I couldn't believe it, not even for a second. For all I knew, I was in an asylum off my rocker.

Funny, for a suicidal lunatic I was surprisingly calm looking at my Timer in this state. At first I wondered if it was just a fluke. Perhaps, I thought, that I'm dreaming. All of a sudden I was going to wake up and everything was going to be alright. My father and mother weren't going to cry over my dead body lying in the street.

But I lay in the ground, still unbelieving. Not to mention Still Alive.

I know I wasted time a lot. I also gave a lot away. Some of it Gambled away, some of it Bribes, and even some I gave because I knew not everyone was as lucky as me and my family. Weis, he was a good friend of ours, and he wasn't the only one who could afford fifteen cars, a mansion and still have eons of time left over.

See, my father was a scientist, and this, I soon realize, may be an answer.

I say was, but it truly never a matter of was with him. He loves Science so much; I believe he never truly retired from his experiments. That weekly trip he makes as CEO to monitor his company? I'm sure it's complete hogwash.

It surely would explain my left arm glowing red, and why I'm still breathing after my time has just run out.


Who would dare


Only those fools

Who don't value life

And live without really


Well, I want them

To feel the pain of the poor

And at gunpoint

They'll realize

"I'm mortal"


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