56734 started down the hallway the next morning. The doctor who had healed her nodded to her in acknowledgment, and passed quickly by. Large, careful steps took her down the hallway to a door labeled UNIFORMS. She entered, and described the suit she would need for the Hunt. Latest intelligence had pointed to the forest as the current location of the Primary and Secondary Targets. Dark greys and greens would be necessary to the completion of the Hunt, made from fabricated, magic-resistant, and fire-resistant materials.

Two uniforms had to be acquired, one for her, and the Liability. Should 56734 ever get headaches, now would be the time. 56734 could not understand the reason that the One, for all His knowlege, would not let her execute both Targets alone, but the One was not to be questioned, so she kept her queries to herself. He had a valid reason for everything, even for the use of the Liability.

Opening the door to the Liability's room, she entered it, uniform in hand. The boy looked up at her, with fear, she noted. That was strange. He should not suspect the One's orders to kill him as well as the girl, if he is unable to eradicate the Secondary Target, until much later. She would have to re-evaluate.

"This is the uniform you will be wearing." 56734 set the folded fabric next to a heavy case that had just arrived. "Equip yourself with these weapons, and be at the back exit in three hours."

56734 left, having already put her own uniform on. The mutant Executors had to be checked on. Since they were left to themselves after the Change, they were often mutilated, and nearly all of them were wounded.

56734 detested Executors. They were children, and had no reasoning whatsoever. Easily distracted, they were impractical hunters. Unlike her, they did not go for the immediate kill, leaving the target a chance to escape. That was unacceptable.

The One had asked her to use them in the eradication of the Targets, though she could not see a point to his logic. He left her with only those two hindrances, though; the Liability and the three Executors, whereas she had been specifically trained to deal with many more than that. He was being extremely generous, in all authority. He had trusted 56734's judgment for all other complication as the One Who Hunts, and she would not fail The One.