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A reception desk sat in the back of the brightly lit lobby. A woman with dark blue hair tied back with a bright red ribbon. Her kind eyes were glued to a computer screen. Her fingers blasted away at the keys at light speed.

"Hi Launch. You look well!" Chichi said smiling at the receptionist; who now looked up at her smiling.

"Oh, hey Chi. Your meeting is in ten minutes, it's in boardroom 12 on the 26th floor. Here is your paper work and your timetable," she said winking at her. "And you owe me a shopping trip."

Chichi only laughed with her old friend. "Yeah I'll add that to my immeasurable list of things to do."

"Who is this with you?" she said gazing up at Kakarot with her innocent eyes.

"This is Captain fluff-a-lot," she said with a wide grin.

Kakarot winced at her new nickname for him "I am Kakarot," he said casting a warning glare at Chichi, signaling her to keep quiet or she would find her head severed from her body.

"Well, Kakarot you can wait here in the lobby while Chi is at her meeting," Launch said with an encouraging smile.

"I am not leaving her side," he said so matter-of-factly he could have been reciting Newton's 3rd law of physics.

"Oh…. Um…. Okay then. I'll get another chair prepared in the boardroom then," she said hurrying off taken aback by Kakarot's response.

"Stop being so cold," Chichi sighed glaring up at Kakarot.

"Woman, I will do as a please."

"Whatever," she said as she huffed and collected all her notes before heading to the elevator. She pressed the button and waited as the numbers displaying which floor it was on decreased slowly. She kept pressing the button repeatedly, annoyed with how slow the elevator was traveling.

"That's not gonna make it go any faster," Kakarot commented with a smirk.

"Yeah, well its stress relief."

"Are you stressed about this meeting?" his eyes wandering to her small fragile hands that were quivering nervously as it jabbed at the button.

"No," she lied. In reality she was terrified. This was her first board meeting. Many of the board members already didn't like her, and she didn't want to screw up and have the whole board think of her as an incompetent fool.

"Keep telling yourself that," He could see straight through her; the flickering of her eyes, the quivering of her fingers, the shuffling of her feet. She was riddled with telltale signs that displayed her nervousness.

"Yeah, I will," she mumbled. Her body was shaking like a leaf. Her finger still jabbing at the elevator button until the doors finally opened. She hurried into the elevator and pressed herself into the corner. Kakarot followed in after her. He watched her behave like a small frightened animal. Her behavior annoyed him. He had thought better of this woman, but beyond his annoyance. He felt the urge to protect her from the things that frightened her. He never felt the urge to protect anything in his life, but now he wanted to above all protect this feeble human? He wanted to give her words of assurance, but he knew none, so instead he kept silent.

Chichi watched as Kakarot's facial expression change from the other side of the elevator. It started as pity, than annoyance, determination and finally rested at concern. He looked as if he was going to say something but seemed to think otherwise and kept his mouth shut. Chichi smiled, feeling better. His concern was comforting; he didn't need to say anything. She smiled and closed the distance between them and placed and gentle hand on his shoulder; his head snapping up to meet her eyes.

"Thank you," said Chichi.

"For what?" he asked confused.

"For your concern."

He didn't deny anything, he merely nodded. Chichi tried to look away since their conversation was over but found herself trapped in his icy yellow stare. He was defiantly terrifying to look at. The sharp angular shape of his eyes outlines in red, matched with his intimidating height and solid build. But, his eyes seemed soft. The concern in his eyes melting them. His eyes no longer cutting through her but instead warmed her.

"We're here," Kakarot's deep voice breaking through her daze. Instantly she backed off realizing she had been getting closer and closer to him. She disappeared out of the elevator; cheeks blazing.

Kakarot followed her; a small blush on his own cheeks. He was so captivated by the moment, his entire mind went blank. All he could stare at was her endlessly deep eyes. It was like being sucked into a black hole. As she got closer his heart beat so quickly he thought it would jump out of his chest. The ding of the elevator had jerked him out of his daze and quickly he redirected Chichi attention. He was so confused. What had come over him to drive him to be so powerless against her? "There is something strange about this human," he thought.


"We don't have the money to spend it on projects that extravagant!" the treasurer screamed back at the secretary.

"So you would rather spend that money on upgrading military equipment than finding jobs for the city folk?" he argued.

Chichi just sat with her head cradled in her hands. She could feel her patience crawling up to her limit. The board members continued bickering.

Kakarot just sat next to Chichi with a less than amused expression fixed on his face.

"Obviously, our military is failing if an alien infidel has forced itself onto our planet." The defense minister bit back, eyeing Kakarot. He was obviously referring to him.

