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Green, swaying trees, a sky more blue than sapphires. A young girl with long dark hair and eyes of piercing ebony danced through the long grass. She stopped and turned to him before smiling; her ebony eyes melting to molten like his heart. There was a bang.

She fell to the floor, crumpled, disfigured, and dead.

Kakarot woke up with a gasp; a bead of sweat came rolling down his face while a single tear dripped from his amber eyes.

"Sir," a hesitant knocking sound from his door could be heard. He looked up at the heavy walnut double doors of his grand room and flicked his burgundy fur tail in annoyance. Normally he didn't like being disturbed, especially not in a situation like this.

"What is it?" he asked in the most level tone he could manage; silently getting out of bed and rummaged through his large wardrobe to find his gear.

"His majesty King Vegeta requests your immediate presence sir," the voice said from behind the door.

"Fine," was the only reply the tall red warrior gave before he effortlessly pushed open the heavy wooden double doors and headed towards the throne room.



Chichi ran her hand nervously through her long dark hair. She had never spoken in front of this many people in her life. This seemed like one of those nightmares where you find yourself waltz into school without pants. She looked down at her legs just to check they were clothed as a small pink flood crept across her cheeks in the form of a blush. She nervously fiddled with the silk fabric of her long ankle length dress, its dark blue fabric draping freely around her.

"Common Chichi… What happened to your sharp tongue and quick wit…" she found herself become less and less convinced by the second. Her usual smart tongue was blunt with nerves and her quick wit was becoming more and more of slow as myriad seconds ticked by.

"And for the final words for the opening ceremony of the new Global Research Center is Crown Princess Chichi," the short little announcer bellowed into his microphone.

Chichi gathered up her courage, straightened her posture, fixed her hair and marched onto stage with a confident smile on her face. All the while her knees shaking so much she thought she might cause an earthquake. She had found the podium without a mishap; a good sign.

"Good Afternoon everyone," she said with her mask of confidence glued to her face. She fixed everyone in the expansive audience a confident look with her onyx eyes. "I am honored today to be able to claim the opening of the new Global Research Center. This research center will house top scientist from all around the globe. They will generate solution to all global issues that arise, and above that, train top scientist of the future generation. This has been a valuable investment and I am beyond honored to be the one to proclaim its opening. And without further or due I now proclaim the Global Research Center open!" Chichi said, picking up the large pair of scissor on the podium and cut the red ribbon draped around the entrance of the new research facility.

The crowd cheered for Chichi and for the opening, but it was noted that there were a few not so happy looking faces in the crowd. Chichi made a mental note to address that in the future but she made a swift exit off the stage before she could ruin the moment with her nervousness.

The second she got off stage she saw a small little woman with gorgeous blue locks in a white lab coat. Her arms crossed across her chest and she was smiling at Chichi; her blue eyes hidden behind her glasses.

"Bulma!" Chichi squealed in delight as she ran to her and almost barreled her over with a running tackle hug. "I missed you so much! How are you! What are you doing here? How long are you staying for?" Chichi fired off questions.

"Woah, woah! One damn question at a time!" she said with giggle of amusement.

Chichi threw her a condescending look before smiling as well. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I got transferred from CEO of Capsule Corpse to become part of the GRC (Global Research Center) so I moved from West City to here," she said with a smile.

"You moved from West City all the way to Central Capitol?" Chichi said with amazement.

"Well yeah! I was chosen as one of the top scientist on the planet. How can I turn down an opportunity like this?" Bulma said with a roll of her eyes.

"This is great" Chichi said spinning her best friend around with her as she danced. A rumbled of thunder crept on the horizon


Kakarot walked into the elaborate throne room. It was ostentatious and wasn't really his taste but it suited this young king well. As he walked by, all the guards in the room fell to their knees, and placed a fist on their heart with their heads bowing.

"Hello Kakarot," the King said with a smirk on his face. His face rested on his hand, and a look of utter boredom was seen on his face while he sat in the huge throne; his spiky black hair adding a good half-a-foot to his total height, though still not as tall as the Kakarot who was a looming 6'4.

Kakarot walked to the base of the throne and kneeled before his king. "You request my presence Your Majesty," he said looking up.

"Psh, Kakarot when did you become so formal." King Vegeta said with a smile. He looked very similar to Kakarot. The same fur covered body only his fur was a shade of blood red and his eyes an ice cold blue. "Anyway, I've got a mission for you," he said with a wicked grin.

Kakarot got to his feet and smiled at his friend. "What is it this time. I swear if I need to annihilate another race I'll-"

"Shut up Kakarot and let me finish," Vegeta interrupted with a chuckle "I need you to go and protect some….. future investments." The wicked smile was back on his face.

"You're gonna make me baby sit your investment?" Kakarot snorted. The strongest general in the universe doing such a mundane thing was ridiculous.

"Hmmm; yes, now get moving. You'll be briefed on your way the hanger." Vegeta's amusement faded as he seemed to contemplating something and Kakarot took the opportunity to leave.

He marched down the hall lightly annoyed. Today was not a good day for him. Weaving through the halls he came to the ship hanger were a small little Saiyan girl stood with a clipboard waiting for him. He walked straight past her continuing to his ship. She ran behind at a jog to keep up with him.

"Umm… General Kakarot, the mission states that you must head to Earth and keep an eye on the new technology center they have built. His Majesty King Vegeta has seen the facility as great importance to the planet. He was requested you to protect the facility and the people who run it until further notice."

At this Kakarot spun around and looked down at the little Saiyan woman "He wants me to babysit a building?" he said, shocked and applaud by the demeaning task he had just been given, he understood the smirk on Vegeta's face now.

"Y-y-yes Sir," the terrified woman said hiding her face behind her clipboard. "He also added that if the facility seems unnecessary and fails you are to destroy the facility and the planet for they may cause a potential threat."

Kakarot snorted and climbed into his ship. He set the coordinates and was off without another word. He was going to destroy this pathetic world and every pathetic being on it.