A Word from the Author: Hey there everyone. Welcome to a new little "project" I am gonna work on every now and then. It's some kind of a logbook, that Leia, Luke and Lando are writing, after Han is frozen in carbonite.




Orbit over Abrigado Rae-Rebel Fleet, 1900, Logbook entry:

My name is Leia Organa. My feelings are mixed up. I am so angry and upset and confused. I just returned to the fleet from Bespin. As our base on Hoth was under attack, I had to escape with Captain Han Solo. We had to hide from the Empire, because the hyperdrive of his ship, the "Millenium Falcon", was broken. That maybe wasn't new, but it wasn't good at this moment, because we had to get away from three star-destroyers and a big bunch of TIE-fighters. While Han, his friend Chewie and I were fixing the ship, it happened: Han and I kissed. Yes...I love him. As the hyperdrive was more or less fixed, Han told me about his old friend Lando. We flew to his gas-mine at Bespin, since we couldn't make it to Abrigado Rae. As we arrived at Bespin everything seemed okay, but Lando leaded us into a trap. Darth Vader and Boba Fett were expecting us. Vader was after Luke and Fett was after...Han and he got him. He froze him in cabonite. Before he did it I told him how much I loved him. He just had to know it. He survived the freezing process, but Fett took Han to Jabba the Hutt. Han still owed him money. I just do not want to imagine, what they're doing to him at Jabba's palace. Vader didn't get Luke, but he is in Med-Bay, because Vader sliced off his hand, as they dueled and he told Luke, that he was his father. In some way it can not be true. How can a person like Luke be the son of such a cruel Sith-Lord? Now I am on the Rebel Fleet. I'm not talking to Lando. He ain't unresponsible for all this. Luke is delirious and Chewie? Well...I can't say, that he has chosen to aid Lando or me. A diplomatic wookie. Even though he tried to kill Lando on Bespin, as he tried to help us. Where is that supposed to end? I don't know.

Orbit over Abrigado Rae-Rebel Fleet, 2200, Logbook entry:

Lando Calrissian here. Well...how shall I tell it? A new game is on and my chances ain't verry good. I had to lead my old friends Han and Chewie and Han's girl Princess Leia Organa into a trap. Vader and I made some deal, but that is another story. He had some bounty-hunter on him. Boba Fett, or something. One of those guys, who had been after Han, since he still owed this Hutt some money. I gotta admit, that I haven't seen him or spoken to him in...years. He got himself some nice debts and later he became a member of the Rebel Alliance. I didn't know, that it was possible for him to do a thing like this. Well...I am the right one talking: The adminestrator of Cloud City. The princess hates me now. Can't say, that I blame her. It was my fault, that Han was frozen in carbonite, but I had been in darkness about this part of the deal I made with Darth Vader. He was after a friend of the princess. Luke was his name...or something like this. He is one of the last jedi. Or at least he is training to become one, since he wasn't even born at the "Purge". Vader sliced his hand off. Now he is delirious and the princess is worried. We don't talk to each other. I didn't get to know Luke very much. He was injured badly after I had pulled him into the "Falcon". Vader has been using all of us. I can't belive how I could be SO BLIND! Now I am trying to find out, where Fett wants to take Han. I want to set things right and make it up to all of them. The princess, Luke...everyone. Especially Han and I would also make some progress, if it weren't for a certain droid, that keeps telling me, that there is no oppertunity to get Han outta this. I get why Threepio gets on Han's nerves now.