Mos Eisley Spaceport - Tatooine, 1333, Logbook entry:

This might be one of the last Logbook entries, because I will slip the droids into Jabba's palace tomorrow and then Leia will follow suit with Chewie. Lando has discovered, where Han is and tomorrow there is gonna be some kind of big party at the palace and when everyone is asleep from too many alcohol and drugs, Leia and Chewie will free Han and then Lando and I will have our part of the show, with bailing them outta their. Still...I am starting to worry for Lando's safety. He might be saying, that no one is suspecting him, but even over commlink, I could sense, that he wasn't really sure, if that was true. Hopefully he won't be held captive, as soon as we pull into the palace, because we would have to save two then: Lando and Han! Would be nice wouldn't it. Clearly...NOT! I hope everything goes well and nobody will get captured. We already have problems with the Empire, so we clearly do NOT want any trouble with the Hutts. There are rumors about them being tight with the Imperials, but it doesn't really seem so, even though some bounty-hunters, who work for Hutts barely ever work for the Empire. way or another...we will either get Han out or die trying, even though, I expect all of us to reach a really high age, but that's only my oppinnion. Either way...tomorrow it is time to bail Han outta this mud din! May the force be with us.

Mos Eisley Spaceport - Tatooine, 2237, Logbook entry:

Luke says, that I should sleep. Chewie says, that I should sleep and even Lando said I should sleep over commlink. Maybe the boys are right. Maybe I should sleep, but still...I can't. In less then 12 hours our rescue mission will start and the boys say, that I will need my strength, but I am still nervous. Too nervous to sleep after all. I don't know why, because I have been on thousands of Alliance missions and led the biggest part of them. Many missions were about rescuing POW's, but maybe I am so nervous about this mission, because the man I love is involved. Yeah...maybe it's that. I am concerned on what happens there with Han. Lando says, that Han is hanging from Jabba's wall. By the way...I managed to convince Lando in accepting a General post. He says that he will only do it temporarly, but I don't believe that and I certainly don't think, that Mon Mothma will play along with that. Hehe...well...I maybe really should sleep to gather some strength. The boys are right! It's necessary and tomorrow I will finally have Han back. Finally be able to feel his embraces, taste his kisses and...Lando would probably lecture me now, about not living out phantasies about Han in out Logbook, but I can't help it, if I do so...I miss him. Still...tomorrow I will have him back and we will all get outta there alive, I just know it. Still...may the force be with us.