Title: By the Light of Mars

Parings: Inuyasha/Sesshomaru and Sango/Miroku

Chapter 20 of ?

Summary: After Naraku is killed Inuyasha's world is settling into a normality he hadn't expected but when his brother appears bringing with him Rin and royal intrigues can Inuyasha prevail over the new obstacles in his life, including this strange affinity his brother seems to have for him?

Disclaimer: I do not own the Inuyasha franchise, anime, manga or characters. I play with them for fun not for profit.

Warm was the first word to enter Inuyasha's mind as he floated to consciousness. Followed shortly thereafter by soft, tired and hungry. Pushing towards waking he tried to open his sleep laden eyes. After several long moments of telling his eyelids to open they finally did, slowly.

The sun was strangely absent and he wondered if someone had pulled the drapes. Rolling over he snuggled further into the soft mattress when finally a strange thought entered his mind.

Wasn't I outside when I fell asleep? Groaning he pushed himself up. He glanced around the room, taking in the grandeur.

"Goddamn it Sesshomaru." He exclaimed, flinging the bedclothes off of him.

"Yes?" His brother's warm tone echoed from behind him.

The hanyou turned ready to give his mate a piece of his mind. Word however were hard to find with a rather naked demon standing before him.

"Can I help you little one?"

Inuyasha felt his mouth go dry. he could not for the life of him remember why he wanted to leave the enticing display before him.

Long slender appendages grew from a toned porcelain torso, a strong neck lead to the perfection that was Sesshomaru's face.

"You brought me back." Inuyasha managed to rasp out.

His husband took a few steps closer, shortening the distance between them. Inuyasha picked up the smell of tension and arousal radiating off the older inu. He let out a low growl.

"I wished to sleep with my husband, in our bed."

The word seeped through Inuyasha's mind like molasses, leaving a healing balm over the pain of his past.

"Truly?" He whispered, daring to take a step forward.

The breathed in the heady sent that was purely Sesshomaru reveling in it.

"Oh yes husband, I wish to do much more than that now though."

Inuyasha blushed wanting more than anything to wrap himself around the inviting figure.

A knock on the door broke the trance.

Sesshomaru tensed eyes slanting. The hanyou watched the transformation with trepidation.

"What?" The normally cool inu barked.

"Father I must speak with you immediately!" Rin's voice called from the other side of the door. She sounded remarkably worried. Inuyasha flattened his ears in worry, glancing at Sesshomaru before finally calling out himself.

"One second kiddo." He turned to his mate. Two robes hung from Sesshomaru's hands. He took one gratefully, slipping into the luxurious fabric.

"Come Rin." Sesshomaru called out once both robes were securely tied.

The large door opened slowly allowing the small woman to slip in. She shut them behind her, the click echoing in the silence.

"What has you so distressed daughter?" The older inu asked his voice soft.

The human grimaced, walking to sit lightly on the settee. "I've received some rather distressing news Father." She explained running a hand across her kimono.

Inuyasha watched her face wondering what could have hurt her so deeply. Dark brown eyes filled with pain and her little pink mouth turned down in displeasure.

"It seems Hime Mikata's father is working with the man who took Lady Kaede hostage." She explained, pulling on her kimono sleeve in agitation.

Inuyasha felt his breath catch. Koga's father was, what plotting against them? Trying to take the West for himself? He glanced at his husband from the corner of his eye. Sesshomaru's face was as placid as ever but his eyes. Those portals into his inner thoughts were tumultuous. Fury mixed with pain swirled in the golden orbs.

"The wolves will leave." He finally spoke.

Inuyasha watched their daughter react to the news. It was not what he was expecting. Her face paled, tears welled in her pretty eyes and a soft sob escaped her throat.

"No please Father! Mikata has given me this information and I promised we would help her! She is in danger!" Rin stood fists clenched.

The hanyou took a step forward, resting his hand on her little shoulder. "Of course she's staying." He asserted glaring at his husband.

Sesshomaru growled. "As you are not even sure of your own state of residence I find your opinion insignificant." His mate growled.

The declaration made Inuyasha's blood run cold. "We are not doing this now your great bastard!" He asserted glancing down at the now weeping woman.

