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Jane gets out of the schoolhouse as fast as she could wanting to avoid Ciera and her followers, she's sighs with a smile as she made it close to the woods. On the way walking home she noticed some of the apple trees were starting to bloom. They weren't fully apples yet except for one. It was at its' highest point in the tree. Her mouth watered for something sweet like the apple. Luckily she and her mother kept spare bows and arrows in the forest just in case for further training. She couldn't climb the tree limbs because they were too skinny she would for sure break one and fall.

Jane searches in the forest for a bow and arrows. She remembers this one spot where her mother hid some in a hollow tree. There she found them but was a bit taken back when she saw there were only three arrows. She takes them and walks back to the apple tree.

Jane places one of the arrows to the bow string and pulls it back aiming at the apple and releases. The arrow shoots past the apple stem without touching it from two inches. Jane softly groans to herself preparing another bow her biting her bottom lip as her face hardens a little. She pulls back the arrow on the bow string and releases. This time she is far off her target. The arrow slips underneath the apple.

Feeling disappointed in herself Jane palms her forehead. "Woah," A voice said behind the tree. Jane looks up and sees Ra.

"How long were you out there?" Jane asked him.

"Long enough to almost get pierced with an arrow," Ra raised his eyebrow about to say another thing.

Jane presses her palm on her forehead harder embarrassed. "Oh gosh. I'm sorry about that."

"I can tell something is bothering you." Ra said.

Jane shakes her head. "It's nothing really." Jane places the bow and arrow under a nearby bush. Something was indeed bothering her, she couldn't get the arranged Ball out of her mind all day that day and now she was about to see how her father was setting it up. "Come on I want to show you Cair Paravel."

On the way they didn't speak much about what Jane was aiming for with her bow but Ra asked her how the final was. Jane said she got literature and ancient history out of the way and that she only had three more subjects to finish.

"What is that whish sound?" Ra asked after walking in silence for a while.

Jane looked almost suspiciously at him but smiles. "That's the ocean. We're not far from it. It's actually where we are going Cair Paravel is built right on the beach." It was silent again so Jane asked Ra a question. "So how was your day?"

Ra grins. "I had a really nice talk with your mother and I just walked around a bit and almost got stabbed with an arrow." He laughs under his breath. Jane didn't want to laugh still feeling awkward about that with Ra but found herself doing so.

"I hope she didn't tell you embarrassing stories about me." Jane said and was eventually going to ask him what it was about but thought she shouldn't pry on her friends conversation with her mother.

Jane felt surprised when Ra opened his mouth to tell her. "She was contemplating whether or not the Ball your father arranged was a good idea or not."

Jane thought it was plain and simple. "I have to agree with her." It was something she didn't want and the main thing that was making her nervous these days. Ra could tell she still didn't want to talk about it so he dropped it. "What were you trying to shoot in the forest anyways?"

They just came up to a cobblestone road where a lot of villagers walked along side them and a lot of beggars putting custom made items for sale calling loud for peoples attention.

Jane looks to Ra not hearing his last question. "What?" She says over the loud crowd. Ra glances at her "What?" He also called. Jane laughs to herself and they kept walking past the crowd.

After a few minutes the crowds subsided as they reached a bridge leading to a stone and glass palace. It looked like it was about twelve stories high to Ra. He felt really intimidated. "Your father the king rules in there?"

Jane grins at Ra with a shrug. "Yes he does."

Ra's face was very obvious to Jane that he got more nervous then she was right now. They kept walking and Jane points with her finger once they were on the middle part of the bridge. "There's the ocean. We call it the eastern sea." She pauses for a moment as her and Ra overlooked it from the side of the bridge, the sun soaking the horizon in orange. "It's been told in the ancient world that when you sail across the entire sea you'll reach the Creators Country."

"The creator of this world?" Ra asks.

"Well," Jane speaks in a technical term way. "Yes as well as all other worlds, things and people."

"And you believe this all took just one creator?" Ra replies.

Jane nods. "My parents are living proof. Come on." Jane gently tugs Ra's wrist and walks toward the castle gates that open on their own. "Do the other worlds have oceans too?" Jane asked.

Ra looks at Jane. He always loved when Jane asked him questions like this and looking at her as she had this childlike curiosity across her face. Ra nods with an angelic grin. "Most of them do."

Jane smiles back at Ra and they walk through the courtyard and straight through a corridor into the castle, Ra looks down at the marble flooring. Little paintings of Dryads and landscapes were planted on the marble flooring. The best thing was is that it all told a story as if time itself placed it there instead of it being human made.

Jane leads them to a tall and wide staircase in a circular foyer. "The ball room is up here I promise."

"Who is this young man with you Jane?" A womans voice echoed. Jane turns to her and smiles.

"Lanorra," Jane says. "This is my friend Ra. Ra that's Lanorra she's a maid slash royal planner."

Lanorra has her black hair tied in a bun and is at least over 30 years old. "It's nice to meet you Ra."

"You too." Ra says smiling back.

"Jane he's so handsome where ever did you find him?" Lanorra asked and Ra felt flushed.

"Oh Norra," Jane gasps. "I asked him if he could be my escort this coming week for the birthday. So he'll be escorting me."

"Oh how lovely." Lanorra said. "Well have fun. It was nice meeting you again. And Jane you're going to love the d├ęcor in the ball room."

