This is AU but I tried to keep everyone in character with little changes. Any questions ask this is an opening so everything might not be really clear.


Tori's hands reached for the old stale bread, and began shoving the bread into a small basket as she glanced behind her nervously. Relief tugged at her insides when she neither heard nor saw anyone approaching. She might actually get away with it.

When her hand closed around the final piece the hairs on the back of her neck raised and she instantly froze.

"What are you planning on doing with old bread, Tori?"

Tori groaned mentally, of course. The young woman turned to greet her sister by adoption with a weary smile. "You're getting really good at being stealthy, Jade." Her nervous laugh filled the tiny kitchen. Jade's mother had taken her and her sister in after their mother was slain when she was five and Trina was six, it was a great honor to be adopted by someone of Mary's status. Tori saw it a great honor but also great responsibility, responsibility Tori didn't really want.

Jade obviously didn't find it funny. The older girl by only a few months took a few steps back from her sister and crossed her arms over her chest giving her an expectant look, annoyance weighing heavily on her features.

"Are you planning on feeding my pet?" She asked innocently blue eyes studying the nervous Tori.

Tori opened her mouth a lie on the tip of her tongue, but one look at her sister who shared their mother's icy, calculating, unforgiving gaze, had all lies vanishing from her lips. One couldn't lie to people with gifts that Mary and her daughter had.

Tori tried to smile again but it looked more like a grimace. "How long do you plan on starving it?"

"It's part of the taming processes…"

"Oh come on, Jade. When we were little we use to talk about how wrong this was. We made a promise that when we turned sixteen we wouldn't have any pets." Tori whispered. Being overheard could land her in hot water.

The older girl's face lost a little of its edge. "We were young and naïve then, things are obviously different now." A sigh escaped her lips. "Hand it over. I'll feed my own pet… builds a good relationship." Her hand motioned for Tori's basket. "If I were you I would worry about my own pets. It's been a few weeks since your sixteenth birthday and you set out your traps, you may have caught one. You wouldn't want it croaking from starvation before you even get it."

Tori's stomach dropped. She hadn't really wanted to check her traps, ever. She hated the idea of having a pet and as a result having to train her pet, but her sister brought up a good point. If her traps had yielded results then she was torturing her pet anyway.

Jade grabbed the basket from Tori. "Mother is also beginning wondering why you haven't checked your traps." It had been said simply, but her helpful warning behind the words didn't go unnoticed. She began walking back towards the entryway, hesitating by the opening she turned to look back towards Tori. "If you don't wanna go alone, I'll go with you. After I take care of feeding my pet and making certain he's still alive." The girl then left vanishing down the hall.

Tori pressed her lips together and sighed through her nose, looked like there was no other choices.


"How do you not remember the location of your traps?" Trina groaned yanking the grey hood from her head. "I don't have all day."

Tori bit her bottom lip looking around her at all the trees and other vegetation. It all looked familiar to her, but it was hard pinpointing. "I half-hearted set'em up that's how." The girl mumbled under her breath. She turned to look at her sister frowning lightly. "I don't remember asking you to come." Tori reminded. She glanced towards Jade who was pulling back her black hood and nodding.

"I actually begged you to not come." The other girl commented simply. "Why do you always bother us?"

Trina pouted. "I wanna have a relationship with my sisters too. Why are you always doing stuff without me."

"Cause your annoying…"

"I remember those trees." Tori announced interrupting her sister's looming bickering pointing towards a pair of thick trees side by side each other, their branches connected high above forming a sort of bridge. "I think its right over there." The girl quickly shuffled threw brush and finally came to a large metal cage.

Her heart hammered in her chest as she got closer. She quietly prayed for the thing to be empty, but it was unlikely considering it had been activated enough to look like a cage now. As she got closer a rock lodged itself in her throat when her eyes landed on the crumpled unconscious form in the cage. Her trap had been successful. He had curly black hair and a thin tall frame.

"You caught one over here too." Trina yelled a few feet away.

"What?" Tori asked weakly her eyes widening. She quickly stumbled to her other trap which had also yielded a success. It was almost unheard of to catch two at a time. This made her sick to her stomach.

"He's good looking too." Trina giggled.

"You're really sick, Trina." Tori mumbled looking over her second catch. He was good looking from what was noticeable from his position in the back shadowed part of the cage. Olive toned skin, a good head of brown hair, and a muscular build. Both seemed to come from money if cloths were an indicator, a royal navy blue blazer and black pants, the colors of the men's army.

"What?" Trina asked. "That's what we get'em for, breeding…" The other two gave her blank stares. "And to fight in the army yada, yada, yada. I'm only saying who wants to breed with something ugly?"

Tori ignored her and walked closer to the cage. He wasn't unconscious like the other one, instead he was awake and watching her. His brown eyes narrowed into slits.

She gnawed on her bottom lip thoughtfully and took her eyes off him for a second. A mistake. In seconds he was up and reaching for her through the bars. Training saved Tori from a torn throat as he tried to stab her in the throat with a hidden blade. Her hand shot out and grasped his wrist halting the blade only inches from her throat. In the corner of her eyes she could see her sisters on either side of her their blades held to his throat.

"Looks like you have a fighter, sister." Trina commented all signs of playful whining gone replaced by an icy seriousness that could rival Jade's.

"Drop the blade, boy." Jade used the last word like an insult, it was here.

His stony brown gaze never wavered as he openly stared Tori down; an animalistic growl escaped his lips. "What's with the men and growling like animals?" Trina mused lightly.

"They are animals." Jade announced without missing a beat. "Remove your blade from my sister."

Tori swallowed and sweat lightly trickled down her face. "You women need to learn your places." He finally spoke his voice blank. The blade then slipped from his grasp hitting the grassy earth below and he wrenched his wrist from Tori's hold and took a step back. He glared at both of them.

Trina and Jade lowered their weapons returning them to their holsters in their cloaks. Tori also took a step back slightly shaken.

"Do you still believe they need your pity, Tori?" Jade asked almost angrily. Her sister had almost lost her life because of her annoying kind heart. "They don't. We are only doing to them what for a fact is being done to us on the other side. This is a war, Tori. You can't afford to be indulgent in a war." The girl pointed to the male. "Tame him Tori. Break his spirit like we were taught… he's yours now; make certain he becomes a good addition to our army." The girl then turned on her heels and left vanishing down the over grown path.

Tori glanced towards Trina who had also turned to look at her. They both understood why Jade held such hostilities towards males besides it had been taught from birth. What had happened to her had been bad… really bad.

Tori sighed sadly the usually guilty feeling coming to her. What had happened to Jade when they were thirteen, in her mind was her fault as much as those men. She had been with her when she was captured and she wasn't able to stop them. Maybe men were like animals, maybe they did deserve to be tamed. "You should start with the tattoos." Trina told her softly.