Every time Ra would look at the Jaffa glancing back at him, he couldn't do it for too long or over just a few seconds, he could not. The sneering look in the eyes of Teal'c intimidated him more then he felt when he was still a host to the alien.

Ra had to remember he was no longer the threatening false God that he was so if he were to go against Teal'c anymore he'd be outnumbered, literally.

When Ra looks at Daniel he only glanced at the side of his left eye instead of looking straight ahead at him, he was nervous to do so as he still remembered what had happened and how his alien threatened his life and friends. Also he was the one responsible for his right hand being gone. While he still could not blame him for it being done, it was still angering him.

Nothing was being said between anyone, not even Teal'c or Daniel broke the silence between each other for the first ten to fifteen minutes it felt like. "Does it still hurt?" Daniel asks in a shaky voice to Ra.

Ra looks at Daniel surprised that he would even talk to him. "Somewhat it does every now and then," Ra shrugs. "Though not as bad like it was at first."

There was another moments silence after Daniel nods as he confirmed what Ra had told him. They both knew that if they were to bond a friendship it would take some more time.


Sam and Jack made their way into a small village as the sun came to its' highest, the one close to where Jane and her family lives. The strong and sweet aroma of bakery and cooked meat filled the air as they came walking through. "It seems these people are no different from us." Jack said as he speculated the small villa and the people in there.

"Exactly," Sam said looking around her surroundings interestingly. "It seems as though these people take after the ones on Chulak, only a lot more peaceful."

Some of the people came up to Jack and Sam offering them baked breads, sausage, French toast, and fruits. They greatly appreciated it and were going to take it all back to their base. Sam then caught of glimpse of Jane walking into the village with her twin brother Tristan from a distance. He goes off into one of the villas as Jane who looked sleepless like Ra makes her way to an outdoor market.

Sam excuses herself from Jack and stands next to Jane. "Hello." Sam said and Jane glances at her from the corner of her eye. "Hey." Jane replies sort of jaded but manages a short smile at the end.

"You know Ra has been missing you a lot since yesterday." Sam said.

Jane pretended to know that name 'Ra' as she tilts her head in thinking. "I do not know this Ra person you speak of or why he would be missing me." Jane pauses as she gathers a small crate of fruits and continues. "As soon as he realizes his real name and can know how to tell the truth," Jane didn't want to talk about it anymore and bites her bottom lip. "Sorry, but I have an exam to go do."

"Jane," Sam spoke softly and as Jane had already began to walk off she quickly halts heaving in the air roughly as her expression was clearly upsetting. Sam caught up with Jane. "It's not his fault okay, it's a bit more complicated."

Jane winces. "I know he can't remember, but he could've at least been honest. I would've understood and he said himself that I could trust him. How can I now?" Jane said keeping her tone down so no one would stare nor hear her or else they would gossip this everywhere.

"Deep down he might've been scared to tell you that part of his life. He wanted to show you the real him not who he was forced to be with no control at all." Sam explained. "It was also to protect you as well."

"Protect me?" Jane asks.

"He didn't want you to know the secrets in the universe," Sam's tone became lower. "If you know too much then the Goa'uld would see you as a threat, especially being involved with a previous host."

Sam looked at Jane as it was obvious the girl started to change her perspective and ponders. After several seconds Jane looks back up to Sam. "I still need to get to my exam on time." Sam nods and moves out of Jane's way to let her pass by.

Jane walks her usual route to the schoolhouse. It felt like a regular school day to her and got side tracked a couple of times. She was brought back to reality when passing through the spot where she had seen Ra and took care of him that day. She shakes her head, everything was reminding her of Ra. Even when she tried to go to bed her strange childhood dreams came back of the man with no name who reminded her greatly of Ra, and she kept waking up upon seeing his face.

Jane's professor stood at the foot of the schoolhouse as he waited for her. "Think you'll do good over your long break?"

"I'm hoping to." Jane said as they both walk in and Jane sat in her regular seat and her professor came up with the long paged exam.

"I'm giving you an hour and a half to complete it." He said sternly handing her a pencil. Jane takes it and nods as she looks over it.


There came a loud coordinate signal outside of the SG-1 base camp. It was loud enough to shake Ra out of his sleep when he couldn't stay up any longer. Daniel tilts his head in many ways as Teal'c only sways his eyes back and forth.

"Is that the Stargate?" Daniel spontaneously spoke when no one said anything.

"Indeed." Teal'c said as he stiffly gets up to his feet and the sound of the wormhole came then afterwards the language of Jaffa's.

"Jaffa Kree!" A loud husky voice said upon their arrival outside the tent. Teal'c took a much firmer grip of his staff walking to go outside and Daniel gets up to quickly follow the so did Ra. Daniel turns and holds his hand up in front of Ra. "Sorry but I don't want you to be seen before them." Daniel said picking up a staff for himself.

"Well I want to help," Ra said a bit annoyed. "I want to protect the people here more than you do."

"What the hell," Daniel grunts in a sotto handing Ra a staff for himself. Ra grins and follows Daniel out with him as Teal'c already began to defend himself in front of five Jaffa's hiding himself behind a boulder and glares at the sight of Ra with a staff. "Daniel Jackson what were you thinking?"

"He wants to help Teal'c," Daniel calls back and Ra aims at a Jaffa that came around the corner about to shoot Teal'c and Ra gave the blow from the staff first and shot the Jaffa in the torso.

Teal'c glances at the Jaffa as he laid on the ground lifeless and looks back at Ra with wide eyes in almost shocking but thankful way, though Ra kept his eyes and brows narrowed on Teal'c.


Jane really couldn't concentrate on her exams. She couldn't get the talk she had with Sam Carter out of her head, nor the talks between her and her father. So much was building in Jane's mind then in there that she wasn't even noticing the questions anymore and just put down an answer, any answer without really paying attention.

Words and lectures from everyone swarmed through her head, memories of her and Ra, those simple little touches they first did tingled all around her skin as if she were living those moments again with him. She just couldn't let go of that feeling.

Jane finishes off the test fully well knowing what she was going to get herself into. She knew what she wanted more than anything now.


The fight at the SG-1 base went on and on. The Jaffa's that Ra, Daniel and Teal'c shot with the staffs came back from the dead because of the Goa'uld symbiotes they carried within their bodies rejuvenated themselves.

There was no way they could fight them off unless if they were to take out their Goa'ulds from their stomachs. All of a sudden one of the Jaffa's ambushed Ra from behind yanking his long hair and pulls him towards the stargate.

Ra tried many ways to free himself from the Jaffa and was fast at trying to do so but the Jaffa is more built and taller than him. "Jaffa's!" The Jaffa screamed as he pressed coordinates on the stargates control panel. The Jaffa's kept blasting their staffs at Teal'c and Daniel before the stargates wormhole formed and the Jaffa with Ra throws him in harshly and follows with the other Jaffa's following until the iris closed.

Teal'c tried running in after them and was too late. "I knew it!" Teal'c threw a stiff tantrum. "This must've been Ra's plan all along."

"Teal'c don't be too hasty," Daniel tries to calm Teal'c down.

Teal'c furrows his brows and lips in an angry manner at Daniel. He knew he could be wrong about him all along too but his life was saved by him too. Teal'c didn't know what to believe about this Ra's host. Soon they will have to explain this to Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter when they would return and that Ra was now gone through the stargate taken by Jaffa's.