Her small sobs broke his heart, he found himself pulling her into his embrace. "I'm not going anywhere any time soon so you just get the fuck out of this room if you can't be less irritating."

The admission calmed the rolling anger in his mate considerably. The silver haired man nodded, stepping back. "I will speak with the Hime and Prince Koga myself."

His words calmed Rin, her sobs giving way to small hiccups.

"But if they are found to have knowledge of this attack I will kill them myself."

Sesshomaru, always being one for dramatics then turned and exited the room. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and hugged Rin closer. What the hell had he agreed to?

Sango's POV

The room was quiet, only Kaede's soft breathing broke the silence. Sango wished the elderly woman would wake again. It had been hours since her last venture into the world of the living and the shallow quality of her breathing was worrying the slayer.

"She will be fine." The voice startled her.

She turned quickly, a smile breaking her face when Miroku, followed by the healers came into sight.

"I was beginning to think you had forgotten me husband." She teased, moving over to allow him space on the bench.

He took a seat, wrapping one strong arm around her shoulders.

"Never my love. Shippo needed council and I find he will not speak to Inuyasha about such matters."

Sango raised an eyes brow in question. "And what matters might those be?" She asked turning to look him in the eyes.

He smiled and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, it seems out little Shippo is quite infatuated with Rin."

Sango took in a breath of surprise. "Rin has confided that she is quite taken with him as well!" She exclaimed happily. "Oh that would be so nice, Shippo would truly be a prince and…" Miroku's sad smiled stopped her in her tracks.

"Sango, Rin is going to marry Koga. Short of the prince's death nothing can change that." He explained glancing at the servants milling about.

Sango sighed. "Well I suppose that is true. I had forgotten about Koga."

Strong warm hands pulled her up. She smiled at her husband as he tugged her towards the door. "Come with me My Lady I think Kaede will survive a few moments without you. And I wish to know my wife." The last words were whispered into her ear.

With a giggled and a backward glance she allowed Miroku to lead her from the room.

Change POV

Sesshomaru glared at the kneeling figured of Hime Mikata and Prince Koga. The two ookami would not meet his gaze, irritating him further.

"This Sesshomaru cannot find a reason to keep you in the world of the living let alone in his home." He began, watching the boy tense as though he thought he had a chance at fighting him. "But his mate and daughter seem to believe you innocent in this betrayal." He paused sniffing at the barely audible sigh of relief from the prince. "For that reason this Sesshomaru will allow you to plead your case here today, and This Sesshomaru may allow you to keep your heads."

He took a seat behind his desk, hands folded, eyes never leaving the prone forms.

"We did not know our father was a traitor!" The whelp exclaimed, jumping to his feet.

Sesshomaru snarled, the audacity of the mongrel was infuriating.

"Please My Lord, Koga is young and does not understand the gravity of the situation." Mikata's pretty voice pleaded. He turned to her; the Hime was prostrate on the floor face down.

"I did not know of my Father's treachery until I recognized the soldiers as our own men. I beg you not to hold us accountable for this deceit." Her words were firm. "We have no intention of taking what is rightly yours. If you wish it I will break the marriage contract between Koga and Rin." She finished.

Sesshomaru considered the strange woman. Fear was pungent on the air yet her voice never strayed from courtly formality. It was a trait he found remarkable.

"This Sesshomaru cannot make such an important decision with haste." He spoke at length. "This Sesshomaru will speak with his Mate and then call you both. In the interim you will not leave the castle, nor will you be allowed to send missives." He waited several moments for the pups to leave before his irritation took hold once more. "Leave before This Sesshomaru forgets his tolerance."

Finally the ookami rushed from the room, bowing all the way.

At his temple the beginning of a headache pulsed.

Inuyasha's POV

Rin was stoically silent as they waited for Sesshomaru to return. The sun was setting slowly casting an orange glow over Inuyasha's sitting room.

Not a word had passed the pretty woman's lips in nearly twenty minutes and the hanyou was beginning to go a little crazy from the silence.

A soft knock echoed through the room causing him to sigh in relief.

"Yes?" He called out waiting for his savoir to step through the doors.

