Title: By the Light of Mars

Parings: Inuyasha/Sesshomaru and Sango/Miroku

Chapter 1 of ?

Summary: After Naraku is killed Inuyasha's world is settling in to a normality he hadn't expected but when his brother appears bringing with him Rin and royal intrigues can Inuyasha prevail over the new obstacles in his life, including this strange affinity his brother seems to have for him?

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Inuyasha shifted restlessly on his favorite perch in the Goshinboku tree, Kagome was late… again. She had been spending more and more time away from the feudal era lately sighting studying as her reason. The Hanyou knew differently, she reeked of hormones and a human boy that Inuyasha had seen her with the last few times he had gone through the well to bring her back.

This concerned the Hanyou greatly as were Kagome to settle with this human and start a family that would surely put an end to her help with gathering the shards. He also, although the brash man would never admit it, worried for Kagome; she was still so young and fanciful. Inuyasha knew the turmoil she was yet to face and worried she would not be ready to face them as a young mother and wife.

She told him again and again that her era was much different from the one he occupied and he could agree that she had a point, it seemed dirty and very dangerous to his Hanyou sensibilities. Yet he was told it was safer than his own time, and women were not pushed in to the role of obedient wife and mother.

He stood then jumping to the ground in a fluid movement and walked for a moment wandering through the forest that was his home. The morning light glinted through the trees casting green shadows across the flowering underbrush. Spring had come, and with it the bounty of Mother Nature's womb. Inuyasha always loved this time of year, the newness of life he could feel all around him sent his senses reeling. The spring breeze caught his hair pulling it from his nape and sending the length billowing behind him. The ground felt cool and damp nurtured by the life bringing rains and sprouts of grass tickled the souls of his bare feet. He breathed deeply coming to stand in the clearing where the rather unassuming dry well sat still vacant and lifeless.

Still procrastinating then. He thought sourly bending to grasp a small rock to chuck in to the well. She will not be with us for much longer then. He lamented turning and walking back in to the thick forest towards his favorite part of the stream.

The trees around him teemed with life flowering and becoming heave with fruit, the sweet smell reminded him of the oils his mother had worn in his child hood. He waved at a villager perched high in a cherry tree picking the first fruits from the slight branches. The child smiled broadly and waved in return calling out a cheerful greeting to their protector.

Inuyasha reveled in the attention; it was not often that he was in the position to be friendly to other beings. Having mixed blood made him an outsider most everywhere he went. Although he had to admit since they had defeated Naraku things had been getting better.

He stopped walking then and disrobed quickly hanging his cloths on a nearby branch, so as not to come back to find them covered in dirt and small animals. He stepped lightly in to the water, warmed to a comfortable temperature by the bright sunlight. He sighed and swam to a rock ledge where he could recline undisturbed.

Life had been much slower paced since the destruction of the spider two months previously. He had somewhat foolishly thought that killing his would be the end to the quest for the rest of the Shikon jewel; sadly Kagome's arrow that finally killed the beast also shattered his large shard sending pieces in every direction. They had collected most of it now, the jewel missed only three shards currently, but it had kept their band together longer than anticipated. I suppose Kagome's constant presence isn't necessary anymore. The hanyou reflected staring at the clouds hanging low in the azure sky. Finding the shards had been for the most part a waiting game, the demons showing themselves by rampaging about in odd fashions. I suppose I thought she would replace Kikyo, but that was selfish. She doesn't belong here anymore than I belong in her time. He dunked himself under the water and sat at the bottom for a while just looking up at the distorted sun.

Suddenly a dark shadow blocked out the glowing orb causing the Hanyou to sigh and surface. Flinging his hair back from his face Inuyasha startled as the sight of his brother looming over him. Sesshomaru looked much as he always did rather bored and distant. Inuyasha hadn't seen his brother since they had worked together to defeat Naraku and could not for the life of him fathom why the statuesque demon was lurking menacingly over him while he bathed.

"Yes?" Inuyasha asked incredulously raising an eyebrow and backing up so he could see his brother better. The older inu glowered and backed up as well.

"I am in need of your… assistance." Sesshomaru stated loathing blanketing his words.

Inuyasha was stunned; he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He… needs… MY help? Inuyasha found himself blinking stupidly up as his brother.

"Uh… what?" he asked stupidly. Sesshomaru's mouth twitched in displeasure and Inuyasha wondered when he had started being able to tell when his brother was displeased.

"Do not make me repeat myself Hanyou." His voice grated at Inuyashas' nerves.

"Well what the hell do you expect asshole! It's not every day that you of all fucking people come and ask the stain on your family for help now is it?" Inuyasha growled and swam to the cove where he had first entered the river and emerged, shaking the water from his body and grabbing his warm cloths. "We can talk now." Inuyasha spat tying his obi and jumping gracefully in to a close tree.

His brother jumped the width of the river in a single graceful movement coming to land below Inuyasha's perch.

"Rin is… in need of assistance. She is becoming a… woman and needs a governess." He explained softly eyes not meeting Inuyasha's.

"And what I'm supposed to be her nurse maid?" The Hanyou scoffed rolling his eyes at the preposterous idea.

"No but I had hoped you would speak to your Taijiya friend. I have been told she is versed in slaying. I will have to find a Lady to teach Rin the ways of court but I believe she should be able to protect herself when This Sesshomaru is not near." His brother explained.

"Feh, well I'll talk to her but I ain't promising nothin." Inuyasha told him standing and leaping from the branch. "Come on then tight ass she's in the village with the pervert." The hanyou called waving one arm in the air and meandering towards the scent of his friends.

The walk to the village was silent and allowed Inuyasha to think about what his brother was asking. Why would Sesshomaru ask him instead of going straight to Sango, she held no grudge against the demon since they had fought together against Naraku. He must really be desperate. I wonder why he thinks the girl need tutors now… He mused upon that anxiously running a hand through his locks and pulling at the knots he found there.

Behind him his brother treaded almost silently, his scent betrayed him though and Inuyasha knew he was just as nervous as the Hanyou himself. Why now… he can't be grooming her for marriage can he? The thought struck him as absurd. He would never willingly part with her… at least I don't think he would.

Inuyasha growled low in discontent and picked up speed crossing the rest of the distance to Kaede's hut in moments. I don't want to think about what goes on in that head of his. He groused inwardly and looked around the village for Sango.

Inuyasha found her relaxing with Miroku under the large tree that the village was built around, children sat at their feet as she told them tales of their fight against Naraku. Inuyasha smiled at the sight of it, he had been so grateful when his friends had decided to stay here in his village and help him hunt the rest of the shards. They now had their own homes within the dirt paths and wooden walls.

Sango stood when she noticed him smiling and waving him towards the small group. He waved back but motioned her towards him giving her a look he knew she would recognize, it said they needed to talk, alone.

The Taijiyas beautiful face fell for a moment before she ushered the children away and put out a hand to help the hoshi up as well. The two of them walked quickly to the half demons side and together the three friends made their way to the edge of the village where Inuyasha could feel Sesshomaru's presence.

"What is this about Inuyasha?" Sango asked leaning her head towards him and whispering.

He sighed audibly and placed his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it slightly. "My brother requests your help." He told her watching her face go from worried to shocked.

"Sesshomaru wants MY help?" She asked incredulously looking across his form to the Monk walking beside him.

Inuyasha glanced at the monk, he was pale and his breath was coming in short gasps.

"His ward needs to be trained." Inuyasha explained watching the color slowly return to his friends faces.

"Oh…" Sango whispered touching her chest above her heart. "I suppose I will speak with him." She acquiesced as they came to a stop at the edge of the village.

"Okay asshole she's here you gonna come talk to her?" Inuyasha yelled waiting for his brother to show himself.

"Yes I believe I will." The icy voice of his half-brother replied as he glided from the tree tops.

Three hours later Sesshomaru had talked Sango in to training Rin at the western palace, on the condition that Miroku accompany them. The two humans, demon and hanyou sat around a small fire as the sun began its decent in to the east. Inuyasha looked at his perfectly poised brother and contemplated life in the village without his friends. He knew it would be lonely as it had been before Kikyo and the jewel had brought him to his pack.

"Of course you will return to court as well little brother." The startling announcement left Inuyasha staring at his brothers' emotionless face in shock.

"I haven't lived in the palace since Mother died, why would you want me there now?" The hanyou asked incredulously backing away from his brothers' intense gaze.

"I… This Sesshomaru finds your presence bearable at present, if you wish to stay here then you may but you are… not unwanted at court." Sesshomaru told him standing and walking in to the darkness.

"This Sesshomaru will be back in one sun to take you to the palace, be ready." With that the regal figure disappeared in a flash of light.

"Well that was… strange." Miroku commented.

Inuyasha reclined on his favorite perch once again, he always felt safest among the leafy foliage, above him the pregnant moon lay low in the sky shining from among the twinkling stars. This was the safest time of the month for the hanyou. He reviled in the sight of the shining orb. If only the rest of my life could be so definite, this thing with Sesshomaru, whatever it is creeps me out. But I have missed home; maybe I can have my Mothers rooms. The silver haired inu sighed and pillowed his hands behind his head. I suppose I am going to have to go tell Kagome what's going on… that should be fun. His last thought as he drifted to sleep was of his brother's face as he asked Inuyasha to come home.

End chapter one

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