"I can't wait to see it." Jane said back and after Lanorra left they walked up the long staircase. Up top the stairs there are double doors in front of them and Jane pushes them wide open.

It is a grand ballroom indeed. Across the room stood four thrones made of gold and rubies. The floor made of same marble, the windows made of different warm tinted colors and had almost the same paintings as the marble floors downstairs had. However the drawings of the story were something a lot different. It told the stories of all the kids that came into the previous land of Narnia.

Jane focused more on the added decorations. The drapes and everything else was decorated in a gorgeous gold, bashful and white.

Jane brought Ra over to a staircase. "This is how we escort. I'm sorry because it is a bit silly. Wait here." She holds her dress up a bit below her knees and runs to the top of the stairs. "First someone will do an introduction, then my parents come down and will introduce me." Jane rolls her eyes. "Then I will gradually." Jane coops her hand making a sarcastic fish face and raises her cooped hand and waves it. Ra laughs a little as she does it. "And then I'll make my somewhat graceful way down." Jane walks down the steps acting sluggish, Ra laughs more noticeably then. At a certain point Jane walks normal and smiles at Ra. "Then you hold your hand out for me and I take your hand."

Ra steps in front of her and holds out his only left hand for Jane and she takes his hand. Without waiting for a next instruction Ra brought her hand up to his lips and kisses it. Jane felt a bit overwhelmed but nevertheless enjoyed it a lot. "And after that," Jane said her voice a bit shaky. "We go onto the dance floor into a fast waltz."

There was something in that moment that made Jane feel weak in front of Ra. Was it his kiss? His striking eyes? What was going on? Not even her heart was pounding so hard when she had danced with him for the first time last night.

"Do you want to try it now?" Ra asked.

Jane nods. "Yes I'd love to." Her body started to shiver a little, she hoped Ra didn't notice it. They formed the same position as last night and began to waltz.

"You're still doing very good Jane." Ra compliments. Jane tries to say something and Ra could hear her mouth tremble so he stops and presses his hand around her arm in a comforting position. "Are you alright?"

"I'm just not ready to get married to some stranger by next year," Jane said. "I just feel that there is more to life than that. I think life is better than marriage. I'm still just a kid."

Ra looks concerned at her. "Well what do you want to do in life?"

"I want what you have. I want to explore worlds and live everyday as an adventure. I don't ever get that here. It's always being proper, education and marrying me off to another royal because of tradition." Jane went on.

Jane's words were very reasonable to Ra. "What about a relationship?"

"A what?" Jane asked.

"You know someone who you can be in love with without having to rush into marriage with?" Ra explained.

"I don't know. I really haven't thought about that before ever."

"But would you though?" Ra steps closer to her.

Jane can feel her heart pounding at a faster pace as he steps closer to her. "I don't know."

"Why not?" Ra caresses her arm looking down into Jane's eyes bending his head closer to hers with his lips perched to meet hers.

"Because I," Jane couldn't finish her sentence as she perched her lips too to kiss Ra, she was ready to do it but something held her back.

Jane pulls her head down before their lips collided with each others. Ra sighs and rests his forehead against hers.

"I'm sorry I can't" Jane said. She kept saying she was sorry over and over while Ra had nothing to say. They held each other in their arms in silence for minutes that felt like hours.

"No I should be the one sorry for coming onto you like this." Ra turns from Jane and was starting pace away. He stops and thinks for a few seconds. "Actually I'm not sorry for one thing." He said and Jane looks up at him bewildered when he says this. Ra went on. "I'm not sorry for showing the love I have for you."

"Ra you've only known me for a few days." Jane said but her mind told her that she was a hypocrite, she did feel something for Ra and it was also the same length of days when her own mother and father fell in love.

Ra thought that the words coming from Jane's mouth was true. "Don't you get this feeling or some vague vision that we've met before. I don't mean it literally as it sounds but you -," Ra couldn't find the right words for what he was trying to say and suddenly felt like he was making an ass of himself.

Jane only shrugs. "I'm sorry Ra," She said her face growing a bit stern as she walks to him. "All I do know right now is that you are the most important person to ever walk into my life. You're a great friend."

Ra felt everything sunk inside of him. It was the worst pain ever being called just a "friend". "A friend," Ra frowns and smiles sarcastically. "Great." He said aggravated and began to walk out.

Jane gasps. "Didn't you hear what I just said about you?" She argues. "You are very important to me and I just don't want to hurt you when my future is already planned for me." She knew this had to hurt him but he was breaking her too. Ra was still walking out. "Please Ra!"

Ra stops walking and turns to look at her. They just stare for a few seconds and footsteps were heard outdoors and came in from the balcony. It was Jane's father the King Tirian.

"Jane I'm glad to see you here." Tirian said.

"Hello father." She greeted him with a hug when he walks up to her. "Dad this is my friend Ra." She introduced them. "Ra this is my father Ki-,"

"Your Majesty, Tirian." Ra bows in a stern manner. Already he didn't like Jane's father who planned his own daughters life.

The King grins a little. "It's a pleasure."

"Ra is going to escort me dad and-," Jane said until she was interrupted.

"No daughter," King Tirian obliged. "I've already promised the Duke of the Lone Islands to escort you."

Jane's face went hollow and it saddened Ra to see that. "But I promised Ra." Jane said.

"I'm sure your new friend understands." King Tirian said looking at Ra.

"Most definitely." Ra smirks. Ra now thought that with making his move on Jane jinxed everything for the rest of that day.