Set the Fire to the Third Bar

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"Humanity is a vampire's greatest weakness… It just keeps trying to fight its way back in."

Tears stream down the blondes face as she stares out at the grave marker before her.

So many things run through her head as she places a single white rose at the stone's feet, emotion consuming her and yet she was unable to express any of it except in the form of salty droplets of water that threaten to ruin her makeup.

No one else will truly mourn her – she made sure of it – but for Caroline she knows that it will not be the first or last time she cries over the Petrova doppelganger.

Elena Gilbert knows this too.

She holds her best friends hand with an unwavering support – for though she had never grown to feel comfortable or feel any pleasant emotions in the presence of her twin she knows without doubt or uncertainitity that her late ancestor did possess a heart. That she did in fact care.

The stake Katherine took for the baby vamp proved it.

"Sometimes I let it."

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