Okay, first of all: THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I'm as appalled by this as any of you are (or will be after you've read this monstrosity), but this commentary had to be done.

Meet Jo Bel, the PROUD (note the caps, she is PROUD) southerner that hates northerners and has made it her life's goal to mutilate the best FanFiction fandoms using Mary Sues and OOCness as her weapons.

Warning: This story may cause temporary insanity, many face-palms and loss of brain cells.

You have been warned.

An: DONT FLAM DID STURY U DUM DUM!1111111111111111 (This is the FIRST chapter and you're already expecting flames. Are you related to Sybill Trelawney, by any chance?)

Bi da wae go reed Bubbas stortyy!1111111111 (Bubba is supposed to be her brother)

Chapter 1 da reeping. (She managed to spell one word correctly! *_*)

JO BELKES POv (Oh, so she's JO BELKES now? I thought she was jo bell. Or does she have more than one name? Is that another of her many Mary Sue traits?)

1 dayy I wok up in district 11 WHER DA SUTHURNURS liv (See? I told you, she is PROUD) nd I realized I mite get reeped cuz we ran ote of blak people to snd 2 da reaping!11111111111111 (Oooooh, so she's racist as well as illiterate? What a lovely young lady!)

Thin I wnt to the towen skware nd I sawa… (Ah, can't you just see the amazing quality of her writing? The detail?)


DArrels pov, (In real life, this Darryl is her boyfriend)


Effie trinket sed, NOW dis yeer 2 tributs get a specal advantage! (Special advantage? What, you're going to give them guns in the Arena or something like that? And isn't this supposed to be District 11? Wouldn't it make more sense for the kids from Districts 1 and 2 to get a special advantage, since they're the Capitol's favorites? SO MANY QUESTIONS)

NOWE R TRIBUTS WILL B… (Oh, the tension! Can't you feel it? I wonder who they'll be?)

JO BKEL ND DARREL!111111111111 (I did not see that coming. At all. It was totally unexpected. No, really,)

NXT Tim:

SA CAPITIL!11111111111111 (Please don't write more T^T)

So, how's your brain? Is it dead yet? My Immortal commentators have told me that brain bleach is good for this kind of thing.

Reviewers get brain bleach and cheese buns! :D