Surprisingly Shippo slipped in smiling widely. Inuyasha noticed not for the first time how much the kit was growing. He looked positively regal.

"What brings you by kid?" He asked standing and ruffling the red hair.

A laugh escaped the fox. Inuyasha smiled as his hand was batted away playfully.

"Do I need a reason to come see you?" Bright green eyes shone up at him.

"No but you usually have one. This wouldn't happen to be about that pretty tigress you've been seeing would it?" The hanyou asked watching the green eyes darken at the mention of his dame.

He cocked his head to the side, from what he could see they were quite taken with one another.

"No, not really." Small feet shuffle on the floor.

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow in confusion. His nose picked up the scent of distress coming from Rin.

Then it clicked.

He glanced between the two, feeling his heart break for them. He had never been much of a romantic but this situation seemed cruel. In love, living in the same home and yet they could be separated by oceans for all the good it did them.

"Uh Rin would it be okay if Shippo and I went for a walk? It'll just take a few minutes." He asked, turning to his daughter.

"Of course Papa, I'll be here when you return." She agreed. Her eyes filled with pain but the hanyou figured he would have to deal with that after he dealt with his son.

"Come on kid let's talk." He grabbed Shippo by the back of his haori and pulled the struggling fox from the room.

"Come on Inuyasha we don't need to leave!" Shippo protested flailing about.

"Stop acting like a brat." He hissed closing the door after them.

With a glare the sentries retreated to the end of the hall.

"Why didn't you say anything when we betrothed her?" He asked leading his son towards the familial halls.

Shippo's shoulders tensed, his head fell. "Would you have listened?"

Inuyasha snorted and punched him on the head. "Of course I would you idiot." He pulled the kit to his side hugging him. "Let me talk to Sesshomaru, I'm not promising anything but just stay away from the tiger for a while and I might be able to figure something out. Damn ookami double crossed us anyway."

Shippo smiled up at him.

"Thanks, I'm sorry I've been an ass." He whispered.

The silver haired hanyou smiled back and pulled lightly at the younger man's hair.

"It's fine, not like I haven't been one once or twice."

A snort caught his attention.

"You are as always underestimating your particular brand of charm" Sesshomaru's cool voice broke in.

Inuyasha turned glaring at the other inu. "Fuck off." He growled.

Sesshomaru's eye brow rose. "I'll chalk your attitude up to hormones."

Inuyasha bristled. He turned deciding keeping quiet was the best course of action before he killed his husband.

The walk back to his room was tense, Inuyasha's displeasure radiated off of him in waves leaving even Shippo silent.

When the door to the sitting room finally closed Inuyasha was calm enough to speak.

"So did you kill them?" He asked glaring at his mate.

The taller man growled. "Of course not, Rin asked me not to, you asked me not to."

Inuyasha sighed, why did it feel so good to hear his brother admit his feelings mattered?

"Okay so what's up then?"

Sesshomaru's eyes bore in to his own. "Mikata has assured me of their loyalties and offered to break the contract between Koga and Rin to assure us that they have no wish to rule these lands."

Inuyasha's ears perked, it couldn't really be that easy could it?

"Sounds great to me, I never liked the idea of selling Rin off like cattle anyway." He smirked.

Sesshomaru shook his head. "I'm not sure we should break ties so quickly with the ookami, Koga is not his father."

The hanyou glared wondering when his brother had gotten so thick. "Husband I need you." He growled pulling the taller demon from the room and into his bed chamber.

As the door shut he rounded on him. "Are you really that blind or is you sense of smell going?" He asked poking the other man's chest. "It is obvious to every demon in the castle those two want one another!" He whispered harshly.

Strong hands grabbed his shoulders, pulling him to the broad chest.

"I am aware of this husband. I worry for what will happen after we are gone and one of our children rules. Shippo cannot inherit and thus he could not provide for Rin as I would like."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Well if we don't raise bastards then that won't matter."

He looked up imploringly. "Just because you hated me doesn't mean our children will hate one another. They love each other Husband."

Golden orbs shone with trepidation. "I will consider it." He growled, stalking from the room, leaving Inuyasha grinning. He knew what that meant.

End Chapter Twenty

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