"Don't drag me into this human," Kakarot replied. His voice was velvet smooth but with a deadly edge to his tone.

Chichi sighed audibly beside him.

"Unemployment is at an all time high and this is all you are a worried about? You are worried about a monkey encroaching on our planet?" The secretary asked condescendingly, his aged face twisted in fury.

If Chichi had not been sitting next to him Kakarot would have tore the secretary to shreds for calling him a monkey.

"There is a solution," said Chichi.

"This alien is only the first! He so easily ended up on earth and we could do nothing to stop him!" The defense minister argued. The argument raged on, no one hearing Chichi.

"Hello? There is a solution." She tried again to no avail. The argument raged on around her.

"ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!" she finally screamed. Kakarot visibly flinching from the sound. His ears were in pain from the shrilling voice.

The room fell into a deathly silence.

"Thank you." Chichi said taking a deep breath before continuing. "If you all would be a little more open minded and listened to each other once in a while, you would see there are much less dramatic solutions. You all live such enclosed lives that you fail to see that right within these city walls there are alleys full of starving children and homeless families. Why not use this facility to help them? We can set up small manufacturing plants within the impoverished districts to generate jobs. These manufacturing plants can then be used to train the workforce and even educate them so they can set up their own franchises. The plants can be manufacturing new technology developed by the army of scientist we have in this facility. Mister Defense Minister, I am sure one of the manufacturing plants can be developing new weapons for the military force, if that will keep you quiet. Does that satisfy everyone?"


No one spoke.

"Would this not damage the environment?" the environmental Minister squeaked.

"I am sure that the scientists will find a solution to build ecofriendly plants. We have all the top scientists on this planet in one building I am sure they can come up with a solution," Chichi said with a smile.

No one else said a thing

"I will take that as everyone agrees than. We will set up these plants within district 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9. These districts are the poorest and have the highest priority. I want all this done by tomorrow so we can begin discussion on what we want to manufacture within these plants. Notify the scientist to begin research now. Dismissed," she finished before marching out of the room leaving the board in stunned silence.


Chichi flopped on her bed back in the palace, exhausted. She knew she had to start packing for Bulma's sleepover. But todays meeting left her drained and exhausted.

"You did well," came a deep rumble from the arm of the couch.

"Thanks Kakarot," she replied rather surprised. He never complimented her.

"You know the Saiyan's won't like the idea that you are strengthening your army with the research facility," Kakarot warned with an almost nervous edge in his voice.

"Well, who knows what's out there in space, ready to wipe us off the face of existence?" Chichi asked with a smile

"Me. I am the one who was ready to wipe you and your planet off the face of existence," he thought with a sad sigh. "You know I am here to defend you from anything out there," he said, "mostly Omega Shenron," he thought. This being was enormously powerful perhaps even stronger than himself. He had been roaming around the galaxy destroying planets and taking their technology to fuel his own empire.

"Mostly its to keep the Defense Minister satisfied," she said to herself. "And I can't rely on your to protect us. I mean you only showed up yesterday… And you did abuse me and verbally slander me."

"Did? I thought I still do." Kakarot said with a rumbling chuckle. Her laugh was soft, muffled by her face buried in her pillow. It was a beautiful sound. It was effortless something that sounded so natural to his ears. She was right for not trusting him though. But that didn't remedy the pain he still felt from her distrust.

"I better get packing. Bulma is probably waiting," she said, heaving herself up and off the bed. She rustled through her wardrobe pulling out a day's change of clothes and everything else she needed for a typical sleep over. Kakarot merely sat there watching her.

"Can I ask a question?" he finally asked breaking the comfortable silence that had settled around them.

"Shoot," she replied heading off to the bathroom to get her toothbrush and comb.

"Why did you learn martial arts?" he enquired.

"To defend myself, why else dumbass."

"Don't you have a swarm of guards to do that?"

"I hate being useless. I want to be able to do things myself not be a helpless prissy princess waiting for my knight in shining armor to save me. I can save myself."

"And Tian was the one that taught you?" he asked again

"Yeah. Speaking of which I need to get more training… I am getting weak; that incident in the forest almost got me killed. I'll go ask Tian tomorr-"

"No!" Kakarot cut her off. The jealous edge obvious in his voice. "I'll train you," he had no idea what came over him to make such a ridiculous offer. The image of Tian sparring with her and being close to her sent flames through him.

Chichi hesitated a minute. "Sure. If you can keep up," she said with a grin, zipping up her sleep over bag before heading out the door.

"Keep up?" Kakarot snorted. He would make sure she ate those words. "Princess, wait up!" he said following